At Va. Beach rally, Obama attacks GOP on taxes


During a whirlwind campaign blitz through Hampton Roads on Friday, President Barack Obama stressed Virginia's importance to his re-election as he gave vigorous speeches, met with military spouses, shook hands with scores of supporters and held at least two babies.

During a 30-minute speech before a cheering crowd of 1,300 in the gym of Green Run High School, the president pushed his proposal to keep tax cuts in place for families earning less than $250,000 a year - about 98 percent of Americans - but allow the cuts expire for those with larger incomes.

"Everybody's income taxes go up on Jan. 1st if Congress does nothing," Obama said. "So what I've said is now is not the time to raise taxes on the middle class. The economy is still fragile."

The wealthiest Americans can afford to pay more, he said.

"The top 2 percent, folks like me, we don't need a tax break," he said. "We already benefitted from most of the tax cuts over the last decade."

He criticized GOP candidate Mitt Romney and Republicans in Congress, saying they want to cut government spending on education and infrastructure improvements in order to lower taxes on the wealthy.

"I don't think top-down economics works. I believe that we grow this economy from the middle out. From the bottom up. I believe the heart and soul of this country is making sure that working people can feel some security in the middle class," he said.

Not everyone was happy to see the president. Some along his motorcade route displayed anti-Obama signs or gave the thumbs down. Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was hosting the National Governors Association in Williamsburg, accused Obama of using scare tactics to influence voters to distract from his record on taxes, energy, and military spending.

"All that wonderful, lofty hope and change rhetoric from 2008 has now devolved into a record and a message of division and destruction," the Republican governor said.

But most of what Obama heard and saw Friday were cheers and signs of support.

Arriving mid-morning aboard Air Force One at Norfolk International Airport, Obama stepped off the plane in casual dress, his shirt sleeves rolled up. A few steps behind him, in similar attire, were U.S. Sen. Mark Warner and Democratic senate candidate Tim Kaine.

After talking with about 50 supporters on the tarmac, Obama traveled to Rick's Cafe, a 24-hour restaurant on Virginia Beach Boulevard, for an unannounced visit with three spouses of service members.

Jennifer Farlin, a Chesapeake mother of two, praised Obama for putting more emphasis on military families.

"I love that the administration is more focused on military families because prior to this, we were sort of lost," said Farlin, whose husband is a Navy officer serving in Bahrain.

As they spoke, word spread across the strip mall that Obama was there, and a small crowd - including a woman in curlers who ran out of a nearby hair salon - gathered outside.

"Anybody getting their hair done?" Obama shouted as he left the restaurant and approached the crowd.

He shook hands and briefly held two babies before his motorcade moved on to Green Run High.

After his speech, the next campaign stop was in Hampton. The president didn't have to brave bridge-tunnel traffic to get there: he returned to the airport for a 14-minute flight across the water to Joint Base Langley.

On the way to Phoebus High School in Hampton, the motorcade made another unannounced stop at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3219 on Mellen Street.

Obama entered the dimly lit, smoky room and walked around shaking hands. He met Pearl and Margaret, two white-haired ladies standing next to the bar.

"What an honor," said Pearl. Margaret spoke so softly she could barely be heard.

Obama held her hand lightly and told her he was happy to meet her.

Steve Martin, owner of a business next door to the VFW, said he voted for Obama in 2008 and would again this fall. "He walked into this mess; he's doing the best he can," Martin said.

Obama addressed another enthusiastic crowd of 1,300 at Phoebus High, continuing to hammer Romney for his support of continued tax breaks for the wealthy.

"We don't need more top-down economics," he said. "We need somebody who's going to fight for the middle class."

As the crowd chanted his name and "Four more years," the president frequently had to speak over ebullient yells of support.

"We still believe," he said. "We believe in hope. We believe in change."

A man in the crowd yelled, "We've got your back!"

"And I've got yours," the president responded.

From Hampton, Obama flew to Roanoke for his third Virginia stop of the day.

Staff writer Julian Walker contributed to this report.

Bill Bartel, 757-446-2398, bill.bartel@pilotonline.com

Bill Sizemore, 757-446-2276, bill.sizemore@pilotonline.com

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will win Virginia again. He's way ahead in the polls here.

He should spend more time in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina.

If he doesn't?

If Obama does not win Virginia, will you move? I would like to have my state back from the loonies like you. How can you vote for this guy who has lied from day 1? Of course all politician lie, but this guy is the worse. If you think he cares about you and what you want, keep drinking the kool-aid. He will make the US a third world country so his master, George Soros can sell and trade us off like wants. Read people, read see for yourself. You can still read thru the haze of the kool-aid. All his programs do is build the voting base for the party.

Absolutely right. Mitt has

Absolutely right. Mitt has lied since day 1.

So has Obama, so what is the

So has Obama, so what is the big deal, ALL politicians regardless of party, lie.

Politicians and lying

It always seems to be a case of voting for 'The evil of two lessors.'


...maybe he will not come back and screw up traffic and leave the Expressways open.

The expressway

is backed up when he is not here.

True, but when I came back

True, but when I came back in town about 3PM, EVERY Rte 264 access ramp in Southside was shut down on Friday at rush-hour for him. Traffic was at a standstill again, but this time for our Campaignor-in-chief because his airplanes or choppers didnt suit him. Great. Another roadblock to sanity. That's how I've felt these past 3 years!


Please report if ID will be required to attend, as has happened in other Obama campaign events.

ID required to worship Obama but not to vote for him

absolutely ridiculous.

who cares?

Not me.

ID Needed

Of course you may need your ID! If you need it to get onto Ft. Story just to see a lighthouse, you think you might need it to get into a venue to see the President?


You need an ID to see the president, but not to vote for the president.


Sounds like a GOP plot to stifle minority turnout.

It's Bush's fault

He is still running to blame anyone but the guilty party....

Go with what works

Go with what works.

After all he was awarded the first ever Nobel Prize for "Not Being Bush." He campainged against Bush in 2008, even though Bush wasn't running. His voting base places the blame for all his failures on Bush.

He could murder homeless people on live TV and it would be "Bush's Fault."

McCain turned himself into Bush3

So campaigning against GDub is not far off the mark. But he did campaign against JohhnyMac. What policies differences were there between Bush and McCain?

minority turnout

is mostly all the campaigner in chief gets.

Don't Tread on Me

A vote for Obama is a vote for higher taxes.

According to the Supreme Court, Obamacare's mandate is a tax, and it affects low and middle-income Americans. He broke that promise!

And, paying the tax will not give you insurance or health care. Your money will not be used to provide medical care. It will pay the salaries of IRS agents and administrators for Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office

...stated that most of the cost of OBAMACARE will be paid by those making less than $120000.

How much do the entitlement voters pay?

Oh I forgot they get it free for their vote. I guess the working class people pay for them.

Hazeleyes - No, you don't tread on me and pick my pocket

by ducking personal responsibility.

Anyone who ends up paying the mandate penalty is, by definition, a person with the means to provide for their own INEVITABLE medical expenses who has chosen instead to buy something else and leave the rest of us to pick up the tab when the time comes. Further, it is impossible to require insurers to accept people with existing conditions if they are free to avoid buying insurance until they need it. This is a CONSERVATIVE idea developed at conservative think tanks and implemented successfully in Massachusetts by you know who. It is estimated to affect about 1% of taxpayers - hardly the massive tax increase of GOP-T propaganda (which you seem eager to believe without thinking).

The "chosen one" is coming to town



..The Chicago Jesus.....of him...now ...YAWN

Obama on Romney's qualifications

I find it ironic and a flat out embarrassment to this country how Obama, who has no business or economic qualifications whatsoever, can accuse Mitt Romney of being unable to grasp "the economy as a whole." Success and profit in the private sector, Obama said, were only part of the economy: "As president, my job is to think about the workers," he said, defining his role in terms peculiar to the world of community organizing and Big Labor. Yeh, whatever, how is that working out for the American people?

The Workers

“The Workers” and “Forward.” Two prominent slogans of the Communist movement.

Mr. Obama, your job is to look out for all Americans. Be they rich or poor, black or white, man or woman, deist or atheism, young or old. You should be bringing Americans together, but all you do is divide and blame.

How come the minorities aren't complaining

about having to show an ID in order to get a ticket to see Obama? They certainly have shown their dissatisfaction with having to now show an ID in order to vote in elections. This may not be a double standard, per se, but it does give one cause to wonder about their thought process.

Ticket not an ID

You need a ticket, not an ID. Black voter suppression is a proud Republican tradition.

Voter fraud is a proud Democratic tradition

I guess you forgot about the ACORN organization?


Four independent investigations exonerated ACORN, finding its employees had not engaged in criminal activities and that the organization had managed its federal funding appropriately.

According to the local news stations,

you needed to show an ID to get a ticket. You should read comments more carefully.

No ID was required to get a ticket

No ID was required to get a ticket to see President Obama!

If you want to talk.....

...About supression, you should read "A Short History of Reconstruction" By Dr. Eric Foner (Harper and Row Publishers, 1990). This would be advisable before running one's mouth. The Democratic party had a little enforcement / terrorist arm called the ku klux klan. Wise up!

ok, read all history

Up until the Civil Rights Act of 1963, Democrats were the conservative party and Republicans were the Liberals. Here is a quote from LBJ, after signing that bill, "Well, the Democrats just lost the Southern vote for many years to come!" One of out most liberal Presidents was Republican Abraham Lincoln.

how many times will you

how many times will you repeat this same half truth only to get the whole truth (which is quite the opposite of what you've suggested) thrown in your face? Do you live for the day that your half lies will go unanswered?


