In quick reversal, Warner cancels fiscal cliff fundraiser

Sen. Mark Warner canceled a "fiscal cliff" fundraiser Thursday evening just an hour and a half after an invitation went out.

A fundraiser for the Virginia Democrat, who has taken a leading role in the Gang of Eight to try to come up with a debt and deficit plan, sent out an email invitation for a Nov. 14 roundtable lunch for Warner at Johnny's Half Shell.

The email invited supporters at a suggested campaign contribution of $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 to engage in a conversation with Warner on the fiscal cliff.

"Instead of kicking the can down the road, Senator Warner is back in action with the Gang of Eight — originally the Gang of Six — to address the debt and deficit with a long term solution," the fundraising email read. "This bipartisan team is gearing-up over lame duck to reintroduce a deficit reduction plan that looks like Simpson Bowls 3.0; an updated version of the commission to reform a tax code that produces too little and entitlement programs that spend too much."

Warner's spokesman Kevin Hall said the invite never should have gone out.

"This unauthorized invitations was inappropriate, no ifs, ands or buts about it, and within minutes of finding out about it we canceled the event and sent a follow-up message to the recipients," Hall said.

Warner's fundraiser Tina Stoll took responsibility for the error. It took about 90 minutes for the cancellation email to be sent, although some recipients didn't receive the cancellation for hours.

"This should never have gone out, was not authorized," Stoll said in an email. "I immediately cancelled it."

Several lobbyists said fundraising off of the fiscal cliff was in poor taste.

One Democratic lobbyist called it "outrageous."

Warner isn't the first lawmaker who has had fundraisers to try to capitalize on a high-profile slot on a committee or panel. Lobbyists at the Investment Company Institute sent out an email last August touting Rep. Xavier Becerra's (D-Calif.) appointment to the super committee just hours after he had been appointed to the panel. At the time, Becerra said he was not responsible for the language.

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Warner is just following

Warner is just following orders from the Pretender in Chief to cancel that event. Obama has decided to drive the bus over the cliff and doesn't want anything in the way.


You know this for a fact? Did you see an e-mail from President Obama? Please post the link. When was the order given? Who issued the order? Any facts to back this up or are you flapping your gums?

The e-mail was from the same

The e-mail was from the same person in the WhiteHouse that instructed everyone to lie about the situation in Libya.Guess WHO!!


You know this for a fact? Did you see an e-mail from President Obama? Please post the link. When was the order given? Who issued the order? Any facts to back this up or are you flapping your gums?

hey, why is it that if a dem makes a baseless statement, ooo

like Romney hates women, blacks, gays, etc or when both Obama and Reid accused or IMPLIED, I know, thats how progressives think, that Romney has something to hide and it might even be felonious in nature that no one from the left protected Romney with the "have you seen an email" question.

This is another example of the hypocrisy of the left/progressives in how they attempt to get things done. Anything the left does is fine and appropriate. Am I right?

Very few of the left care that H. Clinton and Obama's failed actions in Libya killed 4 Americans or that we were attacked on national soil. Lefties were more worried that Romney questioned the State Dept. Yet it was appropriate to question State, seeings how it has accepted responsibility.


I apologize for the double post.

It mut be Bush's fault.

It mut be Bush's fault.


No. It was the result of my finger hitting the key on my computer twice. It was an accident. You assume something I'm not. I am a registered Republican. I just makes you sound like a fool. If your attempt was humor, you failed. Go back. Study. Work harder. Better yet, focus on your job and pay your taxes. My above post was in the same vein. We need to live by the same rules that we expect of libs. when they post. Be able to back up your claims. We don't like when they make ridiculous claims therefore we shouldn't make them either.

Deficit reduction

The fiscal cliff will require Congress to solve the deficit problem.

Congress only acts when it has a gun to its head.

Wrong again Chris33

Deficit reduction
Submitted by Chris33 on Sat, 10/20/2012 at 10:14 am.
The fiscal cliff will require Congress to solve the deficit problem.
Congress only acts when it has a gun to its head.

Congress only acts when they have a president who is not so polorizing. Obama takes every chance to demonize republicans instead of trying to compromise and work with them. The president should be setting the tone for compromise and for setting the tone for his party.

I have not heard Romney demonize the other side. He does criticize the president and his policies and rightly so.

Sickening, just sickening

Entitlement programs that spend TOO MUCH? Outrageous. We're in the middle of another great depression, and if anything this country needs MORE help to the jobless. Why are we even hearing about deficit reduction and tax breaks for the rich at a time like this? That's just dumb talk, from people who've never had to suffer a day in their lives.

Because the out of control

Because the out of control spending is a large part of why we're in this mess. Until it gets under control the country will continue to have these issues and they'll get worse and worse. The government isnt the answer to everything. There was no unemployment checks, no social security, no free housing, phones and cable for people in the projects and yet people survived because of the generosity of community groups, churches and missions. The government needs to stop spending money, step out of the way, and allow the people to once again step up and help ourselves out of this mess instead of trying to control everything through political correctness and regulations.

Republicans always steal from the poor

Spending out of control? Where were you when George Bush was lying his way into two expensive wars that benefited his friends in the oil industry? Or when Bush and the REPUBLICANS were passing legislation that prevented Medicare from negotiating drug prices with the drug comapnies that Bush's father was so heavily invested in?

Face it -- Republicans are dupes for the rich. Whenever we want our tax dollars to help us, ourselves, regular people, you Republicans say nooooo, we're rather take everybody's hard earned taxes and give it to ich folks like George Bush. Everyone else can starve to death. The Republican plan -- steal from the poor and give to the rich. What a horrible, horrible party.

