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Shelling butterbeans is a bygone tradition but still alive

First, know this: lima beans they're not.
Nor are they baby limas, even though they look the part.
No, butterbeans are butterbeans, period. And, for disciples, summer without a fresh, steaming pot, seasoned with swine, would be as gloomy as a spring without sunshine.

Cook it | Celebrating the beauty of food

if looks could thrill
We eat with our eyes first. That's the reason for turkey feet frills, striped straws, radish roses and table bling.

Toasts to freedom

It seemed easy enough: Come up with a drink or two that we could use to toast our independence this Fourth of July. Ones that proudly waved the red, white and blue - in that order.
And that's how we got into this whole mess.

Sweet call | 2014 Dream Team

Calling all bakers! It's Dream Team time!
For six years, The Pilot's Dream Team of bakers has triumphed at the State Fair of Virginia, crushing the competition with cakes, cookies, pies, yeast breads, quick breads and candy.
This year, let's hammer the competition in the honey cookery category.

Everyday Chef | Lisa Rowe of Virginia Beach

When the first, glorious, vine-ripened tomatoes of the season appear at local produce markets, Lisa Rowe gets excited. And so do all of her friends.
They know that it means it's tomato pie time, and they soon will be enjoying thick slices of the creamy southern treat.
It's become a summer tradition for Rowe, but it wasn't always that way.

Cook it | A burning desire to cook

Paula Marcoux is a connoisseur of fire. She knows how to build one and how to find its sweet spot, and has deep respect for our culinary ancestors, early humans who first took to flame.

Everyday chef | Laura Hill of Chesapeake

At Redemption Church in Chesapeake, Laura Hill is known as a superwoman of sorts.
The pastor's wife and mother of three under 3 can whip up refreshments for 150 one night, host a ladies' gourmet luncheon two days later and turn around the next day and deliver dinner to a family in need.
But please don't ask her to bake a sugar cookie.

Cook it | Beach student wins contest with slider recipe

A love of veggies, a passion for the kitchen and this recipe for healthy Greek Veggie Sliders garnered Virginia Beach student Taylor Sterling a $3,000 scholarship - the garnish of sorts for a duo of awards that includes a $105,684 full-tuition scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

Cook it | Pick strawberries, then a recipe

The strawberry soothsayers have said that right around now, Tidewater's strawberry patches should be bursting with berries. A berry-picking outing is a spring rite of passage that's not to be missed.

Can Beach students stand the heat in the kitchen?

Never mind that the cost-profit ratios were spot on. Or that a panel of “Shark Tank”-like judges praised the students’ kebab-bar design and marketing plan.

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