Va. Tech kicker, two others denied bond in break-in

By Lerone Graham and Andy Bitter


Virginia Tech kicker Cody Journell and two other Blacksburg men charged with breaking into the home of a Hokies basketball player were returned to jail Thursday night after a Montgomery County judge denied them bond.

Journell, 20, Matthew D. Dunton, 23, and Matthew I. Brady, 21, are accused of entering the house of Dorenzo Hudson and Sean Allen with a weapon, with the intent to commit larceny, assault and battery, or another felony, according to warrants. Hudson, a starter on the men's basketball team, played in Thursday night's game against Eastern Michigan.

The three suspects showed up at Hudson and Allen's residence about 10 p.m. Wednesday because they said Allen stole marijuana from Dunton, Chief Deputy Montgomery County Commonwealth's Attorney Mary Pettitt said in court Thursday.

Dunton knocked on the door holding a pizza box while Journell and Brady hid in the bushes, Pettitt said. When Hudson answered, Dunton drew a gun while the other two rushed inside the house, she said.

When they didn't find Allen, they ran outside and left in a car driven by an unnamed person, who was not charged, Pettitt said. The driver was told to speed off, and the gun was thrown out of the window and found by police Thursday, she said.

Prosecution and defense said Hudson and Allen later went looking for the three, and an altercation took place, but no charges have been filed in that incident. Dunton appeared in court wearing a head bandage and had a visible injury to his face.

When arrested, Dunton was found with a marijuana grinder, a small pipe and $2,349 in cash, Pettitt said.

Evidence showed the gun used appeared to be an air-pressure-powered Airsoft handgun, so the weapon charge could be reduced. Authorities have not confirmed the gun's type, and it was missing a marking that distinguishes it from an actual firearm, Pettitt said.

"Whether or not it's a deadly weapon, certainly their actions were as such that it could have ended in some horrendous consequences," the prosecutor said.

Montgomery County General District Court Judge Randall Duncan expressed concern about the use of a gun, real or not, to enter someone's home and noted it could have turned deadly.

While attorneys for Journell and Brady argued for leniency, saying there was no evidence the two men had knowledge of a gun, Duncan opted to "treat them all the same" and denied bond to all three.

They are being held at the Montgomery County Jail.

Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said school records show Brady is enrolled at the university and Dunton isn't.

Brady's attorney voiced his desire not to delay the bond hearing because Christmas is Sunday. At that point, Brady broke down in tears, to which Duncan responded that "crying is not going to help you" and told him to allow his attorney to speak for him.

Parents of the three defendants were brought forward to attest to facts about their sons' employment, residence and legal history, and all pledged to put their houses up to secure bail should it be granted.

Among the parents was Randy Dunton, the former Liberty University men's basketball coach.

Journell was All-ACC honorable mention this fall.

Tech athletic director Jim Weaver said in an email that Journell is suspended indefinitely from the football team in accordance with university policy.

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This is what happens when you give a thug a scholarship because he can throw a ball and run.

you watch a lot of football

Kickers do a lot of throwing and running...

like it matters

Fine, this is what happens when you let a thug kick a ball....happy now?


Actually, quite happy. Thanks. Now, back to your negativity... You can only post on here if you know a LOT about sports. If you don't believe me, read on...

Nothing says "Bowl Season" like...

a Hokie player's felonious misconduct. He got it out of his system before departing for the Big Easy--at least the Athletic Department won't be stuck for a bus ticket to Blacksburg...


Funny, looking at his picture he looks fairly bright, goes to a good school, perhaps a promising career in football as well as getting a good education. Wrong...what a screw-up.

Looks Bright?

Because he is white, no tats, no facial hair, and is smiling? Looks bright? Seriously? What does someone who "looks bright" look like? Does he look like you? Like me? What?


Dont look in the mirror then, cause you wont find it there either.

Holy Cow, Muerte, That

has to be one of the snappiest comebacks I've seen on this forum, bested only by that time-honored classic, "I'm rubber, you're glue"......

You've got "life" handed to

You've got "life" handed to you on a silver platter and you do this? I can't wait to hear the details.

Va Tech students arrested?!

This is almost as surprising as the sun rising this morning. It's clear this kid took the entry class that most Va Tech students seem to take, Thug 101.

Where's your degree from?

Just curious what you're basing that assertion on...

Rutgers University

and amazing, during my time there I don't recall any of my fellow classmates being busted for running a dog fighting ring, had a player on the football team with the littany of issues Marcus Vick had, were decapitated on campus, or had a police officer shot on campus.

I guess this is expected at every university, right? LOL, Hokie education for ya!

Even though VT copies Marshall

Lets all say it together... WE...ARE...THE....HOKIES. You know it's bad when the kicker is comitting crimes....geez

I knew

RIP was going to jump all over this one. You are a sad person.

