U.S. Rep. Rigell won't endorse Jackson for lt. gov.

U.S. Rep. Scott Rigell, who has long espoused conservative views on social and fiscal issues, said this week that some members of his party are becoming too extreme and interfering with solving larger problems.

To that end, the Virginia Beach Republican said he won't endorse his party's candidate for lieutenant governor, E.W. Jackson, in the November election because of comments Jackson has made about gay people.

Rigell, who opposes gay marriage but not civil unions for same-sex couples, indicated during a meeting with The Virginian-Pilot editorial board that he found Jackson's anti-gay comments unacceptable.

Rigell also expressed deep frustration with partisan politics in Congress - pointing a finger at members of his own party, as well as Democrats, for not setting aside ideological differences to find common ground in major fiscal issues he believes threaten the country's future.

In the statewide election, Rigell said he supports the GOP candidate for governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, but won't campaign for Jackson.

"His views with respect to the gay and lesbian community and homosexuality in general are not my own. I'm going to leave it at that," Rigell said Monday. "What he said and, indeed, how he said it. All of it."

The congressman said he did not want to elaborate on his objections.

Rigell was a co-sponsor of legislation in 2011 urging President Barack Obama to uphold the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which requires that federal agencies recognize only marriages of heterosexual couples.

Jackson, a Chesapeake minister who won the party's nomination at a Richmond convention two weeks ago, has called gay individuals "frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally."

"Homosexuality is a horrible sin, it poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies; it brings the judgment of God unlike very few things that we can think of," Jackson said in an October 2012 broadcast interview with an anti-gay activist.

U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Chesapeake, endorsed Cuccinelli in March but has not endorsed Jackson, said Forbes spokesman Dean Petrone. He did not elaborate as to whether Forbes would endorse Jackson in the future.

"While the Congressman's priorities remain with his congressional duties, he will work to help elect Republicans this fall as he typically has in years past," Petrone said in an email.

Beyond this year's state races, Rigell said his larger concern is the unwillingness in Congress to find a compromise on a budget as time grows short before a new fiscal year begins Oct. 1 and the government again inches closer to its legal debt limit.

"We end up with more of this crisis situation," he said.

In past years, Rigell and other Republicans attacked the Democratic-controlled Senate for failing to approve a budget. This year, the Senate and Republican-controlled House have both passed budget bills. The next step would be for the two chambers to hammer out a compromise bill in a conference committee. But a handful of Senate Republicans, including Ted Cruz of Texas, want a promise from Senate Democrats that any compromise won't involve raising the national debt. Cruz has said he can't rely on House Republicans to protect his interests.

Cruz "says he doesn't trust his fellow Republicans," Rigell said. "Well, I mean there's some basis for that. But if you adopt that, then where are we? We have nothing."

Rigell, who voted for a proposed House budget that cuts spending but doesn't includes tax increases, has said he would be willing to support new revenues along with budget cuts as part of a compromise.

Rigell said he's upset with recent reports that House GOP leaders are talking about slowing down budget negotiations.

"It has really surprised me that it's now my own party that is the hurdle," he said.

Rigell argued that systemic problems in the political process helped create the stalemate in Congress.

A root problem with Washington, he said, is the redrawing of congressional districts by state legislatures every decade. Generally, districts have become either more Democratic or Republican, he said.

"We are increasingly compartmentalizing ourselves. We're meeting with, listening to and speaking to people who look like us and think like us," he said. If things don't change, Rigell said, "we won't have contested districts."

More and more legislators will be coming to Washington interested in serving their constituents but not necessarily the broader interests of the country, he said.

"Are they rewarded for finding common ground? No, they are punished."

Rigell said he's also more convinced - particularly after the recent state party convention - that not enough astute people are running for office.

"I am just seeing this disconnect," he said. "We need high-quality candidates across the commonwealth and across the country to set aside their personal life and have a season of public service."

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Good Call, Rigell

I disagree with a majority of Rep. Rigell's policy positions on things like offshore drilling, but I do believe him when he decries outright bigotry and hyperpartisanship. I applaud his announcement that he won't support E.W. Jackson.

Now, Rigell, distance yourself from Cuccinelli. And denounce that abhorrent "I'm Cuccinelli. I attended a state trooper's funeral" ad.


It wasn't a State Troopers funeral, but a Fairfax County law enforcement officer...

But hey, why let pesky things like FACTS get you confused, right?

What I'm wondering is, if the fallen officer's family doesn't see it as a problem and even PARTICIPATED in the making of the commercial, what's your beef?


Thanks for the clarification, but other than seeming to be a nice guy how does this qualify him to be governor?

I wonder how his statement squares with his devotion to the

Teachings of Jesus Christ, as a self declared Southern Baptist: "His (E.W. Jackson's) views with respect to the gay and lesbian community and homosexuality in general are not my own. I'm going to leave it at that," Rigell said Monday. "What he said and, indeed, how he said it. All of it."

It's hard to serve the princes of this world and Jesus Christ at the same time, isn't it Mr. Rigell? Dare I say impossible?

2 Timothy 2:3-5
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

You have made your allegiance abundantly clear.

"Vanity, definitely my favorite sin." -Satan

Vanity? Satan's Favorite Sin?

Like that of a pompous, holier-than-thou "Christian" - that vanity?

Stealing glory from a county law enforcement officer

is okay?

Everyone's problem with the dead officer ad should be that Cuccinelli did nothing beside eulogize a fallen public servant. What positive credit is due Cuccinelli in that scenario? None.

Yeah, yeah, eah. "Obama in Sandy Hook!"* ad nauseum. If that's wrong, then what Cuccinelli is trying to take credit for doing by taking all the focus off the officer's service and sacrifice is wrong.

*Not the same thing at all. A president's job description include "mourner-in-chief. Being able to deliver a decent eulogy is not a necessary or sufficient qualification for the job, though

And so...

What difference does it make if it was a state trooper or a local cop? Cuccinelli's taking advantage of the poor guy's death is abhorrent.

It would still strike me as an attempt to benefit

... politically from the officer's funeral.

political expediency or unwavering conviction?

Is Rigell doing this for political expediency or deep unwavering conviction? According to polls, American opinions regarding gay marriage have shifted drastically over the past two years. Had the polls not shifted so much so quickly, would Rigell still have done this? I would be more impressed if he had the courage to stand up when there were fewer voices.