...why don't you enlighten us, then?

You choose to bash rather than educate. My ears are open.


...why don't you enlighten us, then?

You choose to bash rather than educate. My ears are open.

I thought they were affiliated

Most KKK were Demorats back in the day. Harry Bird.

Thanks for the history lesson!

Of course, nowadays those racist democrats from the good old days are now the "base" of the GOP-T Party. Lyndon Johnson, who understood racism very well, made that call, the day the Civil Rights Bill was signed into law.

Proud Democrat tradition


Eugene Connor was a member of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s. Connor entered politics as a Democrat in 1934, winning a seat in the Alabama Legislature. As a legislator he supported populist measures and pro-union issues. He voted for extending the poll tax and against an anti-sedition bill meant to stifle union activity.


You also need to read below. After the 1963 Civil Rights Act was signed, there was a political change. Democrats were always conservative until then, and Republicans were liberal. The LBJ signed that bill and ended the Vietnam War, and the conservatives moved over the the Republicans and the liberals moved over the the Democrats.

Voter fraud right off of

Voter fraud right off of this very site:


Voter registration drives v. "Voter fraud"

Voter registration drives always produces names like "Mickey Mouse," but they are verified and eliminated before they are ever added to the actual voter registration lists. "Mickey Mouse" never actually voted in an election. There is actually very little evidence of voter fraud.

Republicans are trying to suppress the votes of people who tend to vote Democratic.

I'm not a republican. I

I'm not a republican. I simply cannot fathom how a dead dog made it onto the rolls. I see the ID requirement as necessary. Further I do not see this as a realistic debate, I just like proving you wrong over and over and over again.

A dead dog's

registration form was submitted, but was easily prevented from making "it onto the rolls." It was never registered. Has a dead dog (or anyone registered as a dead dog) ever voted in an election? There is no actual evidence of widespread voter fraud. "I just like proving you wrong over and over and over again."

Again, once is too often.

Again, once is too often. But you know it happens. You have seen it. You just cannot be honest and admit it. Your argument that it has to be proven to be "wide spread" is just a moving target you employ to bolster your false argument. Yawn.

That is not true David


Read the article. The only reason it was caught was that the homeowner opened the mail, and called the state. The way the scam works is someone comes by and grabs the ballot or registaration out of the mailbox before the person gets home, they just messed up this time and the only reason we even heard about it is

A - Mr. Morris beat the criminal's to the mail box

B - Mr. Morris is a good enough citizen that he called someone instead of just throwing the ballot away

C - the sensationalism of a Dead Dog getting a ballot, both a Pet, and the cemetery voting helped get the story in the news.

You want voter fraud that matters?

In preparing for the 2000 election in Florida Jeb Bush hired a private firm to purge felons from the voter rolls. Good idea if it were done right, maybe. It wasn't. Thousands of non-felons were purged and turned away at the polls on election day - the result, of course, was the Electoral College victory of George W. Bush and one of the worst decades in American history.

Now, in 2012, Florida is up to the same trick, although this time they are purging "non-citizens" from the rolls. Good idea, if it is done right, maybe. It won't be. And, of course, GOP-T Florida has made it so risky to help people register that the League of Women Voters has given up its traditional efforts to increase voter participation.

Now, that's real voter fraud.

Oh yes

There are documented cases of voter fraud.

New York University School of Law Brennan Center of Justice 2008 Report.

Voter ID

According to the New York University School of Law Brennan Center of Justice: "studies show that as many as 11% of eligible voters do not have government-issued photo ID. That percentage is even higher for seniors, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income voters, and students" (all of whom -- purely coincidentally -- tend to vote Democratic). They are who Republicans hope to disenfranchise.


No ID was required

I am a volunteer for Obama for America and worked giving out tickets here in Norfolk. No ID was required to get a ticket. Please get your facts straight before posting something that is so blantantly untrue!

But do you need a birth

But do you need a birth certificate and college transcripts?


People needed and ID in Va Bch

Have you seen a doctor for your condition?

Why would you volunteer for a losing proposition? Obama's policies are destroying America. Well I feel sorry for you. You have a right to be a loser if that is what you want. Good luck with that.

You have

a right to vote, but you don't have a right to see The President at Green Run or Phoebus today.

A lot of these "minorities", are going to be baby boomer seniors and older Americans who no longer drive.


The Republican Party started two unnecessary wars, drove us over an economic cliff, and let bin Laden get away.

Obama has done the opposite.

Obama is impressive

Obama did this and more while fighting an internal enemy who declared war on him the day after the election before he even took office. That enemy was the radical right of the GOP. Obama fought them by listening to what they had to say, keeping an open mind, offering to work together, attending their meetings when they allowed, and putting their ideas into bills such as the Health Care Act (sometimes called the Obama Cares Act).

Republicans have proven that they are not interested in helping our country only in getting power and control by making defeating Obama.

a man once said...

..."If you want the sympathy of the masses, you must first tell them the most stupid and outrageous things." That's Barack (Barnum) Obama for sure.

Wrong party

I believe your quote is the motto of the Tea Party and GOP extreme right.

And once again you are wrong.

Don’t you ever get tired of that?


Unemployment has dropped in every state that voted for the GOP in the last election. See the proof is in the facts, not campaign speeches.

Most likely unemployment dropped in GOP states because

they have Republican governers.

State unemployment

The unemployment rate has fallen nationwide. There’s no correlation between the political party of a governor and a decline in the state's unemployment rate.


Virginia's unemployment rate has benefited from federal funding. Even Gov. McDonnell has acknowledged that President Obama's stimulus helped.

"Get away"

Clinton literally let Bin Laden go when the Saudi's were willing to hand him over...hello 9-11.
Please don't tell me ANY president killed Bin Laden or any of our other enemies! Seal Team 6 did this with the help of our intelligence...I think military personnel is Democrat and Republican...
The economic cliff: thank you Obama for the trillions in monopoly money you will let generations try to pay off.
Obama=far left SOCIALIST!

Got to check facts, not Fox


Its amazing how much BS'ery is gospel to the GOPT

Robertlharmon is content to rely on his opinion than on facts.

Guys, I support Clinton,

Guys, I support Clinton, both of them, but he readily admitted to not taking the chance when he had it. No one could imagine Bin laden would be effective.


Nobama in 2012. Go away.

You Need to go Away, This

You Need to go Away, This Man has done more for this Country than any other President, Of course we AA have do more to keep our Jobs, Bush did nothing, people died at great numbers, the economy and the mess he left was tremendous, yet you want to put all the "blame it on the Black/half white man". As far as his dress, clothes don't make the Man, when the time is appropriate he dresses, also its hot. I grew up here and had to leave to Washington, D.C. just to get a decent job, cause I was Black with the same qualifications as white. All I could get here was in a restaurant with the same education, so I know what kind of people were here then, hopefully they are not here now!

Why didn't you use the

affirmative action card? You say you were equally qualified as white so you should have got the job right? You sir of full of baloney. You went to dc because you found a better scam.

Why all the anger?

Comments on this topic seem to be venemous and vitriolic. I still fail to understand the hatred some people have towards the Commander in Chief. If someone can explain it civilly and without attacking him, (i,e just the facts on why he is disliked) I really would like to read it. Otherwise, the snide remarks and nasty comments appear to be spite or sour grapes. I hope everyone has a great day. God Bless America!

I agree!

I abstain from these exchanges anymore because they are so pointless, but I must say that the vitriol directed towards President Obama is so insubstantial. So many of the folks who claim to hate him can't even give a good reason why that isn't a statement like "He's ruined the country!" or "He's a socialist!"

Have you just awoken from a coma?

You have not noticed Obama dividing Americans? Pitting citizens against each other by class, race, gender, sexual preference, political affiliation, economic status, and whatever else he can think of to distract from his failures and our slumping economy. How about the lies he tells us? Do you remember his 2008 campaign promises (lies)?

I have lost all respect for the man. I could go on but I believe you will get plenty more from others to meet your desires.

he's obviously here to...

...propose a new tax to cover the wasteful cost of his junket to Hampton Roads.

Who pays..

For all the police between ther HS and Airport shutting down the ramps. Did any notice that the traffic cams are not turned on this side of the water. I bet they will fly to langley raqther than drive. What a joke this is.. and the democratic flunkies in tow. (Warner and Kaine). VB and Norfolk should charge the campaign for the added cost just like the NH town charged.


Instead of Green Run HS he should have gone to one of our many Military bases to speak to the men and women who fight for his freedom. I live near the HS but I plan on staying home to avoid all the traffic till he is long gone. Romney 2012.

Cant do that

Its a political rally, cant do that. Can you imagine the BHO derangement sufferers wailing if he did?! You'd never hear the end of it. And i dont get why the derangers think that the military dislikes. When you look at Bush and the bogus war he sent our troops to. The decision to use local tribesmen at Tora Bora to go after OBL, and the stoploss, and the lack of up-armored vehicles, and the 3,4,and 5 tours, etc.... why people think that the GOOPTers are better stewards of the military is mind bending.

The military dislikes Obama in general

He cuts their jobs, operating funds, repair funds, low pay raises. tries to steal credit for their victories as if Obama himself was on the battle front. You liberals are funny. You don't understand why the military dislikes you in general yet it is because of your own actions. Amazing.

