Former Pa. gov. calls McDonnell a 'coward' on guns

Former Gov. Ed Rendell called Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) a “coward and a wuss” for avoiding a conversation about whether Americans should have access to semiautomatic assault weapons arming in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn.

“I like Gov. McDonnell and think he does some good things, but he is being nothing but a coward and a wuss when he won’t confront the question,” said Rendell, a Pennsylvania Democrat, on MSNBC on Wednesday.

“Governor, give us one reason why any law-abiding American should have access to a clip that has more than ten bullets in it or to a semiautomatic assault weapon. There is no reason. There’s no answer. And the American people understand that.”

McDonnell spokesman Paul Logan responded to Rendell’s criticisms to Politico saying: “The governor has called for a thoughtful and thorough review of Virginia school safety policies following the tragedy in Connecticut. He has said that we need to look at mental health and public safety and how those intersect, as well as broader issues that contribute to a culture of violence.”

When asked again about McDonnell’s position on gun clips, Logan declined any further comment.

On MSNBC, Rendell also addressed critics who say gun control would lead to even more stricter gun control laws.

“It isn’t a slippery slope, and no one wants to take away your deer rifle,” Rendell said.

Rendell also questioned the NRA’s political clout.

“If you guys are so tough, how come you opposed me in three statewide election in the second highest NRA membership state in the country and I got elected by 10 points, 12 points and 21 points. If the NRA is so tough, how did I win all of those elections?” Rendell said.

Rendell continued: “They’re not that tough. They are literally a paper tiger. They’re the Wizard of Oz.”


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thats right

Put everything on the table except gun control.

...that's right...

...talk about everything except what really is to blame and blame everything on inanimate objects and innocent people who've done nothing wrong. When the "table" begins with "ban" there's absolutely nothing to discuss.

Tollbooth Bob

Tollbooth Bob is the worst governor in Virginia history. Selling our bridges and ports to foreign companies, bringing in radioactive uranium mining, government forced trans v ultrasounds, block the vote efforts, terrified of the blood thirsty NRA, etc.. A lot of damage is being done by this idiot.

I'd like to see your

I'd like to see your statistics to back up your words. While we may not agree with everything he does, he certainly has done more then Timmy Kaine did.

Trans V Bob

Statistics? What statistics? Everything in my post is true.

Not True at all

No it's not, it's all your personal suggestion; there is absolutely not a single shred of truth in what you wrote. Pres Obama is the worst president in American history due to the inability to work across party lines, work to put together a budget, allow the deficit to grow by more than twice of any sitting president in history, and extend welfare and unemployment benefits without mandating the recipients show validation that they are seeking employment. That's what truth looks like...see the difference?

Obama has saved the Auto

Obama has saved the Auto Industry, ended the Iraq War, passed Healthcare Reform, killed bin Laden and Ghaddafi, presided over 33 months of economic growth. Those who receive unemployment benefits are required to show they are actively searching for work. The deficit continues to grow because Tea Party Republicans refuse to compromise in an era of divided government, and therefore nothing gets accomplished . . . as evidenced by last night's Plan B disaster, which was Boehner's own plan . . . not Obama's. Two tax cuts followed by two ground wars, on top of natural disasters, has exacerbated our debt issues. You can now count on your taxes being raised because compromise was not reached.

Better get to a doctor quickly

you're hallucinating!

Where are the Pilot Censures?

Where are the VP censures? It’s bad enough that Chris33 makes up his own facts, but now he calls our Governor an idiot. If someone said that about someone on the left their post would be deleted immediately.


Its one mass conspiracy by the liberal media!


It's rather obvious which side the VP supports.

you want to get

you want to get deleted??...call obama a name....your post will disappear at the speed of light

Not true at all. He was

Not true at all. He was called "Grifter in CHief", "Obummer", "Nobama" by quite a few and they never got deleted. Sometimes the truth hurts. Republicans need to come to the realization that they are no longer the majority.

That sir, is patently false.

That sir, is patently false. These comments are generally chock full of nasty names and insults hurled at Obama. What what motivate you to post something so obviously false and what would motivate people to give you thumbs up for posting something that is obviously false? I'd like an answer.

No censors because.....

.....Tollbooth Bob is an idiot...selling out the state of Virginia to corporate interest and extremist religious groups. He will be gone in 2014 only to return at Pat Robertson seminars and Fox Lies interviews.


The worst governor that I can recall Virginia had was Tim Kaine. The Urainium mining is still up for a vote, Government forced Trans V ultrasounds, he Vetoed, Block the Vote efforts, you voted so that is not true, and who is affraid of the NRA? You should be more affraid of the ACLU than the NRA. So look in a mirror before you call anyone an idiot.

Did a Republican kick sand

Did a Republican kick sand in your face on the playground today? Your name calling is way over the top and definitely not articulate.

Who really cares what ed

Who really cares what ed rendell? Certainly no one with a brain!

That would explain, then, the

passive response from the Governor and his knee-jerk "let's arm teachers" stupidity. He's brainless.


How can common sense be brainless? Oh I see someone disagrees with you and they are brinless. Very cute!


No comment needed for this one. What could you possibly know about common sense?


What I understood the Governor had said was that teachers who were CCOPH, being allowed to carry in school was on the table. Why shouldn't it be. Even a Dyed in the Wool, Ultra Liberal, Anti Constitution Socialist has to admit that Gun Free Zones are an open invitation to criminally intent people. They will be the Only Ones Armed and Will meet no resistance. Where have the mass shootings taken place? Gun Free Zones. Think, Please for Safeties Sake.

The PA gov

...Has some good points, but he doesn't need to come out throwing idiotic drivel around, calling people names. That seems to be the thing to do these days for some people. Unfortunate and sad that he'd hide behind such blatantly snide and fearful comments like that to make himself heard. What a little boy. "My Daddy is bigger than your daddy, and...and, he can beat you up, too! Dummy!"

...virginian-pilot...that picture of rendell is 20 years old...

...how about a current photo of Democrat Ed Rendell, who is much, much older than your picture and about 100 pounds heavier. Give us a break. It's always the same--good pictures of Democrats, unflattering pictures of Republicans. More tripe in the bird cage liner.


Doesn't anyone worry when government tells citizens what defense they don't need?


Did you worry every day between 1994-2004?

During the ban on assault weapons?

I never worried or felt like my rights were violated during the time period when assault weapons were banned. Did anyone who is ranting on this subject honestly feel threatened? In 2004 the ban expired...


please name the guns that were actually banned and were not modified to be compliant with the new laws and still fly off the shelves into the hands of buyers -- the assault weapons banned did nothing - take out one round in a 15 round clip and viola instant compliance - change one mechanical devise on the AR-15, give it a new name and viola, instant compliance -

mass murder was committed just as often under the so-called assault weapons' ban as it was both before and after the ban - what did not change was people accepting responsibility for their messed up relatives or laws that make it more difficult for these mentally ill individuals to freely roam the streets


I don't!

And Rendall is the scarecrow

And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin'.....

What a shock

A Governor from the North calling the Governor of Virginia a coward. What else could one expect from the Governor of a state that killed hundreds of thousands of Virginians in a war over States Rights!


Still bitter about that Ray?

Just so you know ....

PA lost about 33K men in the war compared to VA which lost about 30K (not quite hundreds of thousands). I am Southerner also, but the Northern troops did an awful lot of hard fighting and dying in the war. They deserve just as much respect. (Not that any of this is relevant to the current conversation).

News flash:

the Civil War has been over close to 150 years now, the North won and it 'states rights' was and continues to be a euphemism for slavery. Skip history class?


