Cuccinelli compares Obama to King George

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli accused President Barack Obama on Sunday of respecting liberty less than the British crown did in the years before the Revolution.

“King George III and the parliament of Great Britain that we rebelled against respected the liberty of the colonists of America more than the Congress and the president of the United States of America,” he told thousands of tea party activists gathered on Washington’s National Mall for the 9/12 rally.

Cuccinelli, who has become a darling of the right because of his eagerness to butt heads with the administration, called the health law “the greatest erosion of liberty in my adult lifetime.” His office filed suit against the federal government on the day Obama signed the health care bill into law.

The analogy came during a condemnation of the new mandate that individuals buy health insurance, a key provision in the bill Obama signed into law this March. In 1774, after the first Continental Congress boycotted goods, Cuccinelli said the solicitor general told the British Crown that the government couldn’t mandate subjects buy products like tea.

“If the federal government can order you to buy health insurance, they can order you to buy anything,” he said.

The health care law has become one of the biggest issues galvanizing conservative voters, and Republicans hope to capitalize on polls that show the new law remains unpopular with a majority of voters to make traction with independents in the coming midterms. The individual mandate was included in the bill as a cost-control measure.

“Make no mistake about it: this lawsuit is not about health care,” he said, wearing a full business suit and black cowboy boots on a sweaty afternoon. “It’s about liberty and preserving liberty as the Founding Fathers understood it, not as the people who occupy this building rewrite it every week…all that stands between us and the end of federalism is one lawsuit.”

He told the conservative activists who had come from around the country that he hopes to argue his case before the Supreme Court in about a year-and-a-half.

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The Truth


So is mental illness.

So is mental illness.

Best thing state democrats have 2011

I can't wait for the 2011 Legislative campaign (Va. midterms) and how the democratic candidates will use Cucinelli as the reason why we can't let the GOP take over both houses of the State house.

no suprise

These comments should come at no suprise, I just wasn't aware that a communist, socialist, muslim can also be a western European monarch.

Forgot One

You forgot to call the President a "Poopy Head"!! WOW, noyhing like intelligent conversation!

Oh ... ?

Somebody wake me up when Mr. Cuccinelli declares that it's illegal for the Commonwealth of Virginia to require me to purchase automobile insurance. Otherwise ... zzzzzzz.

Think again

You don't have to buy insurance for your automobile.

First option: don't drive.

Second option: you aren't required to carry insurance for your vehicle (unless you have a lien and your lender requires it); you ARE required to carry coverage should you injure someone else, which is liability insurance. That's pretty simple - if you're drunk and injure me, I'd like a little bit of restitution, that you otherwise might not be able to pay.

Third option: pay the DMV a $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee (UMV).

"Paying this fee does not provide insurance coverage, but it does allow you to register and operate your vehicle in Virginia for one year."

You'd be a fool to choose the third option - you're going to get the pants sued off you if you cause an accident.

Both of you are missing the point.

Both of you are missing the point. You are comparing two completely different issues. Talking about the differences of UMV this and that is way off base. If you want to drive, there are fees related to the privilege. Collision insurance and UMV are some of those fees or costs.
The real issue is people that do not drive, do not pay fees related to driving, including UMV or any other insurance. Does the state charge fees related to driving to people that do not drive? Does the state make a blind person buy car insurance? Of course not.
The issue is the federal government wants to charge everyone a tax for living. They want to tax you for being alive. If you do not want to drive, you do not have to pay for it. If you do not want health insurance, you should not have to pay for it. It isn't that difficult to understand. Wake up.


No, blind non drivers do not pay for insurance, but they pay taxes that go to road development and people without childern have their tax money used for schools and public playgrounds in parks. My house never burned down, but I pay taxes that go to firemen and firefighting equipment. what is your point? King George taxed us without any colonists in parliment to represent them. We elect officials to represent us and the majority rules. So sorry the republicans are choking on sour grapes so much they are puking up crap. Cuccinelli is a lying twister of words and the ignorance of those who can so easily fall in line and beleive what they are told to beleive astound me.

The Key word is living

Human beings require some element of health to live. You are being asked to be responsible for your own health by having insurance that will allow you to receive healthcare when needed. You are not required to have auto insurance if you don't drive a car but we all "drive a body" and your body must be in working order to exist. So you are not being taxed to live. You are being asked to be responsible for the costs that may be incurred if your own body breaks down or is injured. From that perspective I would say we all should have health insurance.

