Hokies Camp 2010, Vol. 21: NFL scouts and Hokies injuries ...

For those of you not following me on Twitter (and shame on you, if that’s true), I’ll give you the quick rundown on a farily large contingent of NFL people who were on campus this afternoon.

I counted 10 NFL scouts – Vikings, Chiefs, Patriots, Browns, Packers, Raiders, Lions, Redskins, Giants and Jets – one of whom spoke to the team earlier today about the right and wrong way to handle agents.

The seedy side of agent-player relationships has been a hot-button topic in college football this summer, but Tech coach Frank Beamer and his right-hand man, director of football operations John Ballein, have always been pretty proactive on this topic.

Their approach is, I think, the right one. More important than asking the NFL to fix the problem or the government to step in, just educate, educate, educate and then be vigilant. Chase agent-types off the premises if you have to.

So far, so good in Blacksburg. Now for a comprehensive injury update with athletic trainer Mike Goforth ...

* WR Xavier Boyce (left MCL) and LB Lorenzo Williams (right foot) are having MRIs tonight to determine the severity of their injuries. Said Goforth: “We’re not going to know anything until tomorrow, and when we do, we’re going to put out a release. Right now, I’d be purely speculating on what I thought it was going to say.”

* LT Nick Becton appeared to be practicing in a similar fashion to yesterday, when he got 25-30 snaps with the scout team, while still wearing a blue, no-contact jersey (although he was getting moderate contact). Said Goforth: “He’s going to be fine for game week. He’ll be ready.” He added that whether Becton scrimmages Saturday will be up to O-line coach Curt Newsome. “We’ll guage the risk, if it’s worth the risk.” Goforth said he’s not worried about re-injury as opposed to never letting the current injury fully heal, resulting in season-long, nagging pain. “I think of John Graves’ ankle last year. Hindsight’s 20/20, but I probably should’ve shut him down and he would’ve been fine in Week 4 instead of that thing dragging out. You’ve just got to learn every year and try to get better with it.”

* CB Jayron Hosley (hamstring) was practicing full-speed, full-contact again today, for the second straight day after missing significant time with nagging issues. “Hosley looked good. I don’t see any residual effects from that. He’s ready to roll.”

* Whip LB Alonzo Tweedy (groin) is also full-speed, full-contact again for the second day. He’d pretty much missed all of camp, other than some light drills, before yesterday. Said Goforth: “He had a pretty significant groin condition, in which it pulled off a little flake of bone. So it wasn’t your typical groin thing. It happens quite a bit in high school kids and just goes undiagnosed.” That injury heals on its own and Goforth said Tweedy is probably 75 percent now, getting better every day, likely to be nearly 100 percent by the opener, without much risk of future problems. “There’s a lot of people play with those completely torn. There’s three muscles down there. If you just tear on of them, the other two take up the slack.”

* P Brian Saunders (bruised ankle) was booting deflated footballs today (and for the next couple of days) and Goforth said he’s “a whole lot better than I thought he would be, but ... his ball-striking area is right where that bruise is. I don’t want to keep that thing stirred up.”

* Backup OL Michael Via (ACL) continues his steady increase in practice activity, joining Becton in that scout-team work again today. Said Goforth: “He’s doing more every day. We’re going to do another strength test on him here when the orthopedic (surgeon) gives us the OK and then hopefully turn him loose. Functionally, he’s doing great. His (strength) test is just a little behind.”

* Two other players, DT Kwamaine Battle and DE Jaymes Gayle were in blue, no-contact jerseys today. On both, Goforth said, “It’s just a little hamstring, purely precautionary. This is my last week to try to get them some rest before game week.”

* Starting LB Barquell Rivers (quad) is back in pads at practice but wearing the no-contact jersey and participating only in light drills. There is still no timetable, Goforth said, for his return to full-contact practicing or game action.

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