You mean history taught in a Government school? Just like I was taught in school that blood in your veins is blue.

What's a "government school?"

Oh, you must mean public schools, where the majority of Americans receive their early education. I also graduated from UVA, a public university. I understand history as taught in public schools is probably different than what is received today from those who are 'home skooled', particularly with regard to learning objectively factual information.

What A Shock

It's 2012 Ray. Turn the page. Seriously.

This is obvious:

Gov. Ronald McDonnell wants the GOP nomination in 2016, so no matter what, he will not say ANYTHING negative about guns or the gun industry/lobby. He is a wanna-be sell-out just like McCain and Rmoney (not sic). Safety of citizens means nothing. Welcome to America. Beware.

law abiding citizens

Why shouldn't a law-abiding citizen have access to 30 round magazines or semi-automatic rifles? It's not the law abiding citizen I'm worried about.

Right. It's her son you

Right. It's her son you should be worried about.

If the reports are true -

If the reports are true - that the son was mentally ill and that she was trying to have him comitted - then she is culpable. We don't know all the facts, but I question the wisdom of allowing the son access to guns and ammunition.

I believe that when a minor child or mentally unstable adult commits a gun crime as a result of a gun owner's carelessness they should be charged with a crime. Secure your weapons, folks. That's what responsible gun owners do.

Many of these murderers

were law abiding citizens until something happened and they had these weapons readily available to them.

We as a society need to move to solutions that work on saving lives rather than always being absolute idealist.

Many say you trust in God, but that is untrue if your trust is in your gun.

not absolute idealist

I generally agree with you. But millions of law-abiding gun owners should not be punished for the actions of a few. It was the governor who used the phrase "law-abiding." People who commit gun crimes do not fit that category.


Would you punishment be defined as just not being able to buy a certain type or style of gun, magazine capacity, or amount of ammunition?

Convicted felons should not

Convicted felons should not be able to own or possess guns, IMO.


Gun-related felony, never again. Other felony convictions, case-by-case.

Life without parole for

Life without parole for committing a crime with a firearm. That will put a big dent in the problem.

Sorry, I'm not giving you a pass on that statement.

Few if any of these murders involving assult rifles are by legal gun owners. Show your proof IF you have it but you can't because it is a false statement.



Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated

Actually the question of the day is

Why does any citizen need access to 30 round magazines or semi-automatic rifles?

That is an easy question...

a gang of 11 or more breaks in your domicile threatening you.

Hang tough Govenor McDonnell!

Do these assailants wait

Do these assailants wait politely on the porch until you go and get your guns which you have securely locked up because you are a responsible gun owner?

The real problem is not the guns - it is the people who are not responsible enough to be allowed to have them. First, we must find a way to identify those people and do something (and I am not sure what), then worry about the guns.

why punish the responsible

while we are figuring out what to do with the irresponsible?

Did you read my entire

Did you read my entire comment?

Are you seriously saying the only responsible way to own a gun

is to keep it locked up at all times? You don't understand American freedom at all in my opinion.

Are you seriously saying the only responsible way to own a gun

is to keep it locked up at all times? You don't understand American freedom at all in my opinion.

First of all

The former Governor is now nothing but a television personality who regularly says ridiculous stuff on TV for attention.

“Governor, give us one reason why any law-abiding American should have access to a clip that has more than ten bullets in it or to a semiautomatic assault weapon. There is no reason. There’s no answer. And the American people understand that.”

Why should Americans have access to a vehicle that goes 100 mph? Why should Americans have access to cigarettes that kill themselves and harm those around them? Why should Americans have access to horribly unhealthy food especially while the government (read you and me) is trying to pay for everyone's medical bills?

I think them American people can understand that....


Like I said below, each one of the items you mentioned are regulated and have specific laws that adhere to each.


Who would have thought? You mean they have regulations on Big Macs?


Heard of the FDA? Or the Local Health Department. The people who try and make sure they cant sell you certain types of food and ingredients.

not truthful

But nice try. The FDA may tell McD's to post the calories, and the health dept may tell the help to wash their hands after they wipe but there are no restrictions on making a Big Mac as unhealthy as you want.


There are restrictions on what meat is used, if it really is meat, what temperature it is cooked to, what temperature it is stored at. But no in terms that it could be piled with grease, bacon, whatever, no restrictions are placed on that.


The previous posters rationale is totally off, noting if things can be used as weapons why are they not illegal. I said they are legal, like guns, but can and are regulated (by laws and restrictions).


"The former Governor is now nothing but a television personality who regularly says ridiculous stuff on TV for attention."

Yup. Kinda reminds me of Huckabee in that regard.
As for the need: Cars are useful to transport people, including police, to required destinations. They have other uses beside speeding. Cigarettes? I can sort of agree with you. But, being an ex-smoker, I must admit they do have a calming effect and can give you something to do while formulating an answer to a difficult question. Deer rifles? Varmint rifles? Target rifles? No problem. Getting back to the subject, however, 30+ round clips in semiautomatic weapons have no useful purpose other than killing a maximum number of people in a minimum amount of time. QED!

not seeking truth

A useful purpose: shooting 30 targets without having to change the clip or reload. Open your mind, seriously.

Yeah, do open your mind, only this time, a li'l wider.

But this time, interpret the "target" to be "people", as in "maximum number of people."

What's your rush???

What's your rush???

Static 'targets' aren't going anywhere.

Are you just that lazy??? Treading public safety for your laziness is a lousy argument.

Examine your logic... SERIOUSLY!!!

How is shooting pieces of

How is shooting pieces of paper useful?

I own 6- 30 round clips and

I own 6- 30 round clips and I have yet to kill a maximum number of people is the least amount of time. But I do kill alot of targets in the least amount of time without having to reload and pay for extra time at the range.

I Think You Mean

MAGAZINES, don't you Paul? A clip and a magazine are two entirely different firearms-related devices.

Uh ... wha'?

... that's a pretty lame analogy. It's pretty hard to kill 20 school children by pointing a Marlboro at them.

So this is the new standard?

So this is the new standard? If it can't kill 20 children it's good to go?


So making it illegal makes it go away? We should do that to heroin and meth.

Actually, it is pretty easy

It just takes longer.

Why do we allow people to

Why do we allow people to have access to high-powered fast cars, huge gas guzzling trucks and deadly tobacco? No one "needs" that stuff. Because we are a free people and the people want them. Unless I am infringing on your rights, then stay away from mine. End of discussion.


But are all of the items are regulated and have certain laws that apply to each, correct?

yes and so do guns

Just like guns. The point was that Americans don't have to justify something as a need in order to obtain it.

One question Mr.

One question Mr. Rendell.....what's a wuss?


I believe it is a portmanteau, which is a combination of two or more words to form a new word. An example would be "smog", which is a combination of smoke+fog= smog. In this case, wimp+p*ssy=wussy, or its shortened form, wuss. It means a weak, or timid person, or one who is not manly.

Actually, a portmanteau is a

Actually, a portmanteau is a suitcase.


I believe.

Not sure if you're being

Not sure if you're being funny but the term portmanteau (a double compartmented suitcase) is used to refer to words like "smog" and "wuss" that consist of two words jammed together, more or less

hey ed

If the people loved you so much, how come now you are now a bitter ex-politician and are only significant as a footnote in a Pennsylvania History Book?

Tell Me

Tell me why any Virginian should care what Rendell thinks.

I hope Bob McDonnell calls

I hope Bob McDonnell calls him a fatty in return.

LOL that won't

LOL that won't happen---McDonnell has too much class to stoop to name-calling!!


