Sources: Donor gave $70,000 to McDonnell's firm


A prominent political donor gave $70,000 to a corporation owned by Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his sister last year, and the governor did not disclose the money as a gift or loan, according to people with knowledge of the payments.

The donor, wealthy businessman Jonnie Williams Sr., also gave a previously unknown $50,000 check to the governor's wife, Maureen, in 2011, the people said.

The money to the corporation and Maureen McDonnell would bring to at least $145,000 the amount that Williams gave to assist the McDonnell family in 2011 and 2012 - funds that are now at the center of federal and state investigations.

Williams, the chief executive of dietary supplement manufacturer Star Scientific, also provided a $10,000 check in December as a present to McDonnell's eldest daughter, Jeanine, intended to help defray costs at her May 2013 wedding, the people said.

Virginia's first family already is under intense scrutiny for accepting $15,000 from the same chief executive to pay for the catering at the June 2011 wedding of Cailin McDonnell at the Executive Mansion.

All the payments came as McDonnell and his wife took steps to promote the donor's company and its products.

The payments to the corporation, confirmed by people familiar with the transactions, offer the first public example of money provided by Williams that would directly benefit the governor and not just his family.

The money went from a trust, controlled by Williams, to MoBo Real Estate Partners, a limited-liability corporation formed in 2005 by McDonnell and his sister, the sources said.

McDonnell viewed the payments to MoBo and to his wife as loans and not gifts, according to three people familiar with the transactions. State law requires elected officials to disclose their personal loans but not loans made to corporate interests.

Tucker Martin, a spokesman for the governor, declined to comment on the payments other than to say that McDonnell has been diligent in filling out legally mandated disclosures.

"The rules that I'm following have been rules that have been in place for decades," McDonnell said Tuesday on a Norfolk radio show.

"I'm following those," he said. "To, after the fact, impose some new requirements on an official when you haven't kept record of other gifts given to family members or things like that obviously wouldn't be fair."

State law requires the disclosure of any gift valued at more than $50, but gifts to family members are exempt.

Jerry Kilgore, an attorney for Williams, declined to comment on the payments. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney investigating the payments also declined to comment.

On state-mandated disclosure forms, McDonnell indicated that a member of his immediate family owed money to an unnamed individual creditor in 2011 and 2012. In one year, he described the creditor as someone in "medical services." In the other year, the governor said the creditor was in "health care." Star Scientific makes nutritional supplements.

The form did not specify the exact amount owed; the governor checked a box saying it was between $10,001 and $50,000.

The people familiar with the payments, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of state and federal investigations of the governor, differed on whether any kind of payment plan had been established to reimburse Williams.

They agreed that none of the money to the corporation or Maureen McDonnell has been repaid.

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It should still be illegal

The Supreme Court of the land says giving money to politicians is speech. It used to be called bribery. It should still be illegal.


In Canada it is illegal for corporations to give money to politicians.

Are they smarter than us?


Virginia laws need to represent virginians, not politicians.

Under current Virginia law, just accepting these gifts is OK. There is no limit to the value of gifts that elected officials in the state can accept. This is not good for Virginians. Are there any state lawmakers with enough courage and character to step up and change this law to (at least limit or) make it illegal for a politician to accept any gifts from political donors? Average middle income Virginians cannot compete with super rich out-of-state (or in state) donors to get representation from their elected officials. This is not the way a democracy should function. Let's tell our representatives in Richmond that we expect them to change this law now.

I just had to note there is one who doesn't think this logical

Amazes me; there are those who actually think this is appropriate. An individual put thumbs down. That is Hampton-Roads for you. Appreciate your sentiment

BOB.....Can you feel the

BOB.....Can you feel the Clintons?

Cut bsit

Sure smells like 'em

this 'ole hound has picked up the scent of Carville too. Wake up people McD isn't even the real target. This hack attack is designed for Cuccinelli. Mr. Mcaulimississippi can't win even with the dirty tricks.

after the next governor takes over,

Jonnie will still be giving the McD's the same amounts of largesse, right?

After all, it's all in the name of friendship, right?

ok. it's time for the governor to go. enough already.

The Governor needs to lead by example. He's made it a point to demand accountability from average middle income tax-paying Virginians throughout his tenure as governor, but now it's time for him to take responsibility for his own underhanded deeds. The hardworking taxpayers of Virginia deserve better from our elected officials who were elected to serve, not be served.


Oh, darn.....there goes the hope of the world....dust off your campaign shoes, Pat.

He has to resign now

He's going to step down. With a scandal this big, there's no other choice for him now. This isn't based on inside info, just from a knowledge of options. Now I can see why the rumors of a resignation were there -- they were true.

Look at that picture, he even has his hair looking nice. He wants people to remember him looking good before he leaves.

doubt it

I don't think it's a scandal "this big," but questionable, yes. Politicians have been raising the bar for years on what is considered a big scandal, and the rest follow.

Look at all Barry's scandals, and there he is still grifting, and his supporters still supporting. What does it take to call Barry a "big scandal?"

Barry and the Dems, nor the Repubs care about you and I. They care about themselves, and what they can do to further their own goals. It's infuriating for Americans to watch the two parties compare whose is bigger.

Boy, you've really set the bar low

So it's ok with you if Virginia's top politicians are compared to those in D.C. ? Oh, my, God...

Juliet -

Nice try to spin the subject away from a crooked politician (actually two, AG C. was in on it too) by spouting partisan nonsense with a healthy dash of disrespect for our President. If you actually follow the news you would by now know that every "scandal" cooked up on Fox has melted away under the erosion caused by facts.

