East Carolina Week, Vol. 3: Wilson wishes he redshirted ...

Major, major thanks to Sean Bielawski of ESPN Blacksburg, a good friend and pro’s pro who scored an interview tonight with sophomore RB David Wilson, who is apparently pretty bummed out about his role in the offense through two games.

I was busy trying to find out the playing status of Nick Becton (he plans to play as the backup against ECU) and checking in on the psyche of Darren Evans after his costly fumble against JMU (he said Ryan Williams is returning the favor after Evans consoled him following the UNC fumble last season). So Sean shared the complete transcript of his interview with Wilson, which is posted below.

Wilson has gotten four carries for 25 yards. He has caught one pass for eight yards. He has returned six kickoffs for 122 yards.

Wilson was ready to redshirt this season to put some space between himself and established stars Williams and Evans. He said he didn’t want to waste a year of eligibility for four carries per game and kick-return duties. He was fine with sitting out in 2010.

But then he had a monster preseason and the coaches told him he’d be a significant part of the offense, and he happily tore that redshirt off and was ready to contribute. So far, when given a chance, he has. But that chance has been limited.

And here’s what Wilson thinks about it ...


  ON EXPECTING TO BE MORE INVOLVED IN THE OFFENSE THAN HE IS: “Yeah, I definitely thought I was going to be more involved, and I remember one of my quotes, I said the only way I wouldn't redshirt is if I didn't do what I did last year. And if I got, I said if they planning on just giving me four carries a game, then I'd rather redshirt. And so far, I haven't gotten four carries in a game, and that's been frustrating.  But I guess I'm in it now, and anytime I touch the ball, I'm just going to try and make the best of it.”

  ON WHETHER HE HAS TALKED WITH COACH HITE ABOUT HIS SITUATION: “Yeah. We talked about it, and he was telling me that these past games haven't been like, exactly the way he planned for it to be. Our offense got started off slow the Boise game and stuff. And then I (said), ‘It's four quarters in a game ... there's room to fit it in there if you really wanted to.’ And he said he's going to make some adjustments and do some changes for the East Carolina game. And he's going to try to get me in there more. So, we'll see what happens with that.”

  ON IF IT’S MORE FRUSTRATING AFTER BEING PRODUCTIVE IN HIS 3 CARRIES ON SATURDAY: “Yeah, definitely. But, you know, I guess they'll realize it on their time when they realize it.”

  ON HOW HE HAS DEALT WITH HIS SITUATION: “I guess there's no way to deal with it. You're just in it. You're kind of like, I guess, a tool, a product. And they decided they didn't want to redshirt me. My understanding is that I was going to play a lot more, but like they said, it's early in the season. And we'll see what happens with the rest of the season but ... I did good in the game when I got my carries. I did good, and they congratulated me on that. But I just can't wait until my opportunity. Like I said earlier, when you're getting carries here and there, you don't know when your next carry is going to come. You can't really show your true talent. Like a running back in Ryan's position where he knows he's going to get the ball then you can actually show your skills when you're put in that situation. So, I just can't wait until my opportunity comes.”

  ON WHETHER HE’S CONFIDENT HE'LL GET THAT OPPORTUNITY THIS SEASON: “From the way things started off, I doubt if I get that this season, but anytime I get the ball, I'm going to definitely show them what I can do. I mean, I've been doing it, but I guess me showing them what I can do ain't going to have no more effect than it has in the past.  But that's just for me, anytime I get the ball, I have to show what I can do so even if it's not here where I'm going to get my, I guess, glory days or shine, then hopefully at the next level. There's been a couple running backs who have been at a school in a program, and they didn't get their opportunity to produce at the college they was at. Like Willie Parker, I know from North Carolina, and I think he was a Pro Bowler. But at UNC, he never got his opportunity. And so as long as I just take advantage of the opportunities I get, then I feel I'll be alright, no matter what.”  

ON WHETHER THERE’S ANY REGRET THAT HE DECIDED TO PLAY THIS YEAR AND NOT REDSHIRT: “Yeah, there has. When I was even at the sideline of the Boise game, I was standing there, and I was like, dang. The first quarter went by, second quarter went by, I had two touches on offense, a couple snaps on offense. And then I was like, ‘Dang, I could have redshirted for this.’ And I was having that regret then, but like I said, there's no way for me to get out of it now. My year is gone, so all I can do is make the best of it. And I feel everything happens for a reason, and if God has a plan for me, then nobody can stop that.”

