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Beyoncé lip-synced anthem; Bieber mooned fans

STILL, BEYONCÉ GAVE ALL: Biggest faux scandal to come of yesterday's presidential inauguration: Beyoncé lip-synced the national anthem at Monday's ceremony. (ABC News) She gave a good performance, nonetheless. If you missed her or news and photos of the inauguration, check out the coverage on PilotOnline.comHuffington PostUsMagazine.com and other news and semi-news sources around the world. 



BIEBER MOMENTARILY BARES BACKSIDE: For whatever reason, Justin Bieber thought it would be a good idea to moon all his fans on Instagram. He thought better of the idea and deleted the post, but it already had been liked more than 15,000 times, and the screenshot already had been grabbed by plenty of celebrity and music news sources. (UsMagazine.com)


PRINCE HARRY REGRETS VEGAS: In an interview Prince Harry talks about his return from Afghanistan and how he regrets what happened in Vegas last August.  He says he let his family down. Well, if those semi-nude photos had never surfaced, then this wouldn't be an issue. (Original linkage on Cube.) What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. Thank you, smartphones. (PerezHilton.comNY Daily News)


ELTON JOHN DEAL OF A NEWBORN: It sounds kind of creepy when you just see the words "Elton John paid $31,660" for his newborn son Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John, who was born on Jan.11. Then you realize that Elton got quite a deal when you realize that what he paid for his surrogate. Sorry. It's still creepy for someone to brag about the price as if the child is a new car or something. (NY Daily News)


HEATH LEDGER: It's been five years since Heath Ledger was found dead in his SoHo apartment. He's still the best Joker ever, and one of the best talents we could have lost. (Huffington Post)


SHOWBIZ MINUTE: Police called to Chris Brown's house; Girl power at the Inauguration; Ke$ha hosts charity concert.



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Some social stuff we liked.

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Why isn't anyone recording this? http://pic.twitter.com/PxYMLppQSamir Mezrahi
Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be in 'Terminator 5' http://goo.gl/igVLlPeter Sciretta
Arnold Schwarzenegger -- I Still Love Maria... Trying to Save Our Marriage http://tmz.me/140ieDDTMZ
Lupe Fiasco escorted off stage after anti-Obama rap at inauguration celebration© Danny Moloshok / Reuters/REUTERS The 'Superstar' rapper often refers to social issues in his songs. Rapper Lupe Fiasco was ushered off stage Sunday after a 30-minute politically charged performance at a pre-inauguration party. The socially-conscious lyricist took the opportunity to bash the President's foreign policy in a song that had partygoers confused, since it was supposed to be an Obama celebration event.
'Downton Abbey' Poses A Threat To Liberals?What does " Downton Abbey" have to do with America today? British economic journalist Stuart Varney, who hosts the Fox Business series "Varney & Co.," joined "Fox & Friends" on Monday to discuss the series and to explain its importance in regards to current US politics.
#IGoToASchoolWhere The students are higher than their grades are.Because I'm a Guy
Just saw @JustinBieber's butt on Instagram. I can't believe we have the same tattoo. http://bit.ly/XSc2ciConan O'Brien
Dish Network to close 300 Blockbuster stores. America unaware there were 300 Blockbuster stores left. http://www.ajc.com/ap/ap/texas/dish-network-to-close-300-blockbuster-sto... Hodge
Discovered: The #DjangoUnchained–Pulp Fiction connection. http://nym.ag/WdhpUwVulture


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How long before some tea

How long before some tea party loon make this lip sync thing a political issue?

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