Former Va Beach resident now living in PA. First time I have ever agreed with Ed Rendell.

Former PA resident

I wish you Yankees would just stay up North. You obviously like most of the liberal crap that is disseminated in those states. Please go back and quit coming down here and trying to change our ways. Go home if you like that ex-Governor.

Well Ed-

McDonnel probably knows it's none of his business.

Gun Control

It appears to "all of us" that you do not know anything about Virginia politics. You always spew your hatred toward any Republican and now you call our governor an idiot. Let me educate you. The worse governor in the history of our Commonwealth is the person Governor McDonnell replaced. Governor Kaine has already been labeled this by many news organizations, political pundits, etc. Look up his record while he was in office, but better yet, why don't you also look up his record as mayor of Richmond. Why do you think one of our previous governors ran for office as mayor of Richmond. He did it to clean up Kaine's mess and that person is Governor Wilder who also happens to be a democrat. Shall we educate you some more...

Please cite facts instead of

Please cite facts instead of opinions. Your comments above offered no support to your claims. What did Kaine do that makes him the "worse governor." In your own words, please educate us.


are joking right? You think Kaine was a good governor? He left a huge deficit, closed all the rest stops (cost millions to reopen) his last budget got not one vote.. not even from his own party and one of his last acts before running off to run the DNC he tried to let a double murder go back to Germany to be released and has never told anybody publicly why? There is way more. These are just the highlights. Why in the world Allen did not bring any of this up during the campaign I have no idea.

Slippery Slope becomes a Cliff

Take the difference between the AR-15 and the Browning Safari rifle. Its mostly looks. Autoloading speed and magazine capacity sizes notwithstanding, the Browning rifle comes in larger bore sizes for big game lethality with comparable energy and velocity. So otherwise, Rendell must be talking about "scary-looking" guns.

The slippery slope becomes a cliff the minute a lunatic uses a similar sporting rifle in their killing spree. Many firearms are semiautomatic for easier ejection and loading. These are technological advancements - to make the machine do more of the work. We do not regress advancements. We're not going back to manual transmissions either even though it may save more lives on the road in this age of texting while driving.


Rendell is clearly just as ignorant about firearms as the rest of the reporting and political community. Oh and AR15's and modern rifles use magazines, not clips, "dawg". "Clips" are relic items. He clearly received his firearm education from movies and television.

Something about a governor

from another state using those words against my governor makes me defensive of Governor McDonnell (though I don't agree with the our Governor on this issue). Looks like Rendell wants to start something? Back off!

Politics can be strange and

Politics can be strange and changable. McDonnell has won in the past on support for guns, trans V abortions, cuts in local support for education, public safety, and VRS, the continued destruction of our transportation infrastructure through neglect, privatization of state assets for corporate gain, voter suppression, continued privatization of our colleges and universities, and a general attitude that "no taxes" trumps any other strategy. I guess the big question is whether his predecessor can win on that platform as well. I sure hope not.

bad ideas

He also won on signing the authorization to fund bonds for the purchase of a grossly overpriced abandoned rail line ROW. You never seemed to complain about that. It seems almost criminal to spend $40 mil of hard earned tax $$ on for a property assessed at just over $4 mil. This is called gaming the system and the taxpayer can't afford it any longer.
We're still waiting for the investigation into the $100 mil overrrun on LRT that CTB board member Aubrey Layne indicated was being undertaken. Two years later and not a peep. Your tax $$ at work.



not a stretch to see you attacking Governor McDonnell in defense of that crooked politician from up North that has run his state with cronyism to the nth degree. Like seeks like.

To be clear....

The AR-15 is a highly flexible rifle platform and is widely used by civilians in the US for sporting purposes. They are used in various shooting competitions and by hunters for small to medium sized game. That is why there are over 3 million of them in civilian hands. The AR-15 is not an "assault rifle" as it is semi-auto. An assault rifle has selectable fire and can fire multiple rounds with each pull of the trigger. That is classified as a machine gun and requires a special permit under federal law. The VP recently did a report on those if you are interested.

OBTW, A convicted felon cannot purchase or be in possession of a firearm under federal law.

True; However, A Felon Convicted Under Virginia Law

may petition the commonwealth to have his/her rights restored. Such request, if successful, will permit the felon to petition the circuit court in his/her locality to possess or carry a firearm.

Source: http://www.commonwealth.virginia.gov/judicialsystem/clemency/restoration.cfm

good point

My question, has it ever happened?

TO chris, anold and the rest

TO chris, anold and the rest of you narrow minded people: Not everyone with a gun wants to SHOOT PEOPLE. I honestly can't imagine where you get these ideas. I wish you liberals would stop trying to force the rest of US to live the way YOU think WE should. Look in your own back yard. I'm sure you need to clean it before you worry about mine.


The causes behind the Sandy Hook shootings are multifaceted. If we conveniently focus on the shooters last 2 minutes of life,(gun control) when he is in possession of heavy weaponry and think we are going to decrease future acts of violence then we are failing ourselves and our children. A me first culture that glorifies violence caused this. Hollywood and their sewer pipe of murder, mayhem,and spree killings guised as entertainment caused this. Thousands of images of violence as witnessed in the media and in real life have desensitized our youth to violence. An over medication of our youth by big Pharma caused this. Taking God, whether real or imagined, out of our schools caused this. Easy access to heavy weaponry caused this as well.

Since we can tinker with

Since we can tinker with amendments to the constitution, let's reinterpret the fourteenth amendment so that only the people born in this country of legal citizens can be a citizen.

ahhh, thats exactly what it says

who is tinkering with the 14th?

"all persons born or naturalized in the US AND subject to the jurisdiction therof, are citizens of the US AND to the state they live in."

first part says BORN or naturalized, but for your wording born. Then there is that pesky little word AND. Which means this second part has to be true as well. It states subject to the jurisdiction thereof, meaning the child through the parents are subjects of US laws. If they ARE here legally, even with a visa, and have a baby, the CHILD is a citizen.

Just like the ex Marine in Mexico, he is a subject of the US and not subject to the jurisdiction thereof of Mexico. That is why we are trying to get him back.

What about the

children of diplomats? They are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US.

eww, good one

Because there are other provisions for naturalizing and making people citizens besides the 14th, one of those ways supports these children.

Remember, in Dred Scott (1857?), blacks were property and not citizens according to the FED govt. As such, they first had to become people, which is part of what the 14th is doing, then those people and their children get to become citizens and VOTE and as well as other things.

This is why I do not give the SC the title "final arbitor of all things constitutional" because they do have an agenda and their interpretations have been flawed many times. Plessy v Fergussion ring a bell that created Jim Crow laws and separate but equal? Eugenics Bell v. Buck?

TAS was saying that a person

TAS was saying that a person that jumps the border to the US just to have a baby, the baby should not be able to claim US citizenship because the parents are not legal citizens. The 14th amendment was written for a particular reason to rectify citizenship of blacks at that time.

Rendell knows a coward when he sees one,

gyna governor Bob grovels to the NRA, Grover Norquist, Pat Robertson, teavangelists of any stripe the Koch. Bros and will sell our infrastructure to any foriener who will bid on it.

Face it...The current GOP, like Fox "News" and the NRA is literally owned by amoral right wing plutocrats.


FMR. Gov. Rendell should know rough and tough folks like the Union thugs that backed him. He's a cartoon character.


Off topic a bit, but not everyone who is in a Union is a thug, like not everyone who owns a gun is a gun nut.

Key word here...


He holds no office and cannot create/change any laws. His opinion is insignificant.

