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Garden tomato surplus? No problem

Few things say summer as well as taking a bite of a tomato from your own backyard. But, as the season wanes and the plants keep producing, sometimes it's difficult to know what to do with all those juicy tomatoes. To that end, The Washington Post sponsors an annual contest, asking readers for their favorite tomato recipes.

For deep flavor, throw fruits, veggies on grill

Here's a Labor Day challenge: Name one veggie that won't work on the grill.
Tomatoes will. And potatoes. And kale. And scallions, and Swiss chard and rhubarb and every pepper on the planet.
In fact, during a late-August stroll around local farmers' markets, I couldn't find a single vegetable or fruit that wouldn't be great on the grate.

Cook It: Drink your veggies

Too busy to eat your greens?
"Best Green Drinks Ever," a new cookbook by Katrine van Wyk, has you covered. Here's how to get heaps of vitamins and nutrients in minutes flat. And what could be more convenient than juice or smoothies to go?

Cook it: "Country Music's Greatest Eats"

HANK WILLIAMS JR'.S daughter has an interesting take on the similarities between cooking up a song and cooking up dinner.

Cuke overflow? Think outside the salad bowl

They've lost their summery fresh feel by now, but that doesn't stop cucumbers from coming at us.
They're in backyard gardens, farmers markets and, of course, produce sections of our local supermarkets.
You probably have co-workers with overproducing vines who bring their extras into the office. You take a few, and then what?
Another salad? Sure, you could go that route.

Spice power! Bal Arneson says it's for your health

VIRGINIA BEACH Recently, the woman known worldwide as the Spice Goddess perched on a dining room chair, a panorama of the Chesapeake Bay at her back, and said something seemingly blasphemous.

Everyday chef | Jim Loeffler of Virginia Beach

Cooking and career have gone hand in hand for 62-year-old Jim Loeffler.
"There are no failures, just experiments," says Loeffler, who speaks like the retired K-12 science teacher that he is. "There are no bad recipes. You just might have a hypothesis that didn't work."

Cook It | Old-school cooking, fats and all

It might sound like heresy, but a new cookbook titled "The Nourished Kitchen" touts the value of consuming raw dairy, fats like lard and butter, bones, and organ and muscle meat. Meet the "traditional foods diet," a balance of nutrient-dense meat, milk, grains, and fruits and vegetables, and no fads or processed foods.

Shelling butterbeans is a bygone tradition but still alive

First, know this: lima beans they're not.
Nor are they baby limas, even though they look the part.
No, butterbeans are butterbeans, period. And, for disciples, summer without a fresh, steaming pot, seasoned with swine, would be as gloomy as a spring without sunshine.

Cook it | Celebrating the beauty of food

if looks could thrill
We eat with our eyes first. That's the reason for turkey feet frills, striped straws, radish roses and table bling.

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