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Mark your calendars for upcoming events

With 2005 well behind us, look forward to the concerts and other events coming to Hampton Roads in 2006.Mark your calendars for these events:JanuarySevendust in concertBlack WatchMartina McBride in concertVirginia Festival of Jewish FilmThe Flying Kamarzov Brothers-- More January eventsFebruaryThe Special Olympics Virginia Polar Plunge"Rent the Musical"Comedian Ron WhiteStaind in concertINXS in concert"Of Mice and Men""Marriage of Figaro"Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus-- More February eventsMarch"Annie"Virginia . . .

Trade the trashy for simpler styles

A new year is a good time to come clean: Push your highly stylized gypsy skirts, decorated T-shirts and embellished sweaters to the back of the closet. Pull out sleek jeans, cashmere sweaters, flat shoes and, for the truly fashion conscious, a bubble skirt. Another buzzword in 2006 will be "eco-fashion," as in garments that use organic cottons, wool and vegetable dyes. Bono is also taking social responsibility into the world of fashion with Edun, a brand that looks to help developing areas of the . . .

Bar Man hits 1,000 joints in just under a year

By Larry McShane Associated Press (ASAP)
NEW YORK (AP) _ It was ''Groundhog Day,'' with a twist. Or an olive. Or an occasional shot of Irish whiskey. Almost every day across the last year, Dan Freeman walked into a saloon -- sometimes two, or three, or four. Each time, he sat on a barstool. He downed a drink. And moved on. Freeman was on a mission to stop and sip in 1,000 bars over the course of one year -- and on Friday night, with a flute of champagne before cheering admirers, it was mission accomplished. With a full day to spare. ''I'm . . .

Jingle all the way (out)

By J. PATRICK COOLICAN Associated Press (ASAP)
When Bob Garfield talks about old advertising jingles, it's not long before he breaks into song. ''Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener,'' he sings, not entirely out of tune. ''I remember that stupid jingle,'' he says. ''But I don't remember what I had for breakfast, where my car keys are and what my kids' names are.'' That's the power of the jingle, says Garfield, the editor-at-large for Advertising Age magazine. Just mention Oscar Mayer or McDonald's and suddenly there's a relentless tune --- . . .

2006 Tech Forecast: No flying cars!

By Jeff DouglasAssociated Press (ASAP)
We have waited long enough. We're getting into 2006, so where are the flying cars? asap's 2006 technology forecast is a sunny one, but not sunny enough to include Buicks crisscrossing the skies. Maybe next year. What we can predict for twenty-o-six: cheaper laptops, cooler GPS toys, blogging mania and more bleepless radio. DISCLAIMER: If none of this stuff comes true, hate the weather, not the weatherman. About those flying cars... A team of students at the University of Kansas may have brought . . .

This guy made an unexpected stop on Gilligan's Island

The Monarch Airlines flight had left England and was on its way to the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife when one of the passengers started swearing at the cabin crew.The drunken passenger became abusive, according to the crew, after he was refused more alcohol.In response, the captain diverted his plane to a small island off the coast of Africa and dropped the passenger off.Porto Santo is a volcanic outcrop in the Atlantic, about 10 miles long and four miles wide. It has a small airport that was . . .

Men are useless during childbirth, scientists imply

Here's some good news for every men who would rather stay in the waiting room during childbirth.A group of researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern say women who are coached through delivery don't have it much easier than woman who handle things on their own.The researchers studied 320 first-time mothers who for some unfathomable reason chose not to receive an epidural. Half were coached; the other half were told to do what comes naturally.On average, the mothers coached by nurse-midwives, . . .

Who would win? Boba Fett or Predator?

If Boba Fett and the Predator were to face off in a fight, mano a mano, which character would win? Cast your vote for the winning character. P O L L Who would win in a face-off mano a mano: Boba Fett or Predator? Boba FettPredator   View results/ More Polls

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