At least he is a consistent liberal. When faced with something he doesn't like he breaks into berating...


Rush or Savage have never berated anyone.

U.S.Army Veteran

Who really cares what Mr. Rendell says? Certainly not I. The Governor's plan has some merit. If the Teachers a properly trained and qualified to handle a handgun, then I see no problems with it. But if someone is hell bent on shooting up a school, I would imagine he would recon the building to see which teachers are armed, and make them the first targets. But on the other hand, he would probably be so screwed up that he just doesn't give a damn, and shoot any thing that moves. Installation of metal detectors at every entrance would probably be a good idea with a Sheriffs deputy at each entrance. I still believe that if you want to kill someone you will find a way. God forbid something like this happening, but it could.

U.S.Army Veteran

Who really cares what Mr. Rendell says? Certainly not I. The Governor's plan has some merit. If the Teachers a properly trained and qualified to handle a handgun, then I see no problems with it. But if someone is hell bent on shooting up a school, I would imagine he would recon the building to see which teachers are armed, and make them the first targets. But on the other hand, he would probably be so screwed up that he just doesn't give a damn, and shoot any thing that moves. Installation of metal detectors at every entrance would probably be a good idea with a Sheriffs deputy at each entrance. I still believe that if you want to kill someone you will find a way. God forbid something like this happening, but it could.

"Governor, give us one reason why any

law-abiding American should have access to a clip that has more than ten bullets in it or to a semiautomatic assault weapon."

Because we can. The same reason we may go into Starbucks or make our own coffee. Because we live in a free society where the govt has minimal controls over our lives.

You dont want to own clips that carry more than 10 rounds, that is your right. But we also have the right to own that same clip.

How quickly can someone replace a clip in a semi-auto? It just means nut jobs carry more clips but will probably carry the same amount of BBs.

Is it the clip or the gun that scares libs? Neither scare me in the hands of a law-abiding citizen. That pesky set of words blows the PA gov out of the water!


That same right give you the freedom to own a grenade?

When did grenades enter the

When did grenades enter the conversation? I know, just now because you can't rebut the comment as written.


I put it there, to see question NCGuy's rationale that he can have whatever the 2nd says he can have because "he can" and that the govt cant tell him no.

ok lets go there... for the clip question, why allow 10 rounds

but not 11+? You do realize that in order for the gun in question to operate it really needs the clip (yes, I can single load the chamber ala Barny Fife). I have the implied right to a clip for the weapon of any size. Which is what the gov is really questioning.

In McCulloch v. Maryland 1819, the state of maryland tried to curb the rights of the fed govt to a national bank, it tried to levi taxes in an attempt to thwart the constitutional mandate which required the use of a bank. The argument boiled down to the Fed needed the bank and the state could not interfere with the mandate even though it was not specifically identified. It was implied the bank was required.

Same with our rights. The feds cannot infringe on this implied right.


One last one....but if a certain sized clip is deemed illegal, just because you have a implied right to it, doesn't mean it is legal now. In terms that a clip having a smaller capacity is still available for purchase for the legal gun.

the problem is limiting or finding any size clip illegal is

an infringement upon the initial right. Part of McCulloch v. Maryland was Maryland wanted to tax the banks because it was not expressly stated a bank is needed by the Feds. The tax was hopped it would be prohibitive to the operation of the banks and would stop the action Maryland was against.

For guns, since restricting the size of a clips capacity is infringing on the gun's capacity, it cannot be deemed legal, or at least should not be just like the taxing desire was an infringement upon the Fed govt to function within its rights.

The size of the clip should be up to the individual using the weapon and the ability of the clip maker. Just like it is up to the Fed to operate its banks as it needs to perform its right.


a nice robust discussion we had. Enjoyed it!

for part two of your question

grenade.... or F-16, Tomahawk, Tank. Should they be legislated with regard to ownership? Well, the F-16 at least one is available on the open market, a tomahawk is the property of the US govt and it controls the selling of that asset. The tank, people do own operational tanks, to include a working gun. It is after all, simply a big gun.

The grenade. since it is really not an arms and is more of a weapon of mass destruction, it probably should not be available to the general public. It is more in line with a bomb then a bullet. I can see using a 33 clip AR in defense of my country but not really "needing" to be ready to use a grenade under the 2nd. Yet it could fall under the commerce clause to allow owning and using?


I am not going into a discussion on what weapon systems are/are not available to the public with fully operational capabilities. Simply put, if something once legal, becomes deemed illegal by the federal govt, it will not become legal again simply because your rights are infringed upon. Just like the freedom of speech doesn't give you the right to say anything you wish, even though you claim your rights are being abused.

something once legal becomes illegal, so long as it is legally

deemed illegal by the Federal, State, or local level government cannot be made legal simply because I think it is legal, yes, you are correct. I never said otherwise.

The problem is some things yesterday was legal, is today illegal, and because of how the particular law was written will become legal or changed tomorrow. What the SC mentioned with ACA.

Now gun ownership shall not be infringed... is a right, which requires a constitutional change. Similar to the 13th caused a change and repeal of prohibition required the 21st. Gun ownership is more than just a law, but a right. No law supersedes the constitution no matter how many people wish it so until the constitution is changed using the rules found in the same constitution.

One more

But since gun ownership deals with both laws and rights, a gun deemed illegal does not give you the right to own it thus making it legal.

i think just about any gun man has created can be owned

by a citizen if they wish to pay the cost of owning that weapon. Since the constitution does give us this right and restricted the fed govt by stating it shall not infringe upon the rights of a citizen to bear arms, it should only be at the State level where gun laws can restrict or identify guns as being legal or illegal. But since most states have a provision to support the Constitution of the nation, they place the entire constitution as an umbrella over them.

So it really comes down to just how badly do "gun nuts" wish to push a law and fight it for constitutionality? How badly do "anti-gun nuts" wish to push?

The Feds by the 2nd have to stay out of gun control law discussions. They really have no authority over guns.

Nonsensical argument

Try proofreading a few times, perhaps then you can get your thoughts across in an understandable manner.

Chaser is now

arguing in the absurd. The right bear arms means something you bear or carry. Throwing a grenade or owning a cannon doesn't count.

pierre is back!

Yes correcting grammar on the internet, how sublime. Just because NCGuy "can" do something doesn't make it his right. And his rights are not violated because he cannot own, throw, or posses something deemed illegal.

if the constitution says it is my right that i can do something

then it is for no one who claims to be a law abiding citizen to work to counter that right. Thus I can do that.

If we are a country where rights are allowed to be countered by the majority then we could have gotten rid of the 13th, 14th and 15th as well as never passed many of the other amendments and kept the vote from women and made enslaving people legal again.

There was a time in this country where the ability to do just that was available. What stopped it was that pesky document that gave people rights through the constitution that are above any law a government body might deem acceptable at that current time. All laws are subservient to the constitution and the rights kept by the citizens.

No govt is empowered to do as it pleases.

yesterday it was a tank, f-16 and tomahawk

today its a gernade. Come on chaser, stick to one line. What did your liberal buddy ask, give me one good reason why someone needs a clip.... I answered his question. Don't like the answer, tough.

Since a lib will change the subject when they don't get the answer they are fishing for, I wont bite any further then to identify that you are reaching into your lib playbook once again and deflecting the discussion once you realize you have lost the discussion point.

Deflection, name calling, hate or race implying is typically where libs will go when they run against an answer to one of their question they don't want to hear.


I was just debating your rationale dealing with a item that could be deemed illegal and just because you "need it" or was once your right to possess doesn't mean your rights are infringed upon after the fact.

