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This data comes from the Norfolk Police Department, which posts information about reported crimes on its Web site. The Virginian-Pilot's database of Norfolk crime is updated daily.

Note that this data reflects reports of incidents and does not necessarily mean that an arrest was made.

Datesort iconAddressCrime
04/16/20171300 block of W Ocean View Ave.Vandalism
04/16/20171700 block of Campostella RoadBurglary, residence
04/16/20171700 block of Campostella RoadSimple assault
04/16/2017200 block of W Ocean Ave.Simple assault
04/16/2017400 block of Ashlawn DriveNarcotics violations
04/16/2017900 block of Norchester Ave.Vandalism
04/16/20171700 block of Campostella RoadVandalism
04/16/2017900 block of South Quail St.Vandalism
04/16/20171700 block of Campostella RoadLarceny (all others)
04/16/20171400 block of Bayville St.Burglary, residence
04/16/20171700 block of Jubilee St.Stolen vehicle
04/16/2017200 block of W 28th St.Vandalism
04/16/2017200 block of W 28th St.Simple assault
04/16/2017100 block of Seekel St.Vandalism
04/16/2017800 block of Fremont St.Aggravated assault
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