The federal health care law has an opt out, too

So drivers in Virginia don;t have to carry car insurance per your correct analysis:

"Third option: pay the DMV a $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee (UMV)."

You do realize that adults can also decline health insurance come 2014, providing they pay a quite small penalty of $95 (if memory serves). The penalty does increase over time, but it is the exact same principal and application as the UMV.

Neighbor smell what you are shoveling!

The requirement for you to buy auto insurance is to cover the person you and your brothern run into. Collison is NOT a requirement of the State it is required by the investor that loans you the money to buy the car that you would not pay for if you wreck it. So go back to sleep and when you wake up maybe all of your rights will be gone!

Hey, Deacon ...

... while I'm napping, you and a few others could look up the definition of the legally recognized concept known as "de facto" -- Mr. Cuccinelli seems already to understand the meaning, as it's the concept that his health insurance argument rests upon. But he employs it only when he finds it convenient.

Sorry if I'm kinda going over your head with this one.


De facto is a Latin expression that means "by [the] fact". In law, it is meant to mean "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law" or "in practice or actuality, but without being officially established". It is commonly used in contrast to de jure (which means "concerning the law") when referring to matters of law, governance, or technique (such as standards) that are found in the common experience as created or developed without or contrary to a regulation. When discussing a legal situation, de jure designates what the law says, while de facto designates action of what happens in practice. It is analogous and similar to the expressions "for all intents and purposes" or "in fact". The term de facto as of governments was created after the Argentine Constitution referred to illegal governments (governing bodies which Argentina did not acknowledge as individual nations) as de facto governments. The term de facto may also be used when there is no relevant law or standard, but a common and well established practice that is considered the accepted norm.
Neighbor thanks I am so much smarter now.

“If the federal government

“If the federal government can order you to buy health insurance, they can order you to buy anything,” he said.”

Chupacabra should have taken a course in logic and logical fallacies.

Funny how people think

Virginia doesn't require anyone to buy automobile insurance unless the choose to drive an automobile. The automobile insurance argument is not well thought out.

Hey, Ben ...

... you seen many horses cloggin' the Midtown Tunnel these days?

I wasn't aware that horses

I wasn't aware that horses and owning a car were the ONLY two ways to get around this town. I'd think such a progressive liberal like yourself would recall some other forms of transport like feet, bikes, and buses.


Due to an “indiscretion”, I was forced to do without wheels for while and managed to get by while holding down a fully time job. The only alternatives to getting the insurance or paying a fine is jail or death I think.

Right (i mean correct) for a change

Cuccinelli is mostly wacko but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I think he nailed this one.

Auto mobile Insurance

When you don't buy auto insurance you asssume the risk that the other driver won't ave auto insurance.

When an uninsured driver hits you and you don't have insurance you are not compensated if the accident was your fault.

The gov't does not force you to buy insurance you just pay a UM fee to the state.

Does the government make non-drivers pay auto insurance too?

In your flawed comparison, you assume everyone drives. You also assume everyone wants to drive. You are completely missing the point that you don't need auto insurance if you don't drive. If you want to drive, that is your choice.

The government is mandating you must buy health insurance, even if you do not want it. Their premise is, if you are alive, you must buy it.

When you don't buy auto

When you don't buy auto insurance you asssume the risk that the other driver won't ave auto insurance.

When an uninsured driver hits you and you don't have insurance you are not compensated if the accident was his fault.

The gov't does not force you to buy insurance you just pay a UM fee to the state.


The uninsured motorists fee is similar in that there is a penalty associated with the individual mandate:
Health Insurance Mandate Penalties
Beginning in 2014, those without insurance will pay the greater of $95 or 1% of income.
Starting in 2016, the penalties rise drastically, to the greater of $695 or 2.5% of income. These penalties apply to EACH family member without coverage, including children, to a maximum of $2085 per family – this basically means that you will pay the penalty for the first three uncovered family members.

There are exceptions:

Health Insurance Mandate Exceptions
You will be exempt from the individual mandate if one of the following applies to you:

Your income is below the poverty line.
The cheapest insurance policy you can purchase (on the open market or through an employer) would cost more than 8% of your income. This means that an American making $30,000 would be exempt if their insurance plan was more than $2400 per year, or $200 per month.

