Tap House Grill at Ghent

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Small lot, on-street

Live bands and deejays complemented by a decent microbrew draft selection, eclectic entrees, two pool tables and outdoor seating.

931 W. 21st Street
Norfolk, VA 23517

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The Famous Clever killed it the other night @ this place!

Thanks for bringing the Famous Clever to your spot! They sounded great! Please have them back because your restaurant is the deal! Sounded so good in there!

Sometimes Great Beer Just Isn't Enough...

I have been to the Taphouse and had an epic time. I will give credit where it is due--they have the best selection of beer in Ghent. This Friday night just after it rained my beau and I decided to head for the Taphouse. While drinking my first beer and waiting for my food, I began to take in the eclectic scenery. Unfortunatly that included four or five Jurassic sized water bugs running up and down/in and out of the upper molding. Did I mention that I was drinking my first beer and waiting to eat? Perhaps I have seen too many Gordon Ramsay restaurant horror stories or maybe I just wasn't drunk enough, but I couldn't bring myself to stay. We went to Red Dog Saloon where they have the new O'Connor Brewing Great Dismal Black IPA--yum!

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 Five Stars April 11, 2008
Best place in Norfolk/Ghent as far as I'm concerned.
Reviewer: Gary C. from Norfolk

 Four Stars January 31, 2007
I loved the Tap House. I went on a Saturday, and there was a band playing, the atmosphere was fun and everything was enjoyable. I don't even like beer but the selection was expansive and i couldn't resist. I drank all night! The food was great too! I'll definately be going back.
Reviewer: Christine G. from Norfolk

 Five Stars December 28, 2006
the taphouse is the best bar to hang out in norfolk, the owners are great, the staff is great and the people are great and the jukebox is wonderful (kudos to the person who puts that together). they have norfolk on lockdown as far shows go and beer selection, with bar tenders like al and gabe baesen, nick fernandes, and gordon bradley why would you want to go anywhere else.......other bars try, where as the taphouse seems to dominate. great job guys..........
Reviewer: James M. from Arlington

 Five Stars August 06, 2006
The coolest bar. I felt like I was home every time I was there. From the friendly staff, to the live shows on saturdays, it was great. What other places can you walk in the front door and your beer is waiting for you before you reach the bar? Lots of fun! Wish I was there now! Cheers 'yall' from 'Canada'! hehe!
Reviewer: Chris W. from Dartmouth

 Five Stars July 20, 2006
I dont go for the food, i go for hangin out with cool people,good live music,killer jukebox,pool tables,great beer,hot chicks,no wanna b gangstas hangin around, and i will eat an awsome burger when i get hungry...THATS WHY I GO!!
Reviewer: Joseph Farrell from Suffolk

 Five Stars June 13, 2006
The new menu is great...service is always friendly. Sitting outside on a Sunday afternoon is the best. Tuppers Hop Pocket Ale on draft cannot be beaten.
Reviewer: Tabb P. from Norfolk

 Two Stars January 26, 2006
A great place if all you want is beer and burgers. First time we waited over over 30 minutes for food. On 2nd second visit we waited 90 minutes for food before telling the waitress we were going somewhere else for dinner. She then told us the kitchen staff that night only knew how to cook burgers and asked if we would like to change our order? We won't be going back.
Reviewer: W S. from Norfolk

 Five Stars June 04, 2004
Great drink selection. Fun crowd. Best jukebox in Ghent...
Reviewer: Katrina F. from Virginia Beac

 Five Stars April 29, 2004
If you like beer, I mean GOOD beer, Taphouse is the place for you.
Reviewer: Christian Fenley from Norfolk


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