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Norfolk shop is part of the resurgence of lard

This just in: Lard is no longer a four-letter word.
Just ask Dr. Amy Price Neff, whose eyes widen and sparkle when she recalls the taste of lard flecked with bacon, cinnamon and sugar and spread on a muffin.
"It's the most amazing thing," she says.

Cook it: Dishes from a winning Virginia B&B

Over in Orange, northeast of Charlottesville, the owners of Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast have done it again.

Everyday chef: Ailments force new way of cooking


When life forced April Habit to limit her diet, she learned to make delicious meals and desserts free of gluten, dairy and eggs.

Habit was diagnosed last year with gastroparesis, a chronic, incurable disorder that slows or stops the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine.

Cook it: Nachos go beyond desperation dinners

A heap o' tortilla chips, a scattering of minced this, a dollop of that. Nachos are as easy as that. But according to Lee Frank and Rachel Anderson, they can be so much more. On their blog, Nachos NY, they review the best and worst nachos in New York City.

Serve up a superb bowl of chili

Chris Edgell's beloved Ravens won't play in the big game this year.
But when he shows up at a Super Bowl potluck cradling a vat of spicy chili, wise bookies would bet that his dish covers the spread.
"Flavorful food, that's the way to go," says Edgell, a three-peat winner of the local Pepper Lovers Club chef-of-the-year title and a perennial chili champion.

Bone appétit! Chef reveals secret to great beef stock

Borderline smug.
That’s my demeanor when I reach into the freezer for a brick of homemade stock for soup.

Cook It | Savor winter's bounty


12 Days of Pinterest | Holiday cocktails

_____ 12 DAYS OF PINTEREST For 12 days, we feature holiday crafts through our 12 Days of Pinterest board on Pinterest. You can also follow the fun on our site via the 12 Days of Pinterest tag.  

Five ingredients that you should have in your pantry

It sounds like a challenge on a TV cooking show: Use five ingredients to come up with various dishes. And, in a way, that's exactly what it is, but we're here to help.

Everyday chef | Grilling talent moved to the kitchen

Becoming the cook of the house was an easy decision for Mike Wilder.
His wife, Deb, had taken a new job with later hours, and she couldn't get dinner on the table in their Virginia Beach home before 7 p.m.
So Mike picked up the task.
"I knew he was the grillmaster already, but I had no idea just how talented he (was) in the kitchen," Deb said.

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