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Acura RLX: it’s no Legend

When Honda’s luxury flagship, the Acura Legend, debuted in 1986, it was not only handsome and athletic, but it possessed a brilliant name for a new premium sedan. Although the moniker might have seemed presumptuous, the car’s exceptional nature quickly proved otherwise. The Legend’s name was appropriate, even for a deb.

Technology in cars: what a difference a decade makes

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore was the creator of “Moore’s Law,” which states that computer processors double in power every two years. This explains why that hot new mobile phone that you just bought will make an excellent paper weight when your cellular phone contract expires 24 months from now.

Mazda CX-9: It’s not an envied car, but it should be.

 Some vehicles are glamorous, meant to evoke envy from your friends and neighbors; others live out their lives in quiet competence, delivering exactly what’s expected of them without fanfare, just quiet admiration. The CX-9 seven-passenger crossover SUV is the latter. People won’t envy you – unless they know just how good the CX-9 is.

The car of tomorrow, here today: Tesla Model S

As the auto industry struggles to meet new fuel economy mandates, automakers are revisiting drivetrain solutions that haven't always worked out well.

Kia tries harder … and succeeds

 The past few years have seen Kia slowly climbing out of the bargain basement. Its chic styling has endeared it to buyers who never previously considered buying a Kia. Yet in some ways, the company is the same one that it’s always been, producing cars that are a good deal. This explains the redesigned 2014 Kia Forte EX sedan.

In a rush to solve one problem, automakers create others

  Given the surfeit of options now offered on most cars and trucks, you might be surprised at what’s not there. Last week, I mentioned that in the interest of meeting stringent EPA requirements, many auto makers no longer fit their vehicles with standard spare tires. The same EPA requirements have caused other items to go missing.

Stand out from the crowd: cars rarely seen in Hampton Roads

Are you having trouble discerning which beige Honda Civic is yours? Did you mistake your neighbor’s Toyota RAV4 for your own?

Cars are getting too smart for their owners, and it can be annoying

Given that the average age of cars and trucks in the United States now tops 11 years, most new car buyers are unprepared for some of the new trends and technologies they’ll find when they climb behind the wheel of a new car or truck.

On the Road | Jaguar XF

Buying a luxury car comes with the understanding that not only does the vehicle cost more, but so will its care and feeding. But this understanding only goes so far.

New Fiat 500L is a bigger deal

  After a long hiatus, Fiat returned to the U.S. market in 2011 with the adorably iconic 500, also known as the Cinquecento. Many Americans admired the car, but rejected it as being too small for our super-sized country. •

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