Senator: Any fiscal cliff deal will include sequestration

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has told him there "will be nothing" in the fiscal cliff deal to avoid sequestration.

"I was called by Leon Panetta last night...during dinner," Graham said on "Fox News Sunday", "and he said, 'Lindsey, I have been told there's not going to be anything in the bill to avoid sequestration going into effect.'"

Panetta says "if we do this, it will be shooting the Defense Department in the head, and we'll have to send out 800,000 layoff notices at the beginning of the year. He's worried to death that if we don't fix sequestration, we are going to destroy the finest military in the world at a time we need it the most and this bill doesn't cover defense cuts, on top of the ones we already have," Graham said.

Sequestration, which would kick in on Jan 2 if there is no deal to avert it, would cut nearly $500 billion in defense spending over the next decade.

Posted to: Politico

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The people that voted for

The people that voted for Obama are about to feel the economic realities of the democrats failures. This pretender in chief is about to destroy our economy over left wing ideological principles of wealth redistribution. Unfortunately, the poor will be the hardest hit. The wealthy have long since protected their assets from these idiots.

And, those who didn't vote for President Obama

And, those who didn't vote for President Obama are seeing what serious negotiators Dems can be.

You speak of the Left-wing but you neglect to mention Right-wing ideology which got us to this point TONIGHT. The president offered to raise the limit on tax raises to 400,000 week before last, and the Republicans would have none of it, and wouldn't even bring the vote to the floor in the house. So, personally, I don't think you can put this on the Democrats.

The Republicans will take the hit for this because of their love and support of Grover Norquist's pledge. And, they will look like fools in the end of this mess.

And, if that's not bad enough - we'll get to relive another round of this crapolla in 6 to 8 weeks at the new drawing board.

Just perhaps, if we had

a LEADER as president, this type of "stuff" wouldn't keep happening over and over. Those that voted for the clown in chief should be so happy to watch the destruction of this country. It's sad to me and this is what I wore an army uniform for, I don't think so. The day of reckoning will soon be here and it won't be a pretty one either!!

Just perhaps if Speaker Boehner were 1/4

Just perhaps if Speaker Boehner were 1/4 the speaker that Nancy Pelosi was he would have been able to corral his fringe elements and would have got the deal that he actually thought was a way out of this for them. But, Boehner has no persuasiveness with the Tea Hatters and he has even less control of his House.

And, you call the president a clown. Ha. What a hoot.

it seems that Boehner is doing what Pelosi forgot to do

Did Speaker Pelosi think she was Speaker of the Democrat Party in the House that she had to twist arms of fellow Democrats to make them do her bidding?

Speaker of the House is the job of Boehner. The Majority Leader and Whip are the representatives that "run" the party.

Part of the reason Pelosi lost her position and her party suffered the greatest loss was due to her failure to be Speaker of the House.

Obviously have no clue how the House has been run under Boehner

The Republicans in the House under John Boehner have refused to move ANY legislation along that does not have the majority support of the Republlican caucus. So spare me the drivel about Pelosi only being the Speaker of the Democrats when she was Speaker. The Speaker is the leader of their party in the house. That's how they get elected. And if it takes arm twisting to get things done -- you do it. Boehner could use a lesson from Pelosi and perhaps the Republicans could actually pass a bill that has bi-partisan support and leave the Tea Party vandals out of the loop until they became adults and compromised with the rest of the House.


Obama has always wanted to cut defense. He wants to weaken the USA to the level of other nations. He believes in his liberal, Marxist mind that if all are equal conflict will disappear and war will cease. While we are cutting back our enemies will be strengthening themselves until they no longer fear us and we will suffer dire consequences.

No way......we'll take them out with our Red Ryder BB guns

when he disarms America from having anything remotely 21st century with regards to weapons ownership. That's okay, a few of us will bury ours and protect the sheep that follow blindly!

So, How much do you want to spend on defense?