Take the IRS "scandal" for example. It now turns out that Rep. Darryl Issa requested the IG to report to him ONLY instances where the Tea Party was targeted for review. When they did the "scandal" was launched. We now know that the IRS in trying to focus on political organizations not entitled to tax free status used all sorts of key words including "Progressive" and "Occupy" as well as Tea party.

Not even close to truth

The last time I checked 246 conservative orgs had been checked versus 6 liberal ones. You're gonna need more "make-up" if you're gonna lipstick that hog, nice try though.

Mr Paine

I do not know where you get your information but the "facts" you present are very far from accurate.

If you really want to know the truth and not just swallow the swill served up by Rush or Sean then follow this link for a re-cap of the "scandal" that wasn't.


You are welcome.

The facts are accurate and come from CNBC

Larry Kudlow's show. I could cite other sources as well. I haven't listened to Rush or Sean in a decade or more, mainly because of a lack of time. It's interesting not to say revealing that you call their work swill. What would Moyer's be caviar? The IRS has admitted in open committee to "mistakes" aka felonies and apologized for it. How much more and what kind of proof would you need? BTW Ms. Lerner will be back and will be compelled to testify. With the collapse of 0care and the IRS' role in it, it should be very enjoyable. Perhaps your leader can bring Rahm back because "no good crisis should go to waste".

I don't think he will

He believes that with "loans" to his real estate "company" and "gifts" to his family, he's done nothing wrong.

I think he's got a narcissistic personality disorder.

what a choice

McAwful vs. Kookinelli

My money's on Cuccinelli with 50%-55% of the final tally.

I hope the Democrats can make some gains in the House of Delegates

Thats because you are drinking the Kool-Aid too

You ALWAYS have more than just the choices that are being forced down your throat.


Bet you didnt hear about this one in the main stream media did you? In fact, it took a pretty agressive Google search to turn up anything other than McAwful and Kookinelli.

Sadly, these same 'rich folk' who are behind the center of this 'investigation' are the same folk who are presenting you with the 'obvious' choices of dumb and dumberer.

If you think he's that good,

If you think he's that good, then you should go all over the state and get people interested in him, hand out flyers, hold up signs at rush hour. The mainstream media is a good way to win elections, but not the only way, especially when the well-funded candidates are so weak.

Mr Commie

I think you are wrong in your prediction. The GOP only can expect to win statewide in modern Virginia in low turn-out situations such as our off-year gubernatorial elections. The numerous outrages that Mr. C. has committed in pandering to his base of extremists and fanatics have also had the effect of motivating ordinary people to get involved. This is now a high stakes election and Mr. C., IMHO, does not stand a chance. Of course, we will see.

Early polling

does not agree with your hypothesis. The only thing you're right on is we'll see.

Mr. Paine - Actually polling does support my prediction

For example, here is a report on the polling at Breitbart.com - you know the extremist rightwing propaganda site ...


What they call a dead heat is actually McAuliffe being up by 3 points 44 - 41.

It statistically is a dead heat because it's within the

margin of error. I viewed polls which show Cuccinelli ahead 47-42, and Northam doing badly i.e. not garnering the usual support.


Goes the weasel!

No more wombs. .

Time for prison or a quick departure. Please stop embarrassing this tax paying citizen now. You and your Family are silly embarrassment. Maybe the shyster who owns those garbage pawn shops can help. "Gold can pay the rent." That clown who does those silly ads.

Jail cell Bob

Prison for Bob.

Prison for Bob

Convict him of something after you've indicted and arraigned him. I love the way your Leninist mind works. Perhaps you'd just arrest him and make it up as you go. So far he seems to be guilty of only incredibly poor judgement. Compared to NSA stooge Obama, McD is an amateur. Barack the crock Obama the low-down down-low imposter in chief.

Exactly how can you be an

Exactly how can you be an "imposter in chief" when you were elected by a majority of the US? Maybe you're getting him mixed up with W. Now that was a real imposter in chief in 2000.

imposter liar in chief

The serial lies and backroom deals of 0care which is so bad they can't even implement.
The serial lies of Fast & Furious
The targeting of opponents by the IRS and the felonies it committed by releasing tax returns and SS numbers.
The lies by Clapper and 0 about the NSA, Clapper before Congress a felony and 0 on Charlie Rose last month.
The case of 0's missing biography. No one at Columbia remembers him even being there. 0 is the only president of an Ivy League law review never to have been published in over 200 years.
I could go on and on.
0 the Manchurian president the biggest imposter in American history.


Learn to use the Enter key. Good grief.

Learn to use the delete key

Spare us the


The misinformation and outright laws that you parrot as a reason for your drooling hatred of President Obama demonstrate very clearly the power of slick propaganda to warp the unprepared, uneducated and prejudices mind.

As an example, you still spout the IRS "scandal" even though it has now been proven to be 100% baloney. See ...


But, hey, keep up the good work. Your posts are a very good reminder to decent people of the nature of those doing their very best to drag down America in their fevered attempts to ruin Obama's Presidency.




which ones or were you just tossing the droolers a bone?

Pm murphy

"prejudices mind"?, "outright laws"?, the IRS scandal is not "baloney" and the IRS has admitted in open committee that it has committed felonies. No-one has to "ruin" 0's presidency. It's been 4 1/2 years of an unmitigated disaster, of which the signature "accomplishment" 0care has been shelved because it is unworkable. You also attempt to conflate support of 0 with patriotism which everybody knows is "the last refuge of a scoundrel". Your posts are very entertaining, but if I may offer one bit of advice; you bullfoof your friends and I'll bullfoof mine, let's don't bullfoof each other. Good Day!

