Obama: 'Very good leads' in Benghazi investigation

President Barack Obama says the FBI investigation of the Benghazi attack is ongoing, but investigators have "some very good leads."

"With respect to who carried it out, that's an ongoing investigation. The FBI has sent individuals to Libya repeatedly," the president said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "We have some very good leads, but this is not something that I'm going to be at liberty to talk about right now."

Obama praised the independent review of the State Department and pledged to institute their recommendations. And he noted the lapses found were unintentional but "sloppy."

"My message to the State Department has been very simple, and that is we're going to solve this," he said. "We're not going to be defensive about it. We're not going to pretend that this was not a problem. This was a huge problem."

"You read the report and it confirms what we had already seen based on some of our internal reviews," he added, "there was just some sloppiness, not intentional, in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don't have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies."

Posted to: Politico

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Wag The Dog

About the time that Hillary is to testify we will have a "wag the dog' attack to change the focus and excuse her for not testifying before because secret investigations were in progress.

"very good leads"

whoopie doodle

I won't hold my breath waiting for the whole truth to come out.

Hillary has been chosen as the sacrificial lamb; so be it. It couldn't happen to a nicer cynic.

Complete show --

The "format" has been set...
This would not be tolerated if any other person was in office...

restuarant impossible, kitchen nightmares, bar rescue

All those shows have one thing in common - poor management.

The question not being answered is why did this environment described by the president (not Fox) happen?

why the cover up if you were intent on "getting to the

bottom" of this? Yea, your back in office after your inaction got people killed. You lied about it and fabricated a whole new story knowing that the media would not question the story regardless of how outrageous the story was.

Now your talking like you care about the truth? You could care less. This is a show as mentioned earlier. The only problem between those reality show and bengazhi is in these reality shows we watch no one dies. With you Mr. President, people die.

So you fail to lead, fail to protect, get people killed, cover it up, generate your very own facts, blame others and even arrest others, lie to us and we are suppose to believe you care about truth or this country?

A very hard pill to swallow, Mr. President.

Exacty -

Why is it the common american people KNOW this is not the conduct ANY president/offical would be allowed to get away with, yet he is being protected? Those families should be in an uproar with the gross toss to the side that is being done. The tapes and the people there tell no lies...Hillary "gets a concussion" give us a break. How, tell us how, those senators BOTH Dems and Rep can condone this conduct?

It because the "american

It because the "american people" you refer to are largely will fully misinformed right wing extremists who are constantly casting around for some tragedy to use to hurt the president. The right was exploiting these deaths before the bodies were cold. The American people, the bulk of them, see exactly what sort of ghoulish political ploy the right is playing here and they are disgusted by it.

Have you no shame? We both know the answer when it comes to your never ending quest to make Obama a one term president. You failed at that. You're failing at covering your face in the blood of the benghazi victims and claiming injury. It is disgusting.

mr president if you don't understand that buy putting people

in places where there are no governments (remember, you decapitated Libya with your undeclared war on Kendaffi), you had better know that you cannot expect to place our Ambassador and FLAG under the protection of so few Americans.

That your claiming you didn't know about the growth of terrorist training camps in the area while ignoring the requests for additional security is not sloppy. Its called incompetence. Somewhere between you and Ms. Lamb is where the incompetency is. It shouldn't take that much to figure out, if you really cared to look. We don't need the FBI investigating that, we need a leader willing to protect and defend our Flag and Constitution by asking very simple questions. Are you willing to do that, Mr. President?


this guy is such and idiot and I am sorry to say that. does he really think we are that stupid? over 30 folks were evacuated that night from the CIA building safely. why didn't they defend the ambassador? he was sacrificed to prevent folks from knowing about the CIA house that was dealing weapons, IMHO.

right wing conspiracy

right wing conspiracy theorists think crazy things. This is just another ghoulish attempt for the extremists to exploit a tragedy to damage the president. You stand on the side of terrorists and murderers. No surprise

H. Clinton

Now she is suppose to be in the hospital with a blood clot resulting from her concussion. You think she will ever testify,I don't!