Tax cuts

Obama: Tax cuts for businesses that bring jobs home.
Romney: Tax cuts for businesses that send jobs over seas.

Both the same

Its funny and sad to watch Romney backers and Obama backers yell at each other. Both parties are destroying the country but you both back "your" chosen one with ignorant fervor. You're both so busy backing one candidate over the other for various ridiculous reasons that you can't see that you both are helping destroy the greatest nation ever bestowed upon this planet. You are to blame for electing Obama or Romney. Stop voting for Republicans or Democrats.

Start voting for Americans that want a better nation. In case you haven't noticed, our government has grown exponentially since the 1900s began. Both of these candidates will only do the same. How has a bigger government helped anyone? Stop voting for the same!!!

I would vote "none of the

I would vote "none of the above" and leave the job vacant. We'd ALL be better off.


his motorcade must have been hauling butt. he just landed and is already at Ricks?

Stop "Obamacare"

He is not economist,he is not a businessman.All he knows is how to get more taxes from those who working, and give money to less fortunate to get their votes. He needs to support small businesses to create more jobs for young people. They do not need no charity, they need job and stable salary.

The less fortunate..

..deserve help to get back on their own feet. But the LAZY and ILLEGALS deserve nothing. I will donate to the needy - I do not need the government to take their share out of my money and give only part to the needy.


It would be nice to see him dress "presidential"; ie: shirt, tie & jacket instead of always a shirt with the sleeves pushed up. Please try to ACT as a president.

Should he be wearing a crown

Should he be wearing a crown and carry a sword?

Between Obama, Warner, and

Between Obama, Warner, and Kaine it is amazing that I have any change left in my pocket. Wait .... please don't tell them.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling

Ha ha. Actually, you have

Ha ha. Actually, you have more change in your pocket because of Obama.


I am thankful to have a job, of which I have because of my hard work, however I wish I would have taken a day off to meet and listen to the president.

Mr. Obama's visit

Wish I could have gone, just to hear what he has to say, but couldn't wait in line for an hour or two for tickets or take time off from work, either! Didn't vote for Mr. Obama in last election, but am considering BOTH candidates this time, and hopefully will choose the least odious. Sadly, not too much to like about either candidate, but telling who is biggest liar is hardest part. Where are the real statesmen/women in all of this?

to check who lies more use this website below


I counted yesterday Obama lies two times as much. Obama has 203 lies to 97 for Romney.

Please check it out for yourself.

No longer A Republican

I was once a Republican that has lost all respect for the GOP (Grand Ole People) party. Since day 1 before Obama's presidency, the GOP has been unwilling to work with the DEMS to help this country move forward for FEAR of OBAMA being so called successful. They continue to play games with the 98% lives while we are hurting as a country. 33x the GOP voted on removing OBAMACARE, not 1 time have they voted to approve the jobs bill. I would venture to say that as long as it's (HIM) as president, they do not care this country is in disarray. Even the people that are hurting are believing the crazy rhetoric of the GOP. OBAMA added over 4 million jobs in 3 1/2 years and could be more,but the GOP do not want his perceived success. OBAMA 2012

Have you noticed..

that the SENATE has very seldom brought any of the President's suggestions to the floor for a vote. Even they understand that their own party will not support everything Obammy has to say and weakly offer. Do not just knock the House of Reps. The seantes leadership is not any better if not worse. The senate still has not presented a budget over the last three years even when they were in power in all three segments of the gov.

If only the two parties

If only the two parties would work together and compromise, we would be moving out of this poor economy. Neither side as a monopoly on good ideas, but the Republicans have steadfastly refused to work together. They have abused the filibuster by stopping any and everything that Obama has introduced . . . even if it was originally their own idea. Now Republicans are going to vote for Romney, who hilariously enough introduced ObamneyCare in his own home state.


We don't need a stinking budget! Budgets are for people who intend to try to live within their means!

How about mentioning the endless threat of Fillibusters from

the the several obstructionist Republican Senators whose only goal is to see President Obama fail?

One man can't drag a dead Elephant out of town to keep its rotting carcass from making the community unhealthy. It takes many members of the community working together.

Another view Democrats holding up progress

by tabling 27 jobs bills the house has passed. Harry Reid will not even bring them up for a vote because they are unwilling to compromise. Normal procedure is if the senate does not like some or all of a bill, they will pass their own bill. Then the two sides will reconcile the bills through negotiation.

Yo can say republicans are at fault but it would be incorrect. They have done their part. The democrat controlled senate refuses to even consider anything from the republican controlled house.

Did you notice Obama has nothing to do with this process? He has no control over his own party. Where is Obama's leadership? The president should persuade and bring the parties together to compromise.

Yet all Obama does is divide the citizens.

Airport Security...what a joke

I wonder where/how the people posing in the picture with Obama got out on the tarmac by the plane. I do no see any badges so obvioulsy not airport personnel.

Thank you

Thank you Mr. President... our already clogged roads are now at a standstill!!!!

I had to work

I had to work today...SOMEONE has to pay for Obamatax.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Off topic

What we need is more tax cuts for the 1%.

A CEO, a Tea Party member and public employee sit at a table with 12 cookies on a plate. The CEO grabs 11 cookies and tells the Tea Party member, "You better watch him. He wants your cookie."

And some more banking...

... deregulations, austerity measures, slashing government employment, closing the EPA, the DEA, and those other gubmint departments that GOP Governor Rick Perry could not remember the names of. And yes, tax cuts for millionaires. And we need to fully fund the military. That should help with unemployment and the deficit. There, i just summarized Mitt's plans.

Your boy Clinton

Started deregulating the banks, so be careful.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

(named after the three Republican Senate co-sponsors) was passed with bipartisan support and signed into law by President Clinton in 1999 and deregulated the banks.

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act passed with Congressional Democratic support and was signed into law by President Obama in 2010 to correct that error.

that was in a 101 class

Did you know that Gramm-Leach Act was to allowed banks to trade commodities like other financial entities?

Was it fair that financial entities were allowed but if you were called a bank you were not allowed to trade commodities?

If that is incorrect then please explain the process which Gramm-Leach collapsed the global market?

Bahaa Bahaaa

The only thing you proved is the fact that you have Kool Aid stains on your lips. Keep Drinking. Democrats are such Sheep.


You clearly have not been paying attention.

The GOP and Mitts have been pushing...

- banking deregulations
- austerity measures and freezes
- slashing government employment
- closing the EPA
- closing the dept of ed
- closing the other depts that Rick could not remember
- fully funding the military
- tax cuts for millionaires

Which, again, would do wonders for employment numbers and economic activity. It boggles the mind. Massive tax cuts and massive DoD spending. That sounds familiar. GeeDub's admin perhaps?

So Toby, which items in the list are inaccurate?

Bahaaa Bahaaa

I see words but I read Bahaaa, George Bush's fault, Bahaa, Everybodys fault but my Obama. Bahaa Bahaa, where my handout, Bahaa Bahhaa! Taxes good, wealth bad! Bahaa Bahaa. Capitalism bad, Socialism good. Bahaa Bahaaa! Submitted by Anonymous(aka Obama).

Here. Straight from the

Here. Straight from the horses mouth. You are lying.


Can u list a couple here?

In bullet form? And what of my list is inaccurate as it pertains to mitt or GOP mantras?

get off your lazy liberal rear and go to the website

Why should someone else do your research?


No one can tell me what is innaccurate in my list above. Talk about lazy rears.

to answer about the Washington Post article

The WaPo Factchecker wrote, "To accept some of the claims, one would have to believe that Romney, with the advice of his lawyers, lied on government documents and committed a criminal offense. Moreover, you would have to assume he willingly gave up his share to a few years of retirement earnings — potentially worth millions of dollars — so he could say his retirement started in 1999."

Best line, "The part about lying to the SEC is absurd, since the SEC doesn’t require an owner to be the operational decision-maker (Romney delegated such responsibilities, as is his right)."


What article did you read?

The funny thing about that "fact checking"

"To accept some of the claims, one would have to believe that Romney lied on government documents"

Well gollllllleeeey. It can't be true because you'd have to believe Romney lied. Good golly miss Molly.

Romney isnt lying, cuz if he was... one would have to believe that he was lying. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

real world is a great place to live - come visit sometime

Is the implication that CEO takes more than what is theirs?

BTW - who bought the cookies and transported them there?

How about this:
A CEO, a Tea Party member and public employee sit at a table with 12 cookies on a plate. Each take a cookie and take a bite from the one they selected. The CEO thinks of all the good hard work done to create this tasty cookie and it would be a great idea to market it and takes a couple for later. The Tea Party(IES) member thinks that he is grateful that the government didn't waste tax payer money baking cookies for a meeting and takes a couple for later. The public employee enjoys the cookie and takes a couple for later. They each take another cookie and leave a dollar for the waiter as a tip.

What has he done?

The only thing this man has done successfully in his life is run for office. His administration has done nothing but expand an already bloated government, while not doing anything positive for the economy. His only major legislative "achievement" is still highly unpopular, was passed based on lies, false promises, and back room deals. He was a do-nothing senator, and do-nothing state legislator, and an inconsequential "community organizer" before that. How did such an empty suit become our president?

What has he done?

Thank you Anonymous! I just love it!

Q. "What has he done?"

A. Among other things, President Obama did the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, saved the U.S. auto industry, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, credit card reform, ended the war in Iraq, killed Osama bin Laden and ousted Moammar Gaddafi (both without loss of American lives), repealed "don't ask, don't tell," increased student loans, increased fuel efficiency standards, increased funding for veterans, and new START treaty. That is actually quite an extensive list of accomplishments, despite Congressional Republican obstructionism.