Not the Same

All that you have posted is true, but you can not compare auto insurance and health insurance. The state mandates that if you own a motor-vehicle you must have insurance or pay the UM fee. you have the right not to own a motor-vehicle. however the mandate for health insurance is a tax on your right to live. If you breath you will pay. if you choose not to breath you will die.

mandate will tax you for living

Your silly comparison is all wrong. You are comparing apples and oranges. In your flawed comparison, you assume everyone drives. You also assume everyone must drive. I will try to explain the issue from your point of view regarding driving, but it is still a stretch from the real issue.
Driving is a privilege. Not everyone drives. If you do not want to drive, you do not have to, and you do not have to pay fees related to operating a motor vehicle. If you want to drive, you apply for a license and pay fees related to the privilege. Those fees are limited to those people.
This mandate will tax you for living. The federal government wants to mandate everyone to buy health insurance. They are taxing your right to life. The only way to avoid the tax is death. Who thinks up this stuff? Liberals of course. They want to tax life.

PETA, Pat Robertson, Michael Vick, Ken Cuccinelli

What do they all have in common?

They are very good examples of very bad examples for our fair state.

Thanks AG for making us all look like fools yet again.


I like your post!
Additionally, I think the GOP is using the Excitable AG. They are having him do their dirty work for them pulling his strings like a puppet. He'll wake up one day and say..."I was dupped"

I like when you said he was making a fool out of VA.
So, is their anything we can do to keep him from continuing his Mad rampaige? Or is our only alternative to never vote for him again or those that are a liken to him?

the vicious cycle

have you noticed how those who make the mess blame it on those who have the difficult task of cleaning the mess?

Yes I have noticed, I have

Yes I have noticed, I have always noticed.

vicious cycle

it is devious that those who make the mess are the ones to chastise those have the difficult task of cleaning it up.

We are fools

for putting Obama in the White house.

Unfortunately the

Unfortunately the alternative was not much better. War monger John McCain claims in his speeches he believes in free market capitalism, it is insulting. Anyone can look at his voting record of more spending and easily determine he believes in government, not free markets. If McCain had won, our problems would be probably not as bad(we wouldn't have the healthcare bill at least) but still bad. Had this happened, left wingers would have still more ammo to claim free markets don't work and we need more government control, although more government control and heavy taxation is what has caused the problems. At least with Obama in office, we can now be sure the power loving republicrats and liberals will not ease any of our problems, only compound and worsen them.

McCain campaigned on mandate health insurance

During the 2008 presidential campaign, McCain put forth a health reform proposal that rest almost solely on a requirement that every adult purchase health insurance.

I did not support John

I did not support John McCain in the least. I voted for him because I felt he was the lesser of two evils, but I highly doubt he would have rammed a health insurance mandate through when faced with the same opposition Obama faced. This is why I think if he were President we would not have a health insurance mandate. However, if McCain was President, I fear we'd be at war with Iran by now and for no good reason.

You are fools if you put

You are fools if you put Republicans in office, after they screwed the country up in the first place.


Apparently history began when Bush's presidency started (and Democrats had zero power especially starting in 2006). And in your world there are convenient omissions of any Democrat misdeed or disastrous policy. For instance: You'll continue to defend things like the health care law even as we find out it actually DOES make costs go up and quality go down.

Perhaps you could expand your mind to include the idea that both parties are complicit in our current recession. The political situation we are dealing with is not the black and white affair you think it is. Only a fool would believe that it is.

re: fools?

There you go, the "hit and run" guy.

Oh yeah...all those federal

Oh yeah...all those federal government forced home loans that defaulted where because of Republican leaders.

Talk about revisionist history.

How dare he...

How dare the AG question the almighty Obama, doesn't Cuccinelli know that he and Pelosi know what's best for the peasantry?

our AG... taking the office straight to the tea party

I'm tired of being embarrassed by this individual so I'm going to be like the tea party faithful and get amnesia about fact, details and such. I want to pretend that I live in a country of ethics. Wait, I recognize this from CBN as I turned the channel. Ouch, reality


continues to run for Repbuli-Tea Party nomination in 2012, maybe 2016.

