Freecycle! Where good stuff really is free!

Let's say you have a huge sofa that you are so tired of looking at, or a pasta maker you don't use, or a pile of blank notebooks you would rather give away than toss into the trash, or books you got at a yard sale you know you will never read.  What to do???  You don't want them to go to waste and you really don't want them ending up in the landfill choking your good karma.  What to do, what to do??
Freecycle!  If you don't know about freecycle, this could be a life changing moment for you! Ready?
Okay, the rules are, it has to be free.  No tipping, no asking for something in return, no behind the scenes money of any kind.
You go to freecycle.org and find the group in your area.  Then, you post what you want or have to give away.  For example your title line may read "Offer:  2 foot tall stuffed, purple bunny rabbit - Gloucester"  (You must give basic location in the title so folks know how far they have to drive for your bunny.) Or it could read "Wanted: Deep Freezer in working condition"
Next, you fill in the body of your post with details.  This is where you would put the condition of the item(s) and so on. 
Then the folks who want said bunny rabbit will email you.  The best action is to wait a day or two, letting everyone who logs on once a day see the post.  (You can say "must be gone today" but try not to if you can wait.) 
Now, choose the person you want to give them item to by emailing them back.  Give them your address.
I usually put the item on my front porch or in the driveway and tell the receiver to pick it up before dark on whatever day.  This allows the receiver time to run errands etc and I don't have to fight back the dogs answering a doorbell.  NICE!
You must join locally. The freecycle folks really want local posts.  I belong to the Williamsburg group.  Great bunch of folks
**As with most online groups, you can adjust settings to get one email a day with all freecycle items in it, or you can get them as they are posted.  This means you may get ten emails about WANTED and OFFERs.
Good points to remember/consider:

No money.  No tipping of any kind. 
Try not to choose the first person who emails you. Give others a chance.  Not everyone logs on every ten minutes. 
Try not to give sob stories.  Folks get kind of turned off when every post is about how desperate you are.
Post a lot!  You would be surprised at the things I have seen on Freecycle!  Cans of paint that are only half full (remember, you can't throw paint or other hazardous materials into the trash!  Be sure to post what color, use a link if you can) or tickets to a play or cars that will never run again but are choking the grass in someone's yard.  Think of all the parts someone with skills (skills you don't have) could put to good use.  Pets! 
Try to give good details.  It's a pain in the katookus for someone to say they will take an item, only to drive all over town looking for your house, then find out the park bench you posted about is actually a dollhouse miniature.
Don't be rude.  Don't give a gift horse in the mouth is all I'm going to say about that.
If you smoke, it would be very nice of you to mention that in the body of your post. 

Some final ideas of what to freecycle:

Clothing or toys your kids have outgrown.
Pants you dream of fitting into again one day, but the scale keeps saying it won't ever happen. (Open a bag of chips and rejoice that those horrid pants are making someone else feel bad for a while!)
Pet cages, toys, stuff your pet no longer uses or hated you for giving them to begin with.
Baby items you hope you never need again, you have to retire some day!
Something you bought from an infomercial and can't recall what it is exactly.
Exercise equiptment you use as a clothing rack (muffling the same feelings those pants gave you.  ::more chips:::)
Dinnerware your mother-in-law gave to you.  Or your ex MIL.  You always hated that pattern anyhow!
Old computer parts or other electronics. (You know it's dangerous to throw a lot of parts away?? Right??)
Clean out the half used cans of cleaning stuff you never use.
Get rid of the purses you bought on sale to go with the outfit you already got rid of.  Now you can buy new purses!  ::happy dance::

Now get out there and freecycle!

How to be civil in comments:

 No name-calling, personal insults or threats. No attacks based on race, gender, ethnicity, etc. No writing with your Caps Lock on – it's screaming. Keep on topic and under 1500 characters. No profanity or vulgarity. Stay G- or PG-rated. Read the full rules here.


I've been a member of freecycle for a long time and I love it. My son is 4yrs old and they grow out of clothes and toys so fast. You don't know what to do with it, so I post it on freecycle and it's gone usually with-in a day or two.

santa and reindeer`

I am looking for a toy red sleigh with santa and his 8 reindeer. Can anyone help?


Im trying to find a Loft bed or Bunk Beds....if you can help...it will be appreciated...

Wanted Wrought Iron Bed

Looking for a wrought iron bed twin size bed would like black but will take any color. Have truck and I am ready to pick it up soon!

email me at loner318@live.com

wanted guinea pig cage

My guinea pig is outgrowing her current home. i need a larger cage for her to be able to have more space to move around.

Washer & Dryer

My girlfriend and I just moved into a small rental house and we've pretty much put everything into the move and furnishing it. Unfortunately the owners didn't install a washer and dryer. There was already quite a bit that needed to be fixed/replaced for a rental property but it's a great little house. We're trying to save up for a new set but would gladly take a washer and dryer in any condition at this point. My girlfriend is in a cast so getting to and from the laundromat is a bit of a problem. God bless and thank anyone who can help.

Baby Stuff Wanted

Hello! I m six months pregnant, and in dire need of anything(crib, clothes,anything)for newborn. Thank You so much!

Hearing Aid

I need a hearing aid. I can't afford new one JoeDiMag



Weight bench looking for one

Weight bench looking for one thanks

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