It could

Governor Rendell has it backward. It is not necessary for the people to prove to the government why their rights should not be restricted. It is up to the government to prove their is a valid need for limiting our rights.

So how do we determine

who can legally own a firearm?

Felons can't, but still do. The mentally unstable can't but also still do.

If there is no effective way to screen all purchasers or track who bought and sold what, we might as well issue everyone a gun when they turn 18 (or are born for that matter), no questions asked.

Then as the criminals are caught after killing someone, we take their gun.

Don't limit firearms, but limit those who can buy them.

That is the crux of the matter.

No it is

NOT the crux of the matter, at least from my viewpoint. ANYTHING done about gun control as a result of the current hysteria will forever be tied to that event. Until and unless it can be proven that those actions are an appropriate response for that event, it will be bad precedent. As has been shown many,many times in the past, judicially, bad precedent is difficult to overcome. When discussing limitations on rights (which everyone acknowledges their are) we must be very careful in establishing the precedent for WHY those rights are limited. Every limitation on rights guaranteed by the Constitution has a common theme - it protects the rights of the whole and maintains, to a reasonable degree, the individual right.

So, do you have a solution

to the daily carnage in the US?

And how to keep guns in the hands of only law abiding citizens?

"Reasonable degree"

You are right. That is what I am looking for in gun control.

If you can still buy what you want, yet it becomes harder for those who would do us harm, felons and the mentally unstable, that would certainly qualify as a reasonable degree of acceptable gun control.

Thorough background legal and mental verification along with registration would, over time, go a long way to bring down our gun homicide rates.

It is not just about the mass shootings, but they are the most visible.

It is about the year in year out murders and shootings that proliferate our society.

On this we agree

"Neither scare me in the hands of a law-abiding citizen."

Not a problem.

Now how do we keep not just clips, but all forms of weaponry from the non-law abiding citizen and the mentally unstable?

Because you and I have the right to buy arms doesn't alleviate us of the responsibility to see that those who would do us harm cannot.

It is not the law abiding citizenry that is killing 15,000 a year, either one at a time or many in a mass shooting.

We have 300 million plus weapons up for grabs by anyone, criminal or not without any restrictions.

That is partly why we have the highest homicide rate in the industrial world…on par with many third world nations.

And that is a problem.


Check your facts. We don't hold a candle to the number of reported violent acts in Europe. Quit slobbering things out if you're not sure. That Pennsylvania has been is just that, a has been. What a sorry state.

just Google homicide rates worldwide

You will find we are in the 4.2/100k range. Most of Europe is less than 1 or 2/100K population. Japan has .3.

And many of those countries have high rates of gun ownership, like Switzerland, Norway, Finland, etc.

one good reason

You want one good reason American should have access to assault weapons? HISTORY. We were given the right to bare arms so that we could defend ourselves against others, including governments foreign of domestic. Couldn’t happen here? It already has. The Union Army invasion was real. The Japanese invasion was real. Anyone out there thinking history doesn’t repeat itself?

We the citizens of the United States of America should have the right to defend ourselves with machinery of reasonable advancement -- similar to what we would expect a possible enemy to carry.

When our government say “We don’t want you to have that” we should all be worried and outraged.

Considering the South

seceded from the Union and then attacked a US Army unit at Fort Sumter, it is debatable who started the war.

The Japanese never invaded the US. They attacked Pearl Harbor from the air to cripple our Navy so they could pursue objectives in Asia without our interference. Civilian with personal weapons had little to do with defending Pearl Harbor or our mainland.

In both cases, it was organized military forces that engaged the enemy.

"machinary…similar to what we would expect a possible enemy to carry."

That would be tanks, jet fighters, missiles, grenade launchers and the like.

You plan on stocking up anytime soon?

you might

Want some continuing adult education Len. You know why the Japanese never invaded us don't you? Yamamoto said the Japanese could never invade America because of the number of guns owned by the civilians.

Actually, he never said that

Find the source for your assertion.

Stand pat

Stand pat on this one Bob. Virginia is not Pennsylvania, nor should we give a rat's patootie about their stumping governor.

What's being placed on the table nationally will further redistribute power from the people and into the hands of a federal government. For once I'm glad you were elected, leadership means sticking to your convictions on this one.

Still remain your biggest critic on near everything else you brought you brought to the slate however. Tolling Tidewater, 460 bridge to nowhere, the list is a long one. But I digress.


I vigorously supported McDonnell when he ran for governor. I contributed $10,000 to his campaign, which I would venture to say is probably considerably more than most of the other commenters gave him.
That said, I agree with Gov. Rendell.
McDonnell has been disappointing as governor, waffling on many issues, and making some highly questionable decisions such as reappointing Helen Dragas as UVa rector. His so-called stand on guns took it over the top for me. Instead of taking a firm position either way, he apparently called for a study of whether classroom teachers should be armed. That's loonier than Looney Tunes.
Regardless of what he runs for in the future, Bob McDonnell has a lot of convincing to do for me to vote for him.

Pay no attention to this man & he'll just just fade away again

Why has this has been former Governor this tough on his on people while in office. The only time he brought up the notion of reinstating the federal assault weapon ban,is when a police office in Pittsburg was shot and killed,his own people refuse to vote on the issue. Seem to me that every time there is a shooting that affects a large number of people,he comes out from under the rocks with his democrat gun ban agenda,until he realize no one is paying attention to him. Why didn't governor do something about the fact that PA has the highest number of black homicides, out of 485 black homicides, 86% were by firearm.
This man has personal issues with our governor by showing lack of professional respect.

I now get it!

Now I see why the governor raised the teacher's salaries! They are getting that extra money for the strict purpose of buying a gun, holster, ammo and training!

I agree and disagree

I don't care what a former PA governor says. He is entitled to his opinion, but engaging in juvenile name calling diminishes the message.

But I do agree with Lt. Gov. Bolling on this one. He said rather than arm teachers, we should hire trained law enforcement professionals to guard schools.

green run class of 97

I graduated from Green Run back in 97, and we had 2 resource officers, Officers Johnson and Collins. Both were uniformed police officers, and all 4 years I was there, not one problem of gun violence.

"gun violence"

So when a drunk driver runs over and kills a child with their car - is it "car violence"?


I would say drunk driving and killing a kid why doing so is a form of violence.

Ed Rendell needs to crawl

Ed Rendell needs to crawl back to his little hole on MSNBC where the people who watch that nighttime liberalism where Obama can do no wrong really care about what he says.


Morning Joe is not bad...could the same be said for Faux News?


you at least be original.


Have you ever watched morning joe? Obviously you didn't with an open mind.


Everyone should have an assault rifle, and 1st grade teachers should be armed. Doesn't sound like a recipe for success but rather a blueprint for lots more killing. I'm not an evangelical or a Regent grad, but what would Jesus say?


Who is campaigning for those things?

"They’re the Wizard of Oz.”

Dumb comment from somebody who runs a political machine.

of course

YOU are the Wiz.

Ed Rendell, YOU sir are my

Ed Rendell, YOU sir are my hero!!

This is why...

Imagine three armed men kicking in the front door of your house while you're eating dinner with your family. All three are armed with guns that hold 7 to 10 rounds apiece, so you're up against 21 to 30 rounds. At that point, which clip do you want in your AR-15? A 10 round, a 20, or a 30?

Chances are one of two things

By the time you got your weapon, unless you are in the habit of leaving loaded on the dining room table as you eat, you and your family would be dead.