Even Cuba is waking up while we fall asleep!

Even Castro and Cuba is waking up just like China already has yet the fools we have in charge do not see them doing what we are removing!
I swear most of the people in charge of this country presently would stick their hand in boiling water after watching someone else get scalded just because they think it would be different when they do it!

do something

Don't like what they're doing? YOU get out there and run for office. Convince a majority of the populace that you'd do a better job and then do it.

Funny you should mention China and Merca Falling Asleep

Bush's Iraq folly pays more dividends.... to China and Russia.

AUGUST 28, 2008 BAGHDAD: "Iraq and China Sign $3 Billion Oil Contract - washingtonpost.com. Iraq and China signed a $3 billion deal this week to develop a large Iraqi oil field, the first major commercial oil.."

DECEMBER 16, 2009: ASIA TIMES: "Win-win for Russia and China
Cheney's and Rumsfeld's script was never supposed to develop like this. Instead of US Big Oil getting the lion's share, strategic competitors Russia and China turned out to be big winners."

hate for facts to get in the way

Sorry Republican Party and the Tea Party are not the same thing. Some Republicans agree with some things that the tea party say--doesn't make them the same thing. I.e. if you don't like pork that doesn't make you an Muslim terrorist

In this crowd, yes.

In this crowd, yes.

Republican Party and the Tea Party

Mallards are not the same as Harlequins, but they are both ducks.

Yes, I'm not blaming the Christians for Timothy Mcvey

I might add, what do you call Cheney, or Bush's handlers? Are they republicans? How about Barnyard? Republicans?

Pavlovian response ...

It's gotten to where, regardless of the headline, when Ken's name is in the paper on a headline, the words transpose before my eyes to :

Cuccinelli talks ... again.

And immediately I facepalm and peek through my fingers to see what embarrassing utterance caused him to gain press coverage again and, usually, elicit poor views of VA from the rest of the nation.


He must have forgotten about the Patriot Act...

Cuccinelli is right.

Cuccinelli is right. However, it is important to remember Bush was the same way, only through a different scope of tyranny. Obama is up on the hill pushing through bills forcing us to buy a service that we clearly do not want, among other things. Bush authorized FBI agents to write their own warrents to spy on people's private email accounts, among other things. Our Presidents have slowly been turning into monarchs one at a time since Herbert Hoover. The air is right for revolution.


Today is crazy talk day.

Revolution at the polls i.e.

Revolution at the polls i.e. not voting for republicrats any longer. We need constitutional conservatives who will look to the Constitution for guidance in their votes, actually read the bills they vote on, balance the budget and protect the liberties of their constituents.


"Constitutional conservatives", what the heck does that even mean? Repealing the 14th Amendment, repealing parts of the First Amendment and ignoring other parts you find "inconvenient"? Like that pesky Establishment Clause.

Perhaps if you weren't

Perhaps if you weren't blinded by your own BS you could have read the rest of my previous post where I explain what a constitutional conservative is. How in the world would a constitutional conservative want to repeal the 1st amendment? I have a hard time taking anything you say seriously.

I would like to the see the 16th amendment (income tax) and the 17th amendment (popular vote to elect senators) repealed. But I digress. If you would like to seriously talk about what a constitutional conservative is, by all means. However, I am betting you will continue to make wild unfoudned allegations as you do in many of your posts.


Y'all funny!

of course the pilot opens

of course the pilot opens this article up for comment so the right wing extremists can vent their spleen. How transparent.

demorats took over control of congress in 2006

& up until then, things were going pretty darn good. & don't try to blame the war for this mess either, because war is good for our economy, it creates real jobs & that's why Obuma isn't in a hurry to end them. To find the real reason we're in this mess try talking to Barney Frank about the mess he & Acorn(Obuma was their lawyer) created with BS homeloans @ Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Plus, now we have Madam Pelosi & Harry Reid & things have gotten 1000 times worse. Their bailouts & stimulous are not doing squat except giving more of my money to those whom don't earn or deserve it. The demorats are the ones in control of the senate & congress since 2006 & if I'm not mistaking, they now have a super majority, & that's the facts. All I see out of the demorats is them giving my hard earned money to the ones not earning it. @ least when the republicans give tax breaks, they give them to the people that make the jobs, not the bums w/their hands out getting money for pretty much nothing. Ever got a job from a poor person? I didn't think so.

