Physical Vitality

Tarah Davidson is the owner and operator of Physical Vitality health and wellness. She is a certified fitness nutrition specialist and weight management consultant. This Naval veteran and Old Dominion alumna offers in-home, on-site and online personal training services along with meal plans, knowing what it takes to lose weight and achieve healthy goals. Her mission is to inform and assist people with training needs and healthy living, including recipes, fitness tips and meal prep. She trains with her clients to ensure that they have a partner and not just a trainer. Tarah focuses on being a motivator and social supporter because altering a lifestyle can be hard. She's here to make that transition easier.

Let's Start it Right...

 Simplicity... Yes, but not easy. On a regular basis people want to know how to get fit, what to eat, what supplements to take, how much water to drink, who to hire and why, along with a host of other mind blowing questions. The truth is, let's keep it simple. Eat real food, cut the processed stuff out of your diet. Drink 64oz of water. Supplementation is a personal choice, but please do your research and do not choose one because someone else takes it. Understand what is going into your body. There are no quick fixes besides surgery and every quick fix comes with a side effect. If you must go the surgery road, do your research to understand how to keep the weight off and seek a nutrition professional. In supplements, be cautious of heavy metals, toxins and GMO's. When buying food, make sure that you can read and understand the ingredients. If you are looking to hire someone like a personal trainer or fitness specialist, ensure that they are certified. Get to know the person and make sure that you like them. You will spend a lot of time with this person and a great working relationship is key. This person will be your social support, motivator and guide for as long as you need them. As I said, this will not be easy. It is worth it and you deserve it! So many times we put time and money into things that last for a brief moment in time. Take the time to invest in yourself. Do the research and enjoy the ride!

Sending hugs on your journey!!




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