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Blog: I'm bad blogger, I know ...

OK, so I’m sorry for being a slacker. Busy week, you know, since the Hokies are playing a real team this week and all.

But I’ll go ahead and post some stuff now, then give you a double-dose after practice – which will no doubt be inside this evening, as it’s been nasty out all day.

From yesterday’s practice, the highlight had to be Brenden Hill’s interception over the middle. He picked off a Sean Glennon pass, raced left, got to the sideline and promptly shook left tackle Brandon Frye out of his shoes.

Hill’s little move sent Frye tumbling to the ground and the Hokies’

Check out the dive planned for Busch Gardens

By BATTINTO BATTS JR.The Virginian-Pilot
Imagine riding along in a car without anything beneath your feet. That might conjure images of The Flintstones and bottomless cars powered by barefoot characters. Needless to say, those cartoon vehicles never did 4 Gs or reached anything close to 75 mph. But Griffon, the new Busch Gardens roller coaster, will.Griffon, a 205-foot dive coaster, will open at the Williamsburg park in late spring. It is dubbed as the world's tallest and first floorless dive coaster, featuring a 90-degree drop at Interstate-95-type . . .

Bunn's edge was facing voters

The Virginian-Pilot
Critics of Jeff Bunn's appointment to the Chesapeake School Board have plenty of ammunition. He doesn't have a college degree. He doesn't have any children, period, much less any who attend the city's public schools. He's white, and Ella Ward, who's moved over to the City Council, is black.Still, Bunn beat out more than 40 applicants for the remaining years on Ward's school board term. Residents shouldn't dismiss Bunn's appointment too cavalierly, however. Here's why.Bunn was the only one to run . . .

Blog: To know or not to know

That is the question with which we find ourselves faced. I’m at the point in my pregnancy (18 weeks) where we can find out the baby’s gender. I’ve heard both sides of the argument and still can’t make up my mind – which is why I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday. Of course, that’s not set in stone. I could still change my mind.

Those who are for knowing the baby’s gender before it’s born basically support the cause for shopping reasons. Being a college student, I would like to plan ahead if possible so buying clothes for next year while they’re on clearance this sum

Race returns foes to familiar topic: Development

By jon w. GlassThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH - In their 2002 City Council race, Barbara Henley tried to link Jim Reeve with "sprawl developers." He portrayed her as "Chicken Little." After a bruising campaign, voters ousted Henley, a farmer and 20-year council veteran, in favor of Reeve, a business owner making his first run for elected office.It was a tight race: Out of 43,093 votes cast, Reeve won by 500 - about 1 percent.Four years later, the political rivals are back for the second round : In the May 2 election, . . .

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