Mark Warner optimistic about fiscal cliff deal

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) called today for a move past "Washington decoder speak" to find a deal on the fiscal cliff, noting that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are willing to "do our part" to avoid a crisis.

"We've got to get past the kind of Washington decoder speak and say specifically, 'How do we get there?'" Warner said on CNN's "State of the Union" regarding finding an agreement to fend off the fiscal cliff. He added, "We need to go ahead and lay down what we're going to get done before the end of the year, and then how we get to that."

Warner expressed optimism, saying that a broad group of stakeholders understand the risks of going off the cliff.

"One of the reasons why I think this time it's going to be different from the failures of the past, the debt ceiling debacle, the failure of the supercommittee, is I think the American people, and particularly the American business community, realize what's at stake," Warner said. "And I think there's an awful lot of us, frankly, in both parties, who are willing to get there."

On both sides of the Senate aisle, he said, lawmakers want to contribute to a deal.

"There's been a big group of us, well in excess of the majority in the Senate, who said, 'We're willing to do our part,'" he said. "We want to give the president and the speaker room to get the framework, but we'll help fill in the details as we go forward."

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Spending Cuts???

I guess we will here about billions and billions of dollars in spending cuts that will enable the government to balance the budget and start reducing our debt. I can't wait to hear how President Obama and Harry Reid plan to reduce spending. We are waiting...

Bush deficit

The Bush deficit was created by two unfunded wars, an unfunded Medicare drug program, and the Bush tax cuts.

Clinton balanced the budget by raising taxes on the rich and cutting the defense budget. We should do the same now.

Good news/bad news/worse news

The good news is that there in fact are intelligent, well-intended leaders in Congress, in both parties. I believe Sen. Warner to be one of them.

The bad news is that these level-headed legislators are most definitely in the minority, and so far have shown no ability whatsoever to sway their partisan colleagues.

The worse news is that the most small-minded, mean-spirited player in this whole process appears to be president, who I sense is in full agreement with the backward-looking, blame-others comments offered here by Chris33.

the clueless crowd

Was Obama successful in selling class warfare or what? As for the “Fiscal Cliff” the Republicans are going to cave and raise taxes regardless of those that signed the Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The fact is we tax income in this country not wealth, how does taxing the top 2% who pay close to 40% of the taxes generated in this country going to “fix” the debt that Mr. Obama has gladly generated. If the math is correct by raising taxes on the top 2% would only generate around 86 billion annually which would only pay 10 weeks of the interest on the national debt. Nope, Obama wants us to dive off the cliff, he will be sucessful in his "anti-colonialist" mission.

Obama was successful in

Obama was successful in preventing class warfare by the rich on the middle class. Had we left it to Romney, the middle class would have borne all the sacrifice . . . and the wealthy would have been rewarded with a tax cut. A TAX CUT while the rest of us gave up Social Security, Medicare, etc. No, Obama decided that the wealthy are ALSO going to have to contribute to the cost of 2 ground wars, both of which are on a credit card, as well as our other obligations. Obama put a first offer out there and all Pubs can do is go Wahhhhhhh. HEY, how about putting a counteroffer out there (low ball it if you wish) . . . and THEN SETTLE the difference.

Understanding Why Dems Want Tax Hikes

First, forget the nonsense about reducing the deficit. Increasing the tax rate as proposed by Obama on the "rich" will give about 80 billion dollars yearly toward a 1.1 trillion dollar deficit. Second, they want to pacify those who are jealous of the "rich" by raising taxes. Third, they want to give Obama satisfaction because he does not believe anyone gets rich without exploiting others. Fourth, by raising taxes without any real spending cuts they believe they can drive a wedge between the Republican establishment and those who know that staying on this same path will eventually cause the collapse of our economy and are fed up with those they help elect caving in to the Dems. Fifth, power thru entitlements is the real goal.

Generous entitlements not earned would be a good place to start!

Let me see...

Housing coupon...$1600
Food Stamps.....$900
College........$5000 a quarter as long as you contiue to stay in school. You do not have to graduate, just keep taking classes. The graduating rate for TCC is at 16%. It is 75% full of welfare recipients that collect this free money.

All for the 47% that have not paid a dime into the system under our tax code. Obama demands THESE entitlements stay for millions of perfectly healthy, mentally capable grown adults. Why? Because they outvoted the few that still work for a living, pay taxes and pay into social security which will be the next place that will be plundered to support all those that refuse to work and that are allowed to live off the government.

Generous Entitlements Not Earned Would Be A Good Place to Start

silcnlayc-Please provide your links, studies, etc. to support the numbers you quote in your comments. I have been a student at both TCC and TNCC and I saw a diverse group of people attending working on getting an education towards bettering oneself. There were elderly, HS grads, Veterans, Active Duty, and yes folks that were welfare receiprents. I do not believe their percentage of students were any getter than the other students noted. As far as yours and Mr. Rommney's 47% not paying a dime into the system under our tax code-stop listening to Rush. This diatribe has been disproven considering there are elderly receiving SS, Medicare; Military retirees receiving their earned retirement, VA disability, etc. I know for a fact taxes were paid

TCC Graduation

TCC Graduation Rate
First-time in college, full-time, curricular-placed students entering in the fall semester that graduate program time.
Year Cohort Students Graduates Graduation Rate
2010 Fall 3056 378 12.4%
2009 Fall 2617 324 12.4%
2008 Fall 2126 274 12.9%
2007 Fall 2074 237 11.4%
2006 Fall 1957 163 8.3%

From their own website. Every month we have Section 8 voucher holders asking to us to find them rentals up to the $1600 range. Medical..free to them. Food Stamps is a given. College tuition is a joke...they spend on themselves and take 1 or 2 classes. We are payng over $5000 a month in tax dollars to millions on the dole. Do the math!

It Is Easy To Understand

It is easy to understand the comments below ... The RepubliCANTs are still sore about Romney losing the election. It's not about decreasing the deficit or balancing the budget. The point of the discussion is simple, everyone has to have skin in the game. The wealthiest 2% can easily afford and increase in marginal rates AND a limit on deductions ... that's their fair share towards the entire solution which will undoubtably include, eventually, wholesale tax reform and entitlement (read: Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security) reforms. Just remember, a thousdand mile journey begins with a first step ... which in this case is avoiding the 'fiscal curb' ... The term 'fiscal cliff' is a hoax promulgated by the 'Chicken Littles of the Right.'

The wealthy will pay more

The wealthy will pay more taxes under the affordable care act-
And the biggest revenue-generating taxes by far fall on those earning more than $200,000 a year, or $250,000 a year for couples.

Those upper-income earners will pay an additional 0.9 percent Medicare tax on income above those thresholds, and they’ll pay a 3.8 percent tax on investment income. Those two taxes in the law account for $317.7 billion over 10 years, according to JCT estimates. That’s 47 percent of the total tax revenue from the law — again, excluding the mandate penalty.

Incomplete scenarios

The detractors of the tax ncrease on the upper 2% whimper that "This will not fix the deficit". The detractors of the cuts to medicare/SS/ whinper that "This will not fix the deficit".
What they BOTH ignore is the fact that NEITHER program, by itself will fix the deficit! It's like refusing to plug any of the holes in the boat because there are more than one.

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