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Suzi Noyes believes in living life to its fullest. Her family is outrageously active and every day they get on a unique roller coaster ride. And the ride is vastly different for each kiddo. One is happily zig-zagging along on the Autism Spectrum and the other is moving at superhuman speed with ADHD in the driver’s seat. They all hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Along the way, their goal is to love life, take risks, and enjoy the little things. Take a peek at all the local Autism-friendly events and join her family on some of their adventures.

We're expecting our third kid - and we don't see a disability or a possibility of one, as a reason to not to have another baby.

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We have two kids. Both have Autism. One is severe and the other is moderate - I suspect he eventually will be high functioning.

And YES, we're expecting our third kid and I've had some interesting questions as a result. We don't see a disability or a possibility of one, as a reason to not have kids.

Thankfully no one has been purposefully rude, but I wonder if people do criticized more for having more kids when you have a child with a disability.

Some questions I have been asked is "don't you have a higher chance of having another kid with autism" "is there a prenatal test for autism". Since the people who were asking weren't being mean about things I told them that at least with autism I'm practically an expert.

- Nita Hahn,
Guest Blogger &
Member of Spectum Parents 
Need support now? Our local Spectrum Parents Facebook Group is a wonderful place to start. Then, check out Autism Related Events. Finally, scoot on over to our Spectrum Parents Meet-Up Group.

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