Liberty U. asks for hearing on health care suit issues

 Is President Barack Obama’s health care law headed back to the Supreme Court? Not now — but one of the law’s opponents could be trying to set up a path to allow the court to take up some unfinished business.

Liberty University is asking the Supreme Court to order a federal appeals court to hear the issues it has raised in its own lawsuit — issues it says weren’t resolved when the Supreme Court upheld the law this summer.

Specifically, Liberty wants the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear its challenges that the health reform law’s employer requirements are unconstitutional and that the individual mandate violates their right to freedom of religion.

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the federal government to weigh in on whether to grant the request. The order on the court docket could indicate that some justices are interested enough in the new issues to take a look — but there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually do so after the Justice Department responds.

The request could be a sign that “some members of the court may have some interest” in these issues, said Carl Tobias, a law professor at the University of Richmond.

But he cautioned that not much has changed since the court ruled in June. “Whether that will lead to an order requiring rehearing in the 4th is not clear.”

But if the court does grant Liberty’s request, the 4th Circuit could take up the issues early next year, potentially setting up another trip to the Supreme Court for the health reform law in the future.

Liberty University, a conservative Christian school in Lynchburg, Va., was one of the first institutions to file a lawsuit against health reform. But its case was essentially put on hold as the 26 states’ suit was heard by the Supreme Court.

Liberty’s entire lawsuit — which challenges the individual mandate, employer requirements and whether the mandate violates the “free exercise clause” — was dismissed by the Supreme Court after it ruled in June that the individual mandate was constitutional.

But Liberty says that just because the court ruled on the mandate doesn’t mean that the other issues should have been tossed out, too.

The school wants the Supreme Court to order the 4th Circuit to hear the other issues, which say that the mandate violates the Constitution’s free exercise, establishment and equal protection clauses and that the employer requirements are unconstitutional.

“Whether [the individual mandate] collides with free exercise of religions as it applies to Liberty University, that’s a claim that’s alive and well,” said Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which represents Liberty University. “The employer mandate [also hasn’t been challenged yet].”

The Justice Department now has 30 days to respond to the Supreme Court.

Even if the 4th Circuit rehears the case, it’s not certain that Liberty would succeed.

The 4th Circuit is known as one of the most liberal in the country. The three-judge panel that heard the case in May 2011 was made up of three judges appointed by Democratic presidents. And while they ruled that they couldn’t decide on the mandate yet because of the Anti-Injunction Act, two of the three suggested in concurring opinions that they would have ruled for the Obama administration if they had reached the merits.

“Maybe Liberty is thinking, 'We get the 4th to rule against it and we’ll go back to the Supreme Court,’” Tobias said. “This is not about the 4th Circuit. It’s about getting back to the Supremes if they can.”

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Activist universities with a

Activist universities with a political agenda. . .

why do i get the

feeling that if the healthcare law stated that muslim women had to remove the veil from their face to be photographed and then the muslims protested about it, that it was against religious views to remove it, you would be on their side? and i know that ,that wouldn't be in there but if it was something against islamic beliefs and they protested. would you call them activist? no need to answer i know what you would say

Civil rights exemption for religous reasons

In this case, wouldn't Sharia Law impact any US law?

oh my god

no you didn't|||||||||||||||||||||

As usual

The foul stench of Falwell still remains.


Maybe they can teach how to pray away the gay....but not in California.

It's all about getting their

It's all about getting their name in the news. They don't believe for a second that the court will actually hear there case, but Liberty U is an activist institution that thrives on attention, kind of like North Korea. Wasn't Donald Trump just out there lecturing those good Christians on how they should live there lives? (telling them something like "get even") Makes you wonder how Christ like they really want to be?

Your tax dollars at work

Ironically, Liberty University is the largest recipient of federal student aid in Virginia and the 8th largest recipient in the country overall. All that federal tax money doesn’t seem to be interfering with their freedom of religion.


The Ryan budget (which already passed the House with nearly unanimous Republican support and which Romney has said would sign into law) would cost 1 million college students their Pell Grants over the next decade, and reduce financial aid to nearly 10 million college students.


So are you suggesting

So are you suggesting federal aid only be allowed to be used for state supported schools? I could actually get behind that because its a better use of the money since state schools are more affordable. But otherwise, you can't discriminate against Liberty but not discriminate against University of Richmond for instance. Both were founded as religious based institutions.

Public funding

I actually do believe that public money should only be used for public colleges and universities. For example, a lot of federal student aid (including the GI bill) is apparently wasted on private for-profit schools with a poor record of graduation.


I just thought it was ironic that Liberty supports a Republican presidential candidate who has promised to slash the federal funding that has allowed Liberty to expand and florish.

And the DEM Budget ????

Oh wait, I forgot, The Democrat Senate has not passed a budget in 1200+ days.


Budget resolutions are political documents without the force of law. They are largely irrelevant. Congress has continues to pass the appropriations bills that actually fund the federal government.

These fundamentalists

and their reactionary agenda are what continue to discredit the Republican party.

why do a christian university...........

repulse over the idea of people having health insurance? I don't get it. They are playing with fire. (Hipocrisy on a shameful scale).

