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Five ingredients that you should have in your pantry

It sounds like a challenge on a TV cooking show: Use five ingredients to come up with various dishes. And, in a way, that's exactly what it is, but we're here to help.

Everyday chef | Grilling talent moved to the kitchen

Becoming the cook of the house was an easy decision for Mike Wilder.
His wife, Deb, had taken a new job with later hours, and she couldn't get dinner on the table in their Virginia Beach home before 7 p.m.
So Mike picked up the task.
"I knew he was the grillmaster already, but I had no idea just how talented he (was) in the kitchen," Deb said.

Hampton Roads candy makers share winning recipes

CORRECTION: The original recipe for Divinity Fudge suggested one dip the candy into water with an iced teaspoon. This is incorrect. The candy should be dipped out with an iced teaspoon and pushed off onto waxed paper to cool. 

Cook it: Experience the exotic flavors of Brazil

Curious about that chayote in the produce section? Or wonder what to do with yucca, guava and those mysterious bottles of cachaca at the liquor store? Leticia Moreinos Schwartz, author of "The Brazilian Kitchen," provides a sideboard brimming with answers.

Adventures in eating: A taste of the Middle East

Chemical weapons. Jihadists. Civil war. Daily, it seems, news from the Middle East delivers images of shell-pocked cities with bodies in the streets.
And then, at my desk, a cookbook beckons, "Modern Flavors of Arabia." Lush color pictures show gilded pots of honey-colored tea, sea bass baked in spirals of grape leaves and star-shaped breakfast bread flecked with fresh thyme.

Cook it: Young Hampton Roads chefs dish up recipes

WANT TO KNOW what $7,000 tastes like?

Cook it: Hot barbecue secrets from the South

BARBECUIN', brinin', grillin' and smokin'. It's all good. And Southern Living just published "All Fired Up: Smokin' Hot BBQ Secrets From the South's Best Pitmasters" (Time Home Entertainment Inc., $24.95), from the editors of Southern Living with award-winning barbecue chef Troy Black.

Hatch chilies making their way to Hampton Roads

For Cassandra Holsten, five pounds in the freezer was hardly a fix.

Since returning from her native New Mexico with a stash of Hatch chilies, she’d been savoring the taste of home ever so sparingly, until one morning last week when the Chesapeake resident drove to a Virginia Beach grocery store and without hesitation ordered up a 25-pound box of freshly roasted peppers.

Cook it: If you’re serious about your BBQ

YOU'VE SEEN THEM ON TV. On Saturday, see the nation's most smokin' hot competitive pitmasters in person at the third annual Sam's Club National BBQ Tour stop at the Sam's Club at 1501 Sam's Circle in Chesapeake. It's hosted by series director, barbecue aficionado and cookbook author Troy Black, who has also sent along some recipes and grilling tips for the backyard cook.

Everyday Chef: Man calls himself kitchen survivor

There was a time when Frank McKenna faced peanut butter and jelly, or cheese and tomato, sandwiches for lunch.
He and his wife, Debbie, were teaching in Pittsburgh, and McKenna often grabbed what he could find for a meal.
"Being young teachers making about $10,000 a year back in 1983, we ate what we had and couldn't afford to splurge," the 53-year-old says now.

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