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Jeremy Oliver is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, fitness coach and marketing consultant. Growing up all over Hampton Roads has exposed Jeremy to a melting pot of different people and their ideas. Jeremy is a business owner in Suffolk and will use this blog to discuss business, motivation, fitness, and whatever else he notices going on in Virginia’s largest city. Jeremy has been called dedicated, effervescent, appreciative, and intense, all by his friends on Facebook (so it must be true.)

Speed up a the slow season

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When it comes down to it your mindset is going to make or break your business. I think we sometimes get told the way things are going to be and we just kind of roll with it. For instance I often times hear a marketing client say something like "well summertime is our slow season.". Then go to move on to the next subect like they didnt just point out exactly where they need to turn there attention. If you already have accepted that you are going to be slow in the summer then you lose.

The better approach is to focus on making it just as profitable as the rest of the year.

Living near the resort city of Virgina Beach I see three different kins of restaurants. The ones that are only open during the tourists season because thats when they just have to open the doors and people come. The restaurant that is open year round but struggles during the winter months (thats who I'm talking about here) and the business that CRUSHES it year round because they attract the locals in the off season. The second group could learn a thing or two from the last one. 

Most business have high and low seasons. What you want is a consistant cash flow. Take a step back and think about how you would structure your model and market your product or service if you were only ope during your worst quarter. If your back was against the wall and you had to make it work then what would you do differently to stay in the black. Now apply those techniques to what you are doing now.  

So if summer is coming and it makes for a slow time in your business then try and fight against it. Do marketing pushes, run specials, design summer specific programs, the list is endless. Whatever you do dont just write it off as "Our slow time of the year."



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