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Men are useless during childbirth, scientists imply

Here's some good news for every men who would rather stay in the waiting room during childbirth.A group of researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern say women who are coached through delivery don't have it much easier than woman who handle things on their own.The researchers studied 320 first-time mothers who for some unfathomable reason chose not to receive an epidural. Half were coached; the other half were told to do what comes naturally.On average, the mothers coached by nurse-midwives, . . .

Who would win? Boba Fett or Predator?

If Boba Fett and the Predator were to face off in a fight, mano a mano, which character would win? Cast your vote for the winning character. P O L L Who would win in a face-off mano a mano: Boba Fett or Predator? Boba FettPredator   View results/ More Polls

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