Mr Paine

Your riposte is based on repeating misinformation, partisan opinions, unsupported allegations and a total ignoring reality. For example, the ACA has NOT been shelved. The unmitigated disaster was during the previous administration. The IRS has NOT admitted committing felonies and the "scandal" has proved to be cut from whole cloth by Mr. Issa.

As to patriotism ANY politician or party or individual that puts damaging the President above the well-being of the country fails to meet even a minimum standard of patriotism even though such people invariably wrap themselves in the flag and think of themselves as "real Americans."

I do not repeat misinformation, unsupported allegations

much less a total ignoring of reality. It is you who cannot take a mature look at the evidence. The ACA has been shelved, and I predict it will never see the light of day. The IRS has apologized for wrongdoing that are indeed felonies and even Issa could not make this incompetent brew up. Your definition of patriotism sounds like McCartyism to me. I do not support this utterly failed president. He has violated the Constitutional rights of every American and fomented murder and war from Africa to Afghanistan. His foreign policy is a "Youtube video" of a shambles. No evidence will dissuade you but really some of the names you call others rightly stick to you.

Prison for Bob

I love to see you righties defending this crook. Just shows you don't really care about the truth.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Personal attack, name calling

Many feel the same

about the lefties defending Obama. The most inept and non-transparent administration in the history of America.


It is one thing to disagree politically with President Obama or to be unhappy with how he conducts his duties. That's politics. Knock yourself out even if most of what you think you know about it is unadulterated nonsense cooked up by the paid propaganda hacks of the plutocrats.

But the point you are ignoring is that it is now pretty clear that our governor was enriching himself personally with these "gifts." What he has done may or may not be criminal. It depends on how he handled these hundreds of thousands or dollars in his tax returns and whether hard evidence of the probable quid pro quo comes to light.

But whether Bob's money grubbing is criminal or not, it is clearly disgraceful.

Don't care about the truth

that's rich coming from the biggest propagandist on this board.

Curious . .

Can Bobby get his drunken son off his "public intoxication" charge by giving donation. Reap what you sow bible boy Bobby. Nothing more disgusting than a person who doesn't remotely practice what one fakes Sunday Church service's message to be. I hope jail finds you.

Curious . .

Can Bobby get his drunken son off his "public intoxication" charge by giving donation. Reap what you sow bible boy Bobby. Nothing more disgusting than a person who doesn't remotely practice what one fakes Sunday Church service's message to be. I hope jail finds you.

I am certainly not a fan of McDonnell but

Comments about his son's arrest are simply a cheap shot. The Gov and his wife have acted in a "less than exemplary" fashion in their personal financial dealings while he's been in the Governor's mansion. Surely we can limit ourselves to ranting about HIS failings and let his son's predicamnet stay where it belongs, a family matter that will be adjudicated in the court system.

Im sure this is not the

Im sure this is not the first colege kid who had to many. Dont care for his dad though.

The apple...

The comments regarding his son's transgressions are ABSOLUTELY relevant!
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree".
Their "family values" are reflected in his behavior!

That's going too far

I have known some of the finest people ever that had children who "screwed up", I have known children who had terrible parents that turned out well. A college kid got drunk "Alert the Media". It wouldn't even be news if his name was Jones and everybody knows it. I'm not condoning anything, I'm not "defending" the "Guvnah". I would remind everyone that so far all we have are allegations. If that's the new standard then you folks need to build some more prisons.

What is that?

I don't know but it walks like a duck.

it's a good thing

he restored the voting rights of all non-violent felons, so he can continue to vote in years to come when he becomes a felon

A Loan?

Then produce the paperwork stating the amount of the loan, the payment schedule, and the interest rate, etc., just like I do if I get a car loan for example. What in the world does a real estate corporation need with a $70,000 loan? I'd like to know more about the MoBo Real Estate Corporation. Sounds like a front for some nefarious goings on to me. So now Jonnie Williams is a savings & loan in addition to providing golfer Fred Couples with Anatablock? This is getting curiouser and curiouser.


Hmm....located in Chesapeake. Annual income of $110,000. Location appears to be a very swanky, private residence on Ravenswoods Drive. No officers listed. No wonder they needed a $70,000 "loan" from the Jonnie Williams savings & loan.

Look the house details up on-line ....

Purchased in 2003 for $813K. Put on market in 2009 asking $1.1M. Price steadily lowered to current asking price of $945K. Assessed at $694K. Zillow estimate of $801K. Most other houses in area $400K to $600K. Looks like they are underwater in a house that is too nice for the neighborhood. My guess is they needed the "loan" to help cover what is likely a pretty heavy mortgage payment .....

that makes no sense

I read that a governor in Virginia makes at least $175,00 per year. Is your non-sensical implication rantings considering that salary?

Ok, I will try to explain ....

The mortgage for a $700K 30 yr loan, assuming some downpayment, and adding in escrow, is probably around $5K per month or $60K per year. Give or take. You do not qualify to a $700K mortage on a $175K salary.

So, it appears we have a company, which appears to conduct no business, owning a house it can't afford, because it appears generates no income. Would be interesting to run the numbers on the income tax implications of owning a house as a business as opposed to an individual basis.

PS: Just because you don't want to open your mind, does not make someone else's critical questions and laying out of facts equal "non-sensical implication rantings".

my mind has always been able to see all and both sides - do you?

When you have a closed mind you exclude anything that may prove you wrong.

Did you include any income from his law firm (assuming he is still a partner)?
Did you include any other source of income, or just a very narrow view of what "a government employee" makes?

It makes no sense to imply and rant about how wrong the governor (or any other official) is because a person refuses or is incapable or does on purpose the ignoring of other PROBABLE reasons. (Yes probable, since events can be possible but not all possible is probable.)

Please let us know the full declared income BEFORE running the credit rating. It makes no sense to declare the impossible before looking at the probable.