... expediency. We are talking about Cucc's advert where he uses the funeral of a slain police officer in a political ad.

political expediency

Rep. Rigell has astutely assessed the politics. The 2nd district is a moderate swing district that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Every once in a while, Rigell issues a press release that makes him appear to be a reasonable moderate. Don't be fooled. Rigell has actually voted in lock-step with the right-wing House Republicans 95.6% of the time. He is every bit as responsible for the obstructionism and gridlock as the House Republican leadership that he supports with his votes.


Rigell, Forbes, Cuccinelli, Obenshain, and Jackson have virtually the same regressive positions on women, gays, and the environment. Jackson is just a little too open and honest about it.

Rep. Rigell has astutely assessed the politics

And in the process, shed any genuine devotion to his religious convictions entirely. He is a good politician.

Where are the ads?

I can't wait to see Jackson's ads, the only one of the three GOPs that hasn't run any. Yes, so far we know that Cuchinelli attended a state trooper's funeral and read a nice statement. George Allen had a similar ad. Cuchinelli also wants to grow small business through less regulation, which we've heard before. And what's up with the perpetually raised right eyebrow?

HMMMM Tim Kaine

Has a Raised Eyebrow...Must have forgotten....

Here's a dilemma

An outspoken conservative Republican who is also black. Should be interesting to hear how claims of "racism" come out in this campaign and who shouts them. Or maybe the charges will be silent this time.

Lucky for Jackson that he doesnt have a scary

... mooslim / kenyan sounding name. Perhaps that same group of detractors will demand to see Jackson's birf cert as well. For consistency sake.

Barry Soetoro-Jackson

TMN is/was a muslim and used the name of the father that he didn't know which is Kenyan.

Far as I can tell Jackson was born American and is not a muslim.

It was Hillary Clinton's

It was Hillary Clinton's campaign people in the summer of 2008 that started this birther stuff !!!! Blame the correct group. I know that is asking a lot of low information voters,but how hard is it to Google ?

By the way Mr. Jackson,if I could vote for you,you'd have our family's support ! It takes a strong person to stand up to what the world tells you is acceptable and say NO.

That's such a childish

That's such a childish remark. It doesn't matter who started the ugly birther rumors, they are NOW fully embedded among the Republicans. Although I know Hillary Clinton's people had nothing to do with it, as a Christian isn't there a teaching about "bearing false witness"?


Strong? Or maybe just out of touch.

you clowns, let by trump and many members of congress

... lapped it up. It became a cottage industry of the Right. Birther books galore. its was on boil until NoBams popped your birther balloon. Sorry, i blame the unhinged Right.

Gay is the new black

To be a member of the GOP you have to carry some kind of hatred towards an individual who's only perceived flaw was the way they were born. In this man's case it happens to be one's sexuality.
Now do you see our delimma?
Scott Rigell continues to impress me as he becomes an experienced representative.


Can a person be born into any sexual orientation?



A presumption here

but if we aren't born into a sexual orientation when did you choose to be straight?


did you choose to be male or female, did you choose to be white or black? Did you choose to like the opposite sex, or in fact, you just DID like the opposite sex?


was supposed to be a reply to post above


I respect Rigell for taking this stand against Jackson, a dreadful candidate. Why the Republican Party thinks it needs to go farther to the right on social issues, as opposed to focusing on a winning message of fiscal conservatism, is beyond me.

Now if only someone in the GOP would stand up to Cuccinelli...

Good luck

McDonnell has tried but when Cuchinelli has been running for governor since before he was sworn in as governor, he apparently has higher ambitions that no one will likely be able to deter him from pursuing.


Why does the GOP do these things? All I can figure out is some bizarre wish for self-destruction. Gets my vote. Hey guys, the boat has left, and you're not on it.

Rigged. That

The far right end of the state Republican Party rigged the rules so that 1) voting was limited and 2) so that a more moderate candidate could not emerge. Moderate Republicans have let this happen to their own party.

Agree on the winning formula

I for one will support Congressman Scott Rigell and I'm a conservative but here is the thing. Many people of both parties are fiscal conservatives that believe in strong national defense, strong economy but do not give a hoot about the social issues that many far right conservatives push with their agendas. Much of the social conservative values are personal to an individual and not winning much support at the ballot, they are viewed as unnecessarily divisive by many conservatives like me. We have a winning formula if we stick to conservative fiscal policies and leave the social value issues off the platform!

You are absolutely right.

You are absolutely right. However, party leaders would rather listen to pundits like Rush Limbaugh who complain that the party is not conservative enough! Laughable.


Good call, Congressman Rigell. Now, could you get the federal government to thoroughly investigate HRT, and bring some justice for the cost overruns and the two sets of books. Other people have been thrown in prison over a lot less.


Look who is being so tolerant................... I guess it's ok to be intolerant if someone doesn't agree with you. Doesn't tolerance go both ways?

Does tolerance go both ways?

Answer No.

Either you're tolerant or you're not. Jackson is not.

GRACE LOL you hit the nail

GRACE LOL you hit the nail on the head !!! Tolerance is for someone who doesn't have the truth on their side and must straddle both sides of the fence because they fear being wrong. The people on here who claim to be "tolerant" aren't really because they don't respect Mr. Jackson's right to his opinion.

Disagreeing with his

Disagreeing with his opinion, even abhorring his opinion, does not mean that they "don't respect Mr. Jackson's right to his opinion". He has every right to that opinion, to express it publicly and to run for office. I have every right to disagree, to let others know I disagree, and to vote for someone other than him...which is what I intend to do.


So does this make Mr. Jackson a bigot because you disagree with him? This is what I despise about our current climate. Legitimate differences of opinion are not being debated, but vilified and character assasination.

Jackson has admitted his

Jackson has admitted his prejudice against gays with words from his own mouth, describing them as “frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally.” He has assasinated his own character with a personal opinion he is free to hold. Websters defines bigoted as describing one who holds intolerant or prejudiced positions. Jackson is having difficulty hiding from his own statements.


That wasn't a smart thing to say for a politician, but what part of it is incorrect?