David Campbell

They know all of this. They just can't get pass his color.

It always comes around

Bring up the race card. A despicable tactic.

it works for the right, of

it works for the right, of course

except for the details you would be correct

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act - read the ARRA audits from across the country and see what a failure it was.
saved the U.S. auto industry - who owns Dodge?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - a tax is still a tax even when President Obama said it isn't.
Wall Street Reform - JP Morgan???
Consumer Protection Act, credit card reform - what are interest rates now?
ended the war in Iraq, killed Osama bin Laden - following Bush's plan.
ousted Moammar Gaddafi - but Obama said it was NATO.
repealed "don't ask, don't tell," - okay, and?
increased student loans - the one he "forgot" to vote as a SENATOR?
increased fuel efficiency standards - customers?
increased funding for veterans - ?
new START treaty - trust but verify?

and more....

Wall St reform - minimal impact on Wall St, will drive hundreds of small banks out of business due to cost of compliance.

Increased student loans - which are a major driver of increased college costs and are becoming a financial anchor tied to the feet of graduates. Reform was needed, not increases.

Obamacare - does not bend the cost curve down or change the "fee for service model" that drives costs up. Just increases the regulatory burden, along with a bunch of hidden taxes in addition to the mandate.

Ousted Qaddafi - in a complete end run around Congress and the War Powers Act. Qaddafi had ceased to be a threat.

START Treaty - has he explained what "flexibility after the election" means in dealing with Putin?


What genius would schedule a campaign stop in Virginia Beach on a Friday during summer, during lunch hour! What a Traffic nightmare!!!!! I see the VP doesnt show any of the pictures of the traffic problems, they only show those who arent working while everyone else is trying to get to work and pay for all the spending this IDIOT is doing! OUT OF TOUCH AND SOON TO BE OUT OF OFFICE! Cant wait until November!


...at least he didn't fly to Florida just to read to some kids... (Sept 11, 2001).


Can Obama Read?

And this is what stands in

And this is what stands in for a reasonable discussion. Grade school barbs.

Never lose your sence of humor.

Laughter is the best medicine.

The best medicine

makes everything funny.

Where are the backups?

Would be nice to know where traffic has been backed up or stopped due to this visit. Don't know why we can't find out.

Every where

I-264 and I 64 and every exit from Witchduck to the Beach have been a nightmare. Police have the on ramps blocked and some off ramps. Virginia Beach Blvd was aparking lot. Independence is packed. I was coming from I-64 and took an hour just to get from Terminal to Witchduck!

An hour...?

ONLY an hour? lol kidding

Another reason not to vote Obama

The Obama administration “released an official policy directive rewriting the welfare reform law of 1996,” The directive allows the Department of Health and Human Services to waive the work requirement at the heart of welfare reform. Welfare reform, passed with bipartisan approval and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, is widely viewed as the most successful policy initiative in a generation. Under it, the growth in welfare rolls was reversed and millions of people moved from welfare to work.

Boy, that story is burning up the rightwing news sites

Sadly, its more disinformation from those RightWing news sites. Here is the actual document:


You will see that the idea is to provide states with more control other their TANF plans.

"During those consultations, many jurisdictions expressed a strong interest in greater flexibility in TANF and indicated that greater flexibility could be used by states to improve program effectiveness. We also heard concerns that some TANF rules stifle innovation and focus attention on paperwork rather than helping parents find jobs. States offered a range of suggestions for ways in which expanded flexibility could lead to more effective employment outcomes for families."

Why work when you can collect welfare

"...greater flexibility could be used by states to improve program effectiveness...

Translation: Simplifies the requirements for eligibility and eliminates the need to educate; paving the easy road to handouts.

Why work when you can collect welfare

"...greater flexibility could be used by states to improve program effectiveness...

Translation: Simplifies the requirements for eligibility and eliminates the need to educate; paving the easy road to handouts.

Why work when you can collect welfare

"...greater flexibility could be used by states to improve program effectiveness...

Translation: Simplifies the requirements for eligibility and eliminates the need to educate; paving the easy road to handouts.

Why work when you can collect welfare

"...greater flexibility could be used by states to improve program effectiveness...

Translation: Simplifies the requirements for eligibility and eliminates the need to educate; paving the easy road to handouts.

Babelfish translation?

No funciona en naves espaciales chinas.

Ummm no. Go read it.

GOOPTers should love this. It's the "States Rights" mantra that we always hear. States wanted more input in developing programs that they believe helps get people back to work. You should be praising this.

Chronic Misinformation

A family who fall on hardtimes may receive assistance while she train for employment. Usually up to six months. No one receive assistance for life unless they are disabled.


Barf. I've got better things to do with my time. Check out how the current administration just gutted welfare to work requirements yesterday. A bipartisan bill from 1996 under a democrat president - Bill Clinton that removed millions from welfare roles and gave them the dignity of work. Obama wants as many dependant on the government as possible. Those of us that do the right thing get screwed - again. Strange this is not on CNN or MSNBC. Google "obama welfare work".

Please -- More 'Lofty Rhetoric' To Pull Us Through

.... this is the worst shape the country has been in since Jimmy Carter was at the helm, and yes I do clearly remember those days. Time for top down change, starting at the top -- maybe a course in Responsibility 101. He owns it now, shovel ready or not. I have no party affiliation -- but I can't watch this garbage any longer. I will be fully engaged for this election, with my $$$ and time/energy. Will invest my after tax $$ before they disappear with this charade. What a sham -- cheap shots,innuendos by surrogates, distraction, deceit -- anything to avoid the blinding obvious -- ship is sinking and Captain says everything is just fine. Time to wake up America -- it is going to take a decade to dig out of this mess AO (After Obama).

Speaking of lofty rhetoric

Your post sounds like a Romney valentine card. Lots of name calling, little substance. So... what of Romney's propositions do you like?

so what Obama policies / issues do you like TR?

I like none of Obama's, and honestly I could like no Romney policies but I will still vote for Romney over Obama.

Obama has to go. I can't take it any more.

to paraphrase: I don't know

to paraphrase: I don't know any

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling

love em or hate,, ain't such

love em or hate,, ain't such a smart DATE to be showing up in a "Swing State"!! Duh--Friday the 13th

Oh, and P.S. Pilot---nice move snapping a pic of holding the baby, sweet but so transparent

Comment deleted

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Campaign Target - Green Run??

Over the last few months I’ve heard a lot of mention in debates and interviews regarding the "middle class". Makes one wonder that the campaign may be concentrated, to some degree, toward the “middle class” of our country. Remember them? Those who actually pay taxes!

Why Green Run? Are they representative of Virginia Beach's "middle class"? Of course not, I think it's because politicians avoid gatherings of those who suffer the burden of taxes, especially if they’re the cause of rising taxes and unemployment.

Why not the Virginia Beach’s Convention Center where folks from all neighborhoods could attend? Because people would ask questions; or... many seats could remain empty! Can’t have that, now can we?

Green Run is more central

Green Run is more central than the convention center. Very much a middle class area. Obviously I am no Obama supporter in the current incarnation but I am a less a fan of misinformation. This idea that the Green Run area is some kind of slum are absurd.

The President is absolutely

The President is absolutely correct to focus on tax reform. The tax cuts for the wealthy have not produced the positive effects claimed, and they have contributed substantially to the deficit. George Romney paid three times the tax rate his son Mitt pays, and he was a wealthy man. Our nation must reduce inequality and increase democracy or we face declining productivity for all of us. The 1% need no more money; they just use tax breaks to buy better wine, vacation in Europe, and live in gated communities. The President is right to offer tax reform and budget cuts but to insist that the rich pay more than the 15% Romney and the otgher 1%ers pay on their income. George Bush got us into this mess; don't put Romney in to do the same.

Hey Genius!

They're paying 15% on Capital Gains. If they have any actual income they are paying the full tax rate. Maybe he should have worried about the economy and jobs for 3 years instead of Obamacare.

Through use of retirement

Through use of retirement accounts, capital gains, tax shelters and other tax-free investments, Romney's effective tax rate (total effective tax rate - not capital gains rate) for 2011 was 15.4% according to his OWN campaign and reported by the NY Times.


and what is wrong with this?

It is all legal and fair. You would do the same as would I. Most people would. Nothing was done illegal. Quit being envious and jealous. Get up and do something to improve your life.

Legal? Most certainly.

Legal? Most certainly. Fair? We'll let the voters decide. I have no need to improve my financial lot other than to increase charitable contributions. Grandchildren do not need to live entirely off of their trust funds.

I can't help but wonder what

I can't help but wonder what really underlies the positions of some posters on this board. It is perhaps a fruitless exercise that is incapable of yielding any meaningful answers. It seems to be more than just a concern over national debt or entitlements or the morals or the general direction of the country. It does not seem to be ingrained positions acquired by osmosis. It seems to be an attitude that "I'm only going around once on this ride, and I need to grab as much as I can." It's certainly overgeneralizing but there seems to be a lack of confidence that one can continue to earn at current levels, and hence a need to keep everything one can now. If we were at 100% employment & everyone were paying taxes, we'd still have disagreements.

Lets see if I got this

Lets see if I got this right.... Blame Bush (check) ... Create class warfare (check) .... Oh and lets not forget that the top 10 pecent pay 70 percent of the taxes and the bottom 50 percent pay 2.3 percent of our nation tax bill. But that is not enough, right?