Or, the more likely scenario is that cops have the wrong address and as you go for your gun, you and your family would be dead. And if you aren't you will be charged with either homicide or attempted homicide.

Question: are you a drug dealer? Why on earth would 3 men with guns drawn smash you door down unless you are in a turf war with a cartel.

nice centerpiece, dad!

I don't keep an AR-15 at the kitchen table. Or even a loaded weapon. But let's imagine that I did. By the time I've taken the weapon off safe and engaged one of the intruders the other two have taken me out.

I'm certain that there are extremists in America that have a loaded weapon within reach at all times 'just in case', but I'd opine that your example is a ridiculous bit of hysteria.


that's right. stay classy democrats.

the law is on the books already

§ 18.2-287.4. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry a loaded (a) semi-automatic center-fire rifle or pistol ... and is equipped at the time of the offense with a magazine that will hold more than 20 rounds of ammunition ... or (b) shotgun with a magazine that will hold more than seven rounds ... on or about his person on any public street ...or in any public park or any other place ... open to the public in the Cities of [list].

The provisions of this section shall not apply to law-enforcement officers, ... or to any person actually engaged in lawful hunting or lawful recreational shooting activities ....

§ 18.2-289 Possession or use of a machine gun (automatic) in a crime of violence is hereby declared to be a Class 2 felony.

Which shows how fd up the law is.

Go deer hunting with the plug out of your shot gun AKA having more than 3 shells and see what happens if you get caught by the game warden.

We have more stringent laws to protect the rights and lives of animals then we do our children when it comes to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

It is ridiculous and it is deadly and it is fixing to change. And anyone who believes otherwise including McD is delusional.

The majority of sensible Americans have had enough.

gun capasity

To appease the gun lobby Virginia removed the 3 round shotgun or 5 round rifle restriction from the hunting code several years ago. The 3 round law on shotguns still applies to migratory waterfowl. The only logical explanation is so allow assault rifles or assault style shotguns can be used in Hunting. I have carried a firearm for 37 years. I support high capacity magazine bans & background checks for all weapon purchases. Sometimes reading these posts I wonder which group is the most extreme, the gun nuts or the gun grabbers.

Typical response from the left

Our Republican governor offers a real solution for keeping our schools safe and what should be on of his peers, a former Democrat governor, offers only insults.


Rendell is bald and fat and ugly. Does anyone else see how juvenile this is? Grow up man.


You pointed out three flaws Rendell has. He could get a toupe and lose weight but not even Obamacare can fix the third.


What's wrong with being bald? Some of us are solar powered, ya know!

Now there's an adult

Now there's an adult statement if I've ever heard one.

You won!

You won because you're a democrat and political pacs gave you tons of money.

Former Pa. gov. calls McDonnell a 'coward' on guns

Rendel should mind his own business. Gov. McDonnell is doing just fine. We don't need more gun laws. What is needed is more mental health laws.
We don't need to punish many because of the action of a few.

You mean " . . .because of

You mean " . . .because of the slaughter of 6 and 7 year olds." I would beg to differ.

Punish many who?

Wouldn't "more mental health laws" do what you said: punish many for the actions of a few? if you locked up everyone who acted like the last 10 serial killers did before their spree, you'd have a third of the males under 22.

if the cause of school/mall shootings were really lack of mental health care and too many powerful guns, why weren't there ANY school/town square shootings 100 or 200 years ago when there was NO mental health care, no gun laws and guns everywhere?

Something else is the cause. Find it and you find where to start solving the problem.

A Little Education goes a long way....

You need to update your history of violence in humans, starting with the murder of Abel by his brother Cane.

in conclusion

1. Correct, laws do not prevent crime so therefore there are no need for any laws.
2.By the way for Christmas get yourself or a loved one a Toll Booth Bob action figure. Pull the string and he leaps into action levying tolls, engaging in unnatural acts with Norquist,or groveling before the NRA.You cannot guess what a conversation piece yout TBB will be. Limited supply.


This is very similar to listening to the 8 year-olds in my neighborhood.

Are too!
Am not!
Stupid 2nd grader!
Yeah!? Well, your Mom wears combat boots!

Uhm...Governor Ed? Do I need to drive up there and change yer underpants?

Whatta jerk...

You want a reason?

"give us one reason why any law-abiding American should have access to a clip that has more than ten bullets?"

20 DEAD elementary school children!

My personal reason

or experience:

From 1989 to 1994, I was stationed at Long Beach, CA.

In early 1992, after those LAPD officers were acquited, LA went nutty.

Within days, those LA riots were farther south and a bunch of thugs entered base housing (Cabrillo) in Long Beach, CA.

While I had a few weapons at the time, the one I grabbed and went outside with was my pistol.

Vehicles were set ablaze and various weapons were fired into the community. While 4 or 5 of 'us' responded, we were out numbered.

So...yes! I can give 'one reason why any law-abiding American should have access to a clip that has more than ten bullets'!

By the way the proper term is magazine. It's not a clip.

thank you

Former Gov. Ed Rendell. I totally agree wit you.

Our governor's approach thus far has been totally inadequate, and makes no common sense to control of guns, ammo, and increasing mental health care. Our governor said "he didn't want to overreat". What he means is he doesn't want to do anything about the problem. If it was about women's rights or other social issues, he would jump in and overract as he has done in the past year alone.

Penn GOV

Come on down here and we will show you who the coward is. I would be more worried about the sickos running around Penn State.

Philadelphia is one of the worst cities in America and you have the audacity to criticize Virginia?

Virginis is #1 in machine gun owners

That was reported just a few months ago, and is NOT something Virginia should be proud of.

We have a

large military presence with many bases. It makes sense that we outnumber other states in a machine gun inventory.

so what????

No private citizen should own a machine gun. The 2nd amend says you have the right to bear arms, what it does not say is what kind. That's the problem.

you are

Swimming upstream on this one. Uncle same makes 200 dollars every time one transfers. You loose Gertz.

not gertzing the point

I would suggest to you that freedom has been a little too much for you to handle. I'm sure you have a long list of other things you would have taken away as well.

Stop living in hand wringing fear, once you get past that hurdle it's clear sailing.

i'm proud

I hope Santa leaves one under the tree. If not, I'll settle for a threaded barrel for my Glock with a new Gemtech suppressor.

speaking of which

Santa's gonna have trouble getting the sleigh off the ground this year.

Thank you Gov. McDonnell for

Thank you Gov. McDonnell for your leadership. Ed Rendell has alot of room to talk about cowards. What has he done... nothing. Philadelphia is the armpit of the the east coast and is is overrun with gangs and the mob. Rendell is a typical democrat..blame others for their failures.

Gov Rendell-

So ya got some stones to blast Virginia, do ya? Trying to get back into the political realm and garner attention?

May I suggest you find an attorney and change your name to Arnold Horseshack?

You trying to start another Hatfield/McCoy-like feud? Or is this more like further burying that political difference between the D’s and R’s deeper?

While many are blaming weapons, video games, religion (or lack thereof)…I believe the majority of the problems come from the media (printed news, talk radio, the various cable news stations, etc.).

Sport - you are part of the problem and are doing nothing more than inflaming it.

This should've been discussed in person with Governor McDonnell. Not released to the media.

Not a wuss or a coward

But plenty of other negatives. He and his idiot cohorts cost us tolls, a Romney win in VA, a senate seat, and in a year will grant us a carpetbagger governor. And if he tries to run for other office, he'll lose that too. If he ran against Mark Warner for anything it would be close to a shutout. A true embarrassment to thinking people, and anathema to the hopes of a realistic future Republican Party.


