PETA asks president to skip turkey pardon

The Norfolk-based animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking President Obama to skip the "archaic" annual tradition of pardoning a turkey.

"The White House turkey 'pardon' is a sorely outdated event. It makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle, intelligent birds and portrays the United States' president as being in some sort of business partnership with the turkey-killing industry," PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter to the White House released Tuesday.

"Turkeys do not need to be 'pardoned'—they are not guilty of anything other than being born into a world of prejudice. They are innocents who should be respected for who they are: good mothers, smart birds, and interesting animals," Newkirk wrote.

The group suggested a vegetarian alternative for Obama and his family to eat at their Thanksgiving celebration.

"This year, we encourage you to forgo this event, which so many Americans find offensive, and choose a delicious, healthy Tofurky roast for your family's holiday table," she asked.

Newkirk also compared the treatment of turkeys and other animals to the struggles of marginalized humans for dignity and self-respect.

"You understand so well that African-Americans, women, and members of the LGBT community have been poorly served throughout history, and now I am asking you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed, belittled, and treated as if their sentience, feelings, and very natures count for nothing," she wrote.

The turkey pardoning dates back to 1989, when then-President George H.W. Bush granted a bird clemency from ending up stuffed and eaten. Obama is set to pardon either Cobbler or Gobbler at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

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Shut up PETA


Lighten up...have a soybean burger and beer.


How dare you! Don’t you have any compassion? Advocating the mass slaughter of poor defenseless SOYBEANS!

Oh the horror!

they forgot "delicious"

showing compassion for animals is virtuous, and animal cruelty is a red flag for Psychotic behavior, killing for food is natural and the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

enjoy the tofurkey, petafiles. give thanks for what you have, and lay off imposing your beliefs on the rest of society.


can taste it now...pass the gravy!


I am frying two turkeys....Mmmmmmmm.


You know when someone loses their grasp of reality when they equate the suffering of slaves to the plight of a turkey. Last time I checked, humans are self-aware; turkeys are low-fat foods - and very tasty!

Forget the pardon. Send it

Forget the pardon. Send it to the oven and serve it for dinner.

Yum People Eating Tastey

Yum People Eating Tastey Animals (PETA) can't wait to cover tht Tastey bird with lots of gravy

Intelligent Turkeys Compared to African Americans

PETA you have surely stepped over the line. I see no comparison between Turkeys and African Americans. Turkey is a food that feeds not only millions of Americans, but non-Americans as well. It is juicy and very delicious to most people and these same people will probably eat some of the same vegetables that PETA loves to complement their Turkey. There are also many people providing support to their families by working in Turkey slaughter houses and without these jobs will be forced, like PETA, to eat soy beans and drink Kool-aid. I too would not like to see the President pardon the Turkey, I would like to see him take that bird and cut its head off for supper. But PETA, don't compare African Americans to Turkeys and go have a salad.

Turkey Pardon?

So! PETA is against pardoning of the Turkey by the President and you are saying, Don't pardon the turkey and let's eat them????????????????????????????????????? Make up your minds!


"PETA asks president to skip turkey pardon"

So that means that PETA WANTS these two birds to die??? If the Pres. doesn't pardon them then it's off to the oven or fryer with em.....


Happy Thanksgiving all!!:):):)

red guy

you won't make any grounds with your comments about a pilot story.....makes too much sense. Too many pilot sympathizers. I personally took your post (sniff sniff) as an attack on those wretched anti-peta folks. (sniff sniff) I'm appauled at your dislike for african americans, LBGT, and and and other people who ...well you know....want to enjoy a turkey. "Dear lord, as we sit down and sin to the depths of satan we will have this last wish for a butterball....and cranberry sauce if possible...amen"...sniff sniff. Comon folks....need at least 30 thumbs down or...sniff sniff...I'll post again.....lol

If they were just "gentle, intelligent birds" like Turkeys.

They would be thought of as "REAL" Turkeys.
Speaking of something with bad taste, here is a new PETA PSA.
This is from their site. It is not made up.


Whatever your preference of meal on Thanksgiving Day, can we all agree that the Presidents finds the "pardon" ridiculous; we find it ridiculous and I'm sure the rest of the world thinks we are collectively nuts.

Hope peta enjoy their stuff tofu

I wonder how many Peta members will be eating turkey behind close doors.

There are people who eat dog,but Peta people re-elected him as president anyway. There are people who eat snake,thousands if not millions of snakes are murdered and skinned each year,where is the out cry?

Peta people will gain a 100 lbs. before I give up my butter ball turkey,dressing/stuffing,mash potatoes and gravy,green beans with ham hocks,pies and cakes.

With the hunger pains peta members get from not eating meat protein, they don't get it, that people want turkey. Let people eat what they want to eat, I don't tell you not to eat bean dip with stink weed.

What the heck

are you talking about?




So PETA would rather we eat the turkey than pardon?

