Bolling breaks tie as Va. Senate passes voter ID bill

By Michael Sluss

The Virginia Senate has again passed legislation that would require voters to show identification at the polls, with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling casting the tie-breaking vote.

The Senate and House of Delegates will have to reconcile differences over the legislation before a bill can get to Gov. Bob McDonnell's desk.

Both versions strike a provision in state law that allows a voter without proper identification to cast a ballot after signing a sworn statement affirming his or her identity. Voters who do not have identification would cast provisional ballots that could be discarded.

The Senate on Monday passed the House-sponsored bill (HB9) after amending it to mirror legislation (SB1) the Senate passed earlier this month. The Senate's version allows voters more options for valid identification, including a driver's license, voter registration card, government-issued photo ID, social security card, bank statement or utility bill. The House bill does not allow forms such as bank statements and utility bills to be used. Under the Senate bill, voters who cast a provisional ballot must present the electoral board with a valid identification within a day or two to have the ballot counted. Under the House bill, the registrar has the authority to count the provisional ballot after comparing the signature on the ballot to the signature in the applicant's voter file.

All 20 Senate Democrats voted against the bill, which some blasted as a thinly veiled effort to suppress the votes of minorities and other groups.

"I will say to you that this is another day of shame for Virginia," Sen. Yvonne Miller, D-Norfolk, said.

"It delivers two messages and two messages only," Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, said. "One, bring an ID.... Two, don't commit fraud."

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About time GA tackled an issue of importance. Thank you for getting off the social engineering issues, thereby insuring fair ballots and voting.

Thank you Lt. Gov. Bolling.

Thank you Lt. Gov. Bolling. I guess ACORN will now have to find another state to promulgate their voter registration corruption.

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All watered down

What happened to showing a picture ID period? Also, isn’t there a federal law that forbids requiring a social security card for ID? This may help a little but I still don’t see how this will prevent people voting with other registered voter’s SS card or voter ID, whether they are alive or not.

Good news indeed

Our grifter in chief and his acorn cronies will have to operate elsewhere to collect their fraudulent votes. Thank you Governer McDonnel.

I just have to add

"You have to have an ID to buy beer, to buy cigarettes, to get on a bus, a train, to cash a check, to do just about anything" Anything, that is except by 20 pistols a day. Don't need any kind of identification for that. The Republicans passed that one earlier when they could have been working on some bills to get people back to work. Pretty obvious they are only about keeping their wealthy jobs and keeping honest people out of work.

try facts

everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not to his own facts.

To buy a pistol, or 20, one has to show ID and go through back-ground clearance.

People who are incapable of complying with basic procedures of modern society shouldn't be votinmg in the first place. Also, people who go to the poll without valid ID will still vote, but their votes will be held, temporarily. If the election is determined without needed to count them, that's it. If it's close enough, they just verify the voter. Why is that so hard?

Well, for one thing . . .

. . . the burden is on them to go back down to the registrar's office to show that ID that they didn't have the day they voted.

Roadblocks. For people to jump over when there is no need in VA.

Your party is pretty frightened of something this year. Ohhh, my, what could that be.

Your party is pretty frightened

Your party is pretty frightened of something this year. Ohhh, my, what could that be.

Simple answer. USA can not stand 4 more years of Obama, our grifter in chief. He has/is ruining this great country. My opinion of course and I am sticking with it.

"our grifter in chief"

Our grifter in chief. Snicker. While that's clever and really fits into the Romney/Santorum/Newt-speak, one would have to wonder how you referred to GWB during his presidency. I'm assuming it's unprintable, if you're being fair.

They're afraid because they

They're afraid because they have Larry, Moe and Curly making a laughing stock of themselves almost daily. Open mouth and insert foot. Ron Paul seems to be the only true Republican candidate.
And with changing demographics, more people are not feeling like they're the rich holier than thou I'm much better than you typical Republican. We're hard working everyday people that just want to get paid for our honest days work.

ID for guns?

To buy a gun you must show 2 forms of ID which have the same address.

The past three weeks we've dealt

The past three weeks we've dealt with the GOP's assault on women's reproductive rights, and now they're assaulting the rights we have to easily cast a vote. The GOP sees something broke every day, now, it seems. They have no evidence of fraud, tampering or any of that stuff, but danged if it doesn't need to be fixed.

Could Virginia go much further backwards in time? I don't think so. Too bad election day isn't tomorrow.


You want me to reconize women reproductive rights, I want you to reconize unborn children rights. And if Not having an ID keeps you from voting, why don't you do the same as those unborn babies.

This is just another volley

This is just another volley in the GOP's war against Virginia. We sensible and sane Virginians will be beseiged by the Dominionists culture wars for another 2 years. Hopefully there will be something left of our great commonwealth after the Theocrats scorched earth strategy. We just need to endure this awful time in our state knowing that, should the Commonwaelth survive, after this performance it will be a long long time before the Dominionists get back in power.

This is just another

This is just another volley

Submitted by moetoe on Mon, 02/27/2012 at 5:26 pm.

This is just another volley in the GOP's war against Virginia. We just need to endure this awful time in our state knowing that, should the Commonwaelth survive, after this performance it will be a long long time before the Dominionists get back in power.

Exactly my sentiments about our current President. Change gop to dems and dominionists to dems. The grifter in chief needs a permanent vacation starting next January. Obama is one sorry excuse for a president.

except the subsition doesn't

except the subsition doesn't make sense, chuck. Obama Derangement syndrome is endemic on this site.