Funny that Scott states

... "some members of his party are taking too strident stances and interfering with solving larger problems." The Dems have been saying that about the GOTPs for years now. Welcome to the obvious club SR.

Sadly, he plays the "everyone is to blame" claim for the GOPT's years-long congressional temper tantrum.

funny that tr says...

Sadly, but predictably, TR's partisan allegiance prevents him from acknowledging or even recognizing that it takes both sides to compromise. Tell us again about the poor democrats and their high-road tactics.


Lets see, Rigell points out examples of his party's radical intransigence. Ted Cruz is one example that SR uses. He also points out that this radical GOPTer JACKSON as another example. Of course there Bachmann, the Teaparty credit downgrade, and as Rigell pointed out, the GOPTers have a social legislative agenda to the detriment of bigger issues facing the nation. His words. There's also the GOPTers "lets arm the school marms" crazy talk after the school shooting, etc etc.

You, just like Rigell, say "both sides both sides" but dont back it up. Funny that.

tr - here's one for you...

If you think "arm the school marms" is crazy... the idea of "let's pass stricter laws" will prevent this - is insane! Honestly now - wasn't it already against the law to steal guns, shoot your mom & then a bunch of innocent school kids already? I'm sorry but the saying "you can't fix stupid" comes to mind very fast...

TR you lose credibility

You lose credibility by engaging in the bahavior you criticize. GOTP's, Really? Latest Gallop and Rasmussen polls show that one-third of the Tea Party are Democrats and Independents. Notwithstanding, I'm a conservative but can't get behind the change of Convention rules so that 8000 attendees selected the candidates vice through a primary. I feel the Republican Party in Virginia is leaning too far right and not representing the best interests of the state or nation with these types of choices. This really leaves moderate voters like me without a clear choice because the Democratic candidates are no solution either. However, at this time, Jackson is unacceptable as candidate and the Democrat may be the lesser evil; How Ironic is that?

see ya, scott.

Failure to tow the party line can be a career-ending act. But I'd rather have a one-term representative who is true to his principles than the typical partisan lemming that infests DC.

Even if?

Even if those principles are morally infefensible? No way.

Good call, Congressman

I am glad that Scott Rigell is not afraid to speak his mind and is willing to step out of the GOP's "box" when he feels the party is wrong. We need more politicians like Rigell, and fewer like Jackson. I can't for the life of me understand why the Repubs think going far right on social issues is a winning play. I think they will lose both governor and lt guvnr seats this fall and will have no one to blame but themselves. The far right is cannibalizing the Republican Party.

So true. Terry McAuliffe is

So true. Terry McAuliffe is the luckiest guy in the world. So many independents and more centrist Republicans will stay home rather than vote for Cuccinelli and Jackson. It's sad that the Democrats could not come up with a stronger candidate than McAullife, but it seems they didn't need to this year.

Count me in

...In the group of independents who lean right and who will be staying home...or maybe going with McCauliffe. Definitely won't vote for either Cucinelli or Jackson. Gay bashing is just one of the reasons for that.


Plenty to choose from.


Scott Rigell is definitely a RINO and he will NOT be re-elected Never, Never Never ! He acts and votes like a Democrat. So what's stopping him from going over to the Democrat side? It isn't integrity.

This is laughable. So, he

This is laughable. So, he doesn't loathe gays and that makes him a RINO? The best candidates in the GOP are the intelligent, center-right ones who are always declared RINOs (e.g. Jon Huntsman).

By the way, Rigell votes with his party 86% of the time. Does this look like the voting record of a Democrat? http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/R000589

rigell vs jackson

File this under, no honor among thieves.

no honor among thieves ?

i didn't see the IRS and Obama mentioned.

That's because they're not

That's because they're not involved in this race.


Relevance? Zero.


somehow for some reason you felt compelled to answer. I was talking about the IRS and Obama STEALING our freedoms. personally I think it important. Chris 33 is the one who brought up thieves. Sorry it took up so much of your important time reading it.

Republicans need to change...

My family and I tend to lean toward Republican views, however, until the GOP ends it's attack on Gays, we will vote Democrat. My brother, who just happened to be born gay, is a wonderful person and certainly does not deserve to be treated as a second class citizen. Furthermore, to have a political party viciously attack him and his peers is unacceptable.


"Born gay"...what does that mean? I guess people are also "Born Pedophile" and "Born Polygamist"

Always use

these false comparisons? What a weak argument. Maybe the GOP is right, our education system is failing, it sure has with you

"My brother, who just

"My brother, who just happened to be born gay, is a wonderful person"

Could you please share with us the medical records where a doctor diagnosed him with "gay at birth"? If you can't,then you'd better wise up. That is a L I E being fed to you by Satan. Your brother made the choice.

Show me the scientific

and objective proof satan and god exist and we'll talk. Until then you have no business asking for proof

Satan? I can't help but

Satan? I can't help but laugh when I hear supposed adults talk about the existence of Satan. What about the boogey man, ghosts and goblins too?


boogey man, ghosts and goblins

Republicans believe in them too.


You chose? I don't think so.... If so, when?


Your post wins the prize for funniest on this topic. Invoking Satan, a creature that is imaginary, just like the other three gods of the Christian faith.

Maybe he's muslim

They have Satan in the Islam faith too. But of course that Satan's real.

It's sad.....

Playing along for a moment, at birth, did a doctor diagnose you as straight? Yes, and tell us a little more about this Satan who you talk about.
Let's see, there's no evidence there is a god; it's been proven prayer doesn't work; no miracles, and no healing of any kind. What's your god doing? Yes, the all powerful one who loves everyone.
The world is in chaos and all over, because of religion, folks are killing each other.
And, remember, it's geography. If you'd be born in the Middle East you'd be worshiping a different god, and possibly as I type this you'd be strapping on a suicide vest to blow up our troops.
Of course, you'd at least end-up with a bunch of virgins....

man if you are wrong

You will have a sad expression on judgment day. There is nothing wrong with living by the 10 commandments, (or at least trying to)

Old Sarge..

Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, based on nothing, you can lead a moral and ethical life without a god or a Bible. You read the papers, sir. Most of the people who do evil things profess to be religious. Yep, just about everyone of them. And, look at all the evil teachings in the Bible.
You and I sir are only one god apart. Yep, I believe in none and you one.
Also, I don't know that much about heaven, but it doesn't sound like a good place to spend an eternity, that's for sure.
Aren't you supposed to pray a lot? What kind of god wants people to pray to him? Doesn't seem to make any sense. Can't he do everything for himself?
Oh, well, there's plenty of room on my side of the aisle. We would welcome you.
Wish you well, sir.

I am pretty tolerant

but you are over the top.

There has been as steady small percentage of gay people in every society and population since recorded history.

A society without them would be abnormal.

Chew on that and look deeply into Christ's teachings before you judge your fellow man.

IMHO you need to search your soul and ask for forgiveness.

here has been as steady

here has been as steady small percentage of prostitutes in every society and population since recorded history.

Some people do choose to be

Some people do choose to be homosexual. Cher's daughter said for years that she was a lesbian, later she changed and said she really was a man. This drove the homosexual community nuts. She admitted she chose to be a lesbian.


But think about what you just wrote. If she were a lesbian attracted to women or a man in a woman's body attracted to women, what is the difference.

Her attraction is still to the same sex she was born as.

Prostitution is a profession

not a predilection.

Human sexuality is complicated. Fetishes are good examples.

Attraction to the same sex is fairly constant despite societal acceptance or rejection.

But if the genetic drives are not present, it would be nearly impossible to convert the vast majority of heterosexuals to homosexual behavior.

People don't choose to be either, they can, however, choose to accept who they are.

Why don't YOU

provide "medical records" that my brother or ANYONE chooses their sexuality? My brother showed same sex attractions at a young age and has struggled for most of his life to become "straight". He even attempted suicide as a teenager because of the hate and bigotry spewed by people of "your kind". The only Satan I see here is you.

Good thing...

Good thing I have a brain and can think for myself. I don't need anyone to tell me how to vote.

All citizens should make well informed decisions based on research of the candidates and then vote for who you believe will represent the Commonwealth the best.

We don't need no stinking ads!

Why this Choice

The problem I have, which is the same problem I had with Obama, is why Cucci selected someone with no experience with government. Now I believe Jackson is entitled to his opinion, without being harassed, while he is preaching to the congregation. If you don't like it, leave. By the way Obama didn't leave his congregation! However as a Lt Gov. he is there to serve the people of Virginia - even those gays and lesbians. So he is not qualified to serve as Lt Gov. He lacks both the experience and the ability to support all Virginians. His comments are great for talk radio, but not great for the State of Virginia. Goodbye Jackson, and unfortunately, goodbye Cucci! Damn I dislike Mac has well. May I will go fishing that day.

Republicans and their

Republicans and their supporters love to practice what I call diversionary tactics. This is not about Obama, his congregation or his perceived lack of experience. Obama has been elected to various offices numerous times. Get over it. Experience is a relative term anyway because 20 years ago the Republicans tried to give us Oliver North. He had lots of experience all right, just none in governing. As for Rigell, he realizes he's in the only true swing district in Virginia so he is being politically smart not to attach himself to a punchline like Bishop Jackson.

By the way, who made Jackson a bishop? I thought bishops were only in the Catholic church. It seems these religious people love to bestow titles to themselves.

It costs about 10 bucks

You can have the upgraded title of Bishop instead of Reverend, which is free, for about 10 bucks from the Universal Life Church in Modesto California.

Yes, I have one....

Thanks for mentioning my church. Yep, I'm a reverend. It took about 40 seconds from sign-in to the old printer popping out my reverendship.
They also have packages with a collar and clergy decals. Yep, a heck of a deal.
Of course, you get get a wide range of PhDs for a couple of hundred bucks.

You folks have a good day...and get your free reverend certificate. Yep, you can marry people and the whole deal. Ain't religion grand?

No Selection

"Cucci" as you disrespectfully refer to him (we can see your tolerance of him because of your disagreement with him) did not SELECT him.... in Virginia Gov./Lt. Gov./AG all run as indep. candidates on their own.

"on their own"

and Jackson is the one republicans wanted for LG.

You are correct....

The GOP did select him, my assertion was that Cuccinelli did not "select" him as a running mate as was stated.

grace, when you call out the radicals on the right

who use obummer, odumbo, barry soetero, bho, and any number of other disrespectful names then I'll suppport your indignation. Until then maybe you shouldn't say anything.

Remember Reagan?

He once said to never speak ill of any fellow republican! Rigell has fulfilled his proof of being a Rino!

Reagan has been gone for a

Reagan has been gone for a long time, he was only a man, not a god. Besides Reagan would probably be considered a Rino himself by today's radical Republicans.

I liked Reagan too! I can

I liked Reagan too! I can appreciate Rigell speaking his mind. More politicians should do that! McAulliff is a proven moron, but unfortunately he will probably be Virginia's next governor, and part of that is due to VA republican having a caucus and not a primary. I would not have chosen Jackson or Cuchinelli.
I will say that it will be interesting to have a black reverend speaking his mind this election cycle! He is certainly better than the foreigner that ran Kaine and Obama's Technology services! His commercial is utterly ridiculous!
Democrats are just horrible, horrible people!

"Democrats are just horrible, horrible people"

My goodness, I did not realize how bad I was.

Mea culpa.

Is there anything I can do to atone?

Or should I just overlook all the GOP outrages as…peccadilloes?

"foreigner" mark says

Aneesh Chopra was born in Trenton, NJ.

Unless mark is 100% Native American, what country is mark a citizen of?


No intelligent person takes anyone seriously that calls people names like moron or ridicules someone because they are Asian or any other minority. There are good people who are Republicans and there are good people who are Democrats. To say that one group or another are horrible people is not very convincing. To call someone horrible, horrible is twice as unconvincing.

Ignorant, rascist, obscene

The views you express are, thankfully, not shared by the majority of serious conservatives. To identify someone as a foreigner because they have brown skin or an ethnic name is the height of rascism. To make a blanket statement like "Democrats are horrible, horrible people" just further alienates you, and people who think like you, from any chance of influencing public office.
There have been some great Democrats and great Republicans, both in and out of office. For you to denegrate anyone simply based one their political affiliation is idiotic.
People like you are exactly what's wrong with the extreme right wing of the Republican party.
I am pretty sure Reagan would agree with me. May he rest in peace, and you just give it a rest!