"& that's the facts."

Uh ... not quite.

The Democrats took control of the Congress in January of 2007. At that point the subprime mortgage industry already was beginning to crumble and began its full collapse in February, with the shocking HBSC writedown.

The bailout of the banks and financial houses was a rescue plan put forward by President Bush with support from both sides of the aisle. McCain and Palin argued in its behalf on the campaign trail, and both Obama and Biden voted for it -- as did McCain.

The Democrats do not have a super majority in the Senate, where the GOP holds enough votes to enforce a filibuster. (There is no "super majority" issue in the House, where there is no filibuster rule.)

Those actually are facts ... provable facts, not arguments. If you believe the war debt from the past 10 years is good for the economy, you're entitled to that opinion. (Those who share that opinion, Republican or Democrat, probably would fit into a phone booth.)

The war is good for our economy?

Tell that the the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children and friends of THOUSANDS OF DEAD AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN and thousands more who are critically injured and left handicapped by this economic boost based on Bush's lies and flawed "intelligence". If I recall correctly, Obama was an Illinois State SEnator and gave a speech in 2002 opposing this war. As he stated, he's not opposed to all wars, just dumb wars. He's getting us out of there. He's getting our men and women out of there. I hope your pocketbook can stand it.


Where did this guy get his law degree? Who was his history professor, Palin?


Too funny. I loved this post.

What a guy

I wonder how our AG knows exactly how King James and the members of Parliment thought back then. What an insightful man. Wish he realized he is making Virginia look as bad as he does.

Mandates AG OF VA.

This man has no common sense Mandates started in the mid seventy. And
this is for auto insurance and the state of Va. profit from it all most everyday. Look at your own state before you talk. Auto taxes on a car that you payed for and tax over and over. Thats what the KKK PARTY should be talking about.


Cuccinelli continues to be a state-wide embarrassment! He romanticizes things of the past; but offers no leadership moving forward into the future. He got his 15 minutes of fame & doesn't want to let go.


I think of Ken as "Politico the Clown". Everytime I read Ken's name in the paper I cringe and wonder what stupid thing he's done now.


Where did this guy get his law degree? Who was his history professor, Palin?

Guess Where

Didn't he graduate from Pat Roberston U - Regent?

Actually, he earned his law

Actually, he earned his law degree at George Mason University, but since you are a liberal, we will not hold you accountable for guessing. Libs make stuff up as they go along.


Where did this guy get his law degree? Who was his history professor, Palin?


Where did this guy get his law degree? Who was his history professor, Palin?


I don't like the guy at all, but what difference does it make what he was wearing?!?!


Then we can call Cuccinelli "Torquemada" since he is Opus Dei and has a medieval l outlook on how people should behave.

Brush Up on Your American History

The Tea Act of 1773 did not impose any new taxes, nor did it expressly force colonial Americans to buy imported tea. In fact it actually lowered the price of imported tea as it allowed the tea to be shipped directly to the colonies from India thus bypassing import duties levied on goods shipped from Great Britian. What the act attempted to do was to prop up the ailing East India Tea Company by flooding the colonies with an over suply of cheaper tea. What colonial Americans objected to was the creation of what amounted to a monopoly for the East India Tea Company. Additionally, the more expensive tea, imported from Britian, was typically transported on ships owned by American business interests.

With all due respect to the AG, he should find a better historical example to illustrate his objection to the health care mandate. By the way, doesn't Virginia have a mandatory auto insurance law on the books? Maybe we should repeal that law if we're objecting to the federal mandate on health insurance just to be fair.

Great comments

For someone named Speechless, you said a mouth full. I think Mr. C. flunked history. As you point out there are many things we are required to 'buy' to help protect other tax payers. Besides car insurance, Social Security and Medicare/caid come to mind. Haveing everyone kick in to health care protects those who have health care from paying the bills for those who can not afford health care.

As you point out King George wanted to protect big business (East India Tea Company) Obama wants to control big business and protect individual citizens. The comparison with King George would better fit the new Tea Party than Obama.

Partially true

Colonists did not so much oppose the monopoly but the idea that Britain was trying to replace smuggled tea with British tea that was taxed as a result of the Townshend Act (the tea tax). This led to the Boston Tea Party revolt among other refusals to unload or buy British tea.