You got the check right for

You got the check right for Bush. He turned a surplus into a deficit his first term. Republicans have created inequality ever since Reagan began with the vodoo economics, the supply side theories, and the cuts in tax rates for the rich and powerful. Of course, Reagan had the sense to raise taxes when his policies did not work, but of course the legend lives on. Our deficit is the result of tax cuts on rich individuals and tax credits and subsidies for corporations that are simply not needed. Most corporations pay no income taxes due to these tax advantages brought to them by their legions of paid accountants and lawyers. Who represents the workers? Get rid of these tax advantages for the powerful and equality will reign again.

I still blame the guy that

I still blame the guy that totaled my car a couple years ago, I am still paying for it no matter how hard I try to wish it away.

If he really was interested in Tax Reform

he would stop subsidizing companies that can't make it on their own like Solindra

Oh yea

tax those $250k earners at a higher rate so more tax payer money can be sent overseas for "Green Programs" (and major Obama 2008 campaign contributors). It needs to happen fast with the new government campaign encouraging people to sign up for food stamps. Of course, there's the other taxes on every wage earner not mentioned or covered under this proposal. The interest from pennies saved will revert back to pre-Clinton rates, but not to worry with the interest rate of return being what it is today. Most funds will report losses, so you may qualify for a tax deduction. Budget cuts? Oh yea, the plan to gut the military - almost forgot. Wait til that shoe drops and veterans start looking for jobs. We may be wishing for 8.3% unemployment.

Mike, I gotta disagree

I am generally conservative when it comes to fiscal matters and liberty. I could support tax increases IF and only IF there were major spending reforms, including congressional reforms, to squeeze out the waste, fraud and abuse in the system. There has not been a serious effort in this regard in decades. Congress and our spending system is corrupt and MUST be changed. Until that happens, taking more tax money from anyone, rich or poor, is immoral.

George Bush was not alone in getting us into this mess - he had lots of help from congress after congress, Democrats and Republicans. Obama has done nothing to get us out of the mess, and so far his promises offer more of the same; he will lead us deeper into the morass.

It is really strange

that a well off developer would pretend to side with the "99%" and want those evil 1%ers to pay more than 15%. Well, for starters, over 99% of the 1%ers do pay substantially more than 15%. There are very few people that claim and live off of solely capital gains contrary to Nobama lie #1. Next, Nobama lie #2, we all know that George Bush did not get us into this mess. He may have not done enough to stop it, like forcing regulation of Fanny Mae/Mac but your democrats have done more to get the ball rolling than republicans, starting with The New Deal, the Great Society and the CRA.

I guess the developer thinks that more taxation will eventually find tax money in his pocket via PPP. Otherwise, he has no more nose to cut off.

Right on Mikey. Karl Marx

Right on Mikey. Karl Marx would be proud of you. The progressive income tax is right out of the communist manifesto. It's no wonder democrats have so much in common with these pinkos.

welfare abuse

Not deserved welfare corrapting individuals. Those who is lazy will demand more, those who become dependent and can't find job eventualy get use to it.This is bad for their kids too, kids will grow with welfare on the mind. Another genaration of dependent citizens. Is this what O. and his government really want?

English abuse!

All his(Romney) base belong to them.

I kid, but

you should lock your doors.

Check your own grammar

those ebonic sentences confuse regular educated folks.

oh look, the race card, but

oh look, the race card, but it is officially OK because it was used by someone on the right.

also, thumbs down to me for pointing it out, cause that's how the right wing base rolls. Hypocrisy and hate.

needs a road map and a translator

Ebonics is one of those words that is not necessary or wanted.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Racial, ethnic, group attack

Oh, you noticed.

Sharp as a tack.


2 kinds . Welfare to help the needy and corporate welfare for the GREEDY!!

Which one costs the gov't more $$$? Look it up! The folks that you call lazy and undeserving of assistance don't cost anywhere near the amount of tax dollars given away to corporations under the pretense of job creation.

get real!

did you ever print something and wonder how do I prove it.--well yesterday or should I say last night.--what a surprise!--I was watching of all TV channels---"CNN"---and they were talking about all those negative adds of Romney and calling him a liar ,bring him up on charges of lying to the government etc etc.--when 2 not 1 but 2 different people on --"CNN"--said that those stories were---"false"--they didn't say it was a lie but did on more than 1 occasion say that the adds were false.--that's the closest that I heard of the bias news Medea admit that the --:Democrats were lying to the public. ---if they would lie about that simple thing,what else would they lie about?--in 2007 I remember Clinton called him a liar and has nothing changed

Obama and Romney are being

Obama and Romney are being forced down our throats as was the Affordable Health Care Act, the endless wars, the NDAA, and the Patriot Act. Obama and Romney are exactly the kinds of candidates you would want to be President if your purpose was to abandon every worthy principle this country was founded on.

I live back in the woods you see

It's all going to H%$$ in a handbasket! Taking my GUNS, Bible, Wife and Dog's back in the hills. What's mine is mine and What's yours is yours. You can have whoever wins between the two of em!

Is Obama serious about reducing the deficit ?

This is the same man who said "fire me if I don't cut the deficit in half during my first term". The same man who refused to follow any of the reommendations of his own deficit reduction committee. The same man who has produced consecutive record trllion dollar plus annual deficits. The same man that can't even get the democratic controlled senate to take up his outrageous budget. He has put on a path of unsustainable spending, as he uses tax revenues and debt to buy votes. What world does he live in, more importantly what world do his supporters live in?


Read this, then tell me how Obama is spending out of control


Figures can lie, liars can

Figures can lie, liars can figure. Bottom line: our debt is skyrocketing to unsustainable levels, and what we get for that increased debt is not worth the cost or the risk. His deficits are at record levels, he has not taken any serious steps to reform the budget process, the government spending process, or our tax system. He's satisfied to let things keep going the wrong direction.

Debt is risk, and the more debt you have, the riskier your situation. One day those who lend to the USA are going to say "no more", unless you do what we say and pay us a lot more interest. They will have us bent over a barrel, and we will be helpless. Obama should be leading us to a responsible spending path, but I don't believe he knows what that is.

What you are missing is

that Obama's budget does not reduce spending in order to get our deficit under control. Obama needs to lead when it comes to deficit reduction, it is not enough just to blame sonmeone else for our problems.

both sides of that story

We also need more income coming in to reduce the deficit. Since 2002, we have had the Bush tax cuts, and the number of jobs have dropped dramatically since then. If the "1%"(i hate the term, but its the term..lol) can't make jobs without that cut, they are doing a horrible job right now making them with it. We need millionaires paying the same tax rate as us whop make $40K or $50K a year. We need minimum wage to pay some as well. If we fix that, we will be fine.

If the Bush tax cuts are so bad

why do the democrats keep extending them ? CNN reported today that growth in the GDP will suffer a 1% hit if the Bush tax cuts are removed for the upper income job creators. When taxes are cut revenues increase, it is spending that is the problem and until spending is cut our economy cannot recover.

Obama's supporters live in the

entitlement world.


Don’t believe anything the Liar-In-Chief says! Obama to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military.

President Obama comes to town

The only thing I'll remember from his visit is sitting for more than an hour and a half at the 64-264 interchange. Then spending another hour getting to Ocean View.

By the way, I'm independent. Swing voter. One that the president needs to be re-elected.

I'm not goin' to hold it against him gettin' stuck in traffic. There's too much goin' on to make an important decision like that based upon my gettin' stuck along with thousands of others today in that mess.

I'm still undecided.


We need more voters like you who want to vote based on information and not emotion. I hope you will consider the policies that brought us the 2008 recession and the deficit. Please also look at the data on all parts of the economy and that many parts have improved.
Keep using your brain and not your emotions.

Don't Do It

Look past color, and look at his record DISASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more exclamation mark,

and you might have convinced me.

No one there?

Maybe we were all working to support ourselves and our families so that the government doesn't have to do it for us. But not too hard or else we would become too wealthy with all that hard work and intelligence and that is simply unfair.


smoke and mirrors.... merely distractions from his record. Raising taxes with this anemic economy on those who do drive it is ludicrous.

If these wage earners are

If these wage earners are driving this economy we need new drivers. They have had 12 years of declining taxes and have made millions. They can afford 3 pct and if they cant they are not serious about the debt.

Real Tax Reform

would be to go to a Flat or Fair Tax and stop all the deductions and subsidizies so that everyone pays their FAIR SHARE we will never get this debt paid unless everyone has skin in the game

watch this!


this is a must see. its like 25 minutes long but fantastic info!!

Nothing Earth Shaking....

...was going to be said. Same old bull.

Unlike him, I did what I said I was going to do. I made sure I was no where near the venue or the route during the visit.


This guy is unbelievable! African American unemployment is 14.2% and Hispanic American unemployment is 11%. What does he plan to do about that? Raise taxes and give away more free stuff to buy votes.

Not just that, but this, too:

Obumbler's plan is to spend more of our great great great grandchildren's money and destroy the economy so they won't have jobs to pay it back.

He knows nothing whatsoever about job creation or business, since he's never even had so much as a paper route or lemonade stand in his life.

He had money handed to him to spend with his "Choom" buddies, while dreaming up his Marxist theories about the economy.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling

Believe This

What you don't want to realize is that African American and Hispanic American unemployment will rise and fall with the national average. It was higher than the national average when Bush was President. When the national average was 5%, it was still higher. So stop trying to blame that on Obama.

