Barclay C. Winn


Age 64

Lives in West Ghent

Education Bachelor’s in landscape horticulture, North Carolina State University

Occupation CEO and co-owner, Winn Nursery of Virginia Inc. in Norfolk

Political experience Norfolk City Council (2000-present); co-chairman, Finance, Administration & Economic Development Committee, City Council (2011-present); member, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, City Council (2000-present); member, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, HRT (2010-present); chairman, Audit & Finance Committee, HRT (2011-present); member, Shared Services Committee, Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Chesapeake (2011-present); member, Secure Commonwealth Panel, Commonwealth of Virginia (2010-present); co-chairman, Wards Corner Task Force, City Council (2000-present); co-chairman, Ocean View Task Force, Norfolk City Council (2000-present); co-chairman, East Little Creek Road Task Force, City Council (2000-present); co-chairman, Ghent Task Force, City Council (2000-present)

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Precincts Reporting: 
24 of 24 (100%)

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Reelected again

By less than the average daily ridership of the Tide. Now THAT'S low turnout.

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