What happened next was the Boston Port Act (1774) and other Intolerable Acts that closed the port and were meant to coerce the colonies into submission to pay for the losses to the king and impose final jurisdiction over them.

That is what Cucinelli is talking about so he is quite correct. Perhaps one should read a bit more history themselves and refer to dates such as 1774 vs 1773 to grasp the concepts.

Your AG is right on the mark.


Let me remind everyone that Cuccinelli won the free election just like Obama. If you did not vote you have no say in what he is doing. I voted - Cuccinelli is right about the Health Care Bill. Read the 2000+ pages and you will understand the fluff that does not do anything for the average citizen but increase beaucracy, expose potential tax increases and take away individual liberty for the hope of security. The Patriot Act was the same and that should be challenged also. Liberty and Freedom are encroached upon every day by government. It is our duty to unite and fight for it. Everyone needs to find common ground and stop the bickering. This goes for the left and right. Both extremes - Obama/Democrats and Republicans want us divided because it is easier to get their policies through. Stand for freedom and Constitutional government. Get out and vote!!!

Your are wrong

I voted, not for this fool, and I have EVERY right to speak my mind.

Send him home!

Does the AG have so poor a grasp of history, or believe his followers are so easily duped that he can misstate history so casually? The Boston Tea Party was about taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, not about the idea of taxes themselves. The founding fathers were big on taxes. It was the lack of representation in how those taxes were deployed that they objected to.

I'm sure there are people who would like the AG to be the new governor. But I think far more Virginians are anxious to pack him back off to whatever backwater village he came from.


So Kookinelli was wearing a full business suit and black cowboy boots?
Do you know the difference between Texas cowboy boots and the cowboy boots worn by a self promoting politician?
In Texas the bull manure is on the outside of the cowboy boots.

Long live the King

Based on most of the comments, our society is ripe for the King. Bring on the redistributionist, socialist, elite, monarchy. It's time to even the playing field. Long live the King.

Listening to all the right

Listening to all the right wingers, I'm having trouble figuring out who this Obama guy is. I thought that he was the president of the United States having having received the majority of the Electoral College votes in the last presidential election. As reported by the VA AG and a host of other like minded individuals, I have now discovered that Mr Obama is the reincarnation of King George II this week, previously he was a muslim agent, before that an undocumented alien (with a fake birth certificate), prior to that he was a Swedish socialist, previously a Nazi, a Chicago gangster, and a racist. I understand that the nature of a two party system requires an opposition to sell the idea that they have a better plan than the one that the current elected government is pushing. I get the opposition part, but where is the proposed better plan? Harking back to the golden age of the founding of the republic sounds good, but where are the serious plans for improving middle class income, job prospects, health care, and old age care? Paying CEOs millions while downsizing and buying everything from China, doesn't seem to be a plan to me.

so said

the court jester


Court jester? I thought it was the Grand Inquisitor! The court jester was supposed to jump up and down on the table to remind the king of his (the king's) mortality. As such, he served a useful purpose. All this guy does is propound opinions, sort of an undisciplined provider of organic fertilizer.

why are we still talking

why are we still talking about the insurance for cars? how about this argument. if you do not have a drivers licence, you are required to carry state issued identification. If you dont, you can be jailed for vagrancy. there is a fee involved, so therfore the government DOES already require us to purchase something just for being alive.


American citizens are not required to carry any identification, only immigrants are required to carry green cards and show them when ordered. That is the law.

Not so.

A military ID is enough for non-drivers. Federally issued, not state.

One more thing

to add. Carrying of ID has nothing to do with vagrancy. As stated before, only non-citizens are required to carry paper to prove they are in the country legally and must surrender them upon demand. All citizens are required to do is properly identify themselves when asked by authorities. The Supreme Court even ruled on this.

You are not required by law to carry identification

of any sort.

Once again, Ken C embarasses VA

Just because he does not like Obama, it does not mean that he is a tyrant. You know, the same charge can be leveled at Ken C for the way he is implementing the AG's office....attacking higher education, limiting medical procedures, etc.

Hail to the future King

Ken C is a wannabe King George! He is standing up for his right to elbow in on National Politics. If he were just born in the right era and into the right family, he could be in charge by the Grace of God. Such a shame.

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