So you agree ....

Someone should look into the numbers and make a fair and balanced assessment of the legality of the Governor's financial dealings .....

If the governor owns a business which obtains a loan with no apparent repayment terms to cover its operating expenses, don't you think that may be something worth looking into?

At what point will you throw in the towel PW

For the life of me I can't understand your dogged defense of indefensible actions. That some actions the Governor has taken over the past several years might technically be legal, even you must admit that the cumulative effect of years of serial skirting of the law leads one to believe this Governor has done little but feather his own bed while in office. Needless to say his behavior is certainly lacking and the pattern of him (or his family) taking personal gifts, donations, gifts-in-kind, and now "loans" from one particular person -- and then "coincidentally" hawking this particular person's business interest is despicable.

He's talking about the reported income for MoBo

The real estate company owned by the governor and the missus not his salary as governor. MoBo obviously can't afford those swanky digs on its own.

Did you do the due diligence

on the Obama-Rezko purchase in Chi-town. If not, why not?


I don't live in Chicago. But since you asked, and speaking of due diligence, here is the Snopes article on the Obama-Rezko conspiracy theory http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/money.asp

do the correct reading and research before you post

If you have ever been in the neighborhood, the one in question is far from "too nice". Besides, that address is where his sister lives and the McDs lived in Three Oaks in VAB prior to his election. His sister is a former Miss Virginia and a Miss America contestant, in the day, but has her own wealth. Not saying that this MoBo company isn't on the up-n-up, but the house isn't Bobs. Its also where his eldest Janeane lived after her stint in the Army and 2 tours of Irag/Afghanistan and before her marriage.
Yeah, I voted for him, but I think he and the family got caught up in the grandiouse lifestyle and didn't watch what they should have. Now no matter what good he might do, it will be overshadowed by the bad stuff.

virginian-pilot: are you deliberately trying to "O. J." the gov?

Virginian-Pilot: you've repeatedly used a picture of the governor that makes him appear red-faced (the photo that links to this article on Pilotonline.com). It apoears you're doing that deliberately to fit an agenda, just like Time Magazine did when the featured a deliberately darkened photo of O. J. Simpson on their cover.

It's called "file photo", a

It's called "file photo", a rather common practice in journalistic circles. Too bad that VP doesn't show one of him with red hands. Seems more befitting considering the circumstances.

Arnold wiseman: really? I didn't know that.

Of course it's a file photo, one deliberately taken to be as unflattering as possible. His face is noticeably more red than his hands. It's no accident this photo was chosen. Will the Editor assert it's not retouched in anyway? Is this yellow journalism?

no more "gifts" - the American people see how corrupt you are

Our politicians shouldnt be accepting ANY gifts. What political moron doesnt get that?

Americans need to demand that the law change and put lobbyists and "gift" givers out of business and ANY politicians accepting ANYTHING need jail time.

Bob - you are a moron. You are a selfish, ignorant, unethical moron.

Just tell us how much you got for selling us to Elizabeth crossing?!!!!

Not a gift, not a loan

must be income... where's the tax paid?

Jonnie Walker should have just paid the $700K tax bill

His gifts and bribes didn't end up saving him much money.

I watched an exclusive interview the Gov

gave to a Richmond TV station about all of this. I get the distinct impression he's lying. Please don't blame the press for reporting it. Stand up and be the person of character you say you are - oh, right, you can't.


It's what lawyers do best.

Ado Annie

I'm reminded of the character in the musical Oklahoma: "I'm just a girl who can't say 'no'." Jonnie Williams is handsome, charming, glib of tongue, and a "born salesman" according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Looks like Maureen McDonnell has been smitten by this snake-oil salesman and has led her husband down the path of political ruination. Sounds downright biblical.

Governor Nixon?

Come on already. No matter what side of the political spectrum you lie how can anyone defend this behavior. This is outrageous and shameful.

Losing the white house, cuccinelli are you paying attention

Really Bob.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Obscene, vulgar, sexual


I say one term is enough for this guy! ;-)

and his

little dog too.

Virginia only allows one

Virginia only allows one term, what's your point?

I bet you

If the Pilot looks hard enough. They are going to find that Skanska probably kicked in for one of Micky D's kids birthday party or something. So what's the procedure in Virginia for removing a governor?

We ask reverend Pat for

We ask reverend Pat for permission. McDonnell is going no where.

It is interesting to note

It is interesting to note that neither Cuccinelli nor Mcauliffe has issued a statement (that I know of) declaring that they will not accept gifts of this nature.

One can only assume that no matter who wins, it will be business as usual.

legal, right, illegal, wrong, ethical, and unethical

Just because something is legal doesn't make it right. Just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong. Just because not doing something doesn't make it illegal doesn't mean it is ethical. Doing something unethical doesn't mean it is illegal.

Thank you Pilot for exposing how much of a failure are the financial disclusure forms and reporting rules! The rules should be simplified to report ANY gifts or loans given to the elected or appointed official AND to all those living with that official.

The governor's daughter's wedding gift of the caterer bill ($15k) wasn't required under the current form. Fix the form to remove any doubt or ethics.

I doubt ANY elected or appointed would survive an ethics review of their disclosure forms.


Yeh,fix those darn complicated, vague forms. No one can understand them, not even the Govenor and his attorney's. Oh yeh I forgot, he is an attorney too. Well they are still just terrible forms that no one can understand. Oh yeh, other Govenors have had no problem with it. Well, even if it's illegal, it doesn't mean its wrong anyway. But wait, what does it mean when doing something that is illegal and unethical is still OK. It means your a republican govenor and a republican is rationalizing all the possible ways he can to make a very convoluted excuse to justify what is clearly wrongdoing by the one who is supposed to be setting an example for the rest of us. That is the most cockamamy bs set of excuses ever. Man! Give it up already.

complicated?? vague???

