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CONTEST! Trace Adkins - 'Proud To Be Here'

The deluxe edition of “Proud to Be Here” by Trace Adkins offers the scheduled 10 plus four extra songs.

“Just Fishin’,” the first single from the CD, is about the joys of a father-daughter relationship. Adkins has five daughters.

For the fun of it, check out “It’s a Woman Thang,” and for more fun, check out “Love Buzz,” about getting high on love rather than drink or drugs.

In the deluxe edition there is some strong red, white and blue. “More of Us,” which, among other
things, complains about “the mess in D.C.” and notes that there are more “true blue Americans” than there are dissenters. The song that will elicit tons of applause is a tribute to the Corps: “Semper Fi.”

Another item to watch out for in the top 10 is “Poor Folks.” The line “I wonder what the poor folks are doin’ tonight” is a borrow from Fats Waller who added to that line, “I’d like to be doin’ it with them.”

The other two deluxe edition songs are pure fun. “Damn You Bubba” has to do with sibling rivalry. It reminds you of the Smothers Brothers routine on the subject. And there is “If I Was a Woman,” which features Blake Shelton. The two have a blast on the piece, and you will, too.

– Frank Roberts

Tracks to download “If I Was a Woman,” “Damn You Bubba,” “Just Fishin’ ”

In concert 8 p.m. Sept. 1; nTelos Wireless Pavilion. $16-$45.75. (800) 745-3000.


CONGRATS to D.  Wooten of Chesapeake for winning a CD copy of "Proud to Be Here" by Trace Adkins.


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Trace Adkin's new CD

I want Tace's new CD because I can always relate to all his music. I feel this CD will help me as my son is leaving this month to start his first year at Virginia Tech. He's "leaving the nest", though I knew it was coming I don't like it because his girlfriend is going also. Please let me have the CD for comfort. I need something to get through the next 4-5 years!!!

Tace's new CD

Such FUN Music there is a song on here for every situation. It doesn't get any better!

Trace Adkins - 'Proud To Be Here'

Super country singer, who wouldn't want to win his latest CD.

Trace Adkins

I'm a new fan!

New Trace CD

I've been a Trace Adkins fan for a long, long time...love his music! Can't wait to see him in concert on the 1st and would appreciate his new CD like no one else!

Excuse me?

Isn't this gambling? I mean, doesn't this represent one form of gambling? Where if you are "lucky" you win a prize? Isn't that illegal ever since Kyl snuck into law in the missle of the night like a theirf stealing your rights with the UIGEA? This is online gambling isn't it?

Just thought I would check ...I do not want to be raided or my computer seized in case it is illegal because no one has a clue just what is legal and illegal anymore with gambling, all due to the hypocrisy of the government and especially senator kyl's ridiculous law.



Because I love Trace Atkins!

Trace Atkins cd

I've been told the Atkins diet is healthy for you soooooooooo...I need this cd seeing how Trace's last name is Atkins; his cd is what I need!

Mary S. From VA. Beach

Trace Adkins

Because he nails it by showing a child's innocent excitement about life today in contrast to the parent's experience knowing these moments are precious and to be cherished.


I would really enjoy having his CD because his songs are so much fun.

Trace Atkins-CD

My wife really likes his music and she loves Trace Atkins!

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