GOP is in shambles because of the extremists

Look no further than Bob Dole's comments that neither he, Reagan or Nixon would be welcome in today's party.

With an alias like "NORINO" it is clear that you are part of the problem and should look in the mirror to find out who is to blame for the people electing unqualified people like Obama.


It's the Jacksons, Cuccinellis, Bachmanns, Palins etc who are RINOs Reagan would never have allowed his name or his party to be associated with them.

On a local level, Rigell has

On a local level, Rigell has enhanced his position more today than any votes you and social extremists might ever claim to control.

Reagan also supported...

background checks prior to allowing citizens to purchase guns, and that "maybe there could be some restrictions, that there had to be a certain amount of training taken."

That single position would make Reagan a persona non grata in the Republican party today.


Meant to include this in posting above: http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/1988/062188b.htm

Byler, Cuccinelli and Jackson

Three GOP people I would NEVER vote for. Rigell is showing true backbone here.

He is being more of a statesman than a partisan hack and the voters will reward him for it.

Reminds me of a Republican version of Owen Pickett. Which means, like Pickett, he can stay in Congress as long as he wants to.


RINO Rigell got a call from his real boss, BHO and his following orders like a good collaborator.

Per the Washington Post,

Per the Washington Post, Rigell votes with the GOP 86% of the time. Please explain how he is a RINO.

Simple math

Anything less than 100% is unacceptable. According to the vocal minority Tea Party, 14% Lib might as well be 100% lib, which is why the Republican Party as a whole is doomed.

There are few things in life that are 100% certain.

"...in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

—Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789


Doesn't this make Rigell a racist? Oh, my bad... only wittle Bawwy is allowed to play that card.

You just played it out

You just played it out seemingly at random. What does that make you? You played the race card in response to two black politicians.

Take some personal responsibility.

That's a laugh.


“Homosexuality is a horrible sin, it poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies; it brings the judgment of God unlike very few things that we can think of,” Jackson said in an October 2012

Yes, just what we need.... Judgment of God! Terrific.

Religion and politics, a match made in "heaven."

And, some of you folks will actually vote for this guy. Shame on you.

It would be nice to keep your church and myths out of our government.

Thumbs down will not hurt my feelings.....

religion & politics

When states are founded on a religious basis, they tend to be ineffective.


was founded on religious principles. And you can leave any time you please.

is he any worse

than Obama's preacher the Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

Old Sarge..

Sir, I know nothing about Wright; however, he's not running for office in our state. The only thing worse than a bigot is one who wraps it in religion. Worse yet, is someone who is a "preacher" who week in and out spews his hatred and bigotry to a group of gullible people.

No one is asking that everyone like homosexuals. Nope, just don't try to deprive them of the rights of all Americans. Of course the irony is that everyone posting here has a homosexual friend or relative. They just may not know it.

God made man in "his" perfect image. Hmmm. Virgin birth. Nah, couldn't be. Could it?

You folks take care and be nice to each other.

Republicans only have themselves to blame

They helped bring the country to the brink of ruin under George Bush and that incompetence (coupled with the under-current of outright hatred for Obama) brought about the Tea Party.

And now the Tea Party has become their bi-polar relative that they simply have no idea what to do with, how to handle, or what drugs to give them.

I can't see "normal" Republicans ever getting these seriously dangerous individuals under any kind of control.

juxtaposed or is it jaberwocky or even still bizzaro world

The extremist Democrats and liberals are showing their true nature - racism. Just because Jackson is black the extremist Democrats and liberals struggle to find something in Jackson's past and twist it to promote their fear mongering and hatred and racism.

Will any reporter be brave enough to ask state senator Northam if the transvaginal or "jelly on the belly" ultrasound WERE STANDARD AND ACCEPTED AND COMMON medical procedures to determine the age of the baby prior to performing an abortion? Any wager that he will not be asked or that he will dodge answering the subject of his campaign commercial?

The best thing we can do is look at issues and ideas and ideals instead of practicing the POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION.

You're kidding, right ... ?

Your candidate calls gay people sick, twisted and depraved. You respond by accusing those who disagree with him of practicing the "politics of personal destruction." Has it not dawned on you in this debate where the true "personal destruction" is coming from?

You've been parroting that line on this board for years, whenever somebody criticizes a candidate you support. Get a grip. As for racism ... well, we've been assured for 5 years now that people who attack Obama are not racists, they just dislike his policies. OK by me. So why isn't the same true in this case? Maybe people just find the guy's ideas appalling, regardless of his race.

In the end, *you're* the guy who usually resorts to name-calling here. Re-read your own post.

hyperbole is the snap back to reality

Thank you for at least trying, but shame for only looking at fault.

Yes I have been against the "politics of personal destruction" which treats political opponents as enemies and aims to not only defeat them at the poll, but shame them to retreat from public life. My candidate in 2012 was Herman Cain. He was not perfect, but instead of trying to dismantle his ideas and ideals extremist sought to publicly humiliate him. Where are the accusers now? Cain has not been silent but they have been.

I don't support or condone Jackson. Surprise? I abhor the attempts to destroy people as a game. What he said was "true" to his RELIGIOUS beliefs which the OFFICE has little to transfer his religion to politics.

FALSE accusations of racism do no good!

YOU called it racism. You

YOU called it racism. You said Democrats were being racist.

when did false accusations become an issue?

Do you believe that Republicans are racist? If so, did you CONSISTENTLY oppose those who said they were?

I don't support Cuccinnelli or Jackson. I don't know their plan for being governor.

How many times have you strongly opposed those who accused Republicans of being racist just because they were GOP?

I certainly don't think

I certainly don't think Rigell is a racist. McDonnell is not a racist. Cuccinelli is not a racist. Most Republicans aren't.

Jackson is a homophobe, though, and his language is excessive. White people who say the same thing in the same way are not judged on their skin color . . . but on what they say.

the question not answered?

Did you say that you have CONSISTENTLY opposed those extremist Democrats and liberals that have consistently accused those who opposed candidate and President Obama as racist?

"false accusations"

That's funny coming from pw who debates by using falsehoods.

The race card...