It is an epidemic througout the USA

Obama Derangement syndrome is endemic on this site.

Breaking news. The fever has spread and is an epidemic now throughout the State and the USA. Obama derangement syndrome is caused by extreme ineptitude and lack of understanding of a capitalist society free market system and democracy. The world is not fair, everyone is not equal in skills or intelligence, and government can not make it fair no matter how hard they try.

Talking points like yours

Talking points like yours are boiring. As you know Obama is quite likely to win in november and sweep a bunch of dems in with him. Sorry your three year hate campaigned has yielded nothing but Romney and Santorum. It is laughable. Call President Obama a socialist some more if it makes you feel better.

Call President Obama a socialist some more

Please get your facts straight. I never called Obama a socialist. I called him for what he is a grifter.


I'll call him a socialist, and have no problem telling anyone who votes democratic the same. There is a tome called a dictionary, "look it up".

Governor Sign this bill into law!

But Democrats noted that supporters of the bill have provided no evidence of people casting votes fraudulently." There is no way to challenge it. All someone has to do is memorize a water bill with another persons name on it. Dead people, illegal aliens & felons are the only votes that need to be suppressed. How were these people identified in order to collect social security, retirement benefits, medicare, or medicaid? If it is convenient to get on the ACORN bus to be taken to the polls, then it is convenient to make the first stop at DMV for an ID. If Senator Marsh says it is a burden for people to produce a photo ID at the polls to vote, then it is a burden for me to produce a photo ID to buy a handgun. It has to be all or nothing.

voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement

Since there has not been a study to ask every voter, whose name had a check next to it indicating they voted, if they voted or not then no one can say if there is voter fraud.
Since we know that there is no central clearing house of registered voters, we cannot verify people being registered and voting in more than one state.

There has been no study that presented any registered voter who attempted to vote but was denied from even casting a provisional ballot. There is no proof of ACTUAL voter disenfrachisement from the requirement of showing a FREE government issued photo ID.

Let's work together to get a standard ballot machine and reader (touch screen that prints ballot that is counted) AND a central voter registration system.

Hey, if I get pulled over

Hey, if I get pulled over for a traffic infraction and am asked to show ID am I being disembranchised??? Who can I sue??? Would my Sam's Club card be okay to vote???


Disenfranchised. I was trying to find my ID ;-)


Voting is a privelege and a right. I need to prove my address to register and I am happy to show my ID to vote.

What do the Republicans expect to happen when

What do the Republicans expect to happen with provisional votes that would warrant all the secrecy in counting them?

Is that additional bill just a little bit odd?

Just what kind of scene are they trying to avoid?

Maybe one like the one we all watched on TV in 2000 when buss-loads of Republican workers from other areas were bussed to the City Hall building in Florida where they went wild running up stairs and down halls until they found the area where officials were re-counting votes. Are they afraid Democrats in VA would act just like their party down in Florida in 2000?

I don't think most people are smart enough to do all the conspiratorial things they're suspected of, but this sounds a little suspicious, doesn't it?

do you care about honest history

What we all watched and some learned was that Miami-Dade officials took the ballots from the public room and went into a room out of public view to do their counting and had left all the witnesses outside.
Are you saying that you approve of counting ballots in secret?

Is it true that Stalin said that it is not who votes that counts but who counts the votes?

I am glad that there were people who prevented the Miami-Dade officials from counting the ballots in secret.

I hope that you are not one of those people who still thinks Florida Sec of State Harris actually removed voters from voting rolls. That would be funny since each county in Florida controlled their own voting rolls through their locally elected supervisor of elections.

Your history is somewhat lacking also.

If you recall there were plenty of GOP lawyers and officials inside that room who were over-seeing the count also. Not to mention the constant cameras.

You seem to forget the GOP's rabid mob that rushed into the building screaming and intimidating those inside the room. The footage doesn't lie.

If you're asking me what I think of Katherine Harris's role in that 2000 situation, I think that she, Jeb Bush and others didn't help their credibility once information came out about the huge numbers of (mostly black) residents of FL who were removed from lists of eligible voters. It was later determined, as I recall, that that one act had a huge effect on that election.

Spin that period in history as you wish - but, some facts don't change.

ID needed to vote

We've been required to show our IDs when we voted for years now. I thought it was the law. I guess the difference is that the vote doesn't get counted until the voter comes back with an ID.

This new voter ID bill is welcomed..

I have been an election official, and you would not believe the stuff I have seen. When I have taken the presented ID in my hand, you would be surprised at how many people suddenly cannot remember their address. Or, the lady that tried to vote on an ID that happened to live in the vacant lot across from my home...the house there had been gone 20 years! Or, the 20 something fellow that was voting with an ID that clearly stated his birthday was 1920...but...then he forgot what day. Oh yes, bring on the ID validation...I am all for that! I always thought it would be interesting to see how many of those in nursing homes and/or mental institutions vote absentee...even if they are no longer lucid or competent. Taking advantage of these people and their vot

This is a great positive step forward for Virginia

The fairest and most accurate elections possible should be the goal of every state.

Right on!

I'm not sure whose quote this is, but it is right on the money:

“Fathom for a moment, if you will, the hypocrisy of a government that will require every citizen to prove they are insured . . . but not everyone to prove they are a citizen?”


illiterate, uneducated need not apply!

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