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Information gathered by The Court Report from city records. The date reflects the beginning month of a date range in which a transaction was recorded.

Datesort iconFromToAddressZIPPrice
12/2016Stacy L. McilvainMarvin H. Moore2213 Welbeck Ln.0$423,000
12/2016Jonathan PerezArneatha C. Durham3825 Lasalle Dr. #10623453$135,000
12/2016R.T. LerchLeilani M. Gilbert401 Terrace Ct. #4010$310,000
12/2016Stephanie SmithRolando S. Anonas6026 Margate Ave.23462$109,000
12/2016Darrell S. NormandtRichard A. Barker1245 Prosperity Rd.4840$351,000
12/2016Fed.Natl.Mtg.Assoc.Brian E. Canton100 S. Fir Ave.23452$282,000
12/2016Beatrice R.Morrow, Tr.Joseph Simpkins1401 Greeley Ct.4836$265,000
12/2016Karen L.O'hareClifford E. Hsiao5024 Rugby Rd.0$196,000
12/2016Bay Shore Development LlcRajan D. Vesuwala108 N.Budding Ave.0$279,900
12/2016Just Right Homes, LlcTed M. Leedy423 Marsh Duck Way23451$165,000
12/2016Spence Crossing Residential, Inc.Corey R. Tokar4124 Clarendon Way0$204,350
12/2016Gregory S. Kirby, Tr.Ryan W. Gilliland1137 Newmarket Dr.5707$275,000
12/2016Chilita E.RobinsonDiego P. Dominguez3075 Comte Ct.3218$188,000
12/2016Nicholas J.FolmerKirsten N. Pennell1780 Templeton Ln.0$662,500
12/2016Enclave At Pa Bc, LlcNorman D. Eaton2365 Rod Pocceschi Way0$447,772
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