Susan Boyle hooks up with local hip-hop producer

No, seriously.

Nottz, the somewhat reclusive Norfolk-based producer who's done tracks for everyone from Dr. Dre, Kanye, Biggie and many more, has remixed Susan Boyle's "I Dream a Dream" and posted it on YouTube. Check it out here.

Now, us being only marginally interested in Boyle -- we don't really see why it's considered a big deal that a frumpy lady can sing (have you never been to church?) -- we've always been kind of 'meh' about her and this song. But we must say, Nottz's sparse, snare and kick drum beat laid over the orchestral song make it sound pretty good. Really good, actually.

The only question is, why?

Perhaps Nottz was trying to send the message that he's so talented, he can take veritably any material and make it sound good.

Or maybe he was crunk off that egg nog and smoking on some mistletoe.

Child, I guess.




Thanks to the amazing DJ Jeyone, son!

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point please

Just what was the point of this article? We love Susan Boyle, and she doesn't need to be punked out in hip hop.

We'll Miss You!

Malcolm. It's sad you are leaving, but best of luck with the new endeavor. I'm just curious how you are allowed to use the term ugly with an f in front of it. Doesn't the f stand for an obscene word? Doesn't this violate the rules of civility that comment postings must abide by?

Now this is interesting!

Earlier I attempted to post a comment with the same tone as your article, and it was rejected. Then I write a comment starting with platitudes towards you, and the posting was accepted! I began the rejected post with... Subject: meh. That's OK, Malcolm, we've been a little "meh" about you. I mean, us being not even marginally interested
in you -- we don't see why it's considered a big deal that a fupid man can piece together a couple paragraphs (have you never been to Elementary School?)-- it would be a stretch of the imagination to see
how you might even reach 1 percent of millions that Susan Boyle has reached. Let's see if this comment gets posted.



Time to get off the gossip dump truck & report substance


and i obviously can't count


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