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Julie Cabral writes about being a follower of Jesus and His impact on her life, our local community, this country and the world. She also writes for TidewaterCrossSection.com, is a full time Mommy, and doesn’t spend enough time with adults – which explains all incoherent ramblings!

She hopes to show how simple God’s love is in a world confused by “man’s” complicated theology. So wear what you like, ‘cause you’re not in church here!

The Secret to Weight Loss this New Year? Prayer!

This week a tragedy happened a little too close to home.  A young man carrying a weapon was shot dead by a police officer in my neighborhood.  No one could blame the police although there may be many that do.  No one could have known that this young man was going to take matters into his own hands and begin threatening others with a gun, although there may be someone who did.  "" I am not in any way blaming anyone for this tragic incident.

And how does this help you lose weight?  Hold on, I’m getting to it. I am writing this to talk about prayer too, especially prayer coverage for our cities.  I know there are many prayer rooms out there that have 24-hour prayer coverage for specific nations, including our own and Israel.  We have many people sitting at home praying for our schools, our churches, our government, our president and so on, but we need more.  We need prayer coverage for EVERY neighborhood, community and city in Hampton Roads.  Not occasional prayer from the pulpit on Sunday morning, although we need that too, but daily, unrelenting prayer from the righteous ones among us.

I am going to propose prayer walking.  This is for all you righteous, fatty mcbutterpants out there and you know who you are (I, sadly, am one too).  You’re Holy in the eyes of the Lord AND you’re fat… okay, maybe fat is excessive, how about just a little chunky.  Get walking and praying and lose that weight!  I am going to ask you….ALL of you out there……start walking around your neighborhood, daily, weekly, whatever you can do.  Start prayer walking!  Start a group.  Join a group. Be the group.

For those of you who don’t know what prayer walking is, it is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a specific, targeted intercessory prayer that is done while walking, jogging, biking and or any other form of physically covering and/or surrounding your neighborhood.  If it is raining then drive around your neighborhood, gas prices are down.  Drive around on your way home from work.  Drive around on your way to run errands.  If you love your motorcycle, drive around on it and pray. Whatever it takes. 

In the past I have made resolutions to lose weight (every year of course), to slow down, speak scripture over my life, speak scripture over my children, speak scripture over my husband, work less, spend less, coupon more, spend more time with my loved ones, spend more time with the Lord.  Let’s face it; all of this has been about making my life better.

Maybe this is too….selfish, I mean.  I love my neighborhood and my neighbors.  I love it here in Hampton Roads.  If praying for my neighborhood and my neighbor’s makes life better for all of them, then I guess my life will be better for it.  Begin by praying for insight into what specific needs your community or neighborhood has; be it poverty, drugs, crime, etc.  If nothing comes to mind, pray scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your prayers.  It’s amazing what He will reveal to you when you simply ask with a heart that lines up with His.

So this year, I won’t make any New Year’s resolutions that can’t keep. This year I will resolve to pray for my neighborhood, nothing complicated, just simple. Even if I can’t walk every day or even once a week, I still drive, even if it is just going to the store.  I guess I can start a new trend….. Prayer Driving!

If you have a group in your neighborhood or community that walks and prays, please let me know and if it’s okay with you I will post it.  Or you can simply respond in the message board under each posting.

Keep walking!  Keep praying! (And you might lose some weight in the end!)


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Who writes this (fill in the blank) stuff?  Julie Cabral hopes to show how simple God’s Word is in a world confused and made more complicated by the “theology of man (and sometimes women)”.  I write about my personal relationship with Christ and the unfolding events in the world and my community of Hampton Roads from a Christian and (hopefully) scriptural perspective.  I always love to hear from all of you, especially from the haters.  You keep me on my toes!!  And remember you’re not in church here so relax and wear what you like. No Shoes or Shirt Required! 

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