Weather: Cloudy with highs in the 50s

As we close out 2012, the weather across Hampton Roads looks pretty good.

Skies will be partly sunny with increasing clouds this afternoon and evening. Highs should reach the lower 50s. Cloudy conditions will continue through the overnight with lows near 39.

For the first day of 2013, showers are likely during the afternoon. Temperatures will be a bit below normal, in the mid to upper 40s. Cooler air settles in Wednesday through Friday with highs staying in the lower to mid 40s. It should be variably cloudy.

By the weekend, sunny skies are expected with temperatures eventually getting back into the lower 50s.

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This is yesterdays weather.

This is yesterdays weather. Cant it be removed??

Epic fail...

old story

looks like an old story was picked up automatically...sunny, windy and cold today :)


...they thought it was January 1................

This Is Why

I don't get my marine weather guesses from the Pilot. They can't even get the days right. I would get swamped by 10 foot waves thinking it was going to be "glass" as forcasted. Clean up the weather predictions or else eliminate government forcasts altogether...

I'm not....

....one to stand up for the government at any level. That said, the Nation Weather Service's web site has it right.

The "13News Weather Lab" thing I don't pay any attention to. With the little breaking news thing I had to read this one.

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