The problem with your theory is that no one has to "struggle" or to find out about things in Jackson's past that make him a poor candidate. Reporting what Jackson has said are his beliefs is not "politics of personal destruction." He is certainly free to hold true to his personal convictions, just as I am free to vote for a different candidate.

sounds pretty stupid doesn't it

I know more think the extremist Democrats and liberals oppose Jackson because of his race no more than do I think those who oppose President Obama are racist!!!!

The problem it appears some are contending with is false accusations of racism as a tactic to silence opponents. It doesn't feel good does it???

Jackson will not win mainly because Northam will not be challenged.

Please show us how Jackson will be able to use his beliefs as a hammer IN OFFICE?

is this just more of portworker's


Port - your posts sound pretty stupid. yes.

There is no race card here. Many REPUBLICANS are running away from this Jackson fellow. If you had read THIS particular article, you SHOULD have understood that a REPUBLICAN is running away from Jackson. Its the entire point of the story. Its not complicated.

As for racism, look no further that the isle of white story regarding the emails sent about Michelle and Barack Obama.

“Michelle Obama’s high school reunion.” and a naked black women “modeling for National Geographic.”

This racist stuff is pumped out all the time, and you comically pretend that it does not exist.

There is in fact "the race

There is in fact "the race card" here and once again we have a right winger "playing" it.

It's his words . . . what he

It's his words . . . what he said. Not the color of his skin.

Do you stand by his words? Repeat them to prove it.

did you just start saying that?

Have you been CONSISTENT against those extremist Democrats and liberals who shouted basically anyone who opposes candidate or President Obama were racist?

Only you can answer that in front of a mirror.

I do not endorse Jackson. He is on his on to rise or fall. Let him express his plans of government and weigh that against his religious rhetoric. MAYBE when I hear his plans of executive leadership and government I can support him.

Yet another swing and a miss by portworker

"Democrats and liberals struggle to find something in Jackson's past"

Ummm no. There is no struggle. And its the GOPTers running for office that cant bring themselves to back this Jackson guy. Like Rigell here. In case you missed it, this article is about a REPUBLICAN **NOT** backing your guy.

And even Cucc could not bring himself to defend J. Your reading comprehension skills are non-existent to say the least. You party hackery is showing. The article is about a REPUBLICAN not backing Jackson. Please, try to keep up.

there is this new invention. it is called a mirror.

There has been a tactic to silence and cause a want of people to distance themselves from the GOP because extremist Democrats and liberals rant "they are racists".

It didn't matter if the opposition was based on ideas and ideals, extremist Democrats & liberals sought to create an illusion that all GOP are racists.

Now, the mirror is reflecting the same principle and some cannot COMPREHEND reading their own words. Is it so hard for you to read the words of extremist Democrats & liberals accusing their opposition of racism?

The truth is that either you believe the GOP is racist OR you are a coward to your convictions to not oppose the extremist Democrats and liberals who use the tactic of screaming "racist" IF you have not chastised them.

You are quick to head off on a tangent

.... in order to avoid the point of this story. No one is saying that ALL criticisms of the Kenyan Muslim Witch Doctor NoBama by the GOPT is racism based. No one is saying that all GOPT members are racist. But there is a large amt of racism-fueled criticisms directed at NoBams from GOPT members. That is not an illusion.

How did racism come up in the context of this story?

And who brought it up?

Me thinks it was PortWorker

And what "extremist democrats" Are u referring to? What exactly makes them extremists? Dems not backing Jackson?

Your screeds are getting more n more difficult to follow.



If there was an award for drinking kool-aid, you'd be in the running.

GOP field not vetted by the voters

GOP had a convention to avoid spending money in a primary. The result is troubling as none of the candidates are vetted before the public. The problem with Jackson is he has NO government experience as an elected official. We need a Lt Governor- not a Minister in that role. There's a lot more going on in the state besides his social stances. With Cuccinelli (sigh), he has not done one of the main jobs he was put in office to do- consumer protection. For instance, he's done nothing to prevent the practice of "cramming" charges on cell bills by the wireless firms which cost Virginians millions each month. Instead, he's wasted time on UVA records and other nonsense; and his campaign's use of someone's funeral in a commercial is in bad form.

Ah yes...

Cuccinelli - he's a self-made man and worships his creator.

good one!

love it.

Thanks, Keith.

Looks like the meaning went over some heads, though.

well then don't type so fast

well then don't type so fast next time.

Do I need

to use hand puppets?


Good for him then.


Jackson, a Chesapeake minister who won the party’s nomination at a Richmond convention two weeks ago, has called gay individuals “frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally.”

Need to quote:

Elvis 17:23 Beware of ministers who spew hated and bigotry for they have thrown in with Satan! Be understanding, accepting, and kind to your neighbors. We're all just trying to make it through this mess. Remember, Elvis is watching over you....

And, so it goes....


Right on!

The Real Story

Rigell comes across as quite reasonable in this article. So will every other Republican who withholds support for this extreme guy, Jackson. But the real story is that Virginia Republicans are hard pressed to support any African American, no matter his/her political stripe. That's just the way it is and all of the Blacks who think that they will get any appreciable support should wake up! We just don't do this in the Commonwealth!

I agree, in part. However,

I agree, in part. However, I think that the bigger problem that the Republicans have with blacks (and in a way, with everyone else as well)is that they when they get a black candidate to run for an office, they tend to be the radical, in your face, right wing type (think Jackson and Herman Cain). The average black person has a very difficult time relating to these candidates, and despite the color of their skin, see them as kooks from another planet. Aren't there any moderate black Republicans out there? I'm sure there are. That is the type of candidate that could get more widespread Republican support.

I respect Rigell, though I

I respect Rigell, though I don't particularly agree with his positions. But he is willing to compromise. He wants solutions. Cruz and those types are bomb throwers. Getting nothing done to them is getting something done.

Aint mad atcha Scott...

I have to say... I didn't (and won't) vote for Scott Rigell, but I like guy, or at least am impressed. He's one of the rare GOP pragmatists in the house and he's not afraid to keep it real (within reason). Doing things like calling out his own part as the source of obstruction, recognizing revenue increase as a necessary component of budget compromise, and pointing out gerrymandering as a primary source of gridlock... it's rare and refreshing to hear these things out of any elected GOP official. While clearly an adept politician (obviously not a Cuccinelli fan but has to endorse him) this is still a genuine guy who is more interested in getting things done than hitching his wagon to the GOP parade off the right's deep end.