Report Fraud, Waste, and

Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 800-424-5454 Fraudnet@gao.gov why were taxpayer funds used to FLY 19.2 miles. How much did that little flight cost? Norfolk International to Langely...

The cost

Can you imagine what it would have cost for the president to drive to Hampton. It would have shut down the tunnel for hours. Think of the cost of all the people it would have taken to secure the tunnel and bridges between here and Hampton. Sure glad he flew and saved us the money of all that security, and the major hassle of the tunnel being closed on a Friday afternoon.

The tunnels shut down

The tunnels shut down everyday between 3 and 6, thats just life as we know it

Obama had a fundraiser to attend

and he was going to be late.

You Didn't Pay For It

Since this was a political trip for the benefit of the President's reelection, his campaign and the Democratic Party have to pay for the expenses related to his travel, including Secret Service and the use of Air Force One. So unless you donated to either Obama for America or the Democratic National Committee, you didn't pay for it.

I have dontated and I don't mind at all . . .

. . . where my contribution to his campaign goes as long as it goes toward keeping Mr. Romney as far away as possible from winning the White House and passing bills that will send more jobs overseas as he did in the past with his own companies.

And, you're absolutely right - what a mess it would have been for the president's motorcade to have driven and caused more traffic than this area can handle well.

congress is the problem

The Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for the last two years and have blocked the President's plans to help the economy and lower unemployment.

Trickle down is nonsense folks! Many of you have bought that bill of goods for too long now and the wealthy have been laughing all the way to the bank.

9 April, 2009 - The Last Time That the US Senate Passed A

Budget Bill. Please refresh my memory as to who controls the Senate? So who is the party of No? No budget, no plan, no control of spending!

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

Really? "Challenging his opponent on taxes and spending, President Barack Obama said Friday" I guess he really does think we're that stupid. Sad thing is, he's probably right.

It is hard to

believe that people can become so spellbound with Nobama like teenage girls used to do with the Beatles. The expressions, like the lady praying, are that of someone who believes they have just seen God himself. He is not god, he is just a marxist that is promising free money courtesy of someones elses pocket for your vote. Remember "Obama's gonna pay my mortgage" in 2008? Well he didn't, he never will and he will not get our economy moving with job growth for those that WANT jobs. Of course that voting base that has no intention of earning their living have every reason to be swooned.

Sure, lets belittle the

Sure, lets belittle the people whose government has considered them to be second class citizens, show a little pride when one of their own reaches the top of the mountain through hard work and dedication.
Obama is self made.
Mittens is riding the coattails of his parents success, but we'll let you pretend he earned it.

Please provide me

with just one job that Nobama has held. Please provide me with just one personal source of income that Nobama used to go through college. Please provide me just one example of Nobama being "self made" instead of riding the coat tails of taxpayer money. Please provide just one example of his "hard work" beyond community organizer. He has lived his whole life on other people's money, has become accustomed to that style of marxist living and spreads to the seed of socialism thereby creating generations more of moochers. The socialist model has never worked and never will. Sooner or later, the haves run out of money to give to the have nots and everybody is broke. That is already a proven fact!!!!

Here is video of what he said

Funny, I had to find this story out side of the VA pilot... sad to see fellow neighbors fall for this guy!


Check the article

The Va. Pilot article has the following quote:
"Just in case some of your friends or neighbors or Uncle Jim, who's a little stubborn and been watching Fox News, he thinks that somehow I've raised taxes, let's just be clear: We've lowered taxes for middle-class families since I came into office,"

It is good to see the Prez calling out Faux News.


Did you hear....the Supreme Court just ruled that the only way Obamacare could be legal was as a TAX and guess who is paying for it? The middle class and all. And who said it wasn't a Tax to get it passed? hmmmmmm.....???

that is very funny

Either President Obama watches Fox so much that he knows what is presented or President Obama relies on someone else telling him what to think. I believe that President Obama doesn't let people tell him what to think.

President Obama could convince the doubters that he has lowered taxes on the middle class by raising his closed hand with one finger out "one - I lowered the .... tax"; another finger "two - I lowered the .... tax"; another finger "three - I lowered the .... tax" and so on.
At the next campaign stop he could use five more taxes he lowered.

People understand and learn when told what taxes HE lowered.

BTW - the "Bush tax cuts for the rich" don't count - they must be new.


His empty speeches are real yawners after 3.75 years. He never says anything with meaning and always blames everyone else for his ineptitude.
He is truly our 'orator in chief' and little else.

... and Mitt Romeny issssss..... what, exactly?

Mitt Romney is not even of 'empty suit' quality, so I wouldn't be calling President Obama too many names were I you. Give me Barack Obama any day over this guy that makes it up on a minute by minute basis, as he goes. He can't remember what he said, but he stands by it, never the less. (His words, not mine.)

That is exactly why he

That is exactly why he stresses education, he wants people to be able to comprehend what is being said instead of blowing it off because they don't understand.

Obama made some good points

I am sorry I had to miss the rally but thankfully I had to work. I am glad to see the President talking about how the GOP is not serious about the deficit since they will not consider the need to raise some taxes not just cut spending. The GOP cann't really run on the economy so they picked the deficit. The GOP policies of oversite de-regulation especially of the financial industry and lowering taxes while fighting 2 wars (one of them needless) created the deficit AND the recession.
No way should we vote for the same dumb policies that created the recession. How can anyone making less than 1 million dollars per year even for a moment consider voting for the GOP?


He Sucks!! and he wants us fall for that bull again. Just remember all he said last time and you see what we got! IT'S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE And WE NEED TO START AT THE TOP! Then go for the rest. God save us!

Your imaginary friend is not

Your imaginary friend is not going to save us.
It's up to the citizens.

psst! The other choice is

psst! The other choice is Romney. He is much, much worse. You had 4 years to find someone better and you picked Romney. Clearly you are not serious. Not even a little.

Two Words - No Mas!

The administration's policies are destroying the American Dream for it's citizens and legal alien residents. We cannot afford another "28 months of improving economy" when the number of Americans employed is at the lowest rate since 1981. Civilian Force Labor Rate - 63.8% and employment to population ratio at 58.6%. The average American family losing 40% of their net worth. Can we afford four more years of this progress?


Thanks to the GOP

Please remember your history. The big recession happened in 2008. Obama took office in 2009. All the data you quote applies to the 2008 and 2009 before any policy of Obama's took hold.
We are slowly recovering the American dream we need 4 more years of sanity. Vote Democratic.

Wrong - Both Have Declined Approx 2% - Even Since May 2009


Could that be because our

Could that be because our republican dominated congress has been stonewalling jobs bill, small business stimulus, etc., while they voted THIRTY THREE TIMES to repeal ACA? Spent millions of our tax dollars on the process with absolutely NO THOUGHT about what the American middle class is going through?


I think you hit the nail on the head. But you can't make an adult learn.

Oh please, the average

Oh please, the average family lost that 40% in the last year of the Bush administration, much of which has been restored under President Obama. As he has said, we are not yet all the way back, but we are getting there. To put the republicans back in power, the ones who created this mess in the first place, is a poor choice at best, disastrous one at worst.

can you tell us how then

What policy or policies did Bush enact that caused the 40% loss in Bush's last year?

It can't be the "Bush tax cuts for the rich" since Obama extended them AND he didn't make that a top priority as soon as he took the oath of office.

What is left? Could it have been the any laws or regulations written during the two years of Democrat control of the House and Senate?

Jimmy Carter 1980 Re-election All Over Again

Can't help but think this is going to be a repeat election in the same way Jimmy Carter ran for re-election. All the media and polls were clamoring tight race and going to be close.

Anyone with a 5th grade education would objectively conclude (based on the facts) that this presidency is an abysmal failure. Would like to believe different, but the facts paint a portrait of a country has suffered quite enough and is ready for a change of command.

Will be touted as a close race down to the wire, then reality will grasp those who know that the country can't withstand another 4 years of this path. Won't be close in the end ... as it was with Jimmy Carter.

See http://www.amstat.org/sections/srms/proceedings/papers/1981_011.pdf

More like the Liberal Republican Alf Landing

who did not do too well opposing President Roosevelt's plans to save this economy.

Norfolk airport?

He should have landed at Oceana.... Would not have required the CLOSURE of 264E in the morning and 264 W in the afternoon....

And then he flew Air Force One to Langley? What a joke.

Probably cannot use

Probably cannot use government facilities for campaign events.

Langely was still a

Langely was still a government facility the last I checked

Probably cannot use

Probably cannot use government facilities for campaign events.

Not a joke at all. Tunnel

Not a joke at all. Tunnel cannot be properly secured. There are areas of legitimate argument. However, inane comments made out of ignorance do nothing to help.

Which do I choose out of ignorance

Should I choose Air Force One to make the 20 mile hop or do the right thing and choose Marine One?

President Obama could have landed in Langley and shuttled back and forth in Marine One. He could have landed at the school and not interupted traffic.
But then ignorance is bliss.

Do you really think the

Do you really think the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES makes his own travel decisions???? These things are determined by the United States Secret Service with whatever little input they let White House staff. It's all based on how best to PROTECT the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD and ensure that OUR President is safe and sound, regardless of party or ideology (or race for all your bigots out there). The President is the President, not matter who he or she is.

All you haters should turn in your tinfoil hats, and pick up some commonsense.

don't try reason. Reason

don't try reason. Reason will not work in this case. Read some of the poster's past history.

not use to being challenged?

