Cuccinelli's office: Open gov't law doesn't apply to it

The state’s open government law doesn’t apply to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, his office says, elaborating on responses to requests for public records connected with a company whose CEO gave $35,000 in gifts to Cuccinelli and Gov. Bob McDonnell.

The office says the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t apply to it because the office is established by the Virginia Constitution and is not therefore a “public body” as defined by the act.

“The attorney general’s office is committed to transparency, which includes complying with the protocols of FOIA, even though under Virginia law, FOIA doesn’t apply to a constitutional office,” said Office of the Attorney General spokesman Brian Gottstein. He said the office responds to hundreds of requests a year.

Gottstein was explaining language in two recent responses to requests for records related to the office’s handling of a $1.7 million tax dispute with Star Scientific, whose chief executive officer, Jonnie Williams, gave $35,000 in gifts to Cuccinelli and McDonnell after their election. The company gave $79,000 to McDonnell’s political action committee after the election.

Cuccinelli has said he never discussed a lawsuit the company filed in 2011 with Williams, and that he was not aware of the lawsuit when he purchased $10,000 in stock two years after the state’s only, perfunctory reply to the suit.

Spokespeople for his office and his gubernatorial campaign have repeatedly declined to respond when asked whether he had ever discussed the issue with Williams before the lawsuit.

They have also declined to respond when asked whether Cuccinelli was aware of Star’s repeated disclosure since 2005 of its intent to take legal action against the state if it couldn’t convince officials to reverse their assessment that it owed the taxes.

The office cited a 2011 Virginia Supreme Court decision saying the State Corporation Commission was not subject to the act because of its constitutional status and was therefore not the kind of public body to which FOIA applied.

But Megan Rhyne, executive director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, said that decision only applied to the SCC.

She said the act was specifically amended to say constitutional officers were considered public bodies after an earlier Supreme Court’s decision exempting commonwealth’s attorneys because of their constitutional status.

“I’m not sure how the AG can say, then, that the office is not subject to FOIA. I also cannot imagine the AG having a wholesale exclusion from FOIA where the governor and lieutenant governor both do not,” she said.

Section 2.2-3701 of the Code of Virginia says: “For the purposes of the provisions of this chapter applicable to access to public records, constitutional officers shall be considered public bodies and, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, shall have the same obligations to disclose public records as other custodians of public records.”

Waldo Jaquith, whose FOIA request for information regarding attorney general staff who received conflict of interests training was sparked by Cuccinelli’s disclosure of Williams’ gifts, said he was taken aback by the office’s response.

“I’m just bowled over,” Jaquith said. “Whether FOIA applies to the attorney general’s office isn’t a matter that’s up for debate — this isn’t the sort of thing that intelligent minds have disagreed on. This is a stunning perversion of open government laws and accountability to taxpayers. Black is white, up is down, FOIA doesn’t apply to Ken Cuccinelli.”

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And people want this man for

And people want this man for our governor?!?!?! He'll throw us back into the dark ages with his way of thinking.

Doesn't anyone in Richmond have control over the egotistical, dangerous man? If so, step forward and put a stop to this madness.

He's not going to be

He's not going to be governor. He's just using it as a fund raising opportunity. Look for him to dial up the crazy in the coming months to increase donations from RW extremists

The lessor of two evils, again?

I trust Cuccinelli far more than McAuliffe. McAuliffe has repeatedly refused to answer simple and basic questions regarding his decisions and actions while running Greentech Automotive. His campaign slogans inspire us to believe that he is concerned about jobs. His actions have shown us that he is concerned about employing cheap foreign labor to perform his his jobs.

So you trust a man

who is running for governor that says the laws don't apply to him, that an elected position in our state isn't a "public body?"

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Don't overlook the positive -

Yes, we'll be back in the dark ages where he and McDonnell have done their best to drag us for some time, now. Ad Bob Marshall to complete the threesome, and we'll all be wearing clothes from the 1930s real soon. Not to mention that every topless statue in VA will be outfitted for the same attire.

But, on the UP side we'll be on Saturday Night Live, Letterman and all the other late-nite shows. Lots of positive (?) PR for good old, Virginia.

your rant

sounds like a description of Barry Soetoro Oblamo.

so what is his way of thinking

So what is his way of thinking that throws us into the dark ages?

You need to back your opinion up with some facts.

I would say that McAuliffe will send us back in economic growth. His policies of shipping jobs out of state and lack of government experience is far more dangerous than Cuccinelli's shanagans...

Besides, in 4 years we get a whole new set of candidates.

I support a job creator who has strong values to support and defend the VA and US Constitutions.

What jobs

has Cuccinelli created?

democrats are the job creators

1961 to 2012

Republican president job growth - 24 million jobs in 28 years.

Democratic president job growth - 42 million jobs in 24 years.

What a bargain!

So you suggest we should vote for Cuccinelli because he may increase jobs in the state, accepting that he may concurrently: (1)refuse to explain potential conflicts created by campaign contributions and personal gifts; (2)insist upon interpreting law through his personal values;(3)consider roughly 50% of the VA population (Democrats)to be ignorant, anti-American, or both;(4)consider any moderate Republicans to be no different than Democrats (see #3);(4)suggest that widely accepted scientific theories are no more than guesses, if he disagrees;(5)engage in backdoor legislation to take away a women's privacy rights;and (6)continue to fight the right of GLBT to be considered equal. What a bargain!

