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Information gathered by The Court Report from city records. The date reflects the beginning month of a date range in which a transaction was recorded.

Datesort iconFromToAddressZIPPrice
09/2017New Beginnings Inc.Walter W. Yocom, et al2800 Somme Ave.23509$110,000
09/2017Red Monkey, LlcJamie Quintana, et al237 Granby St.23510$175,000
09/2017Reed R. Smith, Jr.Robert W Guffey, et al150 Dover Cir.23505$320,000
09/2017Marta N. JoinerLindsey Patriani249 Huntsman Rd.23502$412,250
09/2017Naomi L. Gunnell, et alClinton R. Gunnell, et al620 Burleigh Ave.23505$200,000
09/2017Brian ClaireJohn R. Miller, et al4857 Robin Hood Rd.23513$101,000
09/2017Margaret Walston, et alsLee R. Hall, Sr., et al1121 Covel St.23523$105,000
09/2017John A. Fox, et alJohn B. Bowen, et al1339 Willow Wood Dr.1358$880,000
09/2017Nicola PeraginePhillip A. Margis212 36th St.W.23504$189,000
09/2017Elizabeth A. Sykes, et als,Co-Exor.Peter D. Worgess, et al125 E. Arden Cir.4801$625,000
09/2017L.H. Puckett, Jr., et alLouis N. Decuir, et al625 E. Mowbray Ct.23507$690,000
09/2017Fed.Home Loan Mtg.CorpRodrick Lancaster516 W. 34th St.23508$41,673
09/2017Ari J. ZitoBradley Weston, et al9548 Statler St.23503$229,900
09/2017Blanche A. VessTheodore M. Ames, Iii2912 Somme Ave.23509$133,900
09/2017Jacquelyn M. RizzoCeleste R. Ostman, et al1309 W. 25th St.2366$229,900
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