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Hampton Roads' most eggcellent huevos rancheros

 Huevos rancheros is traditional breakfast fare for anyone living south of the border. The Mexican staple is served with either fried or poached eggs smothered in a spicy green or red tomato-based sauce on top of a crispy corn tortilla with sides of rice and beans.

Taste Test | Hampton Roads' best late-night eats

Let's play out a scenario: It's 11 o'clock at night, and the summer concert you've been enjoying has ended. The singing and dancing have left you craving late-night munchies. Where do you go? This month's Taste Test can help. Want shrimp and grits? We have the answer. What about a burger to write home about? Yep, we've got that, too. Want to sit around a table roasting marshmallows?

Behold! The Tidewater, a cocktail made just for us

Raise a glass, say “Happy 100th” and here’s to 100 more.
Nine years ago, The Pilot featured its first Taste Test. To celebrate the 100th, we challenged bartenders to concoct the official cocktail of the region and offered a nice, fat cash prize.

Sushi to hot dogs: Celebrating 100 Taste Test winners

Want to dig in to the best crabcake in Hampton Roads? Or munch on the best Greek salad? Or quench your thirst with the best mojitos? We can help. Over the past nine years, we’ve been picking the best dishes and drinks through our monthly Taste Tests. 

Taste Test | Hampton Roads' best hummus

Hummus means chickpeas in Arabic, and it was served some 7,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Growing in popularity because of its “healthy” food status, it can be used as an appetizer or as a condiment on a favorite sandwich.

Taste Test | Meatloaf Madness

Forget hoops. Check out our March meatloaf madness instead. At the buzzer, the final scores in this Taste Test varied by fewer than six points. A fraction of a point separated the second-place and third-place finishers. No slam dunks here. In all, votes were cast for 32 restaurants and one church, but mom and pop meatloaves made the list as well.

Dig in! The best Asian buffet in the area

CALL IT THE AGE OF the Asian buffet. These mind-boggling smorgasbords are springing up everywhere, and this month we put them to the test. On a recent Saturday, a panel of tasters made the rounds of the three Asian buffets most recommended by readers.

Taste Test | Best Burgers in Hampton Roads

Three burger joints, four discerning testers and five hours of weighing the merits of the all-American standard against a slate of towering burger extravaganzas. That’s how January’s hamburger taste test played out as testers rated the fare at the three restaurants most nominated by readers. In all, nearly 500 votes were cast for 99 restaurants.

Year in Review | Taste Test winners

The nibbling, sniffing, pinching, savoring and sipping has ended - for this year anyway. All told, 39 panelists in The Virginian-Pilot's Taste Tests visited 32 restaurants, filled out 536 pages of critiques and chose the area's best purveyors of everything from shrimp and grits to skinny cocktails, from ice cream sundaes to waffles. Here's a winner's circle wrap-up of the favorites.

Taste Test | Best Buffalo Chicken Wraps

BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS are the party food of choice and a menu favorite from sports bars to casual diners. It’s not surprising, then, that the finger-licking pleaser has made its way to wraps – skinless, boneless chicken smothered in hot sauce, topped with a layer of creamy blue cheese or ranch dressing, and served inside a flour tortilla. This is where spicy-hot meets cool and creamy.

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