George Bush's spending was

George Bush's spending was part of the problem. No question about it, but some on the left need to face it too... the country will not prosper if we continue to run up these huge deficits. It is NOT the government's responsibility to pay for all of this stuff. I agree with you that the government wont pay for the stuff we need and should pay for with tax money, but thats a democrat problem. They hold the spending for transportation, military and infrastructure hostage until they can have all of their giveaway programs for their pet projects first. Thats outrageous too. Luring people into voting for them by promising free stuff in exchange for votes to keep them in power. They dont care for the average american, only special interest groups.

And according to that logic,

And according to that logic, Democrats must be dupes for crackheads, hollywood celebrities, welfare recipients, communists, crooked union bosses and the gay and feminist lobby. What a selfish party. All they want to do is take, take, take from the middle class to give to their special interest groups. Horrible.

In fact

that list is a fair start, but you left out other groups who prefer to vote, rather than work, for a living, the politicians who buy their votes with money stolen from those who do work for a living, the businesses and crony capitalists that wouldn't exist but for subsidies and handouts, invaders (also known as illegal immigrants), Islamics bent on a global Caliphate who want a weak America, "progressives" bent on global redistribution of Americas' wealth and the super rich who want to use middle class tax money to assuage their consciences, and other misfits who have been trained by the goons in the NEA to hate the very country and system from which they benefit.

a thought

--you keep on blaming Bush for everything---think---we were all right until the democrats took control in the second half of his term---then it was those bankers that got fancy with their home loans that backfired on them and we went broke.---you know those bankers that Obama gave those billions of dollars borrowed from China.==remember those millions they gave each of themselves in bonuses?---remember that stimulus package that had democrats flying across the country to sign without even reading?--Is that what you refer to as selective memory?--frank in va.bch.

Spending is the same as Reagan

Spending as a percentage of GDP is the same as Reagan 23%. But if you want to cut the Petagon's bloated budget, I'm all for it.

Yes, Democrats do want to cut defense!

Think that will cost jobs in Virginia?

Well what we are going to do

Well what we are going to do is elect a business man as president and then you can have a job and get off welfare and food stamps which will raise your self-esteem.You are suffering because of failed policies and if you want the next four years worst than the previous four years then you vote for MR.Hope and Change.


Most Republicans are over 65 and on public assistance.

a thought

--what a wonderful example of the democratic intelligence?--please say something else--i need a good laugh.

Warner is a rare breed of

Warner is a rare breed of Democrat who actually cares about the deficit, uses common sense and isn't a far left extremist. I dont have a problem with him fundraising off of his role in trying to find sensible bi-paritisan solutions to the debt crisis. In fact thats one of the reasons I'll likely vote for him and maybe even contribute money to him. And I generally lean conservative on most issues. He should be proud of his record and efforts. Especially since the extreme wing of his party probably hates him for it.

The only president to balance the budget....

....in recent years was Bill Clinton. Republicans are the borrow and spend party.

Can you possibly spell 6

Can you possibly spell 6 trillion in debt racked up by this President in the last 4 years???

Can you spell Boooosh

The Obama budget deficits originated during the Bush presidency.....

1. Tax cuts 2001-2002 (4 trillion over 10 years)
2. Prescription drug benefits (1 trillion over 10 years)
3. Economic meltdown of 2008 ( 3 trillion and rising)
4. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (2 trillion and winding down)

Presidents don't balance budgets--Congresses do...

Or don't--Rs balanced it for Mr. Clinton and you.

a thought

--I bet you can say that with a straight face.---even though you know Obama has spent 5 trillion dollars in only four years.---that's a record for any president in history to spend that much in only one term.--just think how much he can spend if the people are stupid enough to reelect him?--maybe he can do 6-trillion dollars next time?---It's no wonder you don't want people to know who you are.---frank in va.bch.

I used to share your point of view...

Until his HC vote turned the screws.


Why do you hate sick people?

Because I am sick

Of their fascist tricks.

You hate sick people

because of their fascist tricks?

Blaming the sick and the lame?

Why not, they probably don't pay enough taxes anyway.

They are sick—you are lame,

Y’all play y’all’s sick games;
I will not impede the flow,
Just—don’t FORCE me to go.

Y’all are all-knowing sophisticates,
I am merely an individualist;
Y’all got metaphor intolerance,
Or perhaps—it’s just ignorance.

T Kosciuszko

It is beyond my realm of comprehension,
But well within a fascist’s rationalization;
To sacrifice a Human’s inalienable rights,
At the altar of the mob’s enlightened might.

your flowing insults and more

reveal superiority to be your stance

But your poetic sense of intolerance
Reveals the soul of an insufferable bore.

Violations of Human sovereignty—

I will not tolerate—that disability.
Your guns may kill me—not my identity;
But miss me—an’ I’ll redefine your reality…

It is indeed--IGNORANCE

IGNORANCE—there—now you know exactly what I know.

a thought

--before you vote,you should think about that new plan of Obama.


--"60 percent of the US Navy fleet will be committed to the pacific by 2020"----so said defence secretary LEON PANNETTA----do you think any of our fleet will go with, the money or jobs they generate here?--how many of you read that this month?--frank in va.bch.


It's OUR fleet. If the west coast wants a fleet they can durn well just go and buy their own.
Just a thought from an old guy, I wonder what the politicians said when the Pacific fleet went to Pearl Harbor away back when. "Naw, Japan ain't no threat. they're too far away and too small."
Do you suppose China and N.Korea might fall into that catagory?

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