The cowards are those who would trade freedom for security. The framers of our constitution put a value so high in our right to "keep and bear arms" that it was an integral part of the 2nd Amendment. This detail was not hidden away in a several thousand page bill like ObamaCare's many hidden blunders. Our framers only added what was essential to our freedom, nothing more nothing less.That is why the constitution is short as compared to most of this administrations legislation. Our Constitution protects our rights and protects our ability to defend ourselves not just from those who seek to harm us in our homes or on the streets but also from a tyrannical government like that of England. So the answer is yes we have a right to semi-automatic weapons an

Cowards cont.

>>>and the right to concealed carry handguns. Liberals mistake the second amendment as a right to hunt or collect firearms but this is not the case. The Second Amendment is implicitly about defense. If you are not happy with the Second Amendment, repeal it according to the constitution or pick a new country to pay taxes to.

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson

“Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA - ordinary citizens don't need guns, as their
having guns doesn't serve the State.” Heinrich Himmler

When people start invoking

When people start invoking the Nazis, you know they are losing the argument.

i doubt

If six million Jews would agree with you.

Israelis are limited to a

Israelis are limited to a lifetime supply of 50 rounds of ammunition outside of practice ranges.

Well then—I’m your huckleberry,

Oh, I forgot—‘Tis the Season to be Merry.
I reckon Mr. Rendell forgot too,
He is, after all, a Jew.

He is also neanderthalian crony,
Who’s got Tonys and Black Panther phonies.
There is something brewing on the left side,
I sense a growing and acrimonious divide.

T Kosciuszko

Extreme conditions—call for extreme actions!

for obvious reasons

that is the most despicable post I have seen from anyone in a while.


And may joy be unto you as well,

I trust your nod is to Mr. Rendell.
Your application of despicable is unique;
I've simply grown weary of turning he other cheek.

“Governor Rendell, give us

“Governor Rendell, give us one reason why any law-abiding American citizen should NOT have access to a clip that has more than ten bullets in it or to a semiautomatic assault weapon. There are really several reasons. To protect ones self and possibly others from kooks that shoot up elementary schools; from ones that don't care that they break the law to do the former, from ones that know that schools are gun free zones which make them easy targets, and their victims are unable to shoot back. There’s YOUR answers. And the law abiding American people understand that." So get stuffed "Former" Gov. Ed Rendell. Go drink some Kool Aid with Mayor Loonberg.

If guns kill people, then

If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk, and forks make people fat.

Gun toters - Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein

Dem Sen. Dianne Feinstein,
“I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.”

Dem Sen. Harry Reid praises guns in 2010: "I carried a gun every place I went"
In 2010, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) joined NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre....

Wake up. Neither carried an

Wake up. Neither carried an AR-15.


Armed CITIZENS are CITIZENS, unarmed citizens are slaves to the government. The reason for the 2nd Amendment was to protect the PEOPLE from the GOVERNMENT. In order to do that they have to have the same type of weapons the government does!!!!!!!!!

Whatever dude.

You guys live in a fantasy world.

Keep an eye out for that predator drone now.

Agree, to a point

Not necessarily the same weapons, but let's keep a semblance of an even playing field for all appearance sake. Semi-automatic R-15 target guns and hunting rifles should not be up for grabs, neither should a 30 round magazine.

our governor said he did not want to 'overreact'...

Our governor said he did not want to 'overreat'. Have no fear, because our governor will not even act, and that will make him a right-wing 'coward'.

Have you ever encountered a

Have you ever encountered a Republican that you agreed with on at least one issue?

Perhaps Mr. McDonnell is exploring the demisphere,

Cliffphobia has made dems out of Rs, e.g., Mr. Boehner.
Moreover, Mr. Rendell ain’t doin’ nuthin’,
My money’s on Mr. McDonnell—I think he takes him.


I can not believe that any reasonably sane person in Hampton Roads has ever bought an assault rifle with a 50 round clip for the purpose of defending himself from an attack on his home or his person. Also if the US Military ever decided to run the country, the efforts of John Doe with his arsenal of weapons would lose.

Retired. Regarding a

Regarding a Military Takeover, don't discount "lesser" armed groups. Think Vietnam, Afghanistan(Russian occupation), Afghanistan(US occupation), Iraq, Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia. It does not have to be an all or nothing venture. The land mass of the US dwarfs all of the preceding countries. We don't even control the border to the level you are alluding to for the entire country.

Also, there has been a lot of questions about "militia" arms. You may remember that the media called insurgents "militia" and showed video of them launching surface to air missiles, RPGs etc. So, if you want to know what the "militia" should have access to; the media has shown you what they expect.

So, we're going to allow

So, we're going to allow any nut-case who is loony as a tune who can get past a slacker of a state gun registration so we can protect ourselves against militias like those of "... Vietnam, Afghanistan(Russian occupation), Afghanistan(US occupation), Iraq, Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia."???

Too bad about our kids, huh?

I read comments like yours and the only thing that comes to my mind is . . . you either have no children or grandchildren, OR 'Good God! America really is _______!' (I'll leave you to fill in the blank.

Don't be so sure on that

Don't be so sure on that one, I think you sorely underestimate your fellow Americans.

Need some examples? Revisit the Viet Nam war. Ask Russia about their little skirmish with Afghanistan. See our time spent in that country as well, longest lasting American war, where are we truly with that now?

Communist China Pushes Obama To Disarm American Citizens

Since President Obama took out a loan for $1.16 trillion from the Bank of China I guess they feel like they have the right to tell him what to do.

"The current Chinese government, the communist People’s Republic of China, was established in a revolution led by Mao Zedong, who killed an estimated 40-70 million people with starvation, executions, and re-education camps."
Article and links here"

Gee, nothing like the opinion of..

a corrupt Democrat on an equally corrupt venue like MSDNC. Let's see here, the Dems had absolute control of the WH, Senate, and House during the Anointed One's first 2 years in office, tell me, what was done then about such weapons? And WHY was that? Notice how no Dems who are for gun rights are being asked any of these questions? Our hypocritical, disgraceful media is in full swing yet again on this issue.

Well, you may have missed it , but the sight of mothers and

Well, you may have missed it , but the sight of mothers and fathers on TV running like crazy trying to find their very young children was one reason the president and millions of Americans are trying to do something now. The mere thought of what that crime scene looked like with the tiny bodies strewn about has put this conversation in a totally and unacceptable place in our society.

I voted for President Obama and I have no idea why he didn't make any moves to ban these weapons of war before now; but, I believe he's just like the majority of Americans who have had the breath knocked out of them after this last slaughter. The involvement of children is a whole new story.

You don't get that? OK, but there it is.

People are angry.

If anyone is missing anything here...

it's YOU. You might have missed it, but this isn't the first such incident under your idol and icon Obama's watch. As he was rightly asked at his own press conference the other day, 'where has he been'? A corrupt fraud like Rendell selectively calling out those of the party he opposes is just more typical grandstanding. Where was HE before elementary school kids became the target? he sure went along with Obama's description of incidents like that of Ft. Hood 'just' being an example of 'workplace violence'. That you are going to now hide behind kids is typical, and we see your beloved incompetent of a President working hand-in-hand to use this to deflect from earlier gaffs like Libya. You are really are shameless!

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation.

Rendell vs. McDonnell

I feel that there is nothing wrong about doing a study before acting on a possible change to gun laws and the US Constitution. These things are serious.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't we already

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't we already had a ban on certain weapons before without changing the Constitution? We have. The Constitution says nothing about banning certain types of guns, it simply makes it clear people must be able to bear arms. I think we can ban semi-automatic weapons, high-capacity magazines (and even the kind of ammo the guy in Newtown used,) without infringing on anyone's rights to bear arms.

love it!

great when pols speak from the heart.

love it. so rare.