You are the only one saying the financial disclosure form is complicated or vague.

The form ALLOWS gifts given to family members to not be reported.
The form ALLOWS gifts from family friends to not be reported and I can't find what defines a "family friend".

The laughter is AT those saying not reporting was illegal. They are more than likely wrong. The not reporting is not ethical, but as "don't ask, don't tell", it you are not asked then you don't have to tell about "gifts".

Let's change the financial reporting form and law for elected and appointed officials (AND THEIR STAFF) to report ALL income and gifts PERIOD. Then there will not be "family friends" or such.

Complicated???? Vague???? Get real.

i must say....

i am extremely disappointed in all of this...given what's going on in Washington DC i have to wonder if this dishonest behavior is a bigger trickle down effect than I thought. When our nation has 'leaders' who behave poorly it sets the stage for others in higher positions to do so as well - especially if there are no apparent repercussions. Of course I have to remember McDonnell is a republican and washingon is overrun with democrats and the liberal news media covers for the dems... But what do I know -- it's just my opinion.


Let me get this straight. You wonder if the govenor's dishonesty trickled down from those in DC. I get it. So in a round-about way, its really not McDonnell's fault at all. Its really Obama's fault. Yeh, that's the ticket. It's Obama'a fault. And the other democrats in DC, and the liberal media. It all trickled down. I can't believe no one thought of that before. Obama should be impeached for what he has done to our govenor. Not only does Obama believe in entitlements, he has corrupted our Govenor who now believes in entitlements for himself. I get it. Get real. That is the most ridiculous statement I have read here so far and illustrates how far some will stretch to excuse the govenor's behavior. You should run for govenor.

McDonnell implosion

From Webster's New World Dictionary; character-an individual's pattern of behavior or personality;moral constitution
Perhaps Pat Robertson, whose University educated our Governor, ought to reserve his desire to 'vomit' on those whom he obviously failed to inculcate a strong moral compass and sense of ethical behavior..
The citizens of Virginia have endured enough of this!

When is it enough?

McDonnell should walk away in shame.

He's a crook, parading as a 'caring' governor. His family has stolen items from Virginians; and his cowardly response is "gee, the law is sooooo vague".

Remember when he wanted to sell the summer residence?

He came into office willing to sell everything, including the state's governor's summer residence in Virginia Beach. Well, I can understand after looking at the photo of the reasonably modest cottage - not fitting for a a First Lady who has such expensive taste. I'm grateful that the site was not sold because the day will come when others will appreciate the place and it was not Bob and Maureen's to sell simply because he happened to be the current governor.


would be the decent thing to do and in the best interest of our state.

One missed...

One missed donation might be an accident. Several is graft. I'm starting to feel sorry I voted for him. At this point in any political career there is no excuse for not knowing the rules.

Okay, $70,000 is a bit much...

I think we can safely assume that this amount of money constitutes a bribe.

After all, Good Ol' Boy Phil Hamilton took $80,000 and if you add in the wedding, and the Rolex, Gub'na Vaginal Probe Boob exceeds that.

Fortunately, I did not vote for him

Politics, processes, and policies in Virginia are quite different from the more straight forward and open processes typical of the midwest (excepting Illinois). I considered myself a Republican for most of my life. When I listened to a broadcast debate between McDonnell and the Democrat candidate, I sensed from the beginning that McDonnell was a condescending, self-righteous man in just the manner in which he answered (or bypassed) the direct questions and minimized the views of his opponent. So, I decided I'd vote for the more humble man from western Virginia than this slick guy who fell back on religious views to justify his positions. Geez! I'm glad my intuition then was correct. And that's without the Maureen factor!

I hear you Joan. He has

I hear you Joan. He has that same cocky attitude that Mitt Romney has. The “I’m better than you and all you’re here for is to serve me” attitude. Laws and rules don’t apply to them…only to little people like me.

hey rickster

and you don't think there are democrats who don't have that attitude? You must have missed the 2008/2012 presidential elections. Try to catch up, would you?

Hypocrite or slimeball, take your pick.

Sure Bob, let's cut all sorts of funding for the poor, let's pass on Medicaid expansion, let's make sure Virginia portrays poor people as leeches on society unworthy of public assistance of one form or another, while at the same time finding some rich patron(s) to slide you and your family unreported money, circumventing the ineffective laws we do have on the books. You sir are a hypocrite of the first class and not worthy of the office you hold. Do the right thing and resign.


Awww that's so cute. Bob thinks it isn't fair.


If, as the spokesman stated, the Governor viewed these funds received as loans, what are the terms of epayment, how much interest is he paying, how many payments has he made. Or were these "loans" to be paid back, "whenever" "wink-wink".

Omitted from the V-P article

Was the timeline that was provided in the original article in the Washington Post detailing the relationship between Williams and the McDonnell family. Looks like the Governor's Mansion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Star Scientific. An LLC is not a corporation so the income (and liabilities) pass through to the owners. So a gift to the MoBo LLC is a gift to the McDonnells. Say goodnight, Bob.


Net income/losses pass

Net income/losses pass through to LLC members - but not liabilities. That's the whole point of LLC's though not relevant to the Governor's transgressions.

He claims he never reported

He claims he never reported any of this because it was a gift from a "family friend." I don't think I'd have the nerve to claim that anyone I met the year I was running for governor was a family friend who would give me $10,000 two years later.

If they're such good friends I'm curious as to the types of gifts the McDonnell family have given to the Williams family, their family friends, over the years that were not on the taxpayers dime. Most people I know don't accept such extravagant gifts from people when they're not in the position to give back as well.