I get so tired of people

I get so tired of people going by how someone looks to determine their actions. What does it mean someone "looks bright"? Who determines what looking bright is. Anyone is capable of doing things like this regardless of how they "look".

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Racial, ethnic, group attack

Good job

Swift action by the AD Jim Weaver and Virginia Tech, glad to see that. Time to move on, forget about this loser and focus on the game. Along side of Danny Coale punting Tech can have David Wilson (superman) kicking field goals!


Another National Felons League candidate-in-training.

This kid needs a kick in the

This kid needs a kick in the pants!!!!

Not locked

away for life? Not an animal? Not a thug? Just a kid who needs a kick in the pants. Interesting.


am not sure what exactly you didn't get about the poster.. but he was making a pun about him being a kicker... not about any legal sentence. I think we all agree that he should be punished to maximum extent allowed by law. He used a weapon and drugs were involved. Not sure what you are inferring... The poster was making a joke. Kicker. Kick in the pants.

Like the guy

who killed the cop at Tech was characterized as "unbalanced" and "misguided". Okay, I get it.

Yes, Unbalanced

He ended up shooting himself after killing the policeman. To most people that would point to some kind of mental problems.

Why don't you just come out and say what you mean?

You post often, so I know

You post often, so I know you also read posts. You tell me if you see any posts on this article that is remotely comparable to the posts you see when a black youth is charged with a similar crime. I'm not in any way suggesting that blacks charged with a crime should be treated with kid gloves- I'm saying there is a vastly different reponse when the person is white rather than black.show me some evidence that I'm wrong, or just playing the"race card". And you dont have to kill yourself to be disturbed or unbalanced.


You can point it out in every article. Notable one I remember is when there was a double gun related school crime. One at a high school in Portsmouth, and the other at Landstown. The landstown kid was called a "loner" "misguided" "mental problems" "just needs help". The Portsmouth Kid; "thug" "needs to be locked up for life" "parents need to be locked up".

You dont have to kill yourself to be disturbed or unbalanced

You have it backward. you dont have to kill yourself to be disturbed or unbalanced, but you DO have to be disturbed or unbalanced to kill yourself.

And I won't even dignify your constant use of the race card with a response.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Racial, ethnic, group attack

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Racial, ethnic, group attack

I'll say it

What smoke is saying and I agree, is that when young white males engage in criminal behavior, they are labled "misguided" or weren't really committing a crime, it was a "prank". However, had these two been black, there would be 600 comments with 89% labeling them as "thugs" or worse and calling for them to be executed in the public square.

not true

not true

Hey, Virginia Pilot, Is an Editorial Cartoon soon to follow

Hey Virginia Pilot ..... if this was another school, I'm sure that this would be fodder for an editorial cartoon. Come on, why not this school? Oh, we all know why. I'll look for the cartoon, but will not hold my breath.


This activity happens at ODU at least twice a day. It's common place for them now.


by their athletes. At least try and be honest.

Athletes or normal students

It doesn't matter, they both attend the school.


believe the home invasions were not by other students but by criminals that do not attend ODU.


seems to be a pattern at Virginia Tech. Particularly the football team. If there was only a one or two time occurrence it would be one thing.. but this has been happening for at least 15 years. They even have problems with athletes that used to play there. Drunkenmiller, 2 of the Vicks... One must surmise that it must be the type of athletes the coaching staff recruits. I don't even root for the Hokies anymore and I used to be a die hard fan.

I think Michael Vick's

I think Michael Vick's behavior occurred while he was in the NFL, not while he was enrolled at VT.Yes, Marcus Vick was dismissed from VT while he was enrolled there,for his behavior.How can you even blame the coaching staff. Gotta blame it on someone,right?
Sure am glad that other Universities don't have this problem,right? Guess that you just over look them.

Thugs R Us

Where do they recruit their players? Sing Sing?

Nothing New for Tech Football

Tech football players charged with crimes? That's nothing new; it happens just about every year. And, of course, we get the apologists with the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra. Virginia Tech has sold its soul for winning football. The university recruits players from the margins of life, places them in undernourished "courses", and acts shocked when the bad apples it knowingly chose misbehave. The charges facing this player are incredibly serious. This winning at all costs approach to football at Virginia Tech cheapens every degree from that otherwise admirable school.

You mean nothing new for any

You mean nothing new for any athlete in any sport at any university or at any level, right? This happens everywhere, not just at Tech. And it's not just athletes. Go to the Pilot home page or any other news site or turn on any news broadcast. Crime happens. If you must, contact any campus police department and ask how many instances happened that day; you'll probably be shocked. This just happens to be reported and highlighted because it's an athlete.

Here we go again

Apparently, all it takes for the VT haters to come out is for something negative to happen at VT. Just ask yourself this question, If my child gets into any trouble at VT or any University,are the parents or the University to blame for his/her behavior?