I think he failed the Ethics portions of the Bar Exam

Cause every time he opens his mouth, amazing. Have to wonder just how well he did in law school too! This is one middle aged Catholic woman who would never vote for this moron. He's just too frightening.

So you'd vote for a proven crook

So you support Terry McAulliffe why? Because he successfully lobbied the for US Federal Grants and Mississippi State grants to start up a fraudulent company that was designed to survive only with government financing and support?

Or is it because McAuliffe is such a staunch supporter of amnesty for Illegal Immagrants, supports abortion in all instances, is a voting supporter of Unions, but didn't want them in his Greentech Automotive plant in Mississippi.

I suppose its just the same with all of the low information voters out there. Choose the pretty boy that sounds better than his record.

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I, for one...

want to see his college transcripts!

I Think He Failed ethics Portion

I agree Whole heartly Ray Mac

Somewhat embarrassing to say

Somewhat embarrassing to say but as a UVa Law alum, one must try very hard to get a grade less than B- after 1st semester; at that point, less than a C is all but unheard of.

Dark ages

Ken "Coathanger" Cuccinelli and the Gop are takeing us back into the dark ages. Coathangers and dark back alleys will be the norm. So it is back to the dark ages, I guess Sunday Blue Laws will be their next conquest.

Ho Hum

Thus begins the Pilot's campaign to elect the Democrat...

If a Democratic AG exempted himself from FOIA,

what would you say?

I would say ...

"It's an honor to meet you, Mr. President."

Yeah, Nixon was a bad president

But even if you are getting in a dig against President Obama, all you;ve done is proven my point.

FOIA applies to all officeholders regardless of political party. Reporting this galling illegality and lack of ethics by Cuccinelli is no more an effort to make McAuliffe looks good than the V_P expending so much ink last week on the IRS/Benghazi/AP stuff was an effort to make tea partiers look good.

Factual news makes your party's candidate look bad when what your candidate does is bad.

Actually, I Blew the Joke

Your caption says "Democratic AG", and I so should have typed "Mr. Holder", not "Mr. President". I suppose in your mind that's a reflection of my raging case of Obama Derangement Syndrome, and perhaps it is.


You also presume that I suffer from the same lock-step ideological outlook as you. I don't.

If the election were held today, I would hold my nose and vote for Terry McAuliffe. Much of his history bothers me, but I am far more bothered by a public servant who views gov't power as a mere tool for driving ideological change.

Too bad that this concern for misuse of gov't power only seems to reside in those on the right-leaning side of the political spectrum.

I am nervously awaiting my next IRS audit.

I'd vote for a Republican who was sane, logical,

honest and interested in governing rather than, first, imposing a backwards religious puritanism and, second, more interested in becoming president than serving as governor.

If I'm a raving liberal (I'm not), the current GOP has made me so. Like you will this time, View, I've consistently voted Democratic since 2000 because the Republican choices have been unconscionable. My ballots were all over the place before then.

Some deeper self reflection may be needed

If you voted for President Obama this past November, because you consider Gov. Romney to have been an "unconscionable" choice, then I urge you to consider whether you may be suffering from total ideological blindness/denial.

If you have not been shocked to your core by the misuse of government power by our present administration, then you are (to my mind) lacking the capacity to recognize what is "sane and logical" from a political standpoint.

That's not intended to be a personal criticism, Not by Half. It simply puts you right in line with 51% of the American population.

The same could be said

if you voted for Bush the second time then you are guilty too. The Patriot Act and overreach ring a bell?

Neither party is concerned about governing or the Constitution. They are seeking power and appeal to those they believe can give it to them. So they not only deny rights and responsibilities but also raid the treasury to keep them voting for them.

Exempted by the law

Yes, exempted by a law that he didn't write or vote for. However, in the article it explains that his office has voluntarily fulfilled the FOIA requests submitted. Unlike some very prominent Democrats in the Federal Government. I won't name any names, everyone should know by now who I refer to.

AG not exempt; no interpretation possible

Also from the article: "Section 2.2-3701 of the Code of Virginia says: “'For the purposes of the provisions of this chapter applicable to access to public records, constitutional officers shall be considered public bodies and, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, shall have the same obligations to disclose public records as other custodians of public records.'”

You'd at least want an AG and potential governor who could at least read the Virginia law code, regardless of his or her inclination to abide by it.

Here's the link to the Virginia Code, since you won;t believe the newspaper: http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+2.2-3701

Let the RW bitter whine

Let the RW bitter whine campaign begin against every fact that doesn't paint cons as heroes of the people.


I normally vote Republican (I'm an Independent), but there is no way I am voting for Cuccenilli.

Not the Pilot

It is not the actions of the Pilot that will elect a democrat in this election but the selection of Cuccinelli by the Republican party.

Election help

Seems the AG is doing a lot to help elect a Dem.

