Paula Broadwell mentioned Senate run in N.C.

Senator Paula Broadwell? It might have been.

TIME Magazine reports that David Petraeus’ mistress considered running as a Republican candidate for senate in North Carolina — but the then-CIA director was against the idea.

In July, Broadwell was in Aspen, Colo., for the Aspen Security Forum, TIME said on Thursday, and told a handful of people that GOP financiers had approached her about a possible campaign.

She told the acquaintances that when she informed Petraeus, he questioned her positions on issues ranging from abortion to gun control to taxes. She said that Petraeus believed her positions wouldn’t fit into the GOP or Democratic parties, TIME reported.

North Carolina’s senators are Kay Hagen, a Democrat, and Richard Burr, a Republican. The report didn’t say which seat Broadwell was eyeing.

Just months later, Broadwell made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., in September, where she spoke about her Petraeus biography “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.” “It was a privilege to follow Gen. David Petraeus and to see the war through his eyes,” she said at the time.  

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I wonder how she came up with the name for her book...

ALL IN! The war apparently wasn't the only thing she was "seeing". She's a glorified groupie, a hanger-on, another Michaele Salahi.

Why This Story?

Four dead Americans who were not given the protection they requested, lie upon lie from the Obama administration and we get this story. Just more diversion from the VP and the rest of the liberal media to take the focus of Obama and his failings.

I agree. Those four were

I agree. Those four were Obamas fault.

What's Bush's body count in Iraq which was a result of a lie about WMDs?

Whose Failings

Why do we need stories about David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell? The media is acting like this is the first high ranking officer to get caught with their zippers down. On the other note, sounds like someone is watching too much Hannity and Fox News and the 4 dead Americans with no protection. Wait until all the facts are in and discuss it; and for failures, looks to me like the majority does not think of Obama as a failure but maybe someone else is.

Some Facts Are In

The ambassador repeatedly asked for more security and did not get it. No troops were on standby in case of an attack when they should have been.The British and the Red Cross had removed their people from the area because it was too dangerous. It was known from day one that this was a terrorist attack and Obama and others in his administration mislead the American people and blamed it on a video. There has been over 60 days since the attack and the Obama administration has made it difficult to interview those directly involved. As the POTUS Obama keeps saying that he did not know much of anything about what was going on and expects us to believe that. Important information that was known was not released until after the election. All facts!!

Reagan 299 dead in Beirut barracks bombing

1983-Against all advice President Reagan insisted troops be kept in unprotected barracks instead of offshor in Beirut.

Result- 299 soldiers killed by terrorist bombing including 241 American soldiers.

Should we blame the terrorists or President Reagan?

Nice Spin

Nice spin and rewrite of history to try and protect Obama. So,according to your thinking because the Japanese were not stopped from bombing Pearl Harbor Obama gets a pass for not protecting the ambassador and others.

nice spin by lt

According to lt, Reagan gets a pass because of Pearl Harbot.

No involvement?

Obama, Sept. 2012 - "Susan, I want you to go on all the Sunday talk shows and say the attack at Benghazi was incited by the YouTube video."
Obama, Nov. 2012 - "Ambassador Rice had nothing at all to do with Benghazi."

Obama is a complete failure

Obama is a complete failure and people died as a result.

He's not a complete failure.

He's done a magnificent job dealing with the hurricane disaster in the northeast. Many Presidents would only make one visit. President Obama showed up for not one, but TWO photo-ops.


According to some of the previous comments I guess this is the presidents fault too? WOW! It just never stops!

It's all in a Title!

“All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.” The new information gives new meaning to the title of this book.

will bengazi bring down obama....bengazigate aka nixon

Bengazigate....is it possible that this would force Obama to resign? that would be very interesting...


interesting and stupid.
Clearly racial hatred is blurring all vision.
It was not close---Obama won--get over it and let's get on with being nice to each other. We don't need a common enemy to support Americans. Acid does the most damage to its container so neutralize your vitriol.

People died. Obama lied.

People died. Obama lied.

You still mad, bro?

You still mad?

Very clever !

did you think that up all by yourself?

Think a little

Bush lied. Thousands died.

Yours is the only comment here that mentions race.

Another typical liberal playing the race card. It has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with his incompetence and arrogance.

Political hacks

Don't forget to fasten your seat belt... it makes it harder for the aliens to suck you up outta the car.

So sad that you get such a great joy out of the deaths of the 4 Americans... only to use for political purposes. No genuine concern... just cheap political posturing. So sad.

Obama would never resign.

Obama would never resign. He thinks he is above the law.


get off topic much???? The election is over, can't we move on???? No? Ok, well the Bengazi discussion is under 'tolls vs gas tax'. DUH!!

Nixon resigned for less.

Nixon resigned for less.


If Gen. Allen had time to trade over 20,000 emails with his fantasy-mate, when did he have time to prosecute the war? No wonder we can't win these wars, we have incompetents running the system!!!

"Incompetents" is putting it

"Incompetents" is putting it mildly. One would think that the Director of the CIA, one of the most secretive, covert organizations in the world, could at least hide an illicit affair.

Oh, don't be so sure of the CIA

No doubt there are many responsible CIA agents and employees. However the leadership of the CIA has been called in question many times in its history for carrying private agendas that have screwed up world affairs and national policies. One would hope the "leaders" of this nation would finally grow up and take their responsibilities seriously. Right now, most of us would agree we are mixing up partisan politics, corporate agendas, and national welfare to such a degree we can't be sure where the average American fits into the picture. I think we have to develop more critical thought about what has been going on for decades, own up to the fact that the pooch(taxpayer) has been screwed just as metaphorically as General Petraeus was.


What a surprise that she would be a Republican! Isn't that the party of the religious right? The guardians of our morals and our bedrooms? Why am I not surprised?

Would Pat Robertson endorse

Would Pat Robertson endorse her?

of course

Pat would support any old republicant. For you know now the Bible is incomplete we need the Book of Mormon (thanks to Willard)and a compilation of the asinine ramblings of Pat.Pat's wisdom shall form the Book of Idiocy (the fount from which his followers might drink).No doubt these are being added as we await more incoherent revelations. Then the Bible shall be complete and brought in line with right wing dogma (special dispensation for adultrers).

This must be a Comedy Central skit, isn't it?

This woman is off the charts with hubris, or she is just plain delusional.
Says she regarding her book, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus. “It was a privilege to follow Gen. David Petraeus and to see the war through his eyes.” He certainly did get an education, I agree, and it must have been a privilege to act like a modern day Napoleon's army camp follower, and see the war through the covers of his bed. I hope he didn't contract a typical camp follower disease through his acquaintance with her. I'm ready to ship this babe to Elba myself - air fares are cheap this time of year. I regret her husband and children will have a future with this betrayal by a wife and mother in their history.


In politics, anything is possible. Even Governors go hiking on the Appalachian Trail!
"For example, one woman who famously used her sexuality as a political tool was Hungarian-born Ilona Staller, best known as the Italian adult film star, Cicciolina. In 1987, 20,000 people in the district of Rome hand-wrote her name on their ballots, preferring her over forty-seven other Radical Party nominees.
For all her attempts at challenging the status quo, Cicciolina was not re-elected after her five-year term. But she did stir things up!"

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