Mad Science: An Educational Birthday Party!?

You may think a birthday party has to be a learning-free zone in order to be fun, but for kids, especially homeschooled kids, science is the definition of fun! Who doesn't love a beaker full of fizzing chemicals, exploding impressively all over the place? Of course the kids are going to learn something along the way, and they'll retain all that good info especially well when it's emphasized by visuals they'll remember forever!

We all know that Mad Science of Hampton Roads is famous for its homeschool science classes, school programs, summer camps, and special demos. But have you considered scheduling this fantastic show for your child's birthday? Here are three great reasons why Mad Science makes a great birthday party:

1. They'll come to you, and they'll bring everything. No schlepping presents, decorations, food, and the rest of it to some remote location.

2. They're solid scientists and absolute showmen. This is a heady combination, for real! Not only do they know their stuff on the back end, they can rock a crowd -- they get them laughing, get them asking questions, get them participating, and get them thinking.

3. The most compelling reason, for me, is the way the birthday child can be the star. How many times have you been at a museum or a group science class and the instructor asks for volunteers? All the kids in the front row are leaping up and down, waving their hands, and your child gets passed over for someone else. Understandably, of course! Not everyone can get picked. But if your child is the birthday boy/girl, you can be guaranteed that whatever they want to try, they're going to get to try it, and whatever they want to do, they'll get a turn. If you've ever had a child in tears after a science demo because they didn't get a chance to touch the plasma or freeze a carnation, you know what I'm talking about. For those children, there are Mad Science Birthday Parties!

Of course, Mad Science is also available to come to your location and do a demo or show that's not birthday-related, and you should also check out their site for info on classes and camps. Homeschoolers love, love, love the kind, funny folks at Mad Science and I think you will too. Visit their web site here.

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