Do the people of Virginia

really think that Cucc is the answer? Yes, if the question is who would be the worst possible person (besides Pat Robertson) to represent Virginia? And you must be "plastered" if you think the Pilot leans left.

He's Certainly Not a Very Good Politician

What he should have said is that his office will be the "most transparent" of any state attorney general's office ever, and then proceed to run it entirely in Chicago-style fashion.

I'm sure the press will give him the same gentle coverage that they have given to the Obama administration over these past 5 years.

Of course, there are two problems for AG Cuccinelli: First, as a Republican, the press clearly will not willingly serve as his public relations office. The second is that he actually appears to be sincere in his cultural crusading approach. And that is more than a little bit scary.

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Swipe at Obama
Swipe at media
Swipe at Obama
Swipe at media
Swipe at media

Not Bad -- at last by progressive standards

You clearly got the first three points correct.

I not sure how my stated dismay with AG Cuccinelli and his crusading nature translates in your mind to two more swipes at the media.

But, all in all, not bad reading comprehension skills for an avowed progressive, TR. I am impressed.

More whiney "wibrul meedeeuh" tripe

"An avowed progressive"? Ummmm, where does one take said 'progressive' vow? Do 'progressives' have 'bad reading comprehension skills'? And are you using the term 'progressive' as a swipe as well? Lots of swipes going on, yet not one comment about Ken's decision.

Sooooo, hold off on the swipes and tell us what do u think about Ken's decision?

My Take on Ken's Decision

You mean beyond the "cultural crusader" swipe contained in the earlier post?

My take is that Ken C.'s approach to the power of the AG office is borderline disqualifying:

* As much of a liar as Michael Mann may be, that is an academic issue and not appropriate for point-scoring subpoenas.
* Although I have some sympathy for abortion opponents, who thanks to Roe v. Wade do not have a democratic (small d) ability to address their very sincere concerns, I nevertheless am dismayed by AG Ken's use of his office to leverage the issue.
* Same with the FOIA question. While there is privileged material, a sweeping denial for his office is inappropriate.

[And, yes, in my assessment is that your partisanship does very much impair your posts.]

Good for u to finally comment on the story

... at hand. But there u go again. Why do u call Michael Mann a liar? Sounds Ken-ish.

It'd quite ironic to complain about MY partisanship when your posts on KCs FOIA decision is to take multiple swipes at librul meedeeuh and at BHO. And at Michael Mann.

View102 summary

Swipe at Obama
Swipe at media
Swipe at Obama
Swipe at media
Swipe at media

Three of a Kind

Seems to me that there is very little difference between what is happening here in VA and in DC. A bunch of rich, self-important lawyers working hard on damage control.
O appointed idiots and sycophants to run our goverment (hey, he was elected fair and square, our bad) who tried to please the master by messing with tea partiers, shield him from the Benghazi screw-up, and I don't know what about the AP fiasco. It is pure speculation as to how much he knew or knows about these incidents. More than he says, I bet.
Cucchi and McD took "gifts" (aka bribes) after being elected to apparently give favorable treatment to corrupt businessmen and look the other way as that businessman avoided paying taxes.
Idiots, crooks, and liars, oh my!

As governor?

He just keeps adding more and more reasons why Virginians shouldn't elect him governor. We need more transparency, not less, in all aspects of government.

so our choices are...

A corrupt Republican.... or....

An Incompetent Democrat...

Can we get a REAL working person to lead for a change?

I hate politicians...


"My sources say no."

You may thank the media

and their hunt for Pulitzers. Character assassination has become more important than truth. They search and dig and nitpick anyone's past to find that little thing to destroy them. So that just leaves people with egos big enough to withstand the media onslaught. McAuliffe and Cuccinelli both fit that bill. Both corrupt, incompetent and egotistical enough to not care.

Thank you.

For the first time in 40 years of voting I will not be casting a vote in an election. Neither of these candidated deserve my vote.

personal consequences

By not casting a vote for either person, you technically forfeit any right to criticize either. You might want to rethink that.

You never forfeit the right to criticize

regardless if you vote or not. That is a right, not an earned privilege if you vote.

Then please don't voice your

Then please don't voice your opinion on Va Political or governmental matters for the next four years. You forfeited that right when you were too lazy to even go write someone in.

Good point

Perhaps I will go and write someone in. Or, it would be even better if there were a 3rd party candidate to vote for. We can only hope.


Maybe it is not so much that neither deserves our vote, but that we, as voters, deserve a better selection.

No worries, long list

No worries. This is just another feather in the hat. Just one more reason why Ken will not be our next governor. personally, I will enjoy watching him and his party throw money away on the next election. We all know the end result beforehand. Just another item to place in the very long list of reasons not to vote for Ken. very long list that's is indeed.

Your summation regarding the

Your summation regarding the election’s outcome overlooks the flawed nature of the Democrat’s candidate. He is saturated in slime.


But, based on this type of action, one could argue Cuccinelli is slime.

No doubt--but Cuccinelli has

No doubt--but Cuccinelli has a long way to go to reach McAuliffe's degree of corruption.

Could it be that . . .

... you're new to the state of Virginia? That would explain what you seem to know about the Attorney General - which is not much.