Isn't this more of a freedom

Isn't this more of a freedom issue than a religious one. Seems the lawsuit is more about how people should have the freedom to choose not to have insurance without penalty than to be forced to purchase a product they don't want. Sure, this is a publicity move as well, but the lawsuit seems to have merit. I can't understand how it passed the first time. All this will do is make the insurance companies rich by forcing more customers to purchase their product. I wish the government would force people to buy something I was selling.


It should drive cost down due to the insane out of pocket cost for the people who pay without insurance. If you start making missiles and bombs that the military wants then there you go....

"Freedom" of?

Too many people regard the phrase "freedom of religion" as applying only to their own version. Any religion that contradicts their particular views are viewed as erroneous or heretical, if not actually blasphemous, and therefore are to be suppressed, either literally or physically, as in the days of the inquisition or the Salem witch trials. Too many felt (and some still feel) that the Leviticus 20:27 verse: "A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads." superceds the first amendment.


As always, bigotry responds without grasping the issue behind the lawsuit.

Here bigotry exposes itself in using words like "foul stench of Falwell", "fundamentalists", "pray away the gay" (oops, wrong story), "like North Korea"...

There are more words in their context that speak bigotry than those beginning with "N". Bigots of all colors and discriminatory passions fail to think and only react as they have been conditioned.


How did that supreme court ruling go? You can believe that contraceptives are wrong, but that doesn't mean they don't work.

The Supreme Court is just as

The Supreme Court is just as activist as Liberty.

i know

they said that the healthcare law was legal. when in fact it isnt

According to the U.S. Supreme Court,

Obamacare is constitutional. Under our Constitution, they are the ones who get to decide, not anonymous right-wing commenters.


the constitution says that the government cannot force people to do anything,in this case buy insurance, Roberts simply chicken out and was more concerned about the left labeling him as "the man who killed free health care" so he said its up to the voters, they elected this man and to get rid of his policy they need to elect someone else.. so since they supreme court went against what the constitution says that makes them activist judges..

Under the Constitution,

the U.S. Supreme Court gets to decide what is constitutional, not you. The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that Obamacare is constitutional. Therefore, under our Constitution, Obamacare is constitutional. Why do you hate the Constitution?


I'm STILL waiting for someone in Virginia who supports this 1.3 trillion PLUS (and those are conservative estimates), to tell us where the state of Virginia will get the extra 300 million needed to cover those expanded medicaid roles???

Lets not forget the memos that have already been circulating among corporations. They are readily admitting that they are performing the "cost benefit" of continuing to provide health insurance to its employees, or drop coverage, pay the cheaper fine and allow their employees to get on the government exhanges! I thought Obama said if we like our insurance we can keep it.

Did I fail to mention those who will see their tax refunds turn into tax bills, once they file and check the "no health insurance" box.

Q. "Where will Virginia get the money to cover Medicaid?"

A. The federal government will cover 100% 2014-2016, 95% in 2017, 94% in 2018, 93% in 2019 and 90% in 2020 and later years. That's a much better deal for Virginia than the current 50%-50% split.

What if Virginia does not expand Medicaid?

Virginia hospitals and doctors would lose $20 billion dollars over 10 years in new Medicaid revenue.

Virginia businesses would lose on health insurance premiums. Instead of shifting their low income employees onto Medicaid, they would be required to provide them health insurance or pay a penalty.

About 425,000 uninsured Virginians would lose the opportunity of obtaining health insurance and access to health care.


Don't Be Gulible!

Never believe everything that you read or that you are promised - Are we any better off now than when we were duped????? Then FORWARD is not the way we should be going. You can believe there is going to have to be sacrifice because of the way the "cash cow" has been milked until dry. But if we want to reverse the trend then sacrifice is worth it.

Sometimes when you move

Sometimes when you move "forward" you go over a cliff. That seems to be the case with our current administration. Destroy what has worked for the last 200 years and rebuild it with the philosophy of Karl Marx rather than Thomas Jefferson.

your right

obamas mother and father were communist, his "uncle" frank was a communist, his grand parents on his mothers side(you know that typical white person) they were communist, he said in college he only felt comfortable around other marxist students and professors.. the apple truly doesnt fall far from the tree..obama said "this is a great country,help me change it" he also said he wanted to transform the country, into what? seems like a european style socialist country... but he is a true follower of saul alinsky.. the ends justify the means


Under President Obama:
• Taxes cut to the lowest level in decades.
• Record corporate profits.
• Stock market up 56%.
• 4.5 million private sector jobs created in the last 29 months.
• Domestic oil production highest in 8 years.
• Increased Defense spending every year.
• Ordered military actions resulting in the deaths of terrorists Osama bin Laden and Muammar Khaddafi.
• Increased deportations of illegal immigrants.
• No new gun control laws or regulations.
• Passed a health reform plan that was originally developed by the right-wing Heritage Foundation and implemented by Gov. Romney.

That is a record any traditional Republican President would be proud of.

Diabetes 1 Health

Insullin three bottles per month $168 per bottle; syringes $7 per bag, one per week; blood tester $220; test strips $50 per bottle 2 per month; alcohol swabs. Try paying that if you are a young person without any health insurance.

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