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Happy New Year - Maybe?

I hear a lot about how difficult the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year season can be for those who suffer from depression.  But what about those of us who get depressed from attending all these irritating parties and celebrations?  For instance, the political bantering and downright snarkiness at the Thanksgiving table?  Conversations that always started with “Can you believe that Trump guy?  What a nut!”  How does one answer that question and why do these “Bernie Sanders” t-shirt wearing, in your face liberals think we would ever agree with them?  Funny, but not one time did I ever hear anyone this season start their conversation with “Can you believe that Sanders guy? What a nut!”  Maybe because no one is really paying attention to poor Bernie.  But to the credit of conservatives, who I think by nature don’t like to start a fight but are always happy to finish one, didn’t attend these functions with the idea of having others agree with them to bolster their own self esteem.  What I find irrational is that anyone would discuss politics or religion if they weren’t specifically looking for a fight. Engaging in these conversations is always a waste of your time.

Then the Christmas parties where global warming was a constant topic of conversation.  It didn’t help that it was nearly 80 degrees here in Hampton Roads on Christmas day.  It made that conversation very hard to avoid.  In fact, I wore a summer dress and sandals to our church’s Christmas Eve Candlelight service.  Does all this warm weather really mean global warming is man-made?  I did attempt to engage someone about all the scientific data that we currently have about global fluctuations of weather and temperature throughout the earth’s history.  I got the eye roll and the “yes, I know, but global warming is causing catastrophe’s such as floods and hurricanes”.  How does one argue with that?  A circular argument to be sure.  Do they think they have the ability to stop it if we sign some treaty that makes people more aware of their carbon emissions?  I think they do.  That is where we part ways.  Those parties are always fun!  Instead of cocktails and wine they should bring out a tray of antidepressants. 

So, if you were one of the lucky ones who were too tired and depressed to leave your house during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, count this as a blessing.  While the rest of the world was in turmoil, arguing about stupid stuff, you remained snug on the couch in your pajamas, drinking a glass of your favorite wine, and watching another fantastic episode of Elf.  So, who is the depressed one now?

Here is to a Happy New Year….. which I will be joining in communion and fellowship with my tired and depressed friends by spending it on the couch watching a good Rogers and Hammerstein musical which will clear the room (at least at my house), drinking a toast to no one asking me stupid questions about global warming or if I think Donald Trump is nuts.  And if I am still awake after midnight, I will watch the ball drop at Times Square, give thanks to God that I am not actually there, and say a prayer for all those that are!

Have a Happy New Year folks!  And no I don’t think this is going to be the year of the Apocalypse or Jesus’s return – but thanks for asking.


My Favorite Headlines:

Still leading in the polls, so not imploded yet…..Trump is nuts; campaign imploding  (Washington Examiner)

When it comes to global warming, I’m just glad we aren’t experiencing a global ice age….oh, no………Sun Scientists Debate Whether Solar Lull Could Trigger Another 'Little Ice Age'  (Huffington Post)

Always love to hear from Neil…..What Neil Degrasse Tyson thinks about God  (Business Insider)

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