If a person feels that homosexuality is a moral or sinful thing, they might not be homophobic (which implies being afraid of), they are just opposed to what they consider to be morally wrong or a perversion. I am not afraid that homosexuality will damage my marriage or any aspect of my life - that is not point at all. Some people view it as morally wrong and perversion.

Some people believe that

Some people believe that witches fly on brooms while others hear voices coming from the radio that is turned off. At one time most people believed the world to be flat. People believe all kinds of things. Just because one believes something which is worthless, it does not mean that his belief has the same credibility as an opinion based on sound reasoning and fact. Your point seems to be unsustainable. Beliefs are ideas, and some ideas are great while others are dangerous, or plain stupid. No scientist worth his salt would put on a pedestal any belief that defies logic. That would pervert truth.

Antony Flew- follow the

Antony Flew- follow the argument wherever it leads

jackson was the republicans' choice

He was vetted enough for them to choose him.

Then there are all 61 years of Jackson's life

Foster homes, Vietnam and Harvard, the MAN has our vote. Stand and Deliver.

Then there are all 61 years of Jackson's life

Foster homes, Vietnam and Harvard, the MAN has our vote. Stand and Deliver.

Go Rigell!

Common sense and intelligence overrule party politics. It's like a refreshing breeze. Careful, Rigell, or this lifelong Democrat may end up voting for you. Now what about Cuccinelli? Can you honestly support him?

Tell it like it is! Not caving into the pressure of garnering..

not caving into the pressure of garnering votes.......I have more respect for this guy, he stands behind his beliefs whether or not the public or potential voters agree or not. Too many politicians caving into the pressure of accepting homosexuals as normal. It is not normal, no more normal than a Navy Seal becoming a She-Warrior transgender Jerry Springer make some money going public writing books. This guy and his religious views are what this country needs, not all the clowning around and twisting things around to accommodate deviants, baby killers and the coddling of criminals. He's got my vote for being anti-gay and pro God! The more we deviate from the founding ways of this country and beliefs the more trouble we get into!

There appears to be quite a

There appears to be quite a few of those non-thinking fairy tale believers out there who share the same views....and that is a big concern.

If God created gay people

If God created gay people then you cannot be pro-God as His creation has examples of transgenderism and homosexuality throughout all of the species in His creation.

People are afraid to speak

People are afraid to speak badly of homosexuality because of political expediency. I have heard and read that people are born with a propensity for being an alcoholic, genetically inclined. If this is true, then why do we insist that they learn to deal with their problem. If a person is born to be an alcoholic, then why do we insist they change if what they do behind close doors is their business

Bigots are seldom afraid to

Bigots are seldom afraid to speak bad of homosexuality or any other minority they are phobic about or dislike. We're lucky that bigots don't generally go after left handed people like they do in the Middle East and India. There are many there that believe that being left handed is a choice, and that they can change if they want to. Some people would say that being a bigot is genetically inclined like being not so intelligent. I disagree. They know what they are saying with there hateful remarks and actions, but inside their minds there are personal demons that they themselves have difficulty facing.


Newcomers, Virginia or National Elections, I'll vote for you.

For those currently in Congress, Senate, or the Executive Office, you WON'T get my vote in the next election......unless you are Randy Forbes.

Randy was the only Tidewater Representative that didn't vote for sequestration. Rigell did and he doesn't have my upcoming vote.....I loose money (12 days of no pay), YOU LOOSE MY VOTE!!!

Jackson, we'll see what you can do!

If you vote for these kind

If you vote for these kind of anti-government candidates, you are going to lose a lot more than 12 days.

Vote for them and find out.


Can it really get any worse?

When the Government can give one set of federal workers their full pay and another set has to take 12 days of no pay and the Government doesn't care about how their bills are going to get paid, we can't qualify for any government assistance, etc.

This is the worst that Federal Workers have ever been treated and Mr. Reigel was a party to this. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I will not cast my vote re-elect one person who voted for the sequestration.

Have a good day!

Finally a statesman

Glad to see Rep Rigell moving towards being a statesman instead of a political hack.

where do they find these people?

And the party continues to shoot themselves in the foot.

Thought they learned their lesson with Palin.

Maybe there's no one left to choose from but a bunch of dim bulbs. That little train of thought places us back to square one, just how bright do you think this guy Cucci is? McDonnell, again, nor the sharpest knife in the drawer.

typical used car salesman

1) Hang out with the liar in chief on his jet
2) Give liar in chief $1000 for his campaign
3) Take campaign contributions from our convict partner at 31st St
4) Help convict partner obtain financing from HUD for luxury apartment project
5) Throw a principled man of God under the bus and then back up and run over twice

Name that man and win the large prize.

Door #2

He's the donkey in the elephant suit behind door number two.

Karma Chameleon.

Maybe the GOP should change it's symbol

How about Geronimo in a top hat?

Native American heroes are

Native American heroes are not prizes to be won by bigots.

Tell that to Dan Snyder.

Hail to the Redskins?

Racist and Bigot

Racist and bigot

Native Americans

Resisting terrorism since 1492.


Glad you caught the point.

principled man of God Just

principled man of God

Just what we need, a person who hears voices and still follows 2,000 year old fairy tales from a book so rewritten that it would not even be recognized by it's original authors.

Does it hurt your feelings

Does it hurt your feelings that men and women in this country who are well educated with doctorates in physics, chemistry, biology, and other degrees, believe in a higher power. It really makes you mad that people with no agenda politically, who are well educated, more than you or me, believe in a creator.

Wide open

At least with a loud-mouthed honest radical, you know what you're up against.

Jackson's social agenda is going nowhere. But no one can accuse him of hiding behind PC rhetoric. The rest of his conservative credentials that I have seen so far are solid.

I prefer a rattlesnake to a cottonmouth any day. For too many candidates their only agenda is to get elected and enjoy the perks of office, including all the insider information that leads them all to riches. And they will say and do or be silent and passive in whatever fashion is takes to garner a vote. When their real agenda sneaks up on you, it's too late.

Jackson & the GOP...

The Gop has become nothing more than an organized hate group !!!