This crosses party lines &

This crosses party lines & does not reflect poorly on the citizenry. It is time for ordinary citizens to run for public office with no party affiliation.

We're at the point now that any well funded politician becomes an indentured servant as soon as they assume office.

If we could only stop hating each other. We've all been duped by who we previously voted for & it's time to forgive one another & move forward and elect moral competent public servants. I repeat we have to forgive one another to begin to heel.

Historically Americans come from brave, moral and noble ancestors & it's time we reflect on where we've come from so that we can confidently move forward & remove these parasites by whatever means necessary.

Power to the people.

I've oft said that

whether you are an extreme right wing Libertarian or an extreme leftist Civil Libertarian, you have more in common with each other than you will EVER have with the people selected for us to elect.

I agree

When we stick to rational discussion of issues, we have more more common ground than difference.

How does "this cross party lines"??

Bob is RW GOPT. Ken is RW GOPT. Is Jonnie a Dem? Bob's wife and daughter vote Dem? Hardy har.

Not this specific incident

You think Republicans are the only ones taking bribes in this country?
Be honest.

Does that dismiss possible improprieties by the Governor?

Should the investigation back off because he belongs to a particular party?

It certainly doesn't dismiss college kids from raiding the fridg

but it does dismiss;

Having a "kill list" of US citizens and executing them with drone strikes

Using the power of the IRS to intimidate would be political donors by releasing personal legally protected information to the press

Tapping the phones and listening in for months of James Rosen for reporting on the administration

Secretly collecting two months of phone records from the AP

Benghazi attack: Covering up the cause, lying about the response, and continuing to cover it up.

Fast and Furius, The Pigford Scandal, Solyndra et al char limit

I find it interesting that after a flood of ethically-challenged

... stories of chicanery (or worse, illegal activities) by Bob, your comment is a variation of the "everyone does it" defensive retort.

Sorry I went over your head.

Sorry I went over your head.


When anyone comments about something the Obama administration does, the screams of "George Bush" rattles the rafters.

Ya know,

I'd have had more respect for him if'n he'd knocked-up a 21-year old intern and flew her to New York for an abortion, than I do for his taking bribes.

$70,000? Oh well, every man has his price.

Well in keeping with the "buying of Influence" theme

McDonnell tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch that Emmet T. Flood is advising him. He says he believes it was proper for him to seek legal counsel.

If you cannot tolerate justice, buy it!

Additional Info....

The MoBo Real Estate Partnership address is 641 Ravenswood Dr, Chesapeake. It was put on the market 4 days ago and is advertised as an "estate" not commercial real estate. The total number of employees is 2. The total in sales last year $110K.

Say what you want...but this, too, was a scam....

IMO, the thing with Bob, he is more than willing to hold others accountable for their foibles, wears his religion on his sleeve, is arrogant and smug. That hypocrisy doesn't sit well with most people.

641 Ravenswood Dr, Chesapeake

Nice reporting, 757!

Sorry, Ravenwood

Sorry it's 641 Ravenwood Dr., not Ravenswood.

7,200 square foot mansion.


one error....it was put on the market 43 days ago...price dropped $4K 42 days ago....I'm sure about the time the sky started to really fall.

This is some "business"

Take a look at the listing. If it is a "business," it's because someone is claiming it as an income property given the fact that the apartment over the garage is rented, and the tenant is willing to stay if the property sells. But who owns the fee simple deed? The listing shows the most recent transaction shows as 2003 although it has been listed for sale several times since. The tax assessment is considerably lower than the current listing price. While a beautiful property, it does not appear have been an operational business, but the owner of record may be the MOBO mumbo-jumbo since it is often easier to write off expenses as business than as a private residential owner.

Nice Home.

This will probably be the most googled address on the web today. Couldn't help but do so myself, and man, what a crib! Only one question, though-wonder what the laundry room looks like. If this place is as what other posters have described, then the laundry room must be pretty awesome, too. Especially one whose sole purpose is to launder money.

It's not listed as "Commercial"

because it's residential property.

Someone should look into how

Someone should look into how much Elizabeth River Crossings i.e.: the foreign toll/tunnel company, bribed him to accept that awful deal and shaft Virginia's citizens. If that does come to light he certainly deserves jail time.

There's Maureen again, right on point with all this mess

I rest my case. Guv Bob is married to a "girl." She obviously is not a capable, mature woman. In each of these situations, Maureen instigates these embarrassing situations. Unfortunately, and not unlike many married people, Bob seems to be a guy, with respect to his wife, who can't say "no." Time to take depositions from Maureen. I've known bi-polar women who behave just as she has done, and everyone else tries to clean up after them. I think this is the case with Maureen and her genius schemes.

It's time to stop trying to

It's time to stop trying to pass off all these severe errors of judgment on Maureen. The man has a mind of his own, and he acted on it. I doubt Maureen was anywhere near this transaction.

Again only Eve is getting

Again only Eve is getting the blame for the apple Adam ALSO ate? Yeah, that's fair.

Jury is in

And it looks like McDonnell should be out, man I can'tbelieve all the clutter in his closet, it shows disregard. What a disappointment when the Republicans so badly need s good face.

McDonnell's "Firm"

Exactly what has McDonnell's "firm" done around HR the past several years? No the problem is LLC's aren't firms at all they are simply "pass-through" entities that allow funds to move from A to C with a stop at B. And when a crooked politician sets them up it is just a way to allow money to pass through the "corporation's" front door into the pocket of the owners on the other side of the door. In other words in a very "legal" way to funnel money from one person to another but instead of being passed in an envelope inside of a folded newspaper, from one pocket to another, it is sent through the "corporation" to mask the intent. The intent here being influence buying.