Football Program Responsible

The football staff is responsible for the character of the players it recruits. The records of these players are carefully reviewed by the coaching staff. We are not talking about the thousands of applicants who go through the admissions office every year. We are talking about the 20 or so recruits who get very, very special treatment. That the VT staff keeps bringing at least some young men of questionable character to the team year after year certainly suggests that character has little to do with being selected to play football at Virginia Tech. And this is not about all things negative about Tech. The shooting tragedies were a time of sadness for everyone whether connected to Tech or not. Football thugs are a completely different story.

VT Football program strikes again.

Come on people. It's not like he financed a dog fighting ring or stomped on a defenseless player laying on the ground. Give the kid a break. Maybe the NCAA should suspend VT's athletic programs until they start recruiting players with a little character.


It's his right to wave a gun around, what is the issue?

No, it's like he did an

No, it's like he did an armed home invasion.

It's called sarcasm

It's a more cerebral kind of humor.

More visceral, and not

More visceral, and not humor.

As I thought

You didn't get it.

I got it

that you didn't get it.

Way to kick it up a notch

What's next? "I'm rubber and you're glue" or "I know you are but what am I?"?

Somebody help me get it, I

Somebody help me get it, I don't get it cs. I've never been accused of being cerebral btw.

Give Me A Break

Next you're going to say "We're all Hokies today"? Give me a break; if the guy did what he's charged with, he's a criminal thug.

This Happens Everywhere

This is nothing more than a young man doing something dumb and foolish. The fact that he's a student-athlete is irreverent, but adds to the so called drama that seems to follow college sports and those who wish to believe the 'program' sanctions this poor behavior. This type of individual is on every campus, and they come in all walks of life. It's not just a "Tech" thing.


If it had been "Joe Blow" and all of the other facts the same it would not have made it to even the local paper! Still with all of the meetings and discussions that are held with the athletes, young and dumb will not be helped! If they go to jail then they learn there is a price to be paid for it.

Say What?

Uh, Kev, I think you mean irrelevant. And it's not irrelevant. A good many if not most of these so-called "student athletes" have a sense of entitlement and think the mores of society that apply to others don't apply to them.

a little surprised

the, "students should be armed" crowd are not criticizing the victims for apparently being unarmed and not mowing down the home invaders in a hail of bullets ?

This was a pot deal gone

This was a pot deal gone bad.

Pot, the number one drug choice of atheletes.

Buh bye Bachelors, Good Credit, Decent Career.

Hello Prison for all.

I'm willing to bet that

I'm willing to bet that no-one goes to prison. A little jail time served on weekends, community service, and conditional probation. Someone got ripped off, and someone got pissed off.

Prank gone bad

It almost sounds like a frat boy prank gone bad. One has to wonder what the heck these athletes were thinking? Getting caught means expulsion, especially with all the tension there is around VT these days. This sort of thing needs to stopped at ALL campuses in the country. It should be automatic expulsion for ANY athlete that is proven to be doing or involved in anyway with illegal drugs. The time for pampering these babies should be over!

Dear Andy

Welcome to VT football, you thought there was drama at Auburn? You ain't seen nothing yet. The guys who really built this program like Mike and Marcus Vick, "D" Hall, Druckenmiller, Macho Man, Ernest Wilford,Xavier Boyce don't approve of this at all. He is a pothead and everyone knows it except Frank, shows how in touch he is with his players. How does Charles Steger keep his job? His record is worse than VT in games vs Top 5 teams and JMU.


This is the dumbest statement I think I have read in any of these blogs!!
Great going!!

Don't Forget....

Don't forget Maurice DeShazo. The QB who really started the program. Now in the Tech Hall of Fame he was Beamers first big recruit and led Tech to the first two bowls in their current string. Also likely saved Beamer's job!

Xavier Boyce

built the program???? I'm pretty sure I played more snaps than he did. He didn't do anything for this program and I'm glad he got kicked out. You know where he is now, Norfolk State. Great pick up guys!!!

Well, my Momma always said...

"stupid is as stupid does". Look for the basketball team to take some hits now as well. Geezz, I can't help but think of that term "the dumbing down of America!". How apt that is here!

Parents - "Parents of the

Parents -

"Parents of the three defendants were brought forward to attest to facts about their sons' employment, residence and legal history, and all pledged to put their houses up to secure bail should it be granted."

You're better than me. If you're stupid enough to go after someone who stole drugs from you, then I'm smart enough to let your behind sit in jail. I will not mortgage my house or put it up for bond. I've worked too hard in my life doing the right thing, my kid or not - you muck up like that and you will need to figure it out!!! Teach them a lesson, don't make it easy for them!


released from the team immediately, scholarship lost and suspended from VT (honor code...I assume there's still one). No trite VT media release that states "Final decision on status will be determined after the judicial process runs it's course."