What is a hateful comment.

What is a hateful comment.


Oh look, 47% of the population is a hate group.

If as you say 53% of the population is Republican

Tthen why did they lose the last election?

Elections go in cycles, you

Elections go in cycles, you would think after Nixon, Republicans would not have a chance. But you see, things like this go in cycles. Politics has always been dirty, if you are a student of American history and research the rhetoric spewed in political races in the past 200 years, you will see that nothing has changed.
We seem to think that people are worse today who are running for office because the media broadcasts more widely. Some people would sell their soul to Satan to get elected.
People in this country need to wake up
T.S. Eliot--The Wasteland-before it is too late

Thank you< Mr. Rigell

You have restored sanity to your party:



for "Rockefeller" Republicans to remove themselves from their party that's being power grabbed by an ideology that's goes against the majority of the country. The more the new GOP pushes extreme right on social issues, the more they lose large office elections. Form a strongly financially backed Independent party with conservative minded people focused on budget issues and putting Americas' treasure working here, instead of so many other countries'; and this newly formed party may get some traction. I guess the trick would be to mesh left, centrists, and conservative minded Independents together with one major goal and reduce infighting, like what's happening in the GOP. Just my opinion as this 2 party deal is getting old.

Rigell has big problems with

Rigell has big problems with the so-called conservative base around here and he knows it. He has been gravating to the left more and more. Before his next reelection, he will probably be pro-LGBT and anything else he thinks will get him reelected by some Democrat votes. He has probably lost the gun owners, most that I have met say the ads were not 100% true, but there was allot in them that was, he spent a lot of money trying to defend against them.

Gravitating not to the left,

Gravitating not to the left, but to the center, which is basically where he's always been. He's not an ideologue, which is refreshing. While he is conservative (i.e. millionaire businessman, Regent alumnus, NRA member, etc.), he is also pragmatic, and understands that "government spending" is the lifeblood of Hampton Roads.


I don't agree with the comment, ".....understands that "government spending" is the lifeblood of Hampton Roads."

If he truly understands, he would NOT have voted for sequestration which affects thousands of Hampton Roads civil service.

Sequestration, believe or

Sequestration, believe or not, was designed to avoid the huge, massive budget cuts, since it was figured (wrongly) that neither side would want to go over the cliff. But for Republicans, going over the cliff is a joy ride.


I liked Rigell and considering he's from Hampton Roads with a LARGE number of federal employees in this area, you would think he would be there for Hampton Roads.

NO, he voted for the sequestration and over 200,000 Hampton Roads employees are set to loose 12 days of pay (11 work days and 1 leave day) this summer/early fall.

No matter what he stands for, I won't cast my vote to re-elect Rigell and I hope the thousands of Hampton Roads federal employees follow suit.

More importantly than all of this, I pray for this country!

Welcomem to my world. Sorry

Welcomem to my world. Sorry you lost some pay but at least you have income. Skip a couple of movies and mow your own lawn for a month.

Perhaps you've missed how

Perhaps you've missed how more and more of this country has been moving to the pro-LGBT side, as more brothers, sisters and friends come out of the closet and people have begun to realize that gay people are just like everyone else. Support for gay marriage is up to nearly 60% the last time I checked.

People support gay marriage

People support gay marriage in lip service only. They want the gays to get a taste of how marriage can ruin your life when the marriage is over.

"high-quality candidates"?

Jackson's nomination is a slight of hand by the GOP. They hope he may make Cucinelli look almost reasonable. Good luck with that.

I think the Republicans have

I think the Republicans have sealed their fate for this election cycle in VA. They just aren't going to win with their nominees. They will get the far right vote and the votes of many who vote Republican regardless of who is running, but they are going to lose the votes of moderately conservative people who think the party's social agenda has just moved too far right. I know they've already lost mine. Perhaps that is their goal.

The democrats haven't done any better. Any third party candidates running?

Good for Rigell, now...

he may want to apply his feelings "said this week that some members of his party are becoming too extreme and interfering with solving larger problems" to Cucc


"Homosexuality is a horrible sin, it poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies; it brings the judgment of God unlike very few things that we can think of," Jackson said in an October 2012 broadcast interview with an anti-gay activist.

And it keeps people coming to your church every Sunday and filling your coffers.

Just like the 9th Satanic Statement - Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!

Looks like these 'freaks and sickos' are helping to keep your doors open too.


"It has really surprised me that it's now my own party that is the hurdle," he said.

Surprise, it has ALWAYS been your party (the Republican Party, Tea Party Sect)that has been the problem.


"It has really surprised me that it's now my own party that is the hurdle," he said.

Surprise, it has ALWAYS been your party (the Republican Party, Tea Party Sect)that has been the problem.

I tip my hat to you, Rep. Rigell

I didn't vote for you, but your outspoken rejection of hyper-partisan politics and your commonsense stances during this legislative term has made me reexamine that decision. You're a reasoned, traditional Republican, whom I respect. I now see you as a man of convictions and you have a backbone. Gay, straight, black or white...it shouldn't matter in this country. The only things that should define us as a people are that we are constituents and hopefully - most of pay our taxes.

ground control to major Tom...

"It has really surprised me that it's now my own party that is the hurdle"...


...hellooooo, it's ALWAYS BEEN your own party that is the hurdle!!

Evolution of a Statesman

I did not vote for Rigel either, but this jog toward independent rationalism gives me me pause.
Can the republicans field a candidate who actually thinks for himself, has his own opinions, advocates for them within his own party and is capable of incorporating new facts into his legislation as they emerge? Is he be the republican candidate to whom I can responsibly consider giving my vote? He's starting to remind me of another republican statesman who had my admiration, Sen. John Warner.

I am so proud of

I am so proud of Representative Rigell. Again, he has stood up for sound principles. I too believe in traditional marriage, but I also have some gay friends and they are nice and decent law abiding citizens, not monsters. Jackson's only quality is he has a gift of speaking and telling people what they "want to hear." Maybe folks not only need to listen to the remarks he makes, but check his history of financially taking advantage of others. Stealing and cheating your fellow man is far worse than being gay. This is documented. Go on line and do some investigation!


Did someone say,earlier.. that 47% of the electorate is a 'hate group'...well,pretty much !!!

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