That's not accurate.

That's not accurate. Business entities of all varieties can be used for ill conceived purposes. But LLC's are no more nefarious than C-corps, S-corps, limited partnerships, LLP's, sole proprietorship, partnerships or any other means by which individuals or entities wish to enter into legitimate or illegitimate business. The vehicle has nothing to do with the ill intent.

Great, you agree

It matters not what the vehicle is, there are inumerable ways for folks to conduct illicit, nefarious, unethical parctices. That LLCs aren't the only method is really irrelevant. The LLC the Governor has established doesn't appear on the surface to do anything but allow money to funnel to him or his family through a mechanism that tends to hide the facts.

No harm in being accurate...

No harm in being accurate...

A "vomit" button is needed on the Guvnah's website

"MoBo Real Estate Partners"? I guess if Jonnie is giving away money, SOMEONE has to receive it. Start the recall petition por favor.

Word Association

Doesn't MoBo Real Estate Partners remind you of Mo Money Taxes?

What a surprise all this is.

What a surprise all this is. Lawyers write the laws, most politicians are lawyers, so far-while morally questionable it appears everything is legal. I would guess this is much more common than we expect, this one got caught in the PR nightmare because of the other dealings with the chef. Is anyone really naive enough to believe these guys get to this level or the federal level without knowing how to hide favors and cash? They say you need to show you can raise $100 million just to be considered for a party’s nominee to POTUS. Do you really think these guys get this off of $20 and $30 donations? If you want to change it, then you change the law and get rid of the loopholes.

Gets better every

Gets better every minute,folks.Who does he think he is kidding.The only problem here is that he got caught.He must think we are all idiots to believe a word that he says.

I had started....

To comment on what a good job of investigative journalism the Pilot had done until I realized this was a Washington Post piece. To bad we can't get this kind of investigative journalism with regard to certain local politicians.

Oh well.

a different idea

--wonder who is putting out this insider information?--Is someone trying to get to be governor without a election?--and they say loyalty has no brothers?--how about politicians that will go to any lengths to get in office?--just a question!--food for thought!--I don't even know where this information is coming from.--just at a strange time in our governor's term?--could it be sour grapes? --IS THE END or the beginning of a different story?

I'm guessing this is not politically motivated

But is coming from someone close to the criminal investigation of the executive chef (maybe his lawyer). If he goes down McDonnell is going with him. But I guess it's possible that the GOP hard-liners are getting back at McDonnell for wandering off the reservation on a number of issues (like backing down on transvaginal ultrasounds and imposing new taxes to fund transportation). Leaders of both major political parties do this sort of thing to maintain party discipline.

transvaginal ultrasounds

were not even in the bill that was something that the Democrats came up with to make the bill unplaitable forcing Republicans to language in teh bill to prevent that from being mandatory so they could still support it.

Where's the gong!

The transvaginal ultrasound requirement was in the original bill (HB 261)introduced in the House of Delegates by Delegates Byron and Cole (both Republicans) and in the Senate by Senator Vogel (also a Republican).

Politicians will go to any lengths to get in office

Including McDonnell.Considering the benefits, why not?
This swag is not even the pay off. That comes later.

Some Family Friend!

He met Williams in 2009 when running for Governor and just two years later the man is such a 'family friend' that he gave $50K to his wife and $10 to his daughter. I'm not sure that all that money in that short of time really goes to what most people classify as a family friend.

Most people that are so close don't just give a gift in one direction, they exchange gifts with family friends. I'd be curious to know what types of extravagant gifts the McDonnells have given their 'family friends' the Williamses over the year, particularly those that came from their own money and not a state expense. Don't have any? Then he's not a 'family friend.'

Sorry, meant $10K to the

Sorry, meant $10K to the daughter.

I'm going to start inviting

I'm going to start inviting Williams to all my cookouts and family gatherings. I could use a friend who gives me $70k

It appears Bob is all for

It appears Bob is all for wealth redistribution.

As long as he’s the

As long as he’s the recipient and not us “little” people.

Articles like these makes

Articles like these makes yaou wonder what the Midtown tunnel and Hwy 460 deala are really about. Right now "McD" has about as much credibility as Mo' Money Tax Services. He'd probably sell his own momma if the price was right.

I'll tell you

Its really quite simple. Legislators (Bob and others) secures Midtown tunnel deal for private company, which includes gaurantee of huge profits. Comapny then can make very large campaign contributios to legislator. Repeat for next 58 years. Its called "I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine."

Slight correction

They don't make you wonder as much as they confirm your suspicions.

Bob is being examined

Bob is being examined thoroughly by an ultrasound.....I mean the sound of his citizens.


Robert Francis McDonnell's salary is $175,000/yr.

I'm certain Marion Gordon Robertson has a cushy job lined up for his friend at his Bible College Regent University.

The Governor is behaving rather insecure about his finances. Granted he's not a wealthy man, but he does have a law degree from Regent--that should be worth something, NOT

And the total is...

$28,500 of in-kind air travel to his 2009 campaign.
$80,000 in air travel to his political action committee in 2010 and 2011.
$15,000 clothing shopping trip in New York City.
$3,532.60 check to Maureen McDonnell (overpayment of catering),
$50,000 check from the trust made out to Maureen McDonnell.
$6,500 Rolex.
$50,000 check from his trust to MoBo Real Estate Partners
$10,000 as a wedding present.


If true, just another self-serving, greedy politician. But, he is just one of many.

Democrat play book 101

Spread the manure you've been holding, run and cry; "stinks".

Get the money out of politics!!

If politicians represented the people, then multi-national BILLION dollar corporations might start paying taxes!


