RNC 2012: McDonnell gives GOP enthusiasm edge


Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says the enthusiasm advantage is on the Republicans’ side this fall, but he understands why his commonwealth remains one of the closest of the toss-up states this fall.

“We Americans want our president to succeed — Democrat or Republican,” McDonnell told Politico’s Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen as part of the Newsmaker Interview Kickoff series here at the Republican National Convention.

When pressed on why the polls had the two candidates so close, McDonnell said the “reservoir of goodwill” President Barack Obama amassed in 2008 had a long-lasting effect in some competitive states — including Virginia — and that the president could give “bright speeches.”

“This is a historic figure. He’s an affable person. He’s a good family man,” McDonnell said, but added, “this is not a popularity contest.”  

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our governor

won't be saying anything we have not already heard. So why bother?

theres 20% on both sides that are closed minded toward

the other side. Many more will be listening because we want to make informed decisions. You see, there is more to voting than knowing what is the 4th letter in the alphabet. For those people, these conventions are important. For the others, having this attitude is enough.

you missed the point

B.M has said the same words over, and over, and over, and over every time he's on TV. Why waste your/my time listening to it again? Enough finally gets to be enough.

Thank God for term limits

Tollbooth Bob has nothing to offer on any level. He has been a complete disaster. From selling our tunnel to a foreign company for 58 years to his ultrasound probe bill, he has been awful.

“We Americans want our

“We Americans want our president to succeed — Democrat or Republican..” Sorry Governor, regretfully both the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the Minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, are on record and on video saying the opposite. Worse, they have done exactly the opposite, failing to support Simpson-Bowles, a negotiated debt deal, forcing the credit downgrade, forcing the failure of the super committee, and of course, forcing sequestration. Your Party, Governor McDonnell, is the first in my memory to actually say they are against our nation's interests, and then to follow through and act against our interests. So please, man up, admit you have succumbed to those who would discredit our founders and our constitution.

another rant from an elite progressive. Lets see about some

of the tactics your progressive elitist buddies have done to the country. Did Reid aid and embolden our enemies by saying we cant win? We have O lying about its not a tax, we have Palosi saying we have to pass the bill to see whats in the bill. we have reps like butterfield claiming -Rs will take away entitlements and safety nets. We had the -Ds waging a campaign against our troops starting in 2003 so they could have an anti-war agenda. They talked with a two faces. They would claim they supported the troops while they fought to discredit the war. That support?

So the -Ds are just as guilty as what you claim the -Rs are doing. But because progressives have a better chance at social change for their desires voting -D, these -Ds get a pass.

Enthusiasm for Republicans?

Not if you're a woman. The GOPT has authored a tidal wave of abortion legislation. And rape-redefining legislation. And transvag legislation. And hallway clinic width legislation. And delivery-that-rapists-baby legislation/PartyPlatformPlanks.

Enthusiasm for Republicans? Not if you're part of The Olds given that Ryan and Willard want to voucherize Medicare. Talk about sticking it to the GOPs base. Good Gawd. The CBO says that "The Republican congressman's proposal to privatize Medicare would mean a dramatic hike in U.S. healthcare costs for the elderly, an independent analysis finds. Seniors would pay almost double — more than $12,510 a year."

The Olds may be enthusiastic. In voting AGAIN RomneyRyan.

Why is it that progessives dispise babies?

the legislation you are attacking was put in place or proposed to protect babies. You know, those little things that bite ankles and run around on the rug that people say are so cute. Why do progressives enjoy killing them? These comments attacking pro baby legislation has to mean that libs simply hate babies.

Based on lib/-D logic, hasn't the -D party been waging a war on babies since before Roe v Wade? What was the Eugenics program all about? O yea, making it impossible for women and in NC mostly black women (starting early 60s) from having babies.

The -D party has a record of hating babies for votes. Of killing babies for votes. Is that tolerance or murder? For progressives, who is entitled to rights to exist; babies or criminals?

Why is it that NCGUY likes to make strawman arguments?

Its perplexing that someone would vote for a party that would require a rape victim to have the rapist's baby. Your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or granddaughter. Not "decide to", but forced.

Let me know when you figure out your guy's position on this.


Romney in 94: "I believe abortion should be safe & legal in this country. I believe that Roe v Wade has been law for 20 years we should sustain & support it. I will preserve the women's right to chose. You will not see me waving on that."

Romney in 07: "I would be delighted to sign a bill to overturn RvW."

Romney in 12: "Do i believe that the Supreme Court should overturn RvW? Yes i do."

Romney last week: the legality of abortion "been settled for some time in the courts."


the olds are not excited about Romney/Ryan. They maybe old, but they are not stupid.

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