Are most liberals upset that people are challenging liberal myths and lies?

The issue for liberals (and conservatives) is simple - either show that you are incapable of reason and thought by treating anyone who challenges as an idiot and "out of touch" OR showing your objectivity and reason.

For years the rant was "Bush lied and people died" or "Bush ruined the economy" and now the time has come for liberals to explain. Noone takes the rants from either side without challenge and demand for reality.

Simple choice, show how you defend your ideas and ideals or show that you are mouthing what you are told.

(of course the "you" is not you)

No, they challenge the fact

No, they challenge the fact that if you don't have any facts, just as in religion, you make up outlandish scenarios to fill in the gaps..

and yet you would fail to give an example or two

Can you actually explain what you just said? Is it easy to just throw words in the air and hope they stick?

Can you give some of the outlandish scenarios? Didn't think so.

Actually it was your

Actually it was your ludicris and stupiod criticism of the logistics of presidential travel. You'll whine about anything about Obama. It is about everything BUT ideas in this case. It is just you bleating random and nonsensical criticism as a pavlovian response to any mention of Obama. Argue something of substance. Argue honestly. Then you can criticize others. As it stands your bleating anti-Obama propaganda without a thought in your head.

did you miss reading the post

Not my response but the post that was responded.

That post basically said that it was ignorance to think President Obama could have made other choices.

The first rule of war is to never underestimate your opponent. The second thing to make of fool of oneself trying to dimunitize someone who challenges your ideas and ideals (of course the you is not YOU).

How foolish do you think anyone is that they would think a president controls their transportation arrangements? A president may decide to walk a rope line instead of a short car drive, and the president may decide to take Air Force One when Marine One or the limo is more appropriate - Secret Service would oblige the president and make it happen. Normally it is the Secret Service's job!


FDR used to wake up in the morning and set the market price of gold and silver. Its not a stretch to believe that the President could have some input into his own travel plans.

Obviously you don't have a

Obviously you don't have a history major from UVA, in 1933 Congress enacted a joint resolution nullifying the right of creditors to demand payment in gold. The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation. FDR had nothing to do with changing the price of gold, it was a 35 dollars an ounce until we went off the gold standard in 1971 under the Nixon administration.

Now you Know Why

Clearly, economics does not enter into his decision making.

Talking About Waste

The Republicans spent 50 million taxpayer dollars trying to repeal Obamacare. Knowing that it was not going anywhere.They are the reason we are still in this mess.

Mr. Obama = Cheney/Bush Heavy,

It surprised me—I was not ready,
Honestly, I did not think it was possible,
That next—would be even more awful!

A magic wand that waves away reality,
Waited until later—to reveal that insanity;
Now America sees—they are fascist-socialists,
And will fight for their right to be Capitalists!

Drink up—it is the eleventh hour,
The hang-over is the fall from the tower;
It was fun while it was,
Which was a $5.1 trillion buzz!

T Kosciuszko

After eleven years of Afghanistan battle plans
If he still plans—he is a stupid man!

hey, according to your guy in the WH, there is no mess

people are fine and he accepts he doesn't have to change the economy to create jobs. His ARRA and ACA are wonderful and all should bow to his feet, slaubber over his toes and thank him so much for his wisdom in keeping us from falling over that cliff.

Ok, now lets look at reality.. End of next year, we are looking at higher taxes, the possibility that a liar will still be in the WH, unemployment for at 8%+ unemployment for blacks above 14%. And what is his solution? 15% cut across the board and $83 B in taxes from the rich.

This guy is nothing but hot air and clueless. He is a hindrance to growth. He is a divider of a nation and the world. We are less safe and less off in his 3.5 years. Enough is enough.


I watched the news today and I am simply amazed at the sheeple standing behind the President smiling and nodding in agreement all the rhetoric as if Obama is their modern day Robin Hood. I'll tell you what I really saw, the Pied Piper leading the dazed and confused.

Anyone else find it ironic

Anyone else find it ironic that you can double the comments on light rail in half the time as a discussion about the presidential race?

That's because VB will be

That's because VB will be much worse off with light rail. It will be business as usual in the presidential race.

The oppositon and support

The oppositon and support for light rail seems to be organized. It is always dominated by the same handful of people, yourself included. So you tell us.

Let's try trickle down taxes

Tax cuts for the rich have been in place for over ten years, the economy has not done very well proving that this trickle down policy is not very effective. Obviously the tax cuts are not the only variable in the economy, but maybe its time to bring in more income taking at least a small step toward paying off the national debt.

Sure this may effect a few job creators, but I think the job creators would rather have employed customers that can afford their products so let's try trickle down taxes.

Great idea

I agree. Let's start taxing the 50% of the population that currently don't pay.

If Liberty, Imagination and Reason set the policies,

Free-markets and free minds will be prosperity,
Real fulfillment must come from the bottom up,
Not the government down—we just need a fair ump!

T Kosciuszko

The actions of the fascist-socialist left—put a major dent,
In the Enlightenment of our republican experiment.

"Real fulfillment must come from the bottom up"

You finally hit the nail squarely on the head.

If the working and middle classes are making good money, everybody wins.

That is where the economy is really going to prosper.

The top few percentiles can only spend but so much. They can only by a few yachts, TV's, cars and houses. They don't eat more, just better.

But get the money into the hands of the masses, and you have a vibrant economy.

Ford knew this and paid his workers double the prevailing wage in the early 1900's. He wanted his employees to be able to afford his product.

Simple, intelligent economics.

This escapes most conservative hard liners.

And most companies today.


Ford had real demand for is product because it met a real need for which people were willing to pay money (which by the way they earned through the investment of their own human capital, intellectual capital, and economic capital ... not money printed by the government and handed to them). He could afFord (pardon the pun, maybe that is where the word came from) to pay them more. Alas, a government market for windmills just is not the same.

Mr. Rothman—I am delighted to make your acquaintance,

Your pointing fingers—brighten this corridor’s dusky haziness.
Intelligent economics is indeed simple—for it is simply FREE.
What does—from the bottom up mean to you?

My ideological tape measure is very simplistic:

Left = absolute control over all facets of Human endeavor.
Right = no ruling authority whatsoever; i.e., anarchy.

T Kosciuszko

For last 3 decades

we have not raised wages, but with the advent of WalMart and other discount stores, we are selling cheaper goods from overseas.

Sound decent. Keep wages low, but prices lower and people are effectively making more money.

However, wealth creation is hard at the margins. And with the double whammy of education and health care costs rising a multiples of inflation, any perceived gains are gone.

Global economics has helped management but hurt labor. And will continue to do so until there is a leveling of labor worldwide.

We had no competition after WW2 and with low cost education and well paid labor, we had a prosperous middle class along with great wealth for the top percentiles.

The challenge is to recreate that.

ChinaMarts have indeed masked wage stagnation,

But fedrev masks losses via the $’s devaluation.
The lack of transparency in monetary policy,
Is perpetually—not a theory of conspiracy.

Labor equalization—awaits Tiananmen Square ideas,
Unavoidable is a rendezvous with humanity—as is N Korea’s.
India is sooner—qualified by—Pakistani kooks,
I have a hollow eeriness re Third Word Nukes!

Escalating costs in health care & education,
Are fed’s meddling that is Crony’s Capitalist imitation.
1% acquired 38% by writing laws for our representatives,
That is purpose of 71,684 tax and 134,723 fedreg pages.

Fulfillment—is blocked—from the bottom up,
For fed is simply not a fair ump!
Lord Acton’s truth is embedded in Capital Hill,
Naïveté ensures D & R corridors are

Global labor equalization will take a long time

But there is a secondary problem that I think few have addressed.

Manufacturing for export is the key to Germany's solid economic footing.

It used to be ours.

But as an engine for employment, we need to look elsewhere as more and more goods are made by less and less people.

Robotics, improved efficiencies and increased productivity of the worker himself will result in fewer hirings even if manufacturing were to come home.

We keep increasing our population worldwide, but the jobs are just not there.

I am not sure what it would be, but we may need to rethink our economic models.

Mr. Rothman—secondary problems—are secondary;

How do we supersede crony with Honesty?
Tax simplification is needed—but is blocked by Dems,
Rs support reform—Dems refuse to join them.

We cannot afford our gov—GOP will not cut defense,
It is the only thing Dems will consider—its nonsense.
Both sides have cronies—they take care of them first.
We must get a handle on debt—or it will get worse.

And we must stop fed from trampling rights that are self-evident,
Human rights are either inalienable, or they are not.
You mentioned a need to “rethink”—I say—think space;
Evolution beckons—but we have no space programs in place.

This planet is not an eternal fixture of the Universes,
Nor, is the star that reins it—Humans must traverse!

T Kosciuszko

The Government creates the problems and

the solution is to create more government programs to fix the programs that the government caused. That is illogical. The Government (Ted Kennedy) created the HMO's, than the HMO's were the problem so we need single payer health care, which IS A TAX that is going to kill private industry and business. If you like Socialism, you'll love Europe, California, North Korea, China and Russia. Oh yeah, they are all broke and only the "elitists" are well taken care of, us poor working "bitter clingers" are stuck with what's left.

Trickle down worked in the 80's

and it would work now if the government was cut by at least 30%, uniformed military exempt. The only thing the government is authorized to spend money on is national defense, let's try the Republican form of government that we were given.