Lay it out, man--whatcha

Lay it out, man--whatcha got. If you have something that reaches the level of Global Crossing, I'm all ears.

“It depends on what the

“It depends on what the meaning of a “public body” is.”

“It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.”

They spend millions in an effort to convince us that they there is a major distinction between them. But when you get to the bottom line, there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Likewise, there is minimal difference in the affect of election results on regular citizens. Elections primarily determine which side’s cronies will benefit.

the difference between democrats and republicans

1961 to 2012

Republican president job growth - 24 million jobs in 28 years.

Democratic president job growth - 42 million jobs in 24 years.

Those that blindly repeat

Those that blindly repeat the predictable, mindless and meaningless talking points of their masters are part of the problem.

If you believe that presidents create jobs, you do not understand how the economy works. The best thing governments can do to stimulate economic growth, is to simply get out of the way.

The government that governs best—governs least.

"to stimulate economic growth"

Cool shows that democrats are better at it then democrats.

correction,,, typing too fast

Cool shows that democrats are better at it then republicans.

Then? When?

Speak English, this is America. Try again.

thank you

You disagree with my grammar but not the content.

You type words, but you

You type words, but you never say anything.

good old cool

and his empty claims.

Good point

As you argue for what appears to be the extreme Tea Party side, it would appear you want government to do the least - often nothing. Fine. Even if you do not win the election, I suggest you get your way. Perhaps you should be considered like the Amish, exempt from taxes, which is what you want. On the other hand, you would also not be provided medicare, medicaid, social security, fire protection, police protection, water, sewage treatment, public schools, public roads, public health, use of public airwaves or military protection. If you want no government, it appears you do not want to be one of "We the People" unless you get your way, and only your way, regardless of the vote. Therefore, you should get nothing the people provide.

I advocate for limited

I advocate for limited government—not anarchy. Policemen, firemen, a legal system based on objective laws, a national defense, etc, are necessary components of Human civilization.

But when the government controls all facets of Human activity, it is defined as totalitarianism. Leftists advocate for that sort of government—not only for themselves, but they also force others to live under their strict, complex laws, that they enforce with rigorous military precision.

Objective laws?

It seems like when you say objective law you only mean laws that you agree with as an individual, and that everyone with another opinion is either ignorant, insane, or deliberately trying to control mankind in general.

I advocate for adherence to

I advocate for adherence to the law, i.e., the Constitution--something that leftists abhor utterly and completely.

I understand you folks--if it places limits on government, y'all seek to destroy it.

You basically advocate for

You basically advocate for things that benefit you personally as opposed to those which benefit your neighbor (regardless of whether your neighbor personally benefits from everything you receive).

No, I advocate for a

No, I advocate for a government that would benefit everyone personally.

Leftists take everyone's money, siphon off an ample amount for themselves and their cronies, and use the the rest to buy votes. That may benefit you, but it does nothing for Real-Americans.

the government that governs the least.....


Actually, a might makes

Actually, a might makes right government (Somalia), is in many ways what the left advocates.

Just in case....

Anyone is still paying attention to this thread.

FACTS on job creation. Not that facts will get in the way of your opinions.


Here's the Real Thing to Fear

it unfortunately looks like this jerk will be Governor till 2018. He continually gets away with shenanigans and voters won't hold him accountable.

Well at least

At least he will make a STUNNING figure in a brown uniform with jackboots and those darling little armbands.

Brown shirts and jackboots

Brown shirts and jackboots is leftist attire. It is they that seek to control others with the mechanisms of a totalitarian government.

The left has transformed the federal government into a megalomaniacal hate machine and unleashed it on Real-Americans.

Even in your twisted view of

Even in your twisted view of world history, who was it fighting the Communists in WW2?

a correction if you please

--a prime example of our school system today.


--remember that the US came to the aid of communist Russia during WW2

--remember that it was the allies that helped put COMMUNISEM in power in china during the same period of time against JAPAN!

--please don't talk about the history that I was alive in.--wars bring strange bed fellows.


If your argument is weak, yelling will not help it.

The communist took over China in 1949.

The brown shirts of Germany were anti communist fascists before the war. Where exactly were you?

Regrettably, it seems, your

Regrettably, it seems, your age has overcome your ability to rationally respond. You acknowledge it was Germans who invaded Russia. That underlay the posters entire point, if you were able to comprehend it. Cool_Logic had accused leftists of being brown shirts. However, the brown shirts had invaded leftist, communist Russia.

German invasion followed abandonment of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact which had been a ruse for gaining Russian support for German invasion of Poland. Had you paid attention in school during the pre-war years you care so deeply about, you would be cognizant that SINCE WWI Germans blamed the Communists & Jews for both the WWI armistice and the high unemployment rates following WWI. Nazis NEVER liked communists. Get it?


Well played!!

It is you that is ignorant

It is you that is ignorant of history. Fascism’s father, Benito Mussolini—was a socialist. Democratic state socialism—is fascism.

NAZI is the acronym for National Socialist German Workers' Party. Nazis were anti-big business, anti-capitalist and anti-bourgeois. The fascists and the communists both viewed Capitalists as the enemy.