Rendell attacking McConnell

NEWS FLASH: The Second Amendment is not about deer rifles. The same goes for the phrase "high capacity clips". There is no such thing. Politicians should learn the correct terminology. The real plan is to subvert the Constitution and disarm America. What we have is nothing short of anti-Americanism.

Sorry Golf... I was only

Sorry Golf...
I was only posting in response to the total dismissal, by a previous post, of a highly motived smaller, force.
Regarding the tragedy in Conn, and others like it; it is a mental health issue not a gun issue. Currently, those with mental health issues are disqualified in the background check procedure. The problem is when they develop mental issues after they pass the gun screening or steal one from someone else. Examples include, VT-mental, Conn - mental, McVeigh-mental, Fort Hood-mental, Giffords-mental. Perhaps we should return to pre-80s and begin re-intitutionalizing.

Regarding your "ban all semi-autos" Read the DC appellate decision 04-7041 and the "Heller" decision, it is specifically addressed.

Fast Eddie

Coming from a piece of garbage like Rendell, these are compliments to Tollbooth Bob....lol

But he had us pay for a billboard in 2006, didn't you notice?

Remember that one billboard on Granby St. in 2006 reading "Don't Buy For the Other Guy!"? That was enough to shut down illegal gun running through out the entire eastern seaboard and starve violent criminals in the northeast of the weapons they'd been getting to carry out their misdeeds. Would a coward and wus have committed to such a serious commitment to addressing a national problem? I think not.

PA Gov. and MSNBC

PA Governor and MSNBC have a liberal agenda in the wake of the CT shooting. Instead of giving the town and families time to grieve, the liberals and progressives are jumping into the fray, pointing fingers and attempting to push their own agendas. None of these solutions will stop the killings because people kill people; not a gun, bullets, video games nor movies. The only way to stop the killings is to remember that people need to interact with other people. Only through honest relationships with caring individuals can we prevent killers such as this shooter. Instead, we are immersed in shallow lives of working longer hours to pay our ever increasing bills for a lower quality of living and we network through a screen and keyboard. How sad.

Unfortunate, but true

It is unfortunate that the left sided media and law makers are using this tragedy to shoe horn in their own agenda. If they take away guns, then why stop there--they might as well take away automobiles (eliminates road rage), alcohol, television (too much violence), and any other mind-corruption medium in extistense. I have read and heard many times over the need for more gun control, eliminate this or eliminate that and I have yet to hear of a proposal to deal with the mental instability of the people who pull the trigger. Unreal.


But they might make the laws more strict like they do with automobiles, alcohol, etc. Nice try though. I thought you said those in need were lazy and didn't deserve "your" money.

Why don't you go golfing.

Why don't you go golfing.


Ed Rendell made his remarks on MSNBC on one of their Obama 'worship' hours with other flaming liberals. All they do is cheer lead for the administration, bash Republicans and 'parrot' the Democratic talking points. The whole network is a joke when it comes to news coverage!


Can you believe the same thing is said about Faux News? They must cancel themselves out then right, I would suggest PBS for what ails you!

man oh man, Eddie Randell

Then: I had the pleasure of meeting him in the early 1990's at the Mummer's Parade in Philly. A tall, handsome & an all well rounded kinda guy.
Now: Philly, his "play ground", City of brotherly love, where my family still lives & my cousin is a city police officer. "Uummmm, he needs to stop flapping his gums & clean up his own yard before this pissing contest w/our Governor." If he is comparing us Virginians to his people there in Philly, Boy oh boy, does he need to rethink things. Don't get me wrong, Pa is a beautiful state except for Philly. Use to be the Pol's, Italians, Irish, German & now, just plain ole ghetto. Whenever I visit my Uncle, funny, he has to unlock a minimum of 5 locks before opening the door because of the crime.

Everything you just stated

Everything you just stated does nothting to address the problem that we're facing. Classic misdirection.


There are not ghettos in VA, right?

It Can't Be Done

Certain firearms can't be banned. It can be made illegal to have one but they will not suddenly disappear just like illegal drugs have not disappeared. If the US government can't stop millions of illegal aliens from coming into the country and cannot stop the flow of drugs then it will not be able to to stop "assault" weapons. We have a culture problem that breeds a feeling of entitlement and the excuse of victimhood for failure. This leads to frustration and a desire to strike out against others. Until we return to a culture of personal responsibility, greater morals and, dare I say it, a recognition of God and His commands and values we are going to get more of the same. Where are the tears for 50 million murdered babies by abortion?


Of those babies are taken to save the life of the mother....what if your mother, wife, daughter was raped and became pregnant what would you do. I think women enjoy have a choice that is not mandated by religious men. Guns help people kill people...thats what they were designed for.

you know really

I really get sick to my stomach when people claim that we need to return to God, in order to avoid the issue mass shootings. Or blame abortion, or illegal immigration, or food stamps. There is absolutely no evidence of that, and furthermore I believe it's cowardly to invoke these side issues in order to avoid the real problem, which is guns. Guns are the problem, and so are the politicians who are more loyal to the gun lobby than to the safety of its citizens. This country can do anything it sets its mind too, and there are plenty of things we can do to put a stop to the violence that is killing our children. To invoke these other unrelated issues is immoral and shameful.

Gun control

there are approx 2,800 teenage driving fatalities and 282,000 related injuries caused by teenage drivers age 15 - 17 EVERY year.

Billions of dollars spent by government and citizens as consequence. Is the president going to change the laws to address these sad, tragic deaths? Or because it does not become a news/media favorite he is not going to address it. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. they should be studying these individuals and addressing the mental health issues in this country. Timothy Mcveigh did not use an AR to kill dozens of children.


Rendell should keep his comments in PA. where FBI statistics for 2011 show "per person" PA has a much higher gun murder, gun robbery, and fire arm assault rate/ratio than VA. It did so during his term as Governor as well. Not much talk out of him on his shift. He should work on cleaning up Philadelphia's crime rate and contribute lessons learned from that slaughter house. Rendell has nothing to teach and his comments are typical of the testosterone levels in Pittsburgh where illegal guns make you a man.


Sounds like Randall has covered two bases here:

1. Making sure his former constituency still regards him as "the man" who will address ANYTHING anti-gun
2. Ensured that he is at a safe distance from Gov McDonnell when saying these things about him.

You want to talk about being a coward and wuss, Mr Rendell? I must say that was very brave of you for having called our Gov out from such a safe distance.

I'd like to've seen this wuss's face if Gov McDonnell had walked in on that interview:

Bob: Hey Ed, perhaps you'd like to come off stage and repeat that one, huh?

Ed: Oh! Hi Bob! Well, you know ... er ... I didn't really mean it the way it, er, sounded ... how've you been?

Bob: You are one cowardly punk, dude. I'm outta here.

Predictably Red Ed

Rendell is the perfect accompaniment to the Kenyan Marxist.

Former PA Governor

Personally, I don't give two hoots in Hades what Ed Rendell thinks.


The former governor is quick to brag about his ability to 'withstand' the NRA. What he fails to mention that a large portion of his support comes from an undereducated segement of voters, many of them from my hometown of Philadelphia that tend to be led like sheep to the polls. If they don't vote for the candidates their pastors and community leaders support they are ridiculed and become outcasts or even worst, "Tom's". BTW it's a great place to be from!

No Amendments

The Ten Commandments have no amendments.

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