Obama, Clinton, and Rice are

Obama, Clinton, and Rice are directly responsible for the murders by not mandating a Marine detachment for protection. Will the liberals also hold them accountable?

when ghoulish right wing

when ghoulish right wing extremists stop advancing and promoting ugly fairy tales as the truth for the sole purpose of doing political damage to the president. Wipe the victims blood off of your face. Stop pretending injury with their blood. Stop the ghoulish anti American antics. Have you no shame?


check your facts before you spew your hate...the turkish envoy safely left the building about an hour before the attack. you might want to read about iran/contra to get an idea of what was going on in Benghazi. they don't want to come clean........and by the way, I am NOT a republican and you sir are not too informed judging by your comments.

If it walks like a duck

Call yourself whatever label suits you but if you say the same things in the same way as right wing extremists don't be surprised if you are lumped in with them. Supporting these conspiracy theories to attack the president speaks for itself. Being willfully misinformed, as you seem to be (I am being charitable and assuming no malice)does you no service.

As far as spewing hate goes, I'm not the ghoul exploiting the deaths of Americans for a few political points. You and your fellow "Not republicans" (lol) are.

Really -

Do you think whe would have before?

Someone has to fall, but you can forget about Obama

His people are to blame, they are trained to keep the boss cleared of any wrong doing and any evidence pointing to him know matter how much he knew.


I am utterly amazed how many Americans actually believe this man when he speaks.

I'm appalled at how

I'm appalled at how shameless the extreme right has been in exploiting this tragedy for political gain. It is truly disgusting. Drink up that blood. You seem to like it.


This has to go down as total BS. We have video after video of Pres. Obama blaming some video as the cause of the "alleged" riot/ attack. Now Pres. Obama praises the independent investigation that basically called him and his cronies liars. Even the died hard cool aid drinkers have to see the BS.

The Fox effect.....

If you can't find a real scandal, just make one up.

or, as is said

You just can't make this stuff up, is more like it.

But the right did make it

But the right did make it up--the conspiracy theory parts of it. The right IS dishonestly exploiting the deaths of Americans for cheap political points. This is all part of the elect Romney campaign, just like all the fake polls. You see how that worked out or are you still planning on attending Romney's inauguration?

You can believe it is fiction...

If it helps you to sleep at night.

BTW You have me in the wrong camp. I drink neither the Blue nor the Red Flavor Aid. Nor Tea for that matter. I'm a coffee guy - Hot, Black and Strong.

Enjoy your foo foo Latte, Jack. And Happy New Year!

and if your nasty fairy

and if your nasty fairy tales comfort you, along with pretending to be some how independent, well good for you. Just don't expect your fairy tales and claims of independence to be taken seriously.

So yeah, Blame Obama for everything that is wrong in the world. That takes the least effort ...

Sorry Jack

If it were just that easy, as some think, I would. The blame goes much much higher and way longer back in history than the current President for "everything".
Try some regular coffee and some research.

ah, "research." At the

ah, "research." At the blaze, no doubt. American "Thinker"?

I would suggest...

Use Google and start with this phrase:
"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".
Current news "Pundits" from any source will reveal very little.

Draw your own conclusions.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.

That's precisely it. All of

That's precisely it. All of the fox zombies line up

Norfolk Jack

Did Pres. Obama and his leaders blame the events that took place on a video made by some person? How long did they run with the theory that it was a protest not a planned attack. Total BS it what they talked about. I would rather the Pres. say, I do not have all or most of the facts to make a statement, please keep the dead Americans in your prayers. No, Pres. teleprompter had to go with unproven facts. I know in this 24 hour news world he had to say something, but you have to agree he was out in left field on this issue.

He said what he could say in

He said what he could say in public at the moment and there is nothing else he could have said short of "I resign" that would have prevented you folks from exploiting the blood of the victims of this tragedy for political gain. You were going to cover your face in the victims blood no matter what. That is your trophy. Deny it all you want, but tells like "President Teleprompter" reveal what you think is important about this issue and it is obviously not the lives of Americans. It is your political will. That's the end of it. It is disgusting.

Who would the left wing ghoulish nuts be?

Someone posted: when ghoulish right wing extremists stop advancing and promoting ugly fairy tales as the truth for the sole purpose of doing political damage to the president.

Flash: The president has done well on his own, he said "I need no help in making me look bad" So that means the President,Hilary and Rice are to blame.

The suspect is closer than you think

Obama looked and pointed into the mirror and said "I found the suspect"

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