New N.C. governor might change Medicaid outlook

New faces in a pair of state capitals could alter the future of Medicaid expansion.

In New Hampshire, expansion now looks virtually assured. Democrat Maggie Hassan, a vocal proponent of the Affordable Care Act’s optional Medicaid expansion, will take the keys from Gov. John Lynch, a more moderate Democrat.

And voters sent Hassan reinforcements, giving her more room than Lynch had to advance the health law. Democrats reclaimed control of the state House and took six seats from Republicans in the state Senate, leaving the GOP with a slim 13-11 majority.

Lynch wouldn’t commit to Medicaid expansion and faced a hostile Legislature. In contrast, Hassan pledged her support for expansion during her campaign.

“Gov.-elect Hassan believes New Hampshire should accept the more than $1 billion in available federal funding to help working families afford health insurance and will work to make sure the state is protected financially into the future,” Hassan spokesman Marc Goldberg said in an email Thursday, referring to the federal funds for Medicaid expansion.

In North Carolina, though, Gov. Bev Perdue — another Democrat who wouldn’t take a firm position on Medicaid expansion — was also ousted. Republican Pat McCrory will take over in January. And he’s not saying what he’ll decide on the expansion.

A spokesman said late Thursday that McCrory wants to “fully understand the long-term implications of Medicaid expansion” before making a call. In the meantime, he “will be reaching out and consulting advisers, experts and other governors about the best way forward.”  

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since ACA now requires everyone to have insurance

for potential health related concerns, MEDICAID should be eliminated and everyone uses there new insurance plan. That is the only appropriate thing to do. Since ACA will pay for the insurance for anyone who cannot afford it, it should mean no one needs MEDICAID starting 2014.

If ACA doesn't cover all the people, then here is yet another example of the govt creating a program that fails the people from the git-go.

As an aside, come 2014, money we send to organizations like planned parenthood should also be terminated. Not because of the abortion related issues, but because people have this brand new wonderful insurance plan that fixes all concerns.

Or does it?

The one question that

The one question that concerns me about the ACA is how much is it going to cost.Will it pay for itself?
The ACA has many new taxes that will affect businesses and others.
Key provisions establish new Medicare taxes on high-income wage earners, as well as new taxes on pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance providers, and medical device manufacturers. Also included is an excise tax on high-cost, employer-provided health insurance; changes to health savings accounts and other individual health accounts; and a 10% tax on indoor tanning services.

Skin cancer

Indoor tanning should be illegal.



The cost of the UnaffordableTaxCare Plan

Last week, in a mere 7 days after the election, more than 27,000 people found out they were losing their jobs. This morning the fun begins anew, it isn't even lunch time yet on the east coast and already 6,000 people got their Obama Christmas layoff letter. And what about the month of October and the 6 days leading up to the election, why there were only in excess of 99,000 WARN notices issued informing people they would be unemployed by Christmas.

ttp://dailyjobcuts.com/ or google WARN notice and your state for job losses near you.


So please explain how if Willard was elected these job cuts would not have had to happen? Welcome to 2012, globalization, and a worldwide recession. Did you think humans would never be laid off again, and gasp, before xmas?

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