We currently spend more than the next 13 countries combined. Inside my liberal mind, we could probably spend a little of that on health care, education, lowering the deficit, etc and still be ok. And no sense having all those weapons if our population is too obese and uneducated to man them.

PS: Don't worry, we still have enough nukes to destroy every living thing on the planet several times over.

Instead of cutting defense

Instead of cutting defense spending, let's cut foreign aid to all the countries that hate us. Then use the billions of $$$$ that we'll save to improve our schools, feed our kids and improve our infrastructure. Then if that's not enough we can start cutting welfare spending, that will save another billion $$$$.

Defense Spending??

It needs to be cut - actually the contractors need to feel this pain, not the country. You know the $23 hammer, well, think about $250 per hour for a contractor per hour from the Big 5's - then add in double and triple billing techniques for work already performed by an contracted employee but bill again with a different title and contractor employee...thats where I see my tax dollars going! We wonder why the defense budget is so high...maybe putting the money to education (to include an ethics course...)would be money well spent.

So we go back to 2006 defense spending levels ...

And we lose 800,000 jobs? Something doesn't add up.

It adds up...to billions..

See 'Defense Spending??' ...it adds up...

Once again

It takes real leadership to get a bunch of folks who barely have a pot to piss in to come busting out of their double-wides dressed like Benjamin Franklin screaming, "Don't Tax The Rich"!!!! at the top of their voices.

The Republican Party should be proud.

And Congress just got their annual raise....

With a $1 Trillion yearly

With a $1 Trillion yearly defense budget, $10 billion yearly won't make as huge an impact as all these guys would make you believe.

The Republicans are to blame if this falls thru and it looks like it will.

In case you've forgotten, the American public voted to keep Obama and his policies in place. I thought that would have sent a clear message to the Republicans to get off their collective arses and do this country some good.

I am slowly and painfully coming to realize that it is too late

to save America's government. Unless God steps in and puts a stop to those working to destroy the greatest country that ever existed, it won't. The truth as I see is that the liberals and Democrats have baited and hooked such a large number of people to look to the nanny state government as their paycheck that they now out number people with the work ethic to support theirselves. It is now out of fiscal conservatives' hands. We can't overcome the lazy who want handouts. As I said, the only hope to change this is God...and if you know the whole Bible you know things have to go wrong at some point.

I am looking to God's mercy.

Thankfully God is apolitical and Jesus was a community organizer

But I agree and if God could somehow reach the delusional folks who populate the Tea Party we could move this country forward.

An Idea for Sequestration

Instead of the military let's send EVERYONE in Washington packing and start over.
No one should have left Washington for Christmas not the president, not a single senator, not a congressman. It is ironic that military personnel will suffer under sequestration. They work for much less money than the folks in Washington, they work holidays, they willing put themselves in harm's way, and they have families that miss them at the holidays while they do their job. The difference is that most of the folks in the military do what is expected of them. I wish I could say the same for the folks in Washington. Egos and thoughts of the next election and personal "legacy" need to go and the needs of the country addressed.
Wishful thinking.....I know.

I disagree there...........theres a whole lot of sitting around.

There's a whole lot of sitting around doing literally nothing and goofing off in the military. Want me to take you around and show you. Not everyone, but there is a ton of waste and people doing either nothing or absolutely non essential tasks and killing time collecting checks! Both on the bottom and the top

No Excuses

No need to figure out who to blame! All in Washington have an obligation to conduct the people's business. That is what they were elected to do. I am not planning to vote for any office holder who contributed to this mess! If they left town while the finacial crisis was looming...throw them out! If they can't find a compromise that helps the people...throw them out! They work for us....not their party leader or Grover Norquist!

the best way

to move this country forward is for businesses to keep laying people off to the tune of 100,000 + a month (the Obama way) until the entire country is on food stamps, homeless, or in prison --- then the pukegressives will finally be happy, everyone will be equally miserable --- good times, good times

Make your voice heard

If you're concerned about the failure to pass a budget and looming sequestration visit our site www.VSRA.us to access tools to help you voice your concerns to Congress.

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