Christmas Letter

Every year I get those letters, the ones where friends brag about how Junior graduated from Harvard, Sister married the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Hubby got a promotion for the twentieth year in a row and the letter-writer was voted best Mom in the world. I’ve never sent one of those. Before now. Here’s my first…

 Dear Ones,

Christmas of 2010 finds me breathing, on the right side of the dirt, able to stand up on my hind legs and make a fuss. What did I accomplish this year? I stayed alive.

I did not become a better person, but then, I didn’t bust a cap in any of the people who annoyed me, either, so I suppose I’m in the positive zone.

On my own behalf, I sued someone for the first time…and won, a heady moment. I now understand those grumps who spend all their time getting even. Too much fun.

My seven-year-old car only has 13,000 miles on the odometer, so you can believe me when I say that I never go anywhere. Three Chihuahuas and I stay home, here in the Colonial Place neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia. But that’s a good thing. This is a great place to live. My neighbors are very good to me. Family is nearby…when they aren’t running off at Christmas time to be with the Yankee Grandma…leaving me to babysit their rabbit. Or when they aren’t spending a month traveling in a foreign country…like last July in France.

As old people go, I have a very comfortable life, doing exactly as I please. Nice people profess themselves willing to help with my causes. Some of them even show up. I have no worries. As Lydia said, “You’re hard to shop for because you have everything. If you wanted something you didn’t already own, you’d order it and get it delivered.”

So here I sit on Christmas Day, surrounded by loving Chihuahuas, listening to my fireplace, thinking that the lines have fallen me in pleasant places. One of the good things in my life is the fact that you read my blog. Thank you, and may 2011 be kind to us all.

Love, Ahno

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Merry Christmas!

Love to you, Porque, T-Bone, and Cutlet. Merry Christmas from one feisty broad to another. May you continue to spread joy, mayhem and a good old what-for to everyone who deserves it. Peace!

Go Granny

I hate those letters too. I hate those so-called "adorable" pictures of the kids even more.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

to you and all of your friend and family.


friends, friends not friend! stupid fat fingers!

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