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A Cosmic Investigation

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Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs by Lisa Randall concerns some of the most intriguing questions facing scientists. As cutting-edge as the material is, the book reads almost like a mystery novel. It is as if the police have a suspect and only need to find enough evidence to convict. 


It is a murder mystery, the dinosaurs are dead and one of the prime suspects, at least as an accomplice, is dark matter. The investigators are astrophysicists, particle physicists, mathematicians, biologists, astronomers, archaeologists, and many other scientists from varying fields of science. 


Dr. Randall, in this book as in her earlier books, brings difficult concepts into the realm of the ordinary reader, a reader who does not hold a degree in math or physics. Her sense of humor smiles through, as does her impeccable sense of order, bringing a bit of understanding to chaos. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs is readable; it is understandable, and it is a jewel in the genre of books making science accessible to the average reader. 


Did dark matter initiate the 65 million year-old demise of the dinosaurs? Randall admits we don't know for sure, but she builds a convincing case for dark matter as the instigator. She looks at facts we know about the universe and the formation of the solar system; she explores craters found in various earthly locations; she integrates what we know about dark matter, as little as it is at the present. 


Not enough evidence against dark matter is yet available for a jury trial, but Randall brings enough evidence, and comes to conclusions that make a strong argument for the Universal Grand Jury to take under advisement. 

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs is highly recommended reading for those who are interested in how we came to be as we are, how our planet Earth was and is under the influence of universal forces and the cascading events of matter, ordinary and dark. Read this book and you become a member of the cosmic grand jury. 

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