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Wilson complained last year also, if you remember

I see a transfer coming.............

I agree, I thought all last

I agree, I thought all last year that there was no way they could keep three good running backs happy. I like Darren Evans but Ryan is the better back and should only ever come out if he wants to come out. If Ryan ran for 1600 yards last year, do you really think he would be happy at 800 yards this season (although, based on the start of the season 800 yards might be the case). I really thought they were going to utilize David Wilson in more of a flanker role, but I guess not. David might transfer to a Liberty University where he could play right away and it is only an hour from his hometown of Danville. And if God has a plan for him then that's as good a place as any to find it. Personally, I don't think Beamer and Co. has done David any favors so far in his career and his comment of being just "tool" bothers me.

Hey Kyle - Couple of Questions for David

Question number One:

Why did you bring the ball out 8 yards deep in your own end zone on the opening kickoff in Boise game?

2nd Question:
Why did you run right into your own player on another kickoff return in the Boise game?

Work on your smarts and vision before whining. I would have redshirted you myself even before the season. I would have gotten rid of Stiney years ago as well. Even as bad as Stiney is, if you truly start producing you'll get the playing time. Stop whining and win some football games.

This Won't Help

I don't think the coaches will feel much sympathy for this guy if they get wind of this interview. His best bet would be to keep it internal and talk to the coaches about his dislike of his position on the team. The last thing the coaches want is for players to begin to show their own selfish desires at a time when the team is facing adversity. In all of the questions he answered, he didn't mention what's best for the team or that he just wants to win. He even ventured to say maybe he would do better in the pros. This won't make things better for him.

david wilson is a good rb

Y'all are crazy and dumb if you believe david doesn't want to win. He, just like any other player on the team, wants to contribute more and from the way he is running, he should get a lot more carries than darren. David wilson is a beast when he's on the field

No one can fault a guy for

No one can fault a guy for being aggrevated that he was mislead by the coaches coming into the start of the season. They promised him he wouldn't have the same role as he did last year, but that's exactly what he is doing right now. He has had a total of 4 carries in two games and is averaging 6.3 yds per carry


For all the great stories I continually read about what a great kid David Wilson is he just showed how amazingly immature and selfish he is. Yeah, he probably should have redshirted but this season just hasn't gone the way that anyone planned. Everyone is disappointed but that doesn't mean you act like a little brat. If he's really as good as he thinks he is then he'll be gone after next year anyway, regardless of whether he redshirted this year or not. Tech went through a period where they were stacked with talent (Marcus Vick, Kevin Jones, MeAngelo Hall, etc.). We all remember how that went don't we? Wilson seems to be picking up right where they left off. Me first, team second. Fabulous.

What is with people on here

What is with people on here that say he is being selfish and that he is being a brat? The people saying this obviously are unintelligent in world of football because EVERY player wants playing time. If coaches didn't want someone complaining, they shouldn't have lied to the player about playing him more. You shouldn't even mention marcus vick with kevin or deangelo because kevin and deangelo actually never got in trouble and weren't thugs. For you to say "meangelo" just shows how unintelligent you are about the team because he was a leader in the locker room while here


Sorry if my comments offended you but just because Hall & and Jones didn't "get in trouble" or demonstrate "thug behavior" doesn't detract from their reputations as being more concerned with NFL futures than with their college team. I'm sure Wilson is a good kid but he made a bad move that demonstrates a lack of maturity. He's frustrated, I get that. But again, nothing has gone as planned. Your comments that he was lied are out of line. Do you think the coaches ever imagined that their run game would be completely shut down? That they would be playing from behind against JMU? I hardly recall a single comment from Wilson about the team. They were all about him"SELF". This team's season is on the brink. Last I checked football was a team game. I don't profess to have the highest football IQ but If you fail to recognize that then you have no IQ at all. He's young, he's an achiever, and he's not used to this disappointment but he needs to learn. Not just for football but for life. He needs to show a little more restraint and also some respect for his teammates who are also hurting. Going outside his inner circle is not the way to go.

Yeah, the coaches PROMISED

Yeah, the coaches PROMISED him that he would be playing a lot more than he did last year and that's yet to happen. If running game hasn't been going, maybe put the speedster wilson in because he is way faster than williams or evans and might would open up offense. Are you a uva fan or what? Just wondering by the name. I agree that he not mentioning the team is being selfish but he was just answering the reporters questions.

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