Glenn Beck

I appreciate that Glenn Beck refers to the Nazi's as leftists, but it should be noted that historians and political scientists refer to them as the right wing. If there is a political continuum, it is logically impossible for the "left" to occupy both ends of the spectrum. That they called themselves socialist is meaningless. After all, the communist government in Northern Vietnam called themselves a people's republic, and no one seriously compared their system to that of the US. Regardless of Glenn Beck's views, the political continuum is not leftist/communist/socialist/Nazi/tyrant at one end, and Republican/God at the other.

The science (if you want to call it that) of political views

Two dimensional view, the left and the right come together in a "horseshoe effect". Eventually, when you go further enough left or right you end up at the same point where you have a system where government controls all aspects of the daily life including economy, rights, etc. How you get there is a different way - the extreme left argues for equality, the extreme right argues for morality.

Political views are actually 3 (some cases 4) dimensional. There is social and economic issues and you can look at them separately --- Nazis are to the right socially but extreme left on economics. Commnism ends up the same way when you take it to the limits.

Consitution limited Democratic Republic w/capitalistic economic system is ideal.

I did not know that Beck

I did not know that Beck refers to Nazis as leftists. I’ll take your word for it—and as it were, he happens to be correct. The left has pushed a false dichotomy since the 1930s in an effort muddle the true nature of their ideology.

But their summation has a circular reference in that it only offers a choice of two totalitarian despotisms. The knowing philosopher or political scientist understands that is a false choice. The correct dichotomy is totalitarianism v anarchy, i.e., total government v zero government.

And one cannot honestly argue that it is not the left that advocates for government control over all facets of Human activity. Moreover, the left’s great hero, FDR, actually interned US citizens in concentration camps.

Really? The AG is a leftist?

Preposterous revisionist nonsense based on an extremely superficial interpretation of the established academic political science/history canon.

The “fascists were/are leftists” meme popped up about a decade ago promoted by revisionists like Jonah Goldberg and now oft repeated by authoritarian leaders found on the radio. In the end though, this gem is a mish-mash of some parsed words, some cherry picked data, and a whole lot of counting on the ignorance of the listener.

Let’s be clear. This is a tempest in the internet teapot. There is no honest, peer-reviewed, scholarly argument or question in academia today regarding right vs. left ideologies, their constructs, or history.

Attorney General Cuccinelli is a classic right-wing ideologue.

Cuccinelli no doubt has some

Cuccinelli no doubt has some issues; however, his legal arguments against O-care and the EPA on storm water were well reasoned and well presented. In both cases, he advocated against tyranny, i.e., leftist jackboots stomping on HC freedom of choice and property rights.

Your left/right is actually left/left. Under communism, the government owns—under fascism, the government controls. Under both, jackboots are unleashed against Inalienable Rights.


Under capitalism, man oppresses his fellow man. Under communism, it is the other way around.

I might smoke (cigars), and

I might smoke (cigars), and I love a good joke (PC or not), but I do not play. The actions of leftist working within the mechanisms of government have made it abundantly clear—they view The People as the enemy.

...it is a phenomenon that has occurred repeatedly in evolution of Humanity.

Get your lables straight

I'm not sure where you earned your degree in Political Science but you should get your money back!
Modern political ideologies are typically arranged on a continuum with communism on the left end (hence leftists) and fascism on the right. Communisism simply defined is government by all while fascism is governemnt by one.
Most modern, first world governments lie somewhere in between. Most are representative social-democracies. More socialist governments (France, Demark, Norway) are on the left side of the middle. More capitalistic governments (US, Germany, Brazil) are on the right of the middle.
Know this, the US is a Social Democracy, not a pure free market. Good thing too, unless you want to go back to child-labor and tapeworm diet pills!

Ah, there it is; and here we go, again.

The Real-Americans vs. the not-so-real-Americans.

I so love that malarkey - it takes me back to 2008 and the McCain/Palin side-show of tea bags hanging off everyone's hat, dogs with American flags tied around their necks, side-arms strapped to thighs and old women babbling to McCain about Obama, 'the Muslim', and lots of talk 'I just want to take my country back'. ha ha ha.

Please, oh please, logic-free, tell us more about the good old days of the 2008 campaign.

Even on a bad day it makes me laugh out loud.

Sign me, 'A Real American'

You can write to Hell

You can write to Hell freezes over, but you will never be a Real-American. You whine too much.


Where did you see a 'whine' in my post?

Oh, you said, 'wine'.

Good idea. I'm off to the kitchen as I hit the '.'

Sign me, A really REAL-American

Real American

Explain to us all how your comments ties to Reagan's concept of a "big tent."

Real American

Explain to us all how your comments ties to Reagan's concept of a "big tent."

I am not interested in a

I am not interested in a phony big tent. You can find me, along with like-minded Independents and Libertarians in Mr. Jefferson’s camp.

Which Mr. Jefferson.....

