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Mercedes-Benz offers the ultimate power trip

By LARRY PRINTZThe Virginian-Pilot
There is little that’s subtle about the 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550. It is 205 inches of wood, leather, microchips and class warfare that is so distinctive, other drivers pull over to let you pass. Really. It actually happened on I-64. This uber-sedan is very much the obedient servant. It can handle what’s required – with the requisite discretion – while effortlessly providing the utmost in comfort and performance. It is sleek, modern front end masterfully updates the traditional Mercedes-Benz face. . . .

Even if Reggie Bush broke rules, he won't lose his Heisman

The Virginian-Pilot
If recent reports are to be believed, Reggie Bush broke more than tackles at Southern California. It's alleged that he violated rules by accepting money and gifts for himself and his family from competing sports agents while he played for the Trojans. The NCAA will investigate. Depending on the findings, USC could forfeit a national title and a spectacular era of Trojans football would be sullied.This could happen.But I know what won't happen.Bush will not lose his Heisman Trophy.A lot of people . . .

Why Crown Vics are tops with cops

By BY LARRY PRINTZThe Virginian-Pilot
Maybe you haven't noticed, but it seems that every police officer drives a Ford Crown Victoria. With more modern alternatives available, you have to wonder what law enforcement officials find so appealing about the full-sized, American car dating to the late 1970s. Of the 62,545 Crown Victorias sold in 2005, 47,300 were Crown Victoria Police Interceptors - 80 percent of all police cars sold in the United States. Only 6,908 Crown Victorias went to retail buyers, with the remainder going to fleet . . .

The measuring stick for all sports sedans

By LARRY PRINTZ The Virginian-Pilot
Some cars stand the test of time. They are classics, like a gray Brooks Brothers suit. These cars are the standard against which other manufacturers measure their success. Such is the case with the 2006 BMW 330i. Call it a yuppie icon or an industry benchmark; this car is the ideal sports sedan. It’s evident the minute you start the 255-horsepower, 3-liter six-cylinder engine. It’s powerful, yet smooth, with the good manners expected of the engine’s inline cylinder arrangement. The engine can be . . .

The end of the world as we know it?

By GEETA DAYALAssociated Press (ASAP)
If anything ever resembled the end of the world, this was it. Huge, freakish machines, which appeared to do their bidding sans human involvement, ran roughshod over an empty lot behind a Silicon Valley building. Robots breathed fire and battled each other to untimely deaths. Flames streaked the night sky; orange sparks fell like rain; 10-foot-tall bolts of lightning flew from a giant Tesla coil. Explosions punctuated the silence as machines lumbered through the lot. The show, ''Ghostly Scenes of . . .

Felon charged with shooting Beach motorist, stealing his car

By Duane BourneThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — A 28-year-old convicted felon was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with shooting a motorist in the Kempsville High School parking lot Monday night and stealing his car.The suspect, Ryan Sookey of the 5000 block of Eaton Court, was charged with robbery, malicious assault, use of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.Police spokeswoman Rene Ball said investigators linked Sookey to the shooting and carjacking through crime analysis. She would not be more . . .

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