At the very least, boycott the tax evading companies.

Get the money out of politics!!


"Too Much Rope" by Roger Waters

When the sleigh is heavy
And the timber wolves are getting bold
You look at your companions
And test the water of their friendship
With your toe
They significantly edge
Closer to the gold
Each man has his price Bob
And yours was pretty low

Nah, too flowery...

just kneecap one of your buddies and walk away.

The WAPO story has more details (slimy details)

"As governor, McDonnell is paid $175,000 a year. His wife is not paid by the state for her volunteer work as first lady. However, the chief executive of a coal company recently said he paid her $36,000 last year to attend two or three meetings and act as a consultant to his company and family’s charitable efforts."

Maureen is a coal consultant!


Bob n his sister bought pricey vacation rental homes at the height of the pricey real estate market. And then the floor fell out. So the McD's did just what everyone else in the same boat did... they accepted tens of thousands of dollars from their political donor friends. Move on Libs!


As someone else opined: "This is what happens when you take a legal ethics course at Pat Robertson U"

Where is portworker

I am missing his afternoon defense session.

Uh ...

... he's off somewhere searching for a quid-pro-quo? He got a phone call from somebody in desperate need of horrible legal advice? He's busy trading e-mails with a Nigerian prince who needs his financial assistance? Who knows?

He's posting under the name

He's posting under the name Mark Burns this afternoon.

what else have you not told the truth about?

"Mark Burns"??

How about being at work because my project manager forgot to follow the test & inspection procedure and now we are doing catch-up.

a related question

Were you or are you currently a welder, or in supervisory position concerning welding, maybe shipyard related?

Thought I picked that up on the way over the years reading your posts, just curious, as I'm a machinist with some shipyard background.

~Sincerely, the jettyhop.

since these are written and read posts, you proved you can read

Maybe you forgot to read what was actually said looking only for some excuse not to accept reality.

Here is the test that you failed in your hypothesis of "defense". Have you claimed on your IRS form 1040 any lottery winnings, found money (bills or coins), money given to you at holiday, or any such as INCOME?

Why didn't you follow the same rules you are demanding of Governor McDonnell? It doesn't say that you have to report on the IRS form 1040 that found or won (not talking about thousands but rather the five dollars from a scratch card) money, but ETHICALLY you should.

The very easy to follow financial disclosure form doesn't require the "loans" or gifts in the articles to be reported. So, legally, why should you?

Your defense strains credulity

Look PW, I will stipulate that the laws on "gifts" and "loans" and quid pro quo actions by a Governor for some snake oil salesman who showers his family with "gifts" and "loans" are weak and may even be totally ineffective. That does not change the fact that this Governor has taken what amounts to over one and a half times his annual salary (nearly a quarter of a million dollars) in AT BEST unethical actions and potentially criminal activity in the past several years. I am dumbfounded that you of all people can defend his actions by claiming the forms are screwed up. You sound like a level-headed person who is probably an honest guy. The Governor has taken advantage of his position and his constituents. That is undeniably the case.

that's the part of the equation that doesn't work

I originally asked where is the quid pro quo for the "loans" and gifts and was denigrated that the issue was violations of financial disclosure laws. It is painfully obvious to even the strongest hater that the laws for financial disclosure were not violated. They were SKIRTED and not ethical, but without a quid pro quo, receiving a gift to a daughter or even a wife is not required to be reported by the financial disclosure laws and form as written.

What has NOT been included in these sad and desparate attacks in the form of articles is the government benefit that Governor McDonnell DID or CAUSED TO HAPPEN for Jonnie (Star Scientific) (and over other companies).

If an employee is NOT REQUIRED to report something, it isn't illegal.

How much does renting the mansion cost

The business was able to use the Gov, his wife, and the mansion in advertising. Are you going to argue that when this same business then goes out and posts on its website that they had a party to celebrate the debut of the product in the mansion has no value?

The GOV arranged meetings with senior cabinet members for this snake-oil salesman --- seems to me there is value to that?

Are you trying to tell us that taking over 200K in "gifts" is skirting the rules? Buddy that isn't skirting that is driving a mile wide around them.

Here's another issue -- did the Governor file a joint return or did he file as individual? If so the value of the gifts should be treated as income. Did he treat them as income on his federal return?

is grasping for straws desparation?

If "I" can't find him guilty of this then maybe "I" can find him guilty of that??????

Are you one of those droolers who drooled that Romney was going to be indicted before the election?

So many straws, so little time to grasp.


I had no comment on Romney getting locked up and have no idea what you are talking about. I don't drool and I know unethical behavior when I see it. He is guilty of serious misjudgement. He is guilty of misrepresenting himself to the people. He is guilty of marrying a gold digging woman apparently. He is guilty of betraying the trust of the voter. Whether he is ultimately found guilty of a "crime" in this affair matters not. He is clearly already guilty.


I think that someone from the Pilot ought to take a look at the Governor's meetings and Johnnie Williams meetings with the top healthcare decision makers for state employees. How much did AETNA donate to McD to get selected as a state insurer instead of Optima? Does Star-Sci have anything to do with AETNA?


I think that someone from the Pilot ought to take a look at the Governor's meetings and Johnnie Williams meetings with the top healthcare decision makers for state employees. How much did AETNA donate to McD to get selected as a state insurer instead of Optima? Does Star-Sci have anything to do with AETNA?

Get this guy to resign already!

Half the country already looks at VIrginia as being a small step ahead of Mississippi. Now they're looking at us as being a cross between Mississippi and Illinois. How does this stuff make us to look to CEOs who are looking for states to expand into? Oh, well. Maybe McDonnell can get a cell near the past Governor of Illinois.

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