Mom is making turkey, ham and chicken thrusday...

guess my mom doesn't care about PETA and my tummy is thankful for that! Get in my belly!

You know, if PETA would shut up about this and try not to make it seem so personal, maybe folks like me wouldn't comment. But when they try to equate the struggles of women and blacks to a farm animal, that tips the ole lets get silly mode into overdrive. It also makes me want to laugh even more at PETA.

O, BTW, mom raises turkey's as pets. She would beat me to within an inch of my life if I harmed her turkeys. Yet she also knows that turkey is for the tummy, just not HER turkeys. See the difference PETA? And thats what the pardon is all about. But NO, you don't even want that. Your way or NO way. Taste taste.

This is not news!!

I wish this poor excuse for a newspaper would stop publicizing every stupid Publicity Stunt that this group does.

The only news about PETA anyone I know wants to see is that they have decided to move on to another city. Until then I ask that the Pilot stop encouraging this extremist group with articles like this and show some loyalty for this area.
PETA is hurting Norfolk just by being here. They are driving business away, what company would want to come to a city that boasts having PETA’s headquarters?

this just makes me want to go out a buy 3 turkeys from

a live turkey farm and give them away to someone.... Three turkeys that might have lived until Dec will now be on someone's dinner plate.

Anyone ever hear of the story of the Dad who had his young daughter go pick out a chicken and bring it to him? The girl wanted her Dad to see her prized chicken. So she picked that chicken where he promptly made that chicken the nights dinner?

Sounds like its time to do it again..... you go PETA!

No one needs to die for you to eat

Thank you, Ingrid, for such an insightful statemant! No one needs to die for us to have a satisfying meal, and the less violence we perpetrate in our daily lives, the nicer the world will be. Factory farming is also devastating to the environment, and affects our local streams and bay! (and no, I'm not a liberal or a Democrat).

no o n e will die for me to eat.... turkeys, chickens cows

ducks, fish, worms, snakes, snails, turtles, etc are not people. So no ONE will die. Now if I get hungry and I want some good ole southern fried chicken, Hennie Penny might want to look out. Slice, pull out some feathers, batter, 420 degrees on the oil pit. Yumm yumm. Sorry Hennie, but in the great food chain, you are way below me.

Hey, I have no problem using a sharp axe to put Hennie out of her misery. After that, what does she care? My tummy is a grumbly and Hennie can make it stop. That is life, be it evolutionary OR God based thinking. The tummy comes first.

And with this me me me mentality the country is going to..... well, Hennie didn't stand a chance before; she sure doesn't now. Isn't that FDRs saying, chicken in every pot? YES!


No one is gonna die. (this comment has been approved by me)...on a side note I hope the ones who deep fry keep in mind to COMPLETELY thaw. Saw a video on Youtube where a fire department showed what happened if not properly thawed.....bad fire...and it started quickly. All enjoy.....gobble gobble....:)

I wonder if a people member ever tried deep fried turkey?

PETA = People Eating Turkey Again

I wonder if the pig (Ham) will get the same attention at Christmas


Surely peta has worse things todo thn critize Thanksgiving traditions.....what a bunch of jerks.

No Turkey Pardon?

Now PETA doesn't want the President to pardon a Turkey? You compare turkeys to African-Americans? I don't know what the hell you guys are smoking, but I want some. You folks can't seems to make up your minds, kill the bird, don't kill the bird. It's a tradition to pardon the bird, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Happy Thanksgiving Folks,eat hardy!

HE should follow PETA's example

Maybe the President should just euthanize them and drop them in a dumpster. Isn’t that how PETA handles pets?

Guardianship of the animal world

The concept a lot of folks forget is that most all animals do feel. There was once an entire race of humans who would pray for the animal they had just killed and thank them for their sacrifice. And they would ask the Great Spirit to welcome that animal’s being home. I am not asking you to believe that this as your truth, but I ask you to think about it while you denigrate those that do. There are wonders of nature many of us will never begin to understand. These wonders include all that is the animal kingdom. And just because God entrusted us with dominion over the animals, does not give us the right to abuse them. The spirit of a man is measured by the kindnesses he gives to those who are most in need of those kindnesses.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated


is a sorely outdated event. Do something. don't just get starlets naked to protest, thanks for that BTW, but have a rescue team when animals are beached locally like the VA Beach aquarium. Do something besides whine and complain.

Dear Mr President, Please

Dear Mr President,

Please cancel your annual turkey pardoning, and instead please pardon three of our PETA workers who dumped a bunch of puppies in a remote dumpster in N.C.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

The hypocrites of

There is a place for all God's creatures...

right between the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

PETA members are hypocrites

Did anybody pardon the animals who provided the leather for all those fancy Beemers and Escalades, etc. I see in their parking lot all the time?

Pilot editors - Just because

Pilot editors - Just because an organization sends you a press release, don't feel obligated to publish it. Specially with a fringe group with a history of pandering for attention with stunts and outlandish headlines in the past. Please, consider using some editorial discretion.

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