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Candidate Jackson: Pay-equity bill is 'subtle sexism'

When Virginia Democrats tried to smoke out Republican George Allen last week on whether he’d support the so-called Paycheck Fairness Act, Allen didn’t rise to the bait. Another Republican candidate in the U.S. Senate race, however, is more than happy to jump into the fray.

"I would not support the Paycheck Fairness Act under any circumstances,” Chesapeake minister E.W. Jackson said in a statement today. “It is bad legislation based on a false premise specifically designed to further a divisive political agenda. Tim Kaine should be ashamed to be associated with a piece of legislation that will ultimately hurt women, hurt small business and only benefit politicians and trial lawyers."  

The Democrat-backed legislation, pending in the Senate, would beef up existing equal-pay laws by protecting women from retaliation when they sue for gender discrimination.  

Jackson said the legislation would set up a "women versus business" scenario, calling it “subtle sexism that refuses to acknowledge women as strong individuals, capable of negotiating and making the choices that best further their dreams.”  

Kaine, a former governor, is unopposed for the Democratic Senate nomination. Allen, a former governor and senator, will face Jackson and two other GOP candidates in a primary June 12.

-- Bill Sizemore



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If paying women equal pay for the same job is subtile sexism,

then Mr. Jackson must also feel that paying minorities equal pay for the same job is also subtle racism. In other words, since he is saying that it is fine to pay women lower compensation than men for doing the same job, it must therefore also be OK to pay minorities lower compensation for doing the same job. I don't think Martin Luther King would agree with his position regarding treatment of either women or minorities, and I don't either.

"didn’t rise to the bait"

Seems like an honest question.

Do you support it or not?

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