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Everyday Chef | Virginia Beach man's jerky is to dry for

WHEN HIS CUT goes on sale, Tom Emory is the man you don't want to be standing behind at the meat counter.
Yup, he's that guy, the one who swoops in early to swipe up every last ounce of London broil. On Emory's best forays, he scores 20 pounds of the stuff. Then, back in his Virginia Beach kitchen, he turns it into 10.

Taste Test | The best lasagna in Hampton Roads

When it comes to lasagna, there's no place like home.
For this month's Taste Test, we asked readers to nominate their favorite spots for lasagna - places where it's served hot and bubbly with loads of cheese and sauce so good it's tempting to reach for a spoon.

Nutelasagna? Yeah, it's an actual a thing

If there is any person in the United States who understands how much Americans - or really, people all over the world - love Nutella, it is Allison Robicelli, who along with her husband, Matt, owns the New York bakery Robicelli's.

Cook It | The many different ways to devil an egg

Feeling devilish?
I've always thought deviled eggs were a Southern thang. Turns out, like shopping malls and landfills, the Romans deviled eggs first.

Cook It | Bake potato and leek soup

Soup's on.
We've been walled in by winter. I've exhausted my repertoire of soups. So I pulled a vintage 2013 cookbook from the shelf. "Fine Cooking Soups & Stews" features 150 recipes for every season, and what I especially like is the range of ethnic flavors and color photographs of most of the finished dishes.

Lorraine Eaton | Virginia food artisans make the big time


The must-have Minestrone soup that warms winters

PEEK INTO MY refrigerator anytime throughout the winter, and you will find the basics: milk, yogurt, eggs and such. But to get to them, chances are you will have to move a big pot of minestrone out of the way. I make it practically every week. It's to the point where I feel a little out of sorts if I don't have some around.

Cheeseballs are back in the center of the table

I'm not sure the cheese ball ever fell out of favor, but it was certainly back at the center of the table this just-past holiday season.

Local chef Bryant Gallaher loses "Hell's Kitchen"
12 Days of Pinterest | Cookie gift boxes

_____ 12 DAYS OF PINTEREST For 12 days, we feature holiday crafts through our 12 Days of Pinterest board on Pinterest. You can also follow the fun on our site via the 12 Days of Pinterest page.  

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