Gotta question the logic of the judge on this one.

Why take up jail space with three little punks that forced their way into some other punks house with an air-soft pistol over a stolen illegal substance? Then gotta question why Hudson and Allen weren't arrested and charged with assault because they hunted down the original punk and beat him up. We see violent criminals give small bail amounts everyday for doing by far more serious crimes than this. This judges decision is just one of many bad decisions by judges that cause society as a whole to loose respect for the judicial system.

air-soft pistol?

Why not just kick the door in? Am I (wide) right or not?.

Chesapeake tried that, not a

Chesapeake tried that, not a good idea.

Breaking and entering,

Breaking and entering, assault and battery, that's what jails are for.

Get Over It

Sure, ohmie, sure. Today we are all Hokies; right?

Comments in his defense are LAUGHABLE

Poor little blue-eyed Cody should sit his butt in jail for Christmas. First of all drugs were also involved in the crime?! And the comment "This is nothing more than a young man doing something dumb and foolish." Isnt' that what they say about most young criminals? Label him a VT athlete all you want...bottom line is he is now a CRIMINAL. I don't care if it was Harvard. These punks are not above the law no matter how much their parents vouch for them. All parents would. When he comes home for break and decides to check out YOUR house while you're away, then post what a shame that he's just "dumb and foolish." Such a double standard for this athlete and most posters are too jaded to even see it or realize how crazy they sound.

Whose The Backup Kicker?

I wasn't giving VT much of a chance against Michigan anyway, but they can't do it without a good place kicker. Who is the backup? VT better hope he hasn't majored in stupid like the starter has.


THUGS! Treat them as such.

just goes to show...

that a college education does not exempt one from stupidity.

Face of Tech

The administration and a large portion of the alumni and student body at Virginia Tech have chosen football as the face of the university rather than its rich academic heritage and the countless and continuing ways Virginia Tech has enriched the lives of Virginians. Having so self identified with football and allowed the necessary academic and ethical concessions to recruit and retain young men whose one overwhelming attribute is physical prowess, Virginia Tech, its football program, and supporters must now also bear the responsibiltiy for the criminal behavior of these athletes just as they also reflect in the glory achieved by such athletes.

Well said

You have captured the essence of the problem. I was talking to a member of the VA Tech Board from northern Virginia about 3 years ago. He said that the administration treats the football program with kid gloves. Anything they want, they get and they don't get involved in any meaningful way when problems occur.


another jokie in trouble with the law ?? say it ain't so.....lmao

Always Negative

As a Tech fan, I say adios to a kid who made a stupid decision but to generalize and say Tech athletes are thugs is ridiculous. The fact is there are bad apples at every school in every athletic program and there are young kids (because they are still kids) that make poor decisions. There are hundreds of student athletes at Virginia Tech that aren’t doing stupid things and are positive role models in the community. But what fun would it be to talk about the good when we can focus on the bad.

Not all VT athletes are thugs

Using recent history as a reference, the poster who said that not all Tech athletes are thugs is correct. But it seems to be a fact that a lot of the football players are. And the occasional basketball player.

Clearly, Beamer gives much more credence to 40 yard dash times than behavior when he recruits players.


the coaches in the SEC keep winning national championships because they recruit the nicest kids....BAHA

Give me a break, every coach recruits based on talent. Character is a part of it, but in reality it's a small part. Lets get real people.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated

Authorities have not

Authorities have not confirmed the gun's type, and it was missing a marking that distinguishes it from an actual firearm, Pettitt said.

No wonder they are having gun problems at tech, they can't confirm actual firearms.

The point, of course

Is that anyone threatened by the weapon would not have been able to dicern that the weapon pointed at them was not deadly. The three should be quite thankful that they are merely in jail and not dead after an intended victim pulled out an authentic weapon to defend himself.

Strange story.

They know

The authorities know that it's a pellet gun, but to admit this would mean that the charges would be reduced and the kids would make bail.

Why they aren't doing that I have no idea.

Pot is not okay, get the pot

Pot is not okay, get the pot out of your life people.

Coaching Issue!

Tech produces good ball players who tend to have character issues. That this happens so very frequently seems to be a coaching issue. When will the light be shed on Beamer? Or is winning all that counts?

Dumb decision

This is an unfortunate incident, but if you look at what Journell actually did, you have to believe the charges will be reduced.

They showed up at someone's house with an empty pizza box and a pellet gun. Doesn't exactly sound like hardened criminals. Stupid, yes, as it could have escalated into a serious crime, but the fact is that it didn't. Journell wasn't even the guy with the pellet gun. It sounds like he was there to support his roommate, and he may not have even known about the pellet gun.

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