Which Mr. Jefferson? The one
- Who wrote the Declaration of Independence
- Who loved liberty, but owned slaves
- Who rallied against "miscegenation", but likely fathered children with his slaves
- Whose lack of business sense left his estate in deep poverty
- Who proclaimed friendship to those he attacked anonymously
- Who eliminated the foundling US Navy
- Who never served in the militia or the Army
- Who voiced concern for political partisanship, but led the first political parities
- Who said centralized authority was always bad, though he had never tried to run a centralized system
- Who said the bloodbath of the French Revolution, killing for political difference, was virtuous (which, come to think of it, does sound like you)

The one the left hates like

The one the left hates like they hate everything about this country.

please stop the smear campaign demopilot

We all know what you're doing & you stink just about as much as BHO's administration. TMc is just another of BHO's boyz & his politics stinks as bad. @least Ken has been a real asset to Va., unlike the northern carpetbagger, whom took his business to Mississippi. So just stop, I'm not buying what your selling. Even if I didn't like Ken I'd never vote for that rat TMc.


Cuccinelli, who complains that all other candidates, indeed almost all other politicians, do not reflect the will of the people, but he argues that, in his opinion, he does not have to answer to the people.


Yeah. You can see right through him and discern his major objectives for the fascist ideology they are.

Paging George Orwell! Paging George Orwell!

You have to love it when the candidate's spokesman vows that Mr. Cuccinelli's office is "committed to transparency" while stonewalling legitimate requests for significant information and declaring that the laws of transparency don't apply to his office.

Priceless. They could't add more to the "smell" of this affair if they tried. Why not just establish the "Ministry of Truth," as Orwell did in "1984", and be done with it?

Here we go again -- yet another free ticket to the governor's mansion for yet another mediocre (at best) Democrat. Thanks a bunch, Tea-people. Thanks a whole bunch.


I agree. When the Tea Party first emerged, it was a group that was able to attract people from both parties, focusing on such issues as government waste, taxation, and areas that permitted some debate on the issues. In that sense, it was like the founding fathers who valued the art of compromise - without it, there would be no US. However, since then, the Tea Party has become so polarized that it not only rejects any semblance of the ability to compromise and engage Democrats, they also seem to reject any semblance of an open discussion within the Republican party. This may lead to a continued split of the vote, or at least, as many have noted here, an unwillingness to vote in any manner. A one party system, regardless of who it is, is bad.

Our Choices are a result .....

"A corrupt Republican or An Incompetent Democrat..."
Our choices are a direct reflection from our ignorance, distaste for politicians as we know them, unwillingness to spend time becoming informed and volunteering to raise awareness, the list can go on for days. Most of us are flat out in survival mode and are too overwhelmed to create the time to be informed.
The AG office and it's MFCU lack the basic knowledge of VA. Code/Statutes/Law. They lack the ability to follow the law w/out rewriting it for their own self-serving interest. Did you ever question that NPD Fraud Unit lacks the basic knowledge as well.
The point I'm making is our Judicial System needs to be held accountable for monitoring this prevalent corruption or it will continue.

Our Choices are a result .....

"A corrupt Republican or An Incompetent Democrat..."
Our choices are a direct reflection from our ignorance, distaste for politicians as we know them, unwillingness to spend time becoming informed and volunteering to raise awareness, the list can go on for days. Most of us are flat out in survival mode and are too overwhelmed to create the time to be informed.
The AG office and it's MFCU lack the basic knowledge of VA. Code/Statutes/Law. They lack the ability to follow the law w/out rewriting it for their own self-serving interest. Did you ever question that NPD Fraud Unit lacks the basic knowledge as well.
The point I'm making is our Judicial System needs to be held accountable for monitoring this prevalent corruption or it will continue.

All Politics aside

Seriously GOP? Is this really the best candidate for Governor that you could come up with? Good Grief!


--when does a lawyers records become public records?

--even OBAMA'S lawyers stated she knew things that were not open public records, but even her boss was not privy to them.--that how he keeps saying--I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE,__I READ IT IN THE PAPER,--I DON"T REMEMBER

--strange that a boss doesn't know what his own people are doing.--must be too busy fundraising to even check in on them every now and then.

--but then, everyone knows how much it drains a person that is constantly running around with all those parties and shows he has to do, to raise all those millions to be use against those greedy rich republicans.

Ya'think there might be a

Ya'think there might be a difference between a lawyer who represents a campaign and a lawyer who represents the public?


--which lawyer are you talking about?

--the president that is always campaigning for money?

-or the lawyer that is representing the governor of this state?

The AG is the Commonwealth's lawyer.

Should the governor be accused of malfeasance who do you think would prosecute?

Correct title...

It should be the lawyer who represents the governor of the state, who is also continually raising campaign funds, who is also running for office, who is also interpreting the laws to meet his personal political, social, and religious agenda....


Based on this logic, if a lawyer for a public organization took bribes or accepted donations that influenced his decision, he would be free to keep those records private as, being a lawyer, there was an expectation of privacy?

so get a debate between these two candidates

Fire 'em up!

a thought

--first of all;--the democrats haven't picked anyone yet!--all we have now is the democratic followers blindly attacking any republican running without even knowing who is going to represent them in November.--like I said before these democrats will attack anyone without knowing who they are fighting FOR!--makes no difference to them.