What's Fair

Top 10% of all taxpayers pay 70.47%, top 50% pay 97.75%, which means the bottom 50% pay 2.25%. If it were fair, ALL Americans would be paying income tax. But the argument is not about fairness, it is about victimization, entitlement, and anti-intellectualism.

What's Fair

Top 10% of all taxpayers pay 70.47%, top 50% pay 97.75%, which means the bottom 50% pay 2.25%. If it were fair, ALL Americans would be paying income tax. But the argument is not about fairness, it is about victimization, entitlement, and anti-intellectualism.

Help me understand

Taxing the rich would result in an additional $83 billion per year going to the government. This is about how much our govt spends in 9 days. Please help me understand how this would help reduce the deficit.

And I assume all of you wouldn't mind paying more for stuff since tax increases go right back in to the price of things. Please wise up.

You dog the GOP for them wanting YOU to keep more of YOUR own money? I just don't get it.

So, using your logic...

So, using your logic we shouldn't be concerned with any deficit reduction of $83 billion or less because it's immaterial?

It is illogical to take money from someone

who earned it and give to someone to sit on their backsides and do nothing. This logic would lead someone to think that both would be happy, alas it will make both UNHAPPY. Those who work are not happy to having to support more than they should, and those who receive the pay of someone for doing nothing always want more. Read you history. Thinking that taking my Liberty from me in the premise of giving it to someone else is truly Liberty is horribly flawed. History has shown that is not. IT IS TYRANNY!!!
"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams

Personally, when tax

Personally, when tax receipts (2011) to the treasury are only sufficient to cover entitlements and interest on the debt (63% of expenditures), with ALL other spending for defense and other functions of government being borrowed (37%), I think I would take every $83B I could find.

WOW! Romeny has Dick Cheney's support

"Romney had no public appearances Friday after raising more than $4 million Thursday night at a fundraiser in Wyoming with former Vice President Dick Cheney, who called him "a great American leader."

What more could he ask for? DUH!!

The basic premise of Dem ideology,

Is hand-wringing and gimme-gimme,
Some work hard to get where they got to be,
Dems say—take theirs—and give it to me!

T Kosciuszko

Dems have a perpetual—just one more program platitude…
And then we will soar to heights of Utopia’s altitudes!

Romney & Cheney

The campaign forbid any pictures being taken of Romney and Cheney together (for some reason).

I wonder if Romney congratulated Cheney for his daughter's recent wedding?

17 of 24 Romney foreign policy advisors are former Bush/Cheney foreing policy advisors. What could go wrong?

Poor Mr. Obama—he grew up watching too much TV,

And is hopelessly lost on matters of the economy;
He brags about saving the auto union man,
Plus fed and crony—the rest got a finger from his left hand!

After the EPA blessed Keystone—Mr. Obama stated:
We need more study—and created jobs for red tape;
His slimy Health-Care plan—was 100% partisan,
I was not the American way—it was Machiavellian!

That Mr. Obama is President—means voters are weak,
Still, the gop’s leftist candidate is not that unique.
71,684 tax and 134,723 fedreg pages—was before O-care,
If we don't make a stand—we better say our prayers!

T Kosciuszko

As anyone who has studied battlefield tactics will tell you,
The element of surprise—is a jump start towards victory!

I was working . . .

I was working at my job as a courier today. The President's visit here made a mess of the roads and interrupted business quite thoroughly. Why he had to land at Norfolk International then DRIVE to Green Run then FLY over to Langley and DRIVE to another location before flying back makes me dislike him even more. If he had flown into Langley, taken a helio to Green Run then to the location in Hampton it would have made much more sense, cut down on traffic and business interference, and made everything quicker too.

Whatever message he was trying to send here was lost by his actions while here.

while I dont like O the office of president requires all that

chaos. A few prominent people come to mind regarding lack of security and the repercussions of that lack. Archduke Ferdinand and President Kennedy.

I want that kind of protection for our President and I hope he realizes what he does when he comes a visiting. However, just like the rest of us, he is empowered to go just about anywhere he desires. We cannot stop that freedom from anyone for our convenience.

Yes, any sitting president brings chaos to the roads. We will get over it when he moves on.


Why does the word 'whine' come to mind?????

So What's The Problem?

Were you still on the payroll? Stop whinning.


heaven forbid you were inconvenienced. You should put a call into the White House tip line with your suggestions. I'm sure they'll give your expertise in matters if Presidential security the sober consideration it deserves.

Perhaps you'd like it better if we didn't allow JUST president Obama to travel at all. We can just forget all of this focus on presidential travel AFTER he is out of office and ignore it like we did for EVERY OTHER president.

That's your druthers, right?

This man is in over his

This man is in over his head. Another four years of this we'll move "forward" over a cliff into bankruptcy.

so the man came to HR and what did he say that was

news worthy? 3 quotes? Thats it? Thats all we get from a liberal leaning paper in support of a liberal leaning incumbent?

And the things he did talk about where divisive in nature. Lets continue our class warfare struggle. There is so few of them we can vote to do anything we want to them, we have the power of the vote. If only them evil -Rs would vote our way.

The rich, a class of people are no different than any other class of people. They are entitled to have the same protection from the govt.

When did it become acceptable for the govt to single one group of people out just because there are more of another group to vote against them as a class? Laws are to be imposed uniformly, not marked with malice because of success.


I always wonder where you repugs get all of your facts. You just sit around and just make up stuff. The problem is, they don't make sense coming from an adult. This is the type of talk coming from people who hate others. Like little children.


This repug reads books, thinks independently and critically, supports his proposals with facts, and does not malign the character of his those who disagree with him.

this conservative is something the left and libs fear

for I do read books and history. I see what is going on and I see where libs are trying to take us. I heed the warnings of men like Franklin who said we have a republic, if we will fight to keep it (paraphrased).

Thank you for the kind words. If we get more conservatives and -Rs to speak up maybe this lib spewing would stop. Facts are hard to beat. I do notice that when the facts get on target, the personal attacks increase. I take those attacks as a victory cause I hit a sore spot with libs, or really, the truth and libs know it, but can't fight it. So they attack me and other conservatives instead. Conservative ideas have power. Many of them empower people. Libs hate for people to be empowered for people then see the true lib agenda!

you don't use facts. please

you don't use facts. please

If ALL of the money taken from the top

10% of wage earners it would only pay the deficit for one week. IT'S A SPENDING PROBLEM, NOT A TAX PROBLEM!!!
This man knows exactly what he's doing, a marxsist in true form. He stated that he didn't communicate properly, we hear you lound and clear, and I heard you in 2008 Mr. Obama. Start packing you're gone 20 Jan 2013.


It is J-O-B-S, Mr. President. We need them and you are doing everything in your power to make us ALL unemployed.
Hello folks...anyone out there? Are you paying attention? When Obamacare hits...watch out!!!! Are you complaining about that minimum wage job? Don't worry; employers are going to do away with them for self-service and automation. They are already making their plans. They don't want to fire you, but they have no choice. They are holding on by their fingernails already. Midsized employers simply WILL NOT be able to afford you, your insurance or penalties.
Research how a Limited Liability Company works. On paper employers look like they are making money, but in reality they are LOSING their shirts.
Paying taxes on money NEVER seen.

what about mcdonalds and other fast food resteraunts will

they be paying their share of the cost for their workers? Course not, they are exempt. Yet the person who has the job is still required to get the insurance. So that means the cost is all on their shoulders.

Whats the solution for them? Go to college? What if they cant afford it? Hum, that cannot afford to work because they cannot afford the healthcare. What is left? Poverty and putting their hand out to O and his ilk. Elite -Ds want this scenario. It doesn't hurt them financially, but it sure hurts poor people.

This "free" health care is NOT free and its making it difficult for many employers to keep coverage for their workers. It will be more cost effective to scrap health care coverage and let workers fend for themselves. Thanks -Ds.


Your comment demonstrates a lack of understanding of PPACA.

McDonalds Corporation is not exempt.

Small businesses are exempt from the employer mandate, but may qualify for tax credits and will be able to purchase affordable health insurance for their employees from the health exchanges.

Low income workers who don't have employer-provided health insurance will either be eligible for Medicaid or will receive tax credits to purchase affordable health insurance from the health exchanges.

Everyone benefits from consumer protections and measures to control health cost increases.

You just proved Obama is not

You just proved Obama is not a Socialist, if he were he would have handed you a job while he was here.

lets see

I am a smoker so nine day after he was sworn in he added a six dollar tax on a carton of cigarettes to add more children to health care. Now that we have Obama Care, do I get my money back? Trust me, I make less than 250k a year so we have lie number one. He has never released his College transcripts yet Romney is scum of the earth because he won't release more than two years of income tax returns? Not transparent enough.
Maybe he would like to explain why he has the Social Security Number of a Connecticut dead man and he has never lived in Connecticut. Maybe he can explain why he and his wife surrendered their law licenses. Every Lawyer I know goes to great pains to keep there’s no matter what. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do Barry.

I must take this time to

I must take this time to appologise to all the people who I accused of watching Fox News, it is obvious if they would know that most of the stuff they are still spewing out has been discounted not only by the mainstream media, but Fox as well.


Please explain why Obama has a Connecticut Social Security number. I don't remember seeing the explanation on ABC, CBS, or NBC.

Obviously you have a

Obviously you have a computer and a couple of clicks {not your ruby slippers] and you will find your answer.


I'll pass

Not much truth in a website funded by George Soros.

And that is why they list

And that is why they list their sources, so that you don't have to have religious faith to believe what they say. You can just look it.

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