Skins' Hall says he didn't threaten to kill official

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he was falsely accused of profanely threatening to kill an official during an on-field confrontation Oct. 28 in Pittsburgh that resulted in his ejection.

Hall said he was told during the NFL's investigation of the incident - which resulted in a $30,000 fine - that the alleged threat against head linesman Dana McKenzie led to his ejection. The threat has not been previously revealed.

"Yeah, he said that's what threw the flag for the ejection," the former Deep Creek High and Virginia Tech star said. "And so, you know, that didn't happen."

In a wide-ranging interview this week, Hall also was highly critical of other aspects of the way the NFL handled the investigation and appeal process. He said the interview conducted with him during the league's investigation "felt like an interrogation" and that the process under which the league set his punishment and heard his appeal is unfair.

"Any time you've got one person that's the judge, jury and executioner - he makes the fine, then he hears the appeal, then he decides the amount - it's just tough," Hall said. In that regard, he added, "the CBA (collective bargaining agreement between the league and players' union) we agreed on probably wasn't in the best interests of the players, from my viewpoint."

Some of the New Orleans Saints players suspended for their alleged involvement in a scheme that paid them to injure opponents have lodged similar complaints about the NFL appeals process. Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue recently vacated those suspensions.

An NFL spokesman said recently the league would have no further comment about the incident. The league has not said whether Mc-Kenzie was, or will be, punished.

McKenzie was not available to comment.

Hall was ejected following a verbal confrontation with McKenzie at the end of a play. Hall removed his helmet during the incident, which he believes McKenzie was equally to blame for. The NFL investigated it and fined Hall, but didn't suspend him. The league warned him, though, that future misconduct could lead to a suspension. Hall appealed the fine.

Hall said he now believes he should have hired an outside attorney to mount a legal challenge to the accusations against him, and still may if he determines it's not too late.

"I'll just consult with my agent and just really try to figure out what I can do," he said. "I don't know if I've waived my right because I've participated in an appeal already. But like I told him, if I had to do it all over again or in the future, I will seek outside counsel like the Adderall guys in Seattle or the whole Saints bounty case."

He added:

"The guy who heard my appeal, I'm telling him kind of what went down through the process. He never heard anything about that. It was just, I felt like, handled the wrong way. I felt like - obviously it wasn't the same as Bountygate - but I felt like I should have took a step back and got independent counsel, figured the right, I guess, path to go on. That's kind of what we're trying to do now, I mean, because what happened shouldn't have happened. He shouldn't have came at me like he did. I shouldn't have came back at him. But it happened. But after that, I was told that I said I was going to '(profanity) kill him,' which didn't happen."

Hall said NFL Players Association representatives helped during his interview.

"Like I said, I sat there with these guys 40, 45 minutes," Hall said. "It didn't feel like an interview. It felt like an interrogation. I had the PA lawyers in there and they're out there, they're being super defensive about it. They were good. And it's not the PA's fault."

Hall also was fined $35,750 for a horse-collar tackle and a late hit in the Thanksgiving Day game against Dallas. Prior to these two fines, he said, "I hadn't gotten fined in about four years."

He said he still hasn't heard back about the outcome of the appeal.

"It used to be you got on the phone," he said. "The guy heard your appeal: 'All right, I'll take the $15,000 down to $7,500.' You heard it right there. But you've got guys now, 'Yeah, all right, okay, that's all you have to say? All right. We'll get back to you.' And I'm like, 'Well, what do you think?' I still don't know what the hell's going on."

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Hot head

Still wish Washington would dump D. Hall. He occassionally makes plays, but is more trouble than he's worth. IMO.

Couldn't agree more....

His ego far surpasses his ability. He wouldn't last 10 minutes in the real world.

You Get What You Deserve!

Mr. Hall is the one bad apple to make it to the NFL from Deep Creek. There are several outstanding young men currently in the NFL from Deep Creek. I cringe every time I hear bad news about Mr. Hall because it is usually mentioned within the story that he played at Deep Creek. He received many major penalties in high school and during his brief stint at Virginia Tech related to his misconduct on the field. He infuriated his coaches consistently and served as an embarassment to his teammates and to his community. He still needs to grow up and realize that people still aren't amused by his childish and selfish behavior. Hopefully the Redskins will see the light and cut him.

You are correct that is not

You are correct that is not typical of a Deep Creek player but Hall was one who had a mouth on him even back in high school. He is a great cover corner but he never ha taste for contact. When it comes to tackling he is an ankle biter.

Although his behavior off field is not an issue to my knowledge his lack of good sportsmanship lack of discipline and bad judgement make him a typical Hokie

Do bad the Redskins can't schedule the Little Sisters of the Poor like VT does

"Do bad" you don't know him,

"Do bad" you don't know him, you can't judge him.

Try getting some new material

Your constant repetitive posts aren't very original. Your shrink probably tells you that you obviously are a closet VT fan because you read every single article about VT rather than skipping them which any normal VT hater would do.

It also seems Mr. Hall never

It also seems Mr. Hall never learned proper grammar at either Deep Creek or Virginia Tech.


I wasn't referring to any off-field indiscretions. He has had more than his share of on-field incidents that are a matter of public record. His on-field behavior makes him an embarassment to Deep Creek - behavior that was clearly demonstrated at the high school level and continued from there.


go back to watching Texas Holdem on ESPN. You obviously have no clue about football. VT has become known Nationally as a football powerhouse and dominates all others in the Commonwealth.


this year.

I have never played in the

I have never played in the NFL but I have played with and against people who went on to do so unlike the typical VT fan who never set foot on the field

Dominates in the Commonwealth?

That is like saying that Boise State dominates in Idaho. What value has it been to be the best in Virginia? Nevada is the best school in their state as well...doesn't make them a powerhouse. Wyoming...not a great football school, but they are the best in WY. And???

Va Tech has always been an over-hyped wannabe football school who had a few years with some top-notch talent (back in the Vick days). Every season they start out with some ridiculously undeserved high pre-season ranking, end up losing 2-3 to some teams that they should annihilate, and end up mediocre at best.

What's more, is they have done the same thing as practically every other football program who gains notoriety...they loosen their standards. Just look at the criminals and thug

You are correct. Their

You are correct. Their biggest problems are early in the season because it takes longer to prepare undisciplined players with severe character issues. That is why they schedule Little Sisters of the Poor for those early non conference games

Anonymity Breeds Courage

Few years?
Xavier Adibi, LB Tennessee Titans
James Anderson, LB Carolina Panthers
Jarrett Boykin, WR Green Bay Packers
Duane Brown, LT Houston Texans
Roc Carmichael, CB Houston Texans
Kam Chancellor, SS Seattle Seahawks
Shayne Graham, K Houston Texans
Cody Grimm, FS Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darren Evans, RB Tennessee Titans
Brandon Flowers, CB Kansas City Chiefs
DeAngelo Hall, CB Washington Redskins
Jayron Hosley, CB New York Giants
Jeff King, TE Arizona Cardinals
Josh Morgan, WR Washington Redskins
Eddie Royal, WR San Diego Chargers
Darryl Tapp, DE Philadelphia Eagles
Tyrod Taylor, QB Baltimore Ravens
Michael Vick, QB Philadelphia Eagles
David Wilson, RB New York Giants
Jason Worilds LB Pittsburgh Steelers
Danny Coale, Dallas Cowboy

Continued from last comment...

What's more, is they have done the same thing as practically every other football program who gains notoriety...they loosen their standards. Just look at the criminals and thugs that have been bred within that program...Vick, Vick, Bruce Smith, Deangelo Hall, two players on their current squad are up on felony charges, and their PLACEKICKER???

If your PK is a felon, you have some serious internal issues with your program, plain and simple!

Just face it, for the talent that comes out of the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is far from being a college football powerhouse to be proud of, and Tech being the best out of only two FBS schools in the state is nothing to be proud of.

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