--a debate?--I don't think that the person all these people think is running, would be willing to have a open debate with a unbiased monitor.--he has more to hide then a 60 year old hooker.

first of all

You think it's going to be someone else?

Why do we even have an Attorney General

Seems all he is is a political hack who can contort any law to fit the logic of the party, "in his opinion", which apparently doesn't mean anything since his opinions rarely survive in a court of law. Now he conveniently issues an "opinion" that the laws of the state do not apply to him either. His candidacy seems to be the epitomy of ultimate power corrupting ultimately.

"blindly attacking" ??

There are some very clear reasons here for criticism. Add to it, Ken's other gift receiving incidents, the pending lawsuit against the state from Ken's gifter, BobbyMac's involvement w/ same gifter, etc. Definitely not "blindly".

Principles not the man.

The Atty General has been directly responsible for getting some significant legislation passed that has helped Virginians, especially in the area of property rights, but this kind of situation just serves to remind me that we must always support ideas and principles and never just the man.

Top Down

Seems to me if you insert "Obama" or "Obama Administration" in place of "Cuccinelli", the story would be just as accurate.

Right ...

... and you could miss the point equally well by inserting Lady Gaga, the Boston Red Sox or the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.


I injected Obama's version of his promise for a more open and transparent government. If you equate Obama to Lady Gaga, the Red Sox, or any other unrelated person or group, then you really missed the point.

Obama said, “We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration."

Last month the AP reported that the administration censored more FOIA requests last year than in any other year since Obama took office. And now DOJ is rounding up the AP's phone logs.

What about "Fast and Furious", that gun-smuggling debacle that got an agent killed? Obama's Executive Privilege squashed that.

So when a Dem does it, it's ok. But when a Republican does, it's wrong. Got it.

"Whooshhhhh ..."

That's the sound of the point going right over your head ... again.

What Obama does is what Obama does, and he has plenty to answer for. But if you insist, during every debate, on just answering, "Well, they did it too ...", you not only sound like a kid caught tossing a rock, you affirm that whatever sin is committed is OK so long as the other side is committing it, too. It's called "blame-gaming."

This is a story about Virginia. About Virginia's future. When you start injecting the IRS and Fast and Furious and Solyndra and all the crud from every other "scandal," you water down the debate and the very point is lost ... yet again.


My initial comment that got you spinning out of control was a tongue-in-cheek comparison of purely political affiliations.

Many of the posts here bash Cuccinelli for his record, and many of those include his Republican stance as a comparison. There's even a few that blatantly include comparisons between Republican and Democratic presidents, yet because those lean toward support of the Democrats and against Republicans (by proxy), you have no witty little comments about them. Why is that? Where's the point in all of that in your world, and how are such comments relevant to this article or your posts?


The problem with tongue-in-cheek remarks, sarcasm, and irony is that there are far to many extremists in these discussions. It makes it difficult, at times, to tell who is serious and who is trying to other amuse or challenge us to engage in greater levels of reflection.

Just wait, friends

Just wait until McAuliffe gets really scrutinized. His background is so woefully short in experience (Clinton coattail hanging doesn't count), business (wait until these abilities come out as evidenced by so many failures and near failures, especially with taxpayer funds), and his fake sensitivity to the culture and people of Virginia...is realized by the folks here in the Old Dominion. I've already heard him being called by some pretty significant folks--from all political perspectives--as nothing but a "Yankee carpetbagging snake oil salesman." Cuccinelli is almost spotless in purity when compared to McAuliffe, and no amount of liberal re-writing of the past 20 years of history will wash that oil off ones hands.

No one likes McAuliffe

Nothing we learn about him could make him look worse than Cuccinelli, though. If these two guys end up being our only choices, McAuliffe is infinitely the lesser evil.

I'll give you a piece of free advice I've already offered elsewhere: Focus on the likely impossible task of making Cuccinelli more palatable. McAuliffe has already succeeded in making himself a poor choice. You're wasting time, energy and anger trying to lower anyone's opinion of McAuliffe. So do try to raise Cuccinelli to McAuliffe's low bar.

Which one?

As far as "Yankee carpetbagging snake oil salesman" goes, McAuliffe is from New York, Cuccinelli is from New Jersey. Sounds like a toss-up to me. You'd have to be Tony Soprano to tell them apart.

not a comparison

True about where Cuccinelli was born, but he was formally educated in Virginia and is both a UVA and GMU grad, has lived in Virginia a long time, he's not hung on anyone's shirttails and is pugnaciously self-made actually, and has won 4/4 elections here from the people of the state including a state senator as well as AG. McAauliffe has won nothing from no place at no time, via a public vote. Not even a local school board seat. Sorry, he's a DC eduated, NY born, Clinton hanger-on'er carpetbagger, which still seems an appropriate description of Terry McAauliffe's attempt to run (notice I did not say "lead") Virginia through the governorship.

What are you hiding?

That's what you said over the weekend and directing those remarks to Terry McAuliffe regarding his tax returns.

Well, turn about is fair play, buster! What are you hiding?

Why is anyone even worried

Why is anyone even worried about Cuccinelli's office status. Now we have Obama's press spokesmen "backtracking" on statements that the White House did not know anything about the IRS targeting. Turns out Obama's counsel was informed of the investigation. When are we going to get a straight story from these idiots in this administration. The liberal press calls it backtracking. I call it lying.


As long as we demand an instant press meeting to tell us facts that no one knows 3 minutes after the event happened, we will get backtracks.

If we were told that they need a few days to gather the facts, we would be all over them claiming cover-up.

seems like damned if they do and if they don't.


As long as we demand an instant press meeting to tell us facts that no one knows 3 minutes after the event happened, we will get backtracks.

If we were told that they need a few days to gather the facts, we would be all over them claiming cover-up.

seems like damned if they do and if they don't.


Just for clarification, the discussion here is about Cuccinelli and, to some extent, McAuliffe, in terms of the Va. Governor's race. From what I have seen so far, Obama is not in that race, nor is he likely to be.

deciding factor

This was the one issue that made sure I never vote for this man.

Reminds me of a European National Socialist Workers Party from the last century.

Cucci' and the walls of Jerico...

Hey,Cucci'...keep drinkin' your sweet tea,you bagger...by the time election day rolls around your walls will have completely crumbled around you !!!...Vote for you ???...NEVER !!!

The deciding factor will be

The deciding factor will be the debates. McAuliffe is a slimy shyster and that is exactly the way he looks and sounds.

Let me share something with you.

The women of Virginia aren't too keen on Mr. Cuccinelli.

We didn't like his party's antics of trying to make abortion illegal in Virginia.

We didn't like his 'personhood' bill support.

We thought his idea of not getting one of his kids a SS card so that the government couldn't track the child was straight out of La-La Land.

We thought his heavy-handedness regarding the Board of Health and the whole women's clinic mess was nothing but fear tactics and threats.

We didn't like his desire to make safe, popular contraceptives illegal.

We didn't like his support of ultra-sounds.

And, you know what, even if we HAD loved all those things, we would have expected him to guide his party to pay attention to real problems, not uteruses.

The only move Cuccinelli

The only move Cuccinelli made against abortion was an attempt to redefine ambulatory after the legislature failed to enact it. His role as Attorney General is not to legislate, but to enforce laws passed by the legislature.

Leftists blame him for legislation enacted during the last session that requires abortion clinics to operate under the same standards that govern surgery. There is no doubt that he supported the legislation, but even if he had opposed it, he would still have been compelled to enforce the law.

But what the heck—leftists lie, divide and are ill-informed; thus, the truth is irrelevant.

Lies? Divisive?

You state that leftists lie and are divisive? You are probably one of the most polarized participants in these discussions. You reject any opinion but you own, insulting everyone one else. You base everything on your own opinion, pushing the envelope, if not outright breaking it, in many postings. Based on your definition, you as "left" as they come.

I am not a politician; thus,

I am not a politician; thus, I define a lie, as a lie. And if I am not the most polarizing participant in these discussions to leftists, I will endeavor to be more accurate in my goring of the leftist ox.

I do not reject any opinion—but I reject ALL leftist opinions. I simply do not acquiesce to stupid and/or emotional opinions. I am well aware of the fact that leftists control the machine, but I fear not. My aim is to invert that equation, so that the machine fears The People.

Oh please, gore on.

You may be more helpful to the Democrats than you'll ever realize.

You contradict yourself

You contradict yourself -

"I do not reject any opinion—but I reject ALL leftist opinions."

So, you really do reject opinions.

Just wanted to help you out with that.

And, just for the record - I have no earthly idea what 'machine' you're talking about.

I do control the blender at my house. And, sometimes, when I'm allowed, I control the remote. Are those the machines you're talking about?

No lies from me about Cuccinelli's antics.

He advocated vocally for the personhood bill, which would deem abortion illegal in VA.

IUDs and the Plan B-type pills would also be illegal since they would interrupt a 'conception' that had taken place - even if the day before.

Because he advocates for the ridiculous 'personhood' bills, he quite naturally stands for stopping all abortions in VA, thus making women's clinics that also perform abortions unnecessary.

You really think his party wanted to widen halls and doorways for women having a mammogram or a pap smear?

Also, his and his party's support of both types of ultrasounds was to obstruct women from abortions.

As Governor he'd be urging the Gen. Assembly to start it all again.

You know that; and, women certainly know it.

Again, I wish Bolling was in the race

What a choice, KenC or TerryM. A few months ago, ken was speaking to two diff 'conservative' business groups in NoVa. He was eviscerated. People saying his agenda was not good for VA bidness.

The Teapubs went with a convention, not a primary... so that Ken would b there man... kicking Bill to the curb. So the Teas are basically gunna put TerryM in office. Flashing forward, we can blame the Teas more Terry's tenure.

Who are trying to kid, man?

Who are trying to kid, man? The only reason you would like to see Bolling in the mix is to muddle the differences. You complain about the gop convention, but your masters picked your candidate--y'all never had a choice.


Better his masters than the voices you apparently hear inside your head.

Wow—you hear voices in my

Wow—you hear voices in my head that I am unable to hear.

Seriously